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For the emotion drawings, how about Kravitz, hurt, 27?? Thank you!!

do you think kravitz remembers dying? taako understands though. he understands better than most.


StarlightChallenge: Favorite Friendship

↳ Hyukbin

Hongbin: “To me, you’re like a real younger brother, so thank you.“ | Hyuk: “We get along like real brothers, so we’re really close. If I had to choose, I’d want a brother like you.”

SUNMOON POKEDDEX CHALLENGE DAY 25 - Favourite Concept/design: Silvally

!!!This painting has been painted on a pearlescent surface, check out how it shines!!!

Type: Null and Silvally are absolutely some of the most interesting designs from not only Sun and Moon but Pokemon in general. I haven’t been quite as surprised by a design like I was with these two. Silvally is not only a very cool concept but the design is also very nice, balanced and elegant.

Since Silvally is based on a chimera it posed challenge since a chimera is composed of several different animal parts and all my designs aim to blend the different animal traits I take inspiration from together so they become one new type of creature. Silvally however clearly has traits such as a fishtail, scales, bird feet etc. I decided to still try and blend the traits in a way that doesn’t make them look too copypasted but rather merged in a peculiar way.

I mostly based this design on feline anatomy with bird traits, the feline being a more solid base and the bird traits distorting it. I think despite a possible griffin origin Silvally doesn’t have a very bird like face so I made it mostly feline but with a strange jaw. Even the fish tail is based on a feline tail in order to make the anatomy as whole work. 

Would be cool to make some more design options for Silvally, I think there would be dozens of ways to go!

SUNMOON POKEDDEX CHALLENGE DAY 24 - Favourite Starter: Rowlet line

The Alola starters were a nice bunch all in all, but my heart was sold to the owls long before I even saw the evolutions. I really like the typing and the concept. Dartrix is definitely my favourite of the line, Decidueye was a bit underwhelming in terms of design and battle qualities (Primarina wins the place for the best last stage) but overall this family is just great.

Nothing very surprising in terms of interpretation! Just some barn owl and pueo owl here. The way I figured the “leaf” parts is the most surprising one, if you can say that. Instead of being leaves that just grow on the Pokemon’s bodies they’d be just feathers but with a different cellular structure so they can do photosynthesis. There’s this one bird that has iron in its wings, giving them either a bright red or alternatively a greenish colour, which is really cool. I think the Rowlet family could have either smaller plant growths or chlorophyll on the feathers, instead of them being separate plants. Whichever works better!

SUNMOON POKEDDEX CHALLENGE DAY 23 - Favourite Legendary: Solgaleo

I love both title legendaries of Sun and Moon but for me Solgaleo is the one that really just has that special feel to it. One of the reasons is the design. You look at it and you think “Oh, a lion, cool!” but when you look at it more closely it is so much more. At least for me.

That is why I took a completely different turn with this design. This Solgaleo isn’t based on a regular lion for various reasons but instead it is based on an extinct thylacoleo. I personally felt like thylacoleo (marsupial lion) has qualities that feel more fitting to Solgaleo than a regular African lion, one being the feeling of alieness. Both Lunala and Solgaleo are very alien creatures so I thought it would be more fitting for their origin and nature to go for something unusual. Thylacoleo was also a terrifying beast with incredibly powerful bite and deadly claws.

Another reason to go for thylacoleo was that it felt more stocky and sturdy than a regular lion. Solgaleo appears to have armor as well which I did not want to portray as patterned skin/fur. I wanted to do something more interesting. And for me thylacoleo gave a chance to mix in some other qualities. I went with rhino armor. It’s sturdy, allows movement and it also gave me the motif I needed for Solgaleo’s mane.

For the most part the mane feels more solid than fluffy and furry so I applied the rhino armor there as well to represent the more solid looking parts. I didn’t want to go with overly fluffy and recoloured mane either because that again feels like is lacking the feeling of alieness. Besides, I have done a recoloured lion version already so about time I got more serious about it and stopped with the shortcuts and the obvious choices. There are a ton of cool creatures out there but it can be a real chore to find the most fitting ones.

Overall I am very pleased with how this design came out and I feel like I could explore it even further at some point!

Mark: Mark is absolutely fully capable!

SM: Challenge accepted

Mark: *After 3 debuts, two comebacks, and a high school rapper show* 


Mark: Mark is absolutely fully capable


Mark: Of changing his mind.

Shark Week

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,675

Warnings: Talk of periods and things associated with periods

Prompt: Dean tries to convince Y/N that he’s not embarrassed by her period, and she shouldn’t be either. He tries his hardest to take care of her in these miserable days.

A/N: This is my very late submission for @jayankles “Bailey’s Disney Quote Challenge” my quote was “Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them.” – Marie, The AristoCats It is Bolded in the fic.

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You moaned as you woke up way too early for your liking and in a lot more pain than normal. The hunt the other day was rough but it wasn’t that rough. It wasn’t rough enough to make you feel like tiny gremlins were stabbing you in the abdomen and back and some other little devil was pumping air into your stomach and making it swell like a balloon.

On the bright side, at least you weren’t pregnant.

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SUNMOON POKEDDEX CHALLENGE DAY Day 28 - Favourite In-battle Pokemon: Alolan Muk

I was stuck with one one of these because I Nuzlocked my copy of Sun. Surprisingly my Muk survived the whole game and oh boy, what a beast she was! I definitely didn’t expect such a versatile, hard-hitting and tanky powerhouse. She saved my ass so many times and I could rely on her completely. She even survived a Magnitude 10 at one point.

The design is very cool as well, definitely fitting for Muk and also interesting. I like the oil spillage concept a lot. In general I think Muk could be some kind of salamander-like amphibian with toxic, gooey skin and the ability to adapt to its surroundings. Alternatively it could also just have super thick skin that merely collects all the good and oil spill, creating a layer of muck that’s not harmful to the Pokemon itself but that is toxic to anything that touches it.