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Why is it that the 3 Toms I find attractive are British?

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Imagine you’re a Ravenclaw at Hogwarts and Loki is a Slytherin- the fifth marauder, Fangs(his symbol is a snake) at first you despise each other, Loki thinks you’re boring and you think he’s too reckless, but eventually you fall in love with him, but you assume he doesn’t like you in return, until Thor, a Gryffindor, asks you to be his date to the Yule ball, and Loki gets jealous.

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Steve denies he's a little bit in love after that but everyone Knows. He's so jealous because he just goes straight to fists or a needlessly long plan. Tony thinks he's ridiculous. ☆☆

To be fair, Tony thinks everyone is ridiculous. The only reason he’s not plotting world domination with Natasha is because it doesn’t seem worth the trouble.

(That’s actually worse because Steve isn’t even especially aggravating in Tony’s eyes. He’s just as annoying as everyone else. 

Steve is insulted. He’s absolutely not as annoying as everyone else. He’s way more annoying. He’s the master of annoyance. Nothing can beat him at–

“I can’t believe you made it into the house of the cunning” Natasha says in disbelief.

“There’s no house for hopeless denial” Clint points out.

“I’m not in love with Tony!” Steve snaps.

Natasha bangs her head against the table.)


“Did you hear?” Loki asks conversationally two days later. “Rogers is deeply in love with you.”

Tony blinks.

“Romanoff herself confirmed that he plans to officially court you as soon as you turn sixteen,” Loki adds.

Tony blinks.

“Stark? Are you alright? Come on, you are killing me here. Isn’t there something you have to say?”

“Loki, it’s half past three in the morning.”

[three hours and two large cups of coffee later]


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Yes no exactly!! Because Slytherin Nat and tiny!Hufflepuff Steve!! Ravenclaw Tony and Gryffindor Thor but Thor as a hufflepuff and just- they can all be all and it's wonderful. ☆☆

Welcome to the beautiful world of fandom where everything is possible 

*throws glitter*