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The interesting thing about the Hogwarts Houses personality theory, from where I’m standing, is that it seems to be based on motivation, rather than what’s strictly considered by the academic world to be personality traits. (It’s interesting because motivation is considered fairly changeable by personality researchers, while traits are more fundamental/biologically based and hard to change. Makes Dumbledore’s I sometimes think we sort too soon that more plausible. And painful.)

Anyway, let me give this a go:

Gryffindors are motivated by what they believe is Right. They’ve got a very clear idea of justice, of the way things should be, and if that isn’t the case they are willing to fight for it. Gryffindors have principles. They will go to war over the things they believe in. But this also means they might just as well become fundamentalists. As someone put it, a gryffindor will happily fuck you up if they believe they’re doing the Right Thing.

Huffepuffs are motivated by loyalty. They put personal relationships above abstract ideas. Huffelpuffs will follow you into battle not because they believe in what you’re saying, but because they are your friend. On the other hand, this may also lead to a my master right or wrong kind of situations, where they stop thinking about moral principles and just trust the person they’ve chosen as a friend. 

Ravenclaws are motivated by rationality. They value cold logic and hard facts, and are unlikely to be swept along by passionate speeches or emotional pleas. They’re the type to consider the benefits and disadvantages for all when making decisions. Again, this can be potentially scary, because -for example- Ravenclaws would kill you without any hesitation if they believed it could prevent the death of others.

And finally, Slytherins are motivated by self-interest and ambition. They’re moral relativists, who don’t believe in the great Right or Wrong (the way Gryffindors very strongly do) and wouldn’t hesitate to do things others would consider morally wrong as long as it’s in their advantage. Sounds evil, but it isn’t necessarily so: it means just as much that a Slytherin can be charming and loyal - being hated and despised isn’t exactly a good thing, is it? It all depends on what kind of ambitions they have - and how smart they are, of course.

Seen like that, Ravenclaws and Slytherin are quite close to each other, both being cold rationalists, with the difference that Ravenclaws think firstly of the good of all, while Slytherins think firstly of the good for themselves. And Hufflepuff and Gryffindor are quite close too, both led by their emotions, but while Gryffindors are loyal to ideas of right and wrong, Hufflepuffs pledge their allegiance to people they believe to be worth following.

Put shortly: Gryffindor: belief in ideas; Hufflepuffs: belief in people; Ravenclaw: belief in rationality; Slytherin: belief in themselves.

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Name: Vy
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My name is Vy, pronounced as the letter V, and yes, that is my real name. I’m a first, going second this fall, year journalism student, an ENTP, bisexual, and a proud Slytherin.
During my past times, I like reading, baking, and watching documentaries. My favourite genres are horror, tragedy, and psychological thrillers. Some of my favourite books(/manga) includes The Song of Achilles, Berserk, Les Mis, and Flowers in the Attic.
I’m secretly a big romantic; nothing delights me more than tales of everlasting love or budding romance. Don’t be surprised to find things such as pressed flowers, origami, or random mix tapes along with your letter.
I also like k-pop, with my favourite groups being DBSK (yes, I’m old), BTS, and Seventeen.

Preferences: I would prefer for my penpals to be 18+ and at least conversational in English. I’m slightly conversational in French and Vietnamese also but don’t expect me to be able to compose a whole letter in those languages. Please be LGBT+ friendly, openminded, and a feminist.

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I hit send to fast rip 2) u've probably heard this before but u seem more like a slytherin than a ravenclaw (im a ravenclaw but eveyone says im slytherin so yeet)

the psychology behind the houses is something i’ve really delved into, and honestly im of the firm belief that anyone can belong to any house. the houses aren’t a personality test - they’re teaching styles, they’re atmospheres that allow you to be the best witch or wizard you can. slytherin is very cut throat, and some people prosper under that pressure. i don’t, id fold. i need to be able to talk about big ideas and new ways of thinking and to sponge off of others’ wit so i can learn how to sharpen my tongue.

here’s how i condense it. let’s say you receive a failure on an exam


Hufflepuff: Oh no that sucks! well look, you got questions 1-5 right! it was only this chapter that you didn’t do so well in. Why don’t we study harder for that chapter next time, I have a group you can join. don’t beat yourself up too hard

Slytherin: I expected better from you. You’re smarter than that. Whatever hiccup you were in, snap out of it because this isn’t you. you’re a Slytherin and we don’t fail.

Ravenclaw: Well for starters, the test is clearly rigged especially by the way he was trying to psyche you out in questions 5-10 by including a faulty potion ingredients so you could stumble. Lame. Anyway, we’re breaking down the metaphysics of phoenix rebirth energy, what say you!


13.06.2016: Todays desk situation with my MacBook Air, cute small bullet journal and my absolutely amazing new stationary collection (look at all those pretty gel pens in the background!) which came in the mail some days ago. Did 1.5 hours of psychology (personality disorders), which was super interesting and just came back from babysitting, so I had a quite productive & good day! Hope yours was/is great, too!! xx Amber :) (sorry for posting this again, I had a really annoying problem with my tags, so I’m posting it again to put it into my “original content tag”, which is hopefully working by now)

So I was actually doing research for a presentation that I have to do for college, and I was just looking through our online library, when…

I’m actually laughing so hard rn

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MBTI Types and Hogwarts Houses

requested by thepinkarcher

The Gryffindors:


The Ravenclaws:


The Hufflepuffs:


The Slytherins:



This is merely stereotypical. I tried to find a characteristic of each house but show how each house has room for diversity as well.

Gryffindor is a house made up of mostly SPs; however, there are some Gryffindors with a little more of a big-picture mindset, so there are some NPs.

Ravenclaw is a house made up of mostly NTs; however, there are some who are more emotionally driven - NFs. Ravenclaw is pretty equal between Js and Ps, in my opinion, as both types can thirst for knowledge.

Hufflepuff is a house made up of mostly SJs; however, there are some other types because Hufflepuff is sort of an all-accepting house. It’s the most diverse in that way. It’s more about loyalty and hard work.

Slytherin is a house made up mostly of Ts; however, there are some feelers. The problem with slytherin is that its traits aren’t often well defined, and the stereotype is just “evil”. Slytherins are mostly Thinkers because ambition often requires ‘cold’ decision making. The Feelers I put in Slytherin are the Feelers with a tendency towards emotional manipulation - another Slytherin trait.

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Hey, what's up? Can you sort different career choices into Hogwarts Houses? Thanks!




Physical trainer

Truck Drivers








Customer Service


Art/Design based jobs (Web design, Architecture, Fashion, Interior Design, etc)

Writer (may be somewhat stereotypical, but I really want to be one!)






Librarian (could also be Hufflepuff for helping people)






Event Planner



24.07.2016: Had a pretty relaxing Sunday today, started my day with coffee and a breakfast with my mom on the balcony. After a swim in a lake and some sunbathing with my dog and mom, we went on a walk with the dog and I found some lovely houses to take pics off. The light reflections in the windows were so pretty! Now I’ll study some more psychology, because my first term will start in about a month and time is flying too fast… (oh and I found a new study spot in the kitchen with beautiful flowers and yummy fruit infused water)
Rock your weekend, lovelies! xx Amber :)

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I'm a HufflePuff, but I absolutely LOVE psychology! I have been told in multiple quizzes that, out of all houses, I'm least of Slytherin. So, it's it possible to have super low Slytherin traits, but still be a psychology loving HufflePuff??

… are you implying that only Slytherins can be interested in Psychology? Because that honestly offends me.

From a psychology standpoint, I want to ask why people associate psychology with the bad parts of Slytherin. From the Slytherin standpoint, I want to ask why are we supposedly the only house to allow people to be interested in psychology?

Are people really that fearful of psychology? Are people still that fearful of Slytherins??

If I can think of anything that relates psychology so closely to Slytherin house is how misunderstood they both are. Psychology is a HUGE field with so many different aspects and branches and domains, etc. so I’m sure there are tons of different aspects to suit each house. From my personal experience, through years of school, research, internships, jobs, etc. of course I have met TONS of psychologists, and I will say that majority of those I have met are actually Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. There are some Gryffindors as well, but Slytherins have made up quite the minority. In fact, I think I’m the only Slytherin I can think of in my field. That’s a very minimal data sample, I know, but I’m just trying to make the point that psychology certainly isn’t just for Slytherins. 

So, YES. You can be a psychology-loving Hufflepuff just as any house can be anything they please.

-Justin (Slytherin)