((all of the drawings n stuff i did for this music meme! i’m glad y’all liked my shit taste music choices~  i miiiight or might not do more when i wake up (depends on time tbh) but thank you for sending in those music notes! ))

love-freaked-glitter  asked:

I hope you feel better soon! If possible, could we get more eggs and ennard? They are so cute together asdfghjkl I'm so bad at asks omg

awww thank you~ I’m feeling much better ^^


If Ennard had no idea how to human at all, I imagine that the Custom Night cutscenes would go a little something like this.


watching signboards in Imazato by Satoru
Via Flickr:
”Matsumoto rice store” Imazato, the heart of Osaka Bessaflex TM x Ultron 2.0/40 SL Aspherical x Fujicolor 100