Thought I Knew You | Draco & 'Mione | Dramione

“We’ll be back soon.” Hermione assured Harry as she and Ron made their way out of the train compartment. They made their way down the corridor in silence, not on speaking terms once more. It seemed that Ron had become increasingly difficult to deal with after the war. Yes, they’d had their moment in the Room of Requirements, but Ron didn’t seem to be interested anymore. Yes, of course, he was terribly broken up about Fred’s death, but Hermione didn’t think it was right for him to take his pain out on her. Ron stopped at one of the front compartments of the train. It was where the Prefects were to have their first meeting, and as he was still a Prefect, he was obligated to go. 

“You’re not coming?” He questioned, as Hermione continued to walk past. She turned quickly to him, giving him a cold look.

“No. I’m to meet the Head Boy in another compartment.” She stated, before turning her back and continuing to walk, not waiting for his reply. She sighed angrily as she made her way to the designated compartment. Ron really knew how to make her angry. Hermione threw open the sliding compartment door, not bothering to look inside. She wished she had when she entered the small space, for the person inside did not help her already bad mood in any way.

She stared at the blond boy in front of her, not wanting to believe what she was seeing. How on earth could this be possible? After everything he had done…he was Head Boy? Hermione hoped beyond hope that this could somehow be a mistake. 

 "Draco!?“ She exclaimed, incredulously. "Am I in the right place? You’re not…Head Boy…are you?”

New Beginnings ϟ Draco & Hermione

The Second Wizarding War finally came to an end as Voldemort had fallen. This war had affected everyone in one way or another, Hermione included. It was the dawn of a new beginning. Each person had their own way of trying to cope, rebuild, grow, or forget from what had happened in the previous months before. Hermione’s way of coping was to bury herself in paperwork and her studies. It had helped suppress some of the thoughts and feelings regarding the dark time. Some things never do change, but there is always comfort in constancy. With the training at St.Mungo’s, her time and effort had mainly revolved around the health facility. 

The woman was now located on the fourth floor of the hospital. The training for the day was almost complete. Hermione was off collecting more paperwork, and study materials. Her eyes scanned the newly acquired worksheets before placing them into her bag. The trainee made her way down to the lobby as she awaited for new instructions.

Hermione sat an empty table where she pulled out the parchments. Her fingers delicately traced the papers before reading the overview. Looking up, she scanned the room for the Head Healer. In her peripheral vision, a familiar blonde head of hair appeared. Averting her attention towards the person, Hermione realized the person was none other than Draco Malfoy.