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The Mythical Pokémon Magearna is now available for European & Australian Pokémon Sun & Moon players through a QR Code released at the end of the movie Volcanion & The Mechanical Marvel on the Pokémon TV app. To get it, simply scan the QR code provided into the QR Scanner in the game and it will allow for you to go to Hau'oli City’s Mall to collect Magearna after becoming the Champion in the game. This can only be scanned once per game. It is Level 50 and comes with a Bottle Cap attached. This code does not expire.

Source: Serebii 



thenonehater  asked:

So question! Guzma how many nights a week do you wake up with your ki-Grunts in bed with you ? Cause you give off the parent vibe and all the kids have to sleep with a parent 😈

Kids? I’m no Dad, never will be. The grunts of Team Skull are tough, rough, they don’t need to hop in bed with mom and dad! Not like I would let em if they tried neither.

We’re not nice people here, no hand holding like that shmutz. We gotta stay tough.


I decided to make a new Undertale AU, making each character based on a Sun and Moon character, because I thought it was a good Idea.  I thought some of these seemed better in thought than execution, but I am still kinda happy with the end product.

Plus a quick edit of a Rockruff sprite that I made a while back