slytherin is the only house

  • Ravenclaw: There's going to be snow!
  • Sytherin: Yup, enough to bury small animals.
  • Ravenclaw: Why must you be like this?
  • Slytherin: Why are you so excited about it?
  • Ravenclaw: Because now I can sit in front of the fireplace and read books.
  • Slytherin: You do that anyway.
  • Ravenclaw: Yeah, but now there's aesthetic.
Houses as Tiny Turn Ons
  • Gryffindors: People who lean back against walls with one shoulder while they talk.
  • Hufflepuffs: Hugs that linger just a bit because neither of you really want to let go.
  • Ravenclaws: Someone leaning towards you from their desk to help you with a question/problem.
  • Slytherin: That 'accidental' slip of their gaze from your eyes to your lips as you're talking.
What’s in France

Request: Hello! I have a request, how about reader is in love with newt, but she thinks newt loves leta(when they were in hogwarts)(and newt had been distant) which is why she lost contact with him after he got expelled. Angst!! They meet years later and turns out newt realised he loved reader when he lost her. Pls a happy ending! Im sorry if its too detailed, I’m just really excited about this one. Love u!

Word Count: 2,665

Pairing: Newt x reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Newt twists in his bed, kicking the sheets from his chest and running a hand over his face. The moonlight streaks illuminate the small clock hanging crooked on the room’s wall. 2:53. Groaning, he flips onto his stomach, coming face to face with a picture of you breaking into a shy smile.

The familiar tears prick his eyes as he watches it happen over and over, falling back asleep and into a restless dream of you smiling.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come? It’ll be fun. Come on, we can go to The Three Broomsticks and split a glass of butterbeer like we used to.”

“I have too much studying to do.”

You groan and fall onto the couch next to your friend. “Newt, we haven’t had time to hang out in ages.” You deepen your voice to sound like his. “It’s always ‘I’m studying’ or ‘I have to write notes.’ Why don’t you take one break to go with me?”

Newt tears his eyes from the book in front of him, smile forming on his lips. “I’m busy. I need to pass this next potions exam. We’ll go next month, I promise.”

“Newt.” You whine, drawing out his name until he raises his eyebrows at you in false annoyance.

“Fine. You win.”

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Request: “can i request a draco fic where you move to hogwarts from another wizarding school in like year 10 (10th grade idk how you might say it) and you come from a really well known Gryffindoor family, you know the Weasleys, but get sorted into Slytherin and everyones really shocked and you become friends with Harry and Hermione (you already knew Ron) but you have a secret fling with Draco and it somehow gets revealed and backlash from Pansy and Harry, Ron and Hermione of course. Thanks so much xxx”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 2216

Warnings: implied SMUT boiiiiiiiiiii also i feel like this fic is v incoherent and messy but i hope u guys enjoy it anyway hehe

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You were green in a sea of red. Since your first day at Hogwarts, you had felt misplaced. There had been many hushed meetings with the sorting hat, with Dumbledore too. You asked and asked until you had more questions than you had started off with. Your Father’s side of the family, all Gryffindors, and your Mother’s side all American Thunderbirds. Neither pointed towards the outcome that occurred the day you arrived at Hogwarts, the same week you had returned to the UK to live with your father.


And yet, you felt shunned by them. Your last name carried deep significance to all Gryffindors, the name engraved in many trophies and plaques. The day you joined the cunning house of Slytherin was the only time you sat at your table, for even though you now wore the green robes, the only people who you felt at home with were the brave ones; the lions. You were a snake amongst strong beasts, and it really showed. That was, until you met a young blonde boy who helped you understand where you belonged.

You had met him on your first day, his eyes quick and calculating as you walked down the hallway, surrounded by your new supportive Gryffindor friends.

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260. A Slytherin is friends with some other house students, and they say, “We’re friends but your house is evil. You’re nice though, you’re like the only good Slytherin.”
And they just smile, and later they walk into the common room and announce, “I just got only-nice-Slytherin’d.”
Because a lot of Slytherins have other house friends, they just never make it public knowledge because of their house’ reputation.
So most of the house is a ‘secret, only-nice-Slytherin friend’ to the rest of the school.
They like it, but also try not to laugh whenever their friends pretend to be talking to them for some other random reason when another Slytherin walks by.
(They keep a scoreboard of who’s been only-nice-Slytherin’d. Bets are often placed.)

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Hogwarts AU headcanons for RFA+Saeran? :o

My first ask yay! Let’s get this party started!  



♬ Hufflepuff 

♬ is very proud of his house and ready to fight you over it

♬ is a Pureblood but not the judgemental type

♬ his parents, however, are

♬ he doesn’t return home after fifth year because of it

♬ joined the Frog Choir, Muggle Music and Music his first year at Hogwarts

♬ is the most dramatic singer and everyone stares at him during the annual performance

♬ his favourite subject is Muggle Studies and he especially loves this thing called ‘movies’

♬ despite not being his favourite subject his best subjects are Transfiguration and Divination

♬ his worst subject is Care of Magical Creatures

♬ he’s not a big fan of animals in general and on top of that he’s allergic to a lot of them, magical or not

♬ his Patronus is a wolf

♬ he eventually joins the Quidditch team as a Seeker

♬ he kind of sucks at it, mostly because he constantly has one accident after the other

♬ still he fills the stands with swooning girls at every match

♬ even girls from other houses cheer for him

♬ Zen likes that a lot and signs whatever they want him to after the game


★ Gryffindor

★ doesn’t know what to think of his house, since most people see him as a whiny wuss

★ Muggleborn

★ cannot believe that technology isn’t allowed at Hogwarts

★ They use quills instead of freaking pens?!

★ There are no lamps, just candles?!

★ NO COMPUTERS?! → no Wikipedia for assignments and not more LOLOL

★ he’s a top grade student but doesn’t really enjoy a lot of it

★ despite being muggleborn he’s not as fascinated with magic as most people would be

★ mostly because he doesn’t see a point in a world where you refuse to acknowledge and use technology

★ his best subject, for obvious reasons, is Muggle Studies

★ his favourite subjects, however, are Astronomy and Defence Against the Dark Arts

★ he feels like a warrior whenever he has it

★ he really doesn’t like History of Magic

★ History is boring, be it muggle of magic

★ it’s far too dry for him

★ his Patronus is a mouse

★ he befriends another Gryffindor, Saeyoung, and constantly get’s in trouble because of him

★ somehow Seven (that is how he wants to be called for some reason) can talk him into anything

★ once he told Yoosung he wanted to visit his twin brother in Slytherin and they should sneak into the doorms

★ in reality he just wanted to steal a pack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans

★ they got busted and each lost their house twenty points

★ he still continued to trust Seven for some reason…


♨ Ravenclaw

♨ likes the quiet and peace of it

♨ Muggleborn

♨ absolutely fascinated with the magical world

♨ she wants to learn anything and everything

♨ compared to Yoosung she finds it very romantic to use quills, candles, books  and such instead of technology

♨ her parents both died so her and Zen usually spend the big summer break together as they have nowhere else to go

♨ she’s the top student in every of her subjects

♨ some people are mean to her out of jealousy, no one in Ravenclaw though

♨ they actually admire her

♨ she doesn’t care, there is far too much to learn to bother with haters

♨ she is both Prefect for her house as well as Head Girl later on

♨  she is very proud of both and takes them extremely serious

♨ sometimes she overworks herself though

♨ then again, doing so for her passion makes her happy

♨ she really likes History of Magic, it’s her favourite

♨ Muggle Studies, however, she doesn’t enjoy as much

♨ mostly because she already knows all these things

♨ she drops the elective soon after

♨ she’s not very good at Charms and has to work hard to get the good grades she wants

♨ her Patronus is an owl

♨ she joins the Quidditch team during third year

♨ she plays as a Beater for her team and has a mean hook

♨ it surprises her when people come up to her after the game and tell her they cheered for her

♨ it always makes her blush


♛ Slytherin

♛ enjoys the luxury of his house

♛ Pureblood

♛ possibly stricter than his own father

♛ focuses on only the things he considers practical

♛ he doesn’t bother with things like Muggle Studies, any kind of Arts or Divination

♛ his favourite subject is Care of Magical Creatures

♛ his best subject, meanwhile, is Magical Theory

♛ he doesn’t suck at any subject per se, since he has to keep up appearances, but he’s not particularly good at flying

♛ he doesn’t even consider joining the Quidditch team despite the offers

♛ instead of bothering with flying he excels at Apparation 

♛ his Patronus is a cat

♛ he too is both Prefect as well as Head Boy

♛ he is very strict about those and will take points from you if he finds you sneaking around after curfew

♛ he is a registered Animagus – a snake

♛ he’s very popular amongst Slytherin (and other houses) girls but doesn’t acknowledge any of them


☼ Gryffindor

☼ freaking loves his house

☼ Half-blood

☼ both parents were magical, but his fathers mother was a muggle

☼ could have graduated very early

☼ decided to stay and let all hell break loose instead

☼ loves pulling pranks on any – and everyone even especially his best friend Yoosung

☼ attempts to give Jumin aneurysms on a daily basis

☼ constantly loses his house points

☼ is still well liked though, for whatever reason

☼ despite being a genius stinks at many subjects

☼ not because he doesn’t understand them, oh no

☼ sometimes he mouths off

☼ sometimes he purposefully acts dumb

☼ sometimes he doesn’t study and fails

☼ most of the time he pranks teachers or pisses them off otherwise

☼ very talented wizard, though

☼ his best subjects are Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms

☼ his favourite subject used to be flying, though

☼ he finds Herbology utterly boring

☼ he is particularly bad at Care of Magical Creatures, because he smothers them too much

☼ known Metamorphmagus

☼ his Patronus is a cat as well

☼ Jumin hates that

☼ loves to turn himself into a girl and flirt with boys who don’t know

☼ constantly misuses his powers in general

☼ joins and gets kicked off the Quidditch team

☼ not because he is a bad player, but because he constantly breaks the rules and doesn’t show up to practice

☼ despite not playing, he collects brooms


☀ Slytherin

☀ also loves his house

☀ Half-blood

☀ did graduate early

☀ mostly because he couldn’t stand being around his own brother

☀ finds the idiot to be a disgrace and embarrassment

☀ for a while attempts to clean up after his brothers mess, only that their family name isn’t dirtied

☀ after that stops when he realized that him losing points is only good for Slytherin house

☀ professors love him because he is very obedient

☀ and doesn’t get caught when he does attempt something that isn’t allowed

☀ he is also both Prefect as well as Head Boy once Jumin is gone

☀ hides is ‘illegal’ activities behind those titles

☀ taught himself Dark Arts

☀ constantly reads things in the restricted section

☀ he is very talented at jinxes

☀ his favourite and best subject is Potions

☀ he doesn’t care for Astronomy

☀ which makes it his worst subject as well

☀ also known Metamorphmagus

☀ simply changes his eye and hair colour from time to time

☀ his Patronus is a unicorn

☀ Saeyound teases him mercilessly

☀ he won’t be laughing once his unicorn impales his brothers filthy cat

☀ joins the Quidditch team in second year

☀ makes a mighty fine Chaser


This is what Slytherin gets as a legacy.

It gets friendships forged on tartan seats shattered by a snake and green trim

It gets sent to the dungeons to lie with the troll and shake in their beds

It gets hatred and bitterness and Draco fucking Malfoy as a mouthpiece.

Cunning becomes cruel,

Ambition becomes greed,

Pure of heart becomes pure of blood and hate is born under sickly green lights

And in seven years, after tripping jinxes, and hissed curses, and never walking to class alone, and watching the war come to their doors sooner,

(Slytherin house didn’t have to belive Harry Potter. Slytherin house already knew)

of watching parents shrink and shake when they realise their glorious leader has returned a madman

(they are not bitter children anymore, those who escaped azkaban, they have children now, they are parents, protection is their watchword, not revolution)

a school turns on them and sends them to a dungeon, a school that has hated them for years, says,

we have never given you space in these hallowed halls, you have had to carve with fire and fury that are not your weapons everything you have in this place

but here, turn on you mothers, your fathers, your brothers, you sisters. Here is your family, standing behind a madman, and you see their shaking hands and tired eyes, and all we see is monsters soaked in blood who want for war.

These are our demons, our nightmares come to life, but they are your family, your home, your saftey.

Here, turn on them.

And when you say no, it will haunt you. Till your dying day, it will be that Green did not fight, that snakes cannot be trusted, that they will never do the right thing. You will carry the legacy of not slaughtering those you loved for those who had hated you and wonder, what did we do wrong?

Here is Slytherin house’s legacy. Loyalty, to those who have earned it, to those who stood between them and curses from madwomen and slurs thrown in the street. 

Slytherin house has always been loyal. But only to their own.

Hannibal: Slytherin
Will: Hufflepuff

Tristan: Gryffindor
Galahad: Gryffindor

Nigel: Slytherin
Adam R: Ravenclaw

Basic Chickens
Elias: Hufflepuff
Adam T: Ravenclaw

(feel free to message me about your own ideas, i’d love to hear them. <3 )

Day Three: Head of Slytherin

I’ve always wondered what Snape was like as Head of House. We don’t get to see much of him around the Slytherins except when Harry is pleasant (and we pretty much know by now that Harry brings out the worst in Snape). They claim that he favorites his own house, but he never awards points to Slytherin at any point through the series, not like McGonagall who gives Gryffindor copious amounts in book five–fifty each for Neville, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Harry, and then fifty to Ravenclaw for Luna. And let’s not even talk about Dumbledore’s blatant favoritism toward the Gryffindors. 

But we never see Snape award points to Slytherin, which is a feat in itself. For having the tales of playing favorites all the time, the best evidence for this is that he always seems to find the opportunity to rob Gryffindor of points. 

Yet, for the most part, the Slytherins seem to respect him as their Head. Moody-Impostor drags Malfoy off to Snape after the ferret incident in book four. When Slughorn was Head, a lot of Slytherins defected to the dark side; the stereotype of “There wasn’t a witch or wizard who went bad who wasn’t in Slytherin” could not have borne itself (though Snape’s memories from the Hogwarts Express indicate that Slytherin was already strongly disliked). And I think when you look at Slughorn’s rather inattentive teaching style, you can find exactly why. 

Slughorn did not value all of his snakes. He couldn’t even be bothered to remember his students’ names in the sixth book, only focusing on those who he felt would amount to something. And the young Slytherins needed someone to turn to and rely on. They found that in Voldemort, an incredibly powerful wizard who claimed to have their best interests at heart. Snape was a direct victim of this mindset, and I think that probably would have fed into his style of manning his house. 

So what was Snape like above Slytherin house? We can really only headcanon and dream about this, but I like to think that he was a little bit more involved than McGonagall in Gryffindor if only out of sheer necessity from the conflated hostilities directed at his house. He also had the strongest group of prejudiced pureblood students on his hands–and he had to find a way to save face in Death Eater circles while protecting his other house members from their influence.

Was he successful? The only major indicator is in book two–the password to the Slytherin common room, pureblood. But it also raises questions, as we don’t know who sets the password. It seems like in book three that the portrait sets the password, as Sir Cadogan keeps changing it on the Gryffindor students. And it would look incredibly suspicious for a Death Eater to argue it out with a picture on the wall that pureblood wizards are not superior. Snape had a lot of battles to fight. If he even knew about the password (after all, how often do we see McGonagall in the Gryffindor common room?), it’s most probably a battle he chose not to fight. 

But look at the turn out. The only Slytherin students under Snape who became Death Eaters were the ones whose parents were Death Eaters–Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle. While book six demonstrates many of the Slytherin students to have bad attitudes regarding blood status, they all leave during the Battle of Hogwarts except for the three aforementioned (and I refuse to believe, honestly, that out of the entire Slytherin house, not a single student stayed and fought against Voldemort, especially given that both notable Heads of House were active participants in the war). 

Snape did something to spare Slytherin students from the Death Eaters. We don’t know what he did, but for some reason, they turned away from the option that their predecessors used for support. Now, I highly doubt that Snape had Therapy Thursdays where he called all of his troubled students into his office to have group talks about their feelings with a purring cat or well-trained dog for comfort. But support doesn’t necessarily have to come in open and blatant words and gestures. 

I don’t think that Snape’s wrongful victimization of the favored Gryffindor house was directed at Gryffindor at all. I think it was directed at Slytherin. Snape, who had never known solidarity in his school years, expressed in the only way he knew how, “I am on your side,” to the students who needed to feel that the most. Those students weren’t the Gryffindors, the most well-loved house, the ones that everyone supported, the brave and foolhardy and popular. They were the Slytherins, already high risk of turning to the dark in a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

How many students, following the second war, approached a marble headstone and bowed their heads to the man who had saved them from making the worst mistake of their lives? How many whispered quiet words of, “Thank you”? 

Because, all along, someone had their best interests in mind. 

who run the world?

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snakes do not bow,
and snakes have no leader.

but let’s get this fact straight: snakes are only vapid and cold hearted and ready to pounce on others, when those others are the ones who are attacking them first, when those ones are judging them without knowing them, when they read the green, and the silver and the emblem of the slytherin house and only think: evil. cruel. distant. selfish. unfriendly. unkind.

snakes do not bow, and snakes have no leader.
but snakes always take care of each other.
they care of each other fiercely.
and snakes never leave their own behind.

so watch it if you dare to talk about millicent’s weight in a mocking manner in front of pansy parkinson, because she will make sure to hex you until you choke on the food in the great hall for a week straight and you spend an entire month at the hospital wing. what risk of detention? what risk of even being expelled? nothing can’t be compared with the risk someone can take when they dare to attack any of them.

and watch it if you dare to call daphne a whore, as well. because double standards are disgusting and neither of the slytherin girls are here to please any of that. to swoon over lads because they are popular and sleep around with whoever they want but attack girls for doing the same bloody thing. so it’s not about the length of daphne’s skirt or the number of people she has slept with, it’s about the  prejudice floating in people’s heads, and the irony is that the slytherin house it’s supposed to be full of that.

and definitely watch it if you dare to laugh about tracey calling her slow or dumb. because the slytherin girls know better than everyone else all the sparkle she has inside of her, how she has the loudest laugh when millicent is telling one of her very very lame jokes, how she’s brilliant at charms and probably the best of them at astronomy, just because she’s quiet and shy and different it doesn’t mean anyone can step over her. because none of them is going to allow that to happen.

being a snake means to never face problems alone,
it means not having to bow, it means having no leader,
but it means to always have your back covered, no matter what.

it’s the nights awake pulling all nighters to help each other about the charms essay they have forgotten they had to handle, and sneaking into the astronomy tower so tracey can go all over again the starts they are supposed to know by heart already. it’s the pranks and the jokes they play on the blokes because they are so silly and so full of themselves it’s so easy to tease their fragile masculinity and ego, snakes or not. it’s preparing with enthusiasm banners and face paint for the upcoming quidditch match, no matter then outcome, because the slytherin pride it’s about much more than losing or wining.

it’s circles around daphne greengrass bed so she can give advice and answer all the questions and the doubts they have and they don’t dare to ask anyone else. the giggles when they all share the stories about the boys they have kissed, or the boys they like. it’s the encouragement after rejections, the sass of “bloody hell, that bloke doesn’t know what he’s missing” or the rejoice of “we knew he fancied you!”, when the love, yes, the love, bloom inside the walls of the so called snake house. it’s the endless patience of pansy and her eyeliner and nail polish, until she makes sure all of them can master the expertise of an eyeliner wing, or perfectly painted blood red nails, in the same way she does.

it’s helping and complimenting each other before the yule ball about their dresses, and doing each other hairdos and make-up, and tracey slowly going all over the steps of their dances so no one misses a step and trips. it’s sending each other notes at transfiguration class about how daphne and pansy swear they saw theo and blaise snog near the quidditch pitch. it’s all of them awwing over the mental image.

the green, the silver and the emblem of the slytherin house might mean a lot of things to outsiders, but it means companionship, understanding, pride and family.

because snakes do not bow, and snakes have no leader.
but the slytherin girls?
they are snakes been raised as wolves.
and they are a pack.

Aquarius Slytherin Moodboard:  Slytherin Aquarians are lucky. They have inner drive, determination, and great ambition; they also have brilliance, cleverness, and an almost total disregard for “what everybody thinks,” which means they can go for their dreams without caring if other people mock them or consider them strange. More introverted and full of social conscience than the average Slytherin, these wizards are easily overlooked socially (by fools), although they excel in the classroom and eventually become great wizards indeed. They are stubborn and will not back down without a fight if challenged.

MBTI and Slytherin House

No type correlates to a single house. MBTI determines how you function, not why. Houses have different areas of focus for what house you belong in. There are certain traits you prize above others, what is the best learning environment for you, and most importantly your preference. What house you want is the biggest factor. This will dig into why a type might be interested in a house, how a type might functionally personify a house, and how a type could exemplify house characteristics.

ISTJ [The Underestimated]

With dominant Introverted Sensing an ISTJ is extremely resourceful. They will use what concrete things they have to accomplish any goal. They are reliable to implement what their Introverted Sensing dictates because of their secondary function, Extraverted Thinking. This shows an ability to have dedication. An ISTJ takes authority very seriously and could be perceived therefore as a more traditional type. ISTJs could find Slytherin beneficial for their inferior function of Extraverted Intuition. In this house of excellence they will be exposed to new ideas and view points. The ISTJ would like the pride and loyalty Slytherins have in their house, but most importantly their dedication to do their best…at all costs sometimes. An ISTJ Slytherin will have a fierce loyalty to their house and all who are in it. They will come to their defense in front of other people, but in private if they disagree with a Slytherin’s behavior the ISTJ will address it. The ISTJ is consistent if nothing else and will tye people together in their stabilizing nature.

ISTP [The  Brilliant Loner]

ISTPs are another resourceful bunch. A huge part of ISTPs that may find themselves wanting to be in Slytherin, is the fact that they are always in or out. They don’t have much in between and with Extraverted Feeling as an inferior function they can be quite gruff when telling people they aren’t “into” a certain activity or situation. It is also a great house to work on their inferior function as there is a strong sense of community within Slytherin. An ISTP could find themselves developing their Fe by seeing themselves in the eyes of others, as part of a community. The ISTP being very independent will surprise their Slytherin peers in their loyalty to the house as they grow fonder and grow bonds with their peers. The ISTP Slytherin will be difficult to predict. Always seen as the loner who surprises everyone when they intervene to help their fellow Slytherin. The ISTP Slytherin will also be great at whatever magic craft interests them. Whether it be charms, music, care of magical creatures, herbology, etc, they will be one with the craft surprising everyone with their passion despite their more common aloof nature.  

ESTP [The Cool One]

Slytherin’s are notorious for being a more collected bunch in any situation. ESP types are known for jumping in before thinking. People would be surprised that not all ESPs are like this and have qualities that would have them not only fit in at Slytherin house, but want to be in the house. Their secondary function of Introverted Thinking makes them a very strategic lot. They are great at analyzing a crisis situation. They can be very cunning and resourceful in their ways. Their dominant Se and tertiary Fe makes them observe and alert to others while being able to negotiate favorable ends for themselves. This seems like a very appealing ability for a Slytherin student. They would add some risk taking, thrill seeking adventure, and meld well in Slytherin house. In addition, ESTPs can care too much about appearances and where they stand socially. Those more concerned about this in the wizarding world could find themselves wanting to be in Slytherin for status sake. The ESTP has a natural charisma that will attract other Slytherin’s to them and their Se (over Ne) gives them a more classically cool nature that other Slytherin’s will want to be. 

ESTJ [The Representative]

ESTJs are known for being fans of hierarchy. Of knowing their place in that hierarchy and hoping others know theirs and fulfill their duties in their position. ESTJs like representing whatever system they are apart of. So if they are interested in Slytherin house you can bet they will want to represent your house in anything that they can. They will advocate for the fair and un-bias treatment of the Slytherin quidditch team in incidents such as Gryffindors taking the field to practice when Slytherins were clearly signed up for that day. People may have the wrong idea about Slytherin, but your ESTJ Slytherin will set those ignorant people straight…while at the same time proving them right if they can’t be suave about it…Slytherins are known for having fun and ESTJs often deny themselves their secondary function Introverted Sensation, their subjective inner world function. They find acting on personal impulse to be a negative thing and perhaps their Slytherin comrades can help them let go and have a bit more fun with a fire whiskey drinking game in the common room.

ISFJ [The Avenger]

ISFJ is similar to the ISTJ. Depending on what the ISFJ specializes in and consumes with their Si they may be attracted to the promise of excelling in that area in Slytherin. Some ISFJs could be attracted to social traditionalism in Slytherin. Their Fe would fit well in Slytherin in protecting other Slytherins. They would always be there for their fellow house members. An ISFJ Slytherin will have your back. They may be under estimated by their fellow Slytherin members, but ISFJ Slytherins would play this to their advantage surprising their peers in their talents, academics, or whatever they find to be their main focus of interest. An ISFJ is very caring, but if you cross them or another Slytherin they will never forget and will get their revenge. Don’t cross an ISFJ Slytherin.

ISFP [The Sleeper-Cell]

ISFPs are all about honing their Fi through their Se. Whatever they find to be their skill they may want to hone it to be the best in Slytherin. These Slytherins won’t be in your face or too into competition with Gryffindor, but they will help Slytherin get house points. Their dominant Fi makes them largely self focused in the sense of discipline for their art, whatever that art may be. The ISFP Slytherin in class is fairly quiet, but will surprise their fellow students with their skill and physical ability. Although ISFPs are called the Artist they can be attracted to more logically driven specialties. An ISFP Slytherin could excel in healing or herbology. They may surprise their peers with their sensitive exterior, but underneath the ISFP is a rock. The ISFP Slytherin could also help push other Slytherin’s away from trying to fit into a box and conforming to blind following of the way Slytherin does things. This is more through their actions than any sort of discussion directly taking place. The ISFP would be a walking reminder of what all Slytherin’s can be and to not lose themselves blindly to house rhetoric and traditionalism.

ESFP [The Popular One]

A Slytherin ESFP is one of the most likely to start a fight with a Gryffindor. They will act before thinking (dominant Se) and have a fierce loyalty to their Slytherin friends (secondary Fi). They may be the face of their class or Slytherin house because of their natural sociability. They will help any other Slytherin not expecting anything in return. It is just what any Slytherin would do for another. Other Slytherins will have a lot of fun with the ESFP Slytherin, but they will also be surprised. Slytherins are naturally competitive against one another and may dismiss the ESFP Slytherin finding them irresponsible and unintelligent. However, the ESFP will prove them wrong every time. Their tertiary Te will surprise their peers as they eloquently and reasonably communicate when they want to. ESFPs will also be the trend setter of Slytherin house, no matter what others say about the ESFP, the Slytherins will be copying the ESFP in fashion and attitude.

ESFJ [The Successful One]

The ESFJ will be the most involved student in the house. They will make sure that Slytherin is going to win the House Cup and is behaving themselves…at least in front of the teachers. They will probably be working hard to be a house Prefect. They will want appreciation for their efforts from their teachers and peers. For an ESFJ with a high bar they will want solid appreciation for their efforts of trying to be the best in Slytherin house and for Slytherin house to excel and be the best. The ESFJ Slytherin will be an amazing networker with older witches and wizards trying to get a leg up on other students. They will probably have a rapport with all of their professors. For the ESFJ what house they are in is very important as they like to surround themselves with many like-minded people. If Slytherins are those like-minded people (striving to be the very best), then the ESFJ will be determined to have the sorting hat place them in Slytherin.

INFJ [The Snob]

Dominant Ni is prone to questioning things. As much as Slytherin can be a sign of status quo to some, it is actually very pro breaking rules for the sake of advancement and progress. Such things are needed in order to move forward and be the best. The INFJ is all about this view and Slytherin is a good place for those who do. In Slytherin they can hone their vision for change and polish it. They will be in an academic environment that fuels their need to perfect their ideas. INFJs love the unknown and in Slytherin they can explore this with their mates. An unhealthy INFJ can be so sucked into their own romantic world feeling unique and like no one understands them that they create a superiority complex thinking they ARE unique and better than others. No one else around them fulfills their ideals. Such an INFJ would fuel negative stereotypes of Slytherins. This kind of INFJ would come off as a Wizarding World culture snob, looking down on those that don’t know a certain wizard scholar or a certain witch artist. This kind of INFJ could want to be in Slytherin, because only there do people understand the finer parts of Wizarding Culture.

INFP [The Determined Quester]

INFPs have a drive to find their place in the world that their Fi dictates. Their Fi is close, personal, and idealistic and combined with their Ne they look for a great meaning for it all. An INFP may be attracted to Slytherin because it promises greatness. Wherever their seeking takes them it could be Slytherin, their idealism could have them picture themselves as the person bound to such greatness that Slytherin promises them. Many INFPs place themselves in existing social systems to find their place and Slytherin could be the place they find themselves in, in order to find their role to better the world in some way. INFPs with a good grasp on their Te are great at managing resources and could be embodying the Slytherin ideal of resourcefulness at their best. An unhealthy INFP could be Slytherin because they are too introverted and in a functional loop. In that case it will be the world against the INFP’s views. The INFP will shock those around them with extremely self-assertive statements and reducing people of the other houses to stereotypes. The INFP Slytherin can be the unexpected nice Slytherin who is determined to understand meaning in life and feels that Slytherin determination is the best place to do that or the INFP Slytherin could be the biggest house bigot who talks down to all the other houses.

ENFP [The Aloof Mentor]

As a dominant Ne, the ENFP Slytherin would find Slytherin to be the best house for their visionary abilities. They like to think big and Slytherin would help them enact their dreams and visions in the best way. In fact, Slytherin might help them concentrate and implement their great ideas when they would have otherwise gotten bored and moved on. While Slytherin can often have a pessimistic feel to it, the ENFP would help lift the spirits of their peers and get them excited about the house’s many possibilities. The Slytherin ENFP upper classmates may be one of the first (along with the ENFJ) to help the younger classmates find their place in the house and help hone the younger classmates’ talents. The ENFP would be a popular mentor figure within Slytherin that the younger ones look up to, the older ones roll their eyes at, and the Slytherin’s in the same years as the ENFP want to party with. The unhealthy ENFP may personify some of the negative aspects of Slytherin and be incredibly self serving. They may grow to hate the other houses and take the rivalry between Slytherin and other houses (especially, Gryffindor) too seriously. 

ENFJ [The Mediator]

The ENFJ may find Slytherin to be the perfect place for them. Their dominant Fe makes them interested in rational social systems while their secondary Ni pushes them to strive to improve and understand that social system and the people apart of it. This need for understanding and improving on a social system could attract an ENFJ to Slytherin because Slytherin is focused on improvement and honing one’s skills to be the best. For the ENFJ who wants to focus on this part of themselves they will blend well into this house. Just like the ENFP they may have a taking to helping others in the house strive to improve themselves and contribute to the house as a whole. Unlike the looser ENFP, the ENFJ might take their job as a “teacher” or “guide” very seriously, trying to help others in the house on their personal journeys to success. Their interest in helping and people as a whole will help make them the glue for keeping Slytherins together and strive to forget one’s personal guffs with one another in order to do things like win the House Cup.  

INTJ [The Magical Theoretician]

An ambitious and academic INTJ can find themselves best helped in Slytherin. Their Ni makes them strive for innovation and the abstract while their Te makes them focus on what can actually be utilized in the real world (if they are using Te properly). The INTJ who wants to focus on creating a new magical theory or coming up with something to simply shake the Wizarding World can find comfort in Slytherin pushing them to implement their ideas into something real and constructive. The INTJ no matter what house they are in will have a harder time than most any other type feeling welcomed and apart of their house. INTJs are prone to isolating themselves and being observers of life rather than players in it. Slytherin may exacerbate that feeling, especially if the INTJ does not use their Te sufficiently. The Slytherin INTJ has to watch out for this kind of behavior, of being in their own minds and thinking themselves better than not just other houses, but their fellow Slytherins. An INTJ Slytherin at their best will go on to great things reinventing what magic means and what being a wizard in this new world means, but an unhealthy INTJ Slytherin can hoard their knowledge never sharing it with us “lessers” spiraling into behavior making them forever unhappy (*cough* Snape *cough*).

INTP [The Acclaimed Genius]

Many assume that an INTP will always be in Ravenclaw and the assumption isn’t off base. But not everyone fits into a perfect box and not all INTPs are Ravenclaws. INTPs whose inferior Fe is escaping them could find themselves in Slytherin. When an INTP’s inferior Fe gets away from them their primary focus whether they want to admit it or not is approval from society, from others. As the INTP is focusing on whatever structure of thought interests them (Ti) and they explore the many possibilities this structure has in the outside world (Ne) they can grow competitive looking for appreciation for all of their work, needing people to affirm how genius they really are. An INTP looking for greatness, for that approval, can find themselves easily in Slytherin. Allowed out of hand this can be a negative thing, but like many things about Slytherin it is all about perspective. The INTP who avoids all possibility of being judged out of fear of rejection or criticism is much more unhealthy than the INTP who lets this need for approval guide them. This Fe push can catalyst the INTP into a house like Slytherin where their ideas can actually be implemented in the outside world for something. That is something INTPs can struggle all their lives to accomplish. But Slytherin can help the INTP with a drive to prove their greatness and show the world what they are made of. 

ENTP [The Obnoxious One]

The ENTP Slytherin may just be the most bothersome Slytherin to the INTJ and INTP. The ENTP Slytherin has the same tendency as the ENFP to help their fellow Slytherin’s achieve greatness, but instead of helping on a person-to-person level like the ENFP (Fi), their focus is met with Ti interests: competition, strategy, critical examination of thoughts, etc. As the INTJ and INTP are working on things the ENTP will be critical of their work constantly poking holes in their work in order to help. The INTJ and INTP may be the most receptive to this, but when the ENTP is unleashed on their fellow Slytherins not of these types they may find their way of helping, of sticking their nose and critiquing their peer’s work isn’t always wanted. The ENTP Slytherin will also irk their SJ Slytherins in their ability to grasp almost all subjects quickly and gaining enough fluency to get by rather nicely in all their classes without the need to truly study and keep their nose in a book. While the SJs have been hard at work tisking that the ENTP Slytherin should be doing their work, looking down at the ENTP. The next day in class they find themselves infuriated as the ENTP wings it and gets if not top marks, pretty damn close. Once the ENTP has grabbed onto a single idea with their Ne and has found their passion, the ENTP Slytherin will blend well with their peers focusing inward instead of outward, and working hard and diligently on their given passion, being consumed by it, probably being stupidly mistaken for an INTJ by that point. 

ENTJ [The Improver]

Like the ENFJ, the ENTJ has secondary Ni and is focused on improvement. But their attention is not on people or social systems. Their focus in much more on objective principles and logical systems themselves. The INTJ will question a magical theory, while the ENTJ will work on improving on the theory that already exists. The ENTJ is all about making systems, even theoretical ones, more efficient in the real world. The ENTJ may not be the top of the class, but they will certainty be the loudest one on top. With their charisma they often can get what they want done, but their coldness at times can turn others off of their plans for success. The drive fore improvement can lead ENTJs to want to be the best, their Te makes them think of the whole over their sense of self as well. The ENTJ will try to take command of Slytherin and make it the absolute best. An ENTJ Slytherin will make sure that the house is organized and a tight ship. Unlike the ESTJ, the ENTJ won’t come to the defense and negotiate between systems and people, but they will improve upon every aspect of how Slytherin is organized and functions. This is something all ENTJs will do no matter what house they are in, but in Slytherin their need for improvement and efficient, to be the best, would be best honed.

Hamilton Hogwarts Au

Okay take 2 so like I’ve never seen or even read anything revolving around the Wizarding world in America because honestly it’s cool but it never really caught my eye anyways so all this will be taking place in Hogwarts

•Shouldn’t they go to the American Wizarding School? You ask

•How would them being in Hogwarts make sense? You ask


•I’m pretty sure there would be some kind of program especially if they want to get more involved with foreign Wizarding cultures and governments. Because honestly there has to be some sort of foreign policy in Wizarding government

•Alex, Aaron, Schuyler Sisters, Herc, John, James, and Thomas are all American exchange students from ilvermorny

•Lafayette is French exchange student from Beauxbatons

• Alex, Angelica, and John were all placed in Gryffindor

•Eliza and Aaron were placed in Ravenclaw

•James and Thomas were placed in Slytherin

• I was debating in placing Alexander in slytherin since his character seems to revolve around doing everything he can to make sure he himself makes it ahead and has a legacy but then I remembered that he as a person is very prideful and impulsive which ultimately is his fatal flaw. He makes a legacy and he makes it ahead it causes him his marriage, his firstborn, and his good name. Which I thought was very gryffindor of him.

•Peggy, Herc, and Lafayette were placed in

•The Schuyler Sister’s come from a well known Wizard family that came from Europe to America during the revolutionary war

•John is a half blood while Herc is a muggleborn

•John is really into social justice for the Wizarding world and when he meets Herc he’s really interested to learn about the no-maj social justice

•Lafayette is a pure-blood family that are known to be “muggle lovers” which is why his name sake is well known in muggle history

•Alexander and Thomas still hate each other but they’re both friends with everyone else

•Alexander and Aaron come from the same (wizard) foster home

•Alex is a half-blood with a pure-blood name Hamilton which a very old wizard family (but it’s more like a lower class wizard family like the Weasleys) so he was immediately placed in a foster home where the care taker was a wizard

•Alexander’s mother was Puerto Rican

•Him and John have conversations in Spanish sometimes

•Burr is a muggleborn, his parents died when he was 9 and his accidental magic started up soon after (he turned a kid’s, who was bullying him, into a spider. The kid bit into said spider.)

•the American magical government quickly moved him into a different foster home

•Him and Alex quickly became frienemies and they got their letters to ilvermorny

•when they get to Hogwarts they learn the different slang that their European counterparts have

•"WTF Muggle sounds way cooler than no-maj!!!!!“

•Alexander is now determined to replace no-maj with muggle

•"Alexander it doesn’t matter which way we say it, it all means the same thing.”


•Alex becomes the Seeker for Gryffindor while John becomes a beater and Angelica becomes Griffyndor’s greatest Keeper they’ve ever had in years

•People don’t want Angelica to go back to America THEY NEED HER

•You can usually find Eliza in the Gryffindor stands cheering on her sister (and her secret crush) whenever they play against her house or when they play against Slytherin


•James: “Do you even like quidditch Thomas?”

•Jefferson: “No, but I will as long as it pisses off Hamilton.”

•she usually drags Aaron with her to their saved seats next to Peggy, Laf, and Herc, but he refuses to wear Gryffindor colors while Eliza is totally decked out

•Burr gets picked on for being a muggleborn a lot by closed minded pure-bloods and Alexander saw this one time and he was ABOUT TO CUT A BITCH when Eliza came in out of no where and gave them a piece of her mind with really great points and historical figures that so happened to be “mud bloods”

•Alexander fell in love with her there and then

• Alexander: “I’m going to marry her one day.”

•Hamsquad + Burr: “You have to talk to her first.” “Angelica will rip off your dick before you have the chance.” “I wish you the best of luck, mom ami.” “5 sickles that he embarrasses himself on the first date.”

•They all make a bet that he either bombs the date really bad or he does cha cha real smooth

•Lafayette wins by betting that “Alex makes a fool of himself but ultimately wins Eliza’s heart.”

•He knew he was going to win because he’s the only one out of the betting table to know that Eliza has had a huge crush on him since the first time she laid eyes on him

•because him and Peggy have gossip nights ever once in a while to talk shit about other people

•the Hamsquad start up the first muggle world club where kids can learn about muggles and their way of living to help stop prejudice against them

•"What the heck is a Me-me?“

•"It’s pronounced meme and its a way of life.”

•Herc teaches kids how to sew by hand since so many of them use magic to help them with that

•meanwhile Peggy helps Lafayette with his English

•And ultimately the Americans have trouble understanding what their fellow students especially when they have really heavy accents

•"excuse me can you tell us how to get to the library?“

•”*British nonsense that makes no sense to their American ears*“

•"okay thanks” *turns around to the rest of the group* “what the FUCK did he just say?”


bangtan boys feature in my hogwarts au.