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word count : 1.192 

The scalding news failed miserably in raising any excitement. All around the meeting room there were audible gulps and flinches, even from the leader himself, who was stunned to confusion. A distinctive smell of coffee was hovering in the air, and for a while the only sound that could be heard was that of a ballpoint pen, clicking unnervingly.

Awkward coughing erupted from one of the seats, disturbing the silence in which they seemed to drown as the time went by. 

“You have to understand that this is the best for-" 

"Us? Do you really think so? Because the more I look into it the more messed up it seems."A cool voice interrupted the nervous manager. The group nodded, exchanging cautious glances between them.   

"Kris!” hissed Jun-myeon, holding down the member,who nearly lunged himself onto their superior, with a strong tug on his jacket. Although they did not admit it, the fretful expressions on their faces reflected how they felt as if doing the same. 

Scattered on the table dramatically were snippets of articles to be published on every famous newspaper or magazine from all over the world. Shamelessly done without any of their consent or even the slightest fondness towards the subject. Featuring some cups of coffee and tea left untouched, this was were their gazes were focusing on, nearly burning holes on the wood.

“Breaking News! SM will be holding auditions for all the EXO fans out there! Grab the chance to debut as the representative of the EXO-L’s and live with this dreamy boys! Never has a chance like this appeared! For the requirements, visit our website!”

“Yifan is right.” Started Xiumin, the eldest among the group of artists. His tone was calmly venomous as he spat in plain disgust, “This is nauseating. They’re our fans, they don’t deserve this type of treatment.”

“Mind your tongue, Min-seok,” warned the Chairman sternly, raising his hand as if to bring silence once more. “I don’t see what’s wrong with this deal. Whoever auditions is because they want it, and let me tell you, this is a fair offer.”

“That’s because they don’t know the other side of what you’re doing! You’re going to make her a slave to the companies’ desires. Much more than any of us.”

“I said that you should mind your tongue. Seems like the most quiet ones are fiercest when a nerve is touched, isn’t that right?” The Chairman lets out a sonorous laugh before continuing, unaffected. Manager shifts on his seat, feeling the temperature in the room turn at least ten degrees colder. Or maybe that was just the air of November.“There is no need for such uproar. I’ll make sure that the chosen person receives a fully detailed contract with all the implications written carefully. Still, it’s great to see how you care.”

“Yeah, sure, unless the letters are in bright red I doubt the girl will even read all of those pages before signing.” Huffed Suho, he himself losing control as time ticked by. Luhan snickered beside him, followed by a loud throat clearing.

“I think it will be better if we end this meeting now. Thank you for your time.” The man grinned at the boys before bowing and politely opening the door, unimpaired by the accusing comments. Furiously dragging their feet was how they left, lacking any manners towards their bosses at all. This was not good at all, and that even always-confused Yixing understood. 


L O N D O N | O N E  W E E K  L A T E R

Baek Nari Eun stood attentively wiping the black dinning tables clean, swinging slightly to the sound of “Miracles In December” playing on the huge television hanging on the vintage-not-old-fashioned brick wall of the restaurant. Some clients chuckled at the view, but her brain was already too engaged on both hurrying to finish cleaning and the angelic voices blasting from the speakers. Humming along gleefully she took off her apron and strolled to the staff area, ready to call it a day and return to her apartment, where a pile of unwashed dishes most likely awaited her.

“Aren’t you staying for the broadcast?” called out a familiar voice from the inside of the kitchen. Nari finished pulling her gray sweater vest on top of a white shirt and black high-waisted skinny jeans. She grabbed a hold of her bag, scarf and trench coat before shouting a reply.

“I allowed my brother to crash last night and stay on my flat for the day, it’s probably a mess.” Cringing at the thought, she opened the door to the kitchen while releasing her hair from the tight ponytail required for work. Mark set two dishes down and scooted Nari away as quickly as she entered, complaining about how her hair would easily get into the food. 

“It’s starting now, c'mon, sit down. The flat won’t run away, I guarantee." 

In a swift motion he pushed her onto a seat and left for the kitchen once more, doing an ugly face as he closed the door smugly. The alert of a special news broadcast had been all over the world for about a week now, being related to  EXO, the band she had an uncanny obsession with. Up until that morning she had been utterly excited, but after careful thinking and countless theory readings later, she figured the only possible reason for them to make such a fuss would have to be disbandment, something she didn’t want to listen to. 

Breaking news says : She was wrong.

Nari stayed dumbfounded as the youngest member’s voice, Sehun’s, resonated through the now nearly empty room. The broadcast was quick, one minute tops, but enough to cause severe damage in the vocal cords of fan girls from all over the world. Without any more thought or waste of saliva, she wrapped the scarf around her neck and slid the coat through her arms with shaky fingers. 

That was the day when she most regretted not having a car-there was no way she would get to her apartment at the speed she desired on some five-inch heel ankle boots. Frustration rising, Nari spent her tip money on a taxi and hastened home, ignoring the stinky plates on the kitchen and the clothes scattered throughout her floor–for now,her only goal was to get to her laptop.

Typing aggressively on the search bar she read the requirements aloud, praying to god Jongin for some luck.

"Bilingual, has too speak at least Korean and English; between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four; talents in the areas of singing and dancing.”

Swallowing dry, Nari stared endlessly into the screen, mentally ticking each criteria.

After that much thinking and years of looking for some opportunity that could get her back to Korea, she knew that this was something she had to take, no matter how few the chances of winning were.

“International calls are expensive so hear me out. Tell me, that room you said you would always keep for me, is that offer still up?”

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