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Slytherin Things (Part Three)

Dark sunglasses, black purses, blank canvases because of fear of parents discovering your art, tiny decorative notebooks, sarcastic Typo notebooks, hand-drawn bookmarks, thyme leaves in little bags, rose petals, beautiful shells, green glitter, leather jackets…

Quidditch boyfriends + varsity jackets

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Headcanon: Shortly after Neville Longbottom started teaching Herbology at Hogwarts, he spoke with Home Economics class, a class for mostly muggle borns trying to learn to cook and clean with magic, and asked them to make merch for all the houses. It was sold out of the Leaky Calderon where his girlfriend Hannah worked. Soon the school was flooded with Gryffindor jerseys, Ravenclaw sweatshirts, Hufflepuff varsity jackets and Slytherin sweat pants. All proceeds went to St. Muggos.

Can't listen to bullshit

Hufflepuff: go get your jacket
Slytherin: oh, I almost forgot my jacket. where’s my jacket?
Hufflepuff: behind the door
Slytherin: I can’t find my jacket
Slytherin: I don’t know where’s my jacket
Hufflepuff: oh my God, I’m talking to a deaf idiot. IT’S BEHIND THE DOOR, SLYTHERIN
Slytherin: FOUND IT. It was behind the door this whole time
Hufflepuff: *facepalms*


“…their daring, nerve, and chivalry, set Gryffindors apart.”
harry potter house aesthetics: gryffindor

i’m in boston and i’m aware a convention is happening right now but some man just came up to me in a hallway and was like DID YOU GO TO THE CONVENTION and i turned around and i was like AAA A A H HOLY SHIT bc he had full like 80s Kiss face make up on and i wasn’t expecting that and i was like NO and he was like oh i saw your slytherin patch on your jacket i’m a hufflepuff
tldr: i’m shaKING BUT LAUGHING