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Slyv's return chp 28

Okay, i know this won’t get a lot of notes… But i still want to share with you guys! (If there are any readers, not that i expect it because it’s me)



“Sure, I will.” Slyvn said with a smirk. Slyvn opened his hand and a white card appeared in his hand. “Number 109… Light of rebellion Dragon!” he said as a white aurora surrounded him.

“Tsch, is that all?” Don Thousand patiently asked.

“Nope” Slyvn replied as a portal opened and a large white sphere came out of it. “Rise” Slyvn whispered as his purple eyes glowed and light blue lines began to run all over the white sphere. Soon, the lines were marked and it blinding light flashed through.

“N-Nani?” Rio exclaimed as she held on to Haruto who glanced at her.

Once the light faded away, a magnificent dragon was in place of the sphere. The dragon was white with multiple dark red lines on it, some smaller than others. Sort of resembling scars. The dragon’s eyes were a hazel yellow and its wings were demon like. The dragon let out a might cry as number 108 cried in return.

“Interesting dragon you have… but is it enough to save your friends?” Don Thousand asked.

“We’ll see.” Slyvn said as number 108 charged towards number 108.

Don Thousand smirked as he snapped his fingers and now there was another 108.

“N-Nani?” Haruto asked.

“Go after the girls and the young boy.” Don Thousand said with a bored look as one of the 108’s quickly changed course and went after them.

“Haruto, get behind me.” Rio whispered as she pushed the boy behind her and she walked towards the dragon.

“Onee-chan!” Haruto exclaimed as Iris grabbed his hand. “Haruto-kun…” she whispered as Haruto glanced at her.

“Rio, stop!” Ryoga exclaimed as he and Kaito ran towards her.

Rio glanced back at them as the dragon was just a few feet away. The dragon halted and growled at her.

“Rio!” Kaito said as they caught up to her and pulled her behind them.

“Stay here” Ryoga said sternly as he walked towards the dragon.

“K-Kaito… Ryoga!” Rio exclaimed.

“We’ll be fine” Kaito said as he joined Ryoga.

108 growled as a large dark ball formed in its mouth.

“Get ready to dodge.” Ryoga muttered as the dragon shot at them.

Kaito and Ryoga broke away from each other and the dragon made its move and lunged at Ryoga.

“Argh,” he said as he drew his sword and lunged at the dragon but missed as the dragon teleported. “What in the world…” Ryoga muttered.

“Look out Ani!” Rio called out as a portal opened from above Ryoga’s head and the dragon came out. Ryoga quickly glanced up and quickly dodged the dragon but not before the dragon could create a large gash in his arm.

“Argh!” he exclaimed as he took a step back. Ryoga glanced at his life bar which was quickly entering the yellow zone.

“Move Ryoga!” Rio called out as Ryoga moved as quickly away as possible away from the dragon.

“Number 108 has the ability to teleport.” Kaito said.

“Well, I sure didn’t know that!” Ryoga called back sarcastically.

Number 108 jerked its head towards Kaito and teleported.

“Kaito!” Rio exclaimed as a portal opened behind him.

Kaito instinctively turned around and drew his sword. He grunted as the sword collided with the dragon’s nose.

“Nii-san!” Haruto exclaimed.

The dragon growled as another dark orb filled its mouth. Kaito growled as he firmly gripped the sword. He slowly spread his wings as the dragon opened its mouth. Just then, Kaito saw Dr. Faker’s face flashing in 108’s eyes. Kaito widened his eyes as he lost a small amount of his grip on the sword. But that was all number 108 needed.

The dragon backed away and ran towards him and knocked Kaito’s sword out of his hand. It then shot the dark orbs directly at him causing Kaito to fly backwards.

“Kaito-kun!” Rio exclaimed.

“Nii-san!” Haruto screamed as he glanced at his brother’s life bar which was entering the red zone.

Rio gripped the hilt of her sword and bit her lip. The dragon slowly walked towards Kaito as Kaito appeared to be pinned to the ground. Rio’s grip only tightened.

Then, 109 came and rammed its head into 108 and caused the mirage to dissolve away. But then the real one rammed into its side.109 then continued its combat with 108.

Meanwhile, Slyvn and Don Thousand were fighting.

“I will win” Slyvn growled as he deflected Don Thousand’s blade.

“That’s what you think” Don Thousand said as he lunged forwards.

“That’s what I know” Slyvn whispered as Don Thousand smirked.

“Oh really?” he asked as he turned towards Selena.

“Don’t you dare touch her.” Slyvn muttered. Then he saw a black figure appeared near 109. Slyvn narrowed his eyes but they widened when they caught the crimson light. “Slyv?!” he exclaimed.

A large black blade appeared in Slyv’s hand. He then quickly climbed up and stabbed the dragon right in the neck. A new crimson mark slashed across it.

The dragon let out a cry as Slyv leaped off the dragon and 108 charged at the weak 109.

Slyvn growled, “You’re still under his control…”

“Wait, why are there two of them?” Ryoga asked.

“One is Don Thousand’s new copied form while one is my brother.” Slyvn growled as Slyv joined in the fight.

Slyvn growled, “I knew you didn’t play fair… but I didn’t know you played dirty.” He muttered as Slyv took Don Thousand’s spot.

Don Thousand raised an arm and 108 let a roar and a black sphere surrounded 109. The dragon pounded against the sphere didn’t budge. 108 then joined Don Thousand’s side. Don Thousand opened his hand and Kaito’s body teleported in front of him.

“Nii-san!” Haruto exclaimed.

Slyvn growled, “Each scar… on 109’s back is a memory that scarred us.”

As if Slyvn’s words had no effect on him Slyv continued to fight. “This… is a fight to the end. To see who the stronger twin is.”

“I don’t want it to be this way.” Slyvn said as they broke away. Slyv growled and charged towards Slyvn. “Then you leave me no choice…” he whispered as he deflected his brother’s sword.

Don Thousand snapped his fingers and he teleported towards Haruto and the rest.

“H-H-Haruto…” Kaito mumbled as 108 roared.

“Nii-san!” Haruto exclaimed as he took a step back. Don Thousand smirked at the two girls.

“Haruto, Iris… get away from here…” Selena whispered as Haruto quickly ran off with Iris.

“Well… Look who it is… the reason why all this is going to be chaotic and depressing.” Don Thousand said as Selena growled.

“Slyv doesn’t remember you. It’s a shame really.” Don Thousand said as Rosemary glared.

“That’s not true” she muttered.

“It is so… if you don’t believe me-”

“There’s a reason why we’re still here.” Rosemary said with a growl.

“Ah, I forgot you know a thing or two. Shame though.” He said as he walked away.

Rosemary growled as Selena grasped her hand, “Don’t let him get to you…” she said to her sister as her sister turned away.

“I don’t know you could forget everything…” Slyvn muttered.

“I did not… I let the painful memories go…” Slyv said.

“Painful memories such as Rosemary huh?” Slyvn asked.

Slyv scowled as he lunged at his brother but he easily dodged it. “That was a painful memory. You couldn’t accept it. You couldn’t bear with her death. You couldn’t bear the fact that she was gone. You thought it would be better if you never knew about her. You loved her so much that it was so painful to forget her.” Slyvn said.

Slyv blinked as he faltered, “What’s it to you… Selena’s death impacted you deeper.” He muttered.

“But I didn’t forget her. You forced me to forget her… you were envious of the fact that I could accept it. You forced me to forget her so I could withstand the same pain and burden as you. We are not alike Slyv. You know that.” Slyvn muttered.

Slyv growled, “It’s not my fault that she’s going to die right before you again.”

“Then I’ll meet you in hell.” Slyvn muttered just as Don Thousand stabbed him in the back.


Slyv glanced down at his brother who grunted as blood dripped down as Don Thousand removed his sword.

Slyvn clutched his wound but glanced at his brother, “You’ll come back to us…” he said as he touched his brother’s shoulder. “Even if I have to die to bring you back…” he whispered as his body slowly began to disintegrate away. “I know you’re in there…”

Slyv widened his eyes at his brother. Slyvn softly smiled as tears ran down his face, “Goodbye brother… Bring us victory.” he said as he vanished.

Selena widened her eyes as Rosemary pulled her back, “D-D-Don’t do it…” she whispered.

“Why not?!” Selena asked.

“Bring us victory… Those words will change things…” Rosemary said as Selena tilted her head to the side.

Slyv stood back in shock. He took a step back as his jaw quivered.

“Now…” Don Thousand said as number 109 vanished. He narrowed his eyes when he noticed 108’s irritation. “N-N-Nani?” he said. “I-I’m losing control…” he muttered.

Slyv clutched his head as he got on his knees, “T-These… memories… supposed to be forgotten…” he whispered. Number 108 roared louder. “T-Those words…” he whispered.

“What?” Don Thousand asked.

Slyv slowly stood up and glared at Don Thousand, “Bring us victory… number 108.” He said as 108 roared and vanished.

“W-Where did it go?” Rio asked as she looked around.

Then a red portal opened and out came a half black and half white dragon.

“No way… half of the dragon looks like 108 and the other is 109…” Haruto whispered.

“Bring us victory… Midnight light twin fallen dragon.” Slyv roared as the dragon roared again.

“W-What kind of card is that?” Selena asked.

“It’s not an XYZ… it’s a fusion.” Rosemary said with a soft smile.

“What is this?” Don Thousand asked.

“A power you’ll never have.” Slyv said as his eyes filled with vengeance.

“You’ll regret those words… after all you’ve been a puppet. Just like the rest.” Don Thousand said with a smirk as he snapped his fingers and was instantly at Rosemary’s side. “Now, I suppose this is your girl hm?” he asked.

Slyv scowled as he took a step forward, “I’m not letting this go on… it ends now.”

“That’s what they all say-”

“And those words were true and it will end now!” he roared as he charged towards them.

Don Thousand smirked as he held up a sword to Rosemary but felt a tingle when he turned his head back and saw Rio holding a sword at his throat. He scowled just as Ryoga tripped him and Rosemary and him crawled away. Don Thousand roared as he lunged at Rio who dodged him. Don Thousand scowled as he pointed at Rio. “I take away your skill of healing ability.” He exclaimed as Rio gritted her teeth. Don Thousand grabbed her sword out of her hand and pushed her but Slyv came and lunged at Don Thousand. Don Thousand dodged him as Slyv slightly made a small cut on his neck.

Don Thousand turned around and was about to ram his sword at Slyv but he swiped his feet and tripped him . Don Thousand scowled as Slyv approached him. “You lost.” He said to Don Thousand.

Don Thousand smirked, “I may have lost but Merag will too” he said as he threw her sword at her.

Rio widened her eyes and crouched down expecting to get hit but was surprised to not feel anything. She glanced down and was even more surprised to see Kaito.

“Kaito!” she exclaimed as his head fell on her lap. He smiled as he touched her cheek. “You’re safe… Now Ryoga won’t kill me.”

“Kaito!” Rio exclaimed as she touched his forehead.

“I’m alright though…” he said as he stood up. “The sword didn’t reach me…” he whispered.

“How the…” Rio said but decided against it. She shook her head as she placed her forehead on his.

Don Thousand growled, “If I fall, I am not falling without another soul.”

“I’ll see you in hell then.” Slyv said through gritted teeth as the dragon shot a black orb at Don Thousand. Don Thousand scowled before he faded away.

“We… We won?” Haruto said as he glanced around the room.

“Slyv!” Rosemary exclaimed as she ran towards him and wrapped him in a hug, “Y-You're…”

Slyv smiled, “I love you…” he said.

Rosemary smiled at him but then looked at him, “I’m sorry… for your brother…” she said.

“Don’t worry about it… I’m going to see him soon.” He said as he fell to his knees.

“A-Are you okay?!” she asked as he smiled at her. He glanced at Kaito and Rio, “I owe it to them…” he said as Rosemary glanced at him and noticed large gash in his side. “W-Where did that come from?!” she asked.

“Ha… I guess we made Rio’s sword to strong huh?” he asked with a small grin.

Rosemary widened her eyes in realization, “So you’re the reason why the sword didn't… you baka!” she exclaimed as she hugged him.

Slyv smiled, “Like I said… I love you…”

“You baka…” she choked.

Slyv glanced at the two, “I owe it to them… and now I pay the price…” he said.

“Shut up!” she exclaimed.

“You’re still naïve when you’re upset.” He said with a chuckle.

“Why are you laughing right now?! You’re going to die!” she exclaimed.

“I’m not making the same mistake as last time… I’m dying happy.” He said with a small grin as his body started to fade away.

“Slyv!” She exclaimed.

The dragon disappeared and Slyv smiled as he touched Rosemary’s cheek, “Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu…”

Rosemary held his hand as he wiped a tear from her face, “Sayōnara” he said as he closed his eyes and smiled brightly at her and vanished.

Rosemary bit her lip and softly cried. She closed her eyes and silently sobbed. Everyone made it towards her.

“Rosemary…” Selena said as she hugged her sister.

Kaito glanced down and two yellow cards were on the ground. “Rosemary, Selena…” he said as the two girls followed his gaze. And in front of them were number 108 and 109.