egg-tampon asked:

theres a post circulating about the animation in DBZ saying "you cant complain about DBS!!!" and its just like pride side all over again it seems. (theres also a difference between a few frames being fucked up and a few seconds being fucked up, is there not? thats why you have so much material?)

There will always be a pride side in every fandom.

The whole fight was a mess.

This is what it should’ve looked like:

Basically like the 90s.


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rickleone asked:

What about the hypothesis that TOEI stopped SMC at the second Arc just because in the third one a lesbian couple arrives and they don't want to upset the most homophobic audience of other Countries like the 90's anime did? SMC turned down most of the gay-friendly elements of SM, turning the senshis into whining and useless chicks and putting again men (and the evil chick) like the main movers of the plot. Males doing things, females crying for their feelings. Sheer conservatism on gender roles.

I don’t think the franchise has a problem with that, Sailor Moon has always ben praised for having LGBT characters in a time when this was still a big taboo.

So it’s not like they have a problem with that.

The reason why Crystal covers the first two arcs is because Chibiusa appears on the second arc and everyone in Japan is madly in love with her.

They were eager to see her so that’s why they decided that Crystal should cover the first two arcs.

Maybe they never intented to go any further than that and that’s why they stopped at the second arc.

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I don't get why people use Tuxedo Mask as the only reason that smc is superior to the old anime. If anything he felt more like a hollow self insert boyfriend character than anything else, him doing more than the girls is not a good thing because the whole point of his character was to be support (and what's wrong with that?) and he's there to solely be a motivator for Usagi (He even says that he was only born to protect her) and that attack nobody shuts up about is never used much...

The level of reaching in the pride side is amazing lol