slytherin x hufflepuff couple how cute is that

Each house as: a type of couple
  • Gryffindors: The NSFWs - so much PDA you can't tell who's who anymore, most likely to make embarrassing sexual jokes, more than likely to have their proposal end up on Youtube
  • Hufflepuff: The OTP - That "My sentence is not complete if my s/o isn't around" couple, cute AF, 10+/10
  • Ravenclaw: The Nerds™ - met at a convention, married in cosplay, named their daughter Leia, everyone is jealous of how kick-ass they are
  • Slytherin: The Power Couple - wink a lot, smirk a lot, diss a lot, ♫ Move, b-tch, get out the waaaay ♫
Slytherin x Hufflepuff Headcanons (Part 2)

@whygz commented on my other Slytherin x Hufflepuff Headcanons asking about a Slytherin boy and Hufflepuff girl dating and just thinking about it I was really happy so…
A Slytherin boy dating a Hufflepuff girl would include…

  • The Slytherin would be really cute, but simple when he asked out the Hufflepuff
  • He’d bring her a small bouquet of red roses and ask her to go on a date with him
  • No Hogsmeade trips were coming up, so she didn’t really know what they’d do, but she’d already kinda fancy him, so she said yes
  • “But she’s a Hufflepuff.”
  • “But he’s a Slytherin.”
  • “And so…?” from both of them
  • It’d be a cute freaking date
  • At the Astronomy Tower and there’d be a silky soft blanket laid out with tons of different sized candles lit 
  • The sun would be setting as they ate dinner
  • Then the stars would come out and the Slytherin would point out a couple constellations
  • And surprise, there’s another bouquet of the Hufflepuffs favorite flowers because “after you said yes, I asked around and figured you’d like these more than roses.”
  • The Slytherin’s nickname for the Hufflepuff would be cupcake because she loved cupcakes and once for a date they went to the kitchens and baked a batch of the most delicious cupcakes ever they were perfect like them
  • The Slytherin would always try to bring the Hufflepuff into the Slytherin Common Room, but always getting caught
  • Until one day, everyone’s in Hogsmeade or chilling in the nice weather and the Slytherin can finally show the Hufflepuff the Common Room
  • She can’t stop staring at the water and it just so happens that the giant squid was close enough to see
  • And it was quiet enough you could hear the mermaids singing far away
  • Nobody dares mess with the Hufflepuff because they know they’d have the Slytherin to deal with and a trip to the Hospital Wing
  • They’re constantly holding hands or the Slytherin has his arm draped over the Hufflepuff’s shoulders or the Hufflepuff is holding hugging the Slytherin’s arm
  • The Hufflepuff constantly trying to convince the Slytherin she needs more pets
  • “But you already have five cats!”
  • “And so…?”
  • Lowkey everyone ships them together
  • Except for the Slytherin’s parents. 
  • But the Hufflepuff’s parents are super awesome and so happy that they’re dating because that means that their daughter is happy
  • “But if you even think about hurting her, I will hunt you down and kill you in your sleep”
  • “Dad! Chill out! I can threaten my own boyfriends!”
  • “Oh, yeah, cause you’re so scary.”
  • Overall, they’re a cute couple that just work so perfectly because it’s just a thing that is and no one bothers how it works anymore