slytherin is the only house

Houses as Tiny Turn Ons
  • Gryffindors: People who lean back against walls with one shoulder while they talk.
  • Hufflepuffs: Hugs that linger just a bit because neither of you really want to let go.
  • Ravenclaws: Someone leaning towards you from their desk to help you with a question/problem.
  • Slytherin: That 'accidental' slip of their gaze from your eyes to your lips as you're talking.

Hannibal: Slytherin
Will: Hufflepuff

Tristan: Gryffindor
Galahad: Gryffindor

Nigel: Slytherin
Adam R: Ravenclaw

Basic Chickens
Elias: Hufflepuff
Adam T: Ravenclaw

(feel free to message me about your own ideas, i’d love to hear them. <3 )

Hogwarts House Aesthetics


speaking your mind but only when you know you’re right / dark, quiet corridors / family traditions / only starting arguments you know you’ll win / watching the surface of the water / late night walks / breathing in the cold night air / going out at weird times to avoid other people as much as possible / secrets and mysteries / trashy romance novels / a small group of friends / showing affection only at rare occasions / long dresses / fancy dinners / suspicious glances / the scent of leather / potions / misty mornings 


lying in a field of flowers / herbology / feeling the ground beneath you / sunshine on your skin / laughing together with friends / being surrounded by people you love / messy rooms / creative works / paint stains on your clothes / singing loudly to the music / home cooked meals / cute, comfortable clothes / hot tea / flowers placed everywhere / the smell of fruit / all kinds of pets / loyalty / a good sense of humour / vintage things / standing up for what you believe is right 


books lying around everywhere / intelligence / watching the night sky / asking questions all the time / driving others crazy with your weird knowledge / ink all over your hands / high waisted skirts / watching the clouds fly by / astrology / strange experiments / working in a lab / wind blowing all around you / forgetting to eat because you’re too concentrated on something / daydreaming


cracking fire / adventures / taking risks / being outside a lot / warm, fluffy sweaters / dirty boots / ripped clothes / the smell of wood / always getting into trouble / long evenings / visiting friends / watching a bunch of tv shows / being a little out of the loop because you didn’t pay attention / bravery / hot coffee / marshmallows / dancing in the rain 

Aquarius Slytherin Moodboard:  Slytherin Aquarians are lucky. They have inner drive, determination, and great ambition; they also have brilliance, cleverness, and an almost total disregard for “what everybody thinks,” which means they can go for their dreams without caring if other people mock them or consider them strange. More introverted and full of social conscience than the average Slytherin, these wizards are easily overlooked socially (by fools), although they excel in the classroom and eventually become great wizards indeed. They are stubborn and will not back down without a fight if challenged.

The Houses As T.S. Eliot Quotes
  • Slytherin: Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
  • Gryffindor: We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
  • Hufflepuff: I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope, For hope would be hope for the wrong thing.
  • Ravenclaw: Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

But like, listen. 

We all know Slytherins got a bad rep, right? Right. Well hear me out. 

What if like little first year Slytherins are super duper excited to start life at Hogwarts because let’s be honest, we all would be. And in the midst of their freaking out and awe, they get told that they’re disliked by all other houses. 

And being the stubborn little tater tots they are don’t believe them and walk around Hogwarts trying to befriend everyone only to find out that they really were unliked. And when they run back to question why, the older Slytherins build them up and tell them how the other houses are beneath them, and how Slytherins are the purest to shield them from the feeling of abandonment and explain that Slytherins will always be there for Slytherins. And that’s why Slytherins are snobby and rude. 

Because if you think about it, Slytherins weren’t the only ones downing people. The other houses would talk badly about Slytherins as a whole too. I mean, it’s like a horrible thing to be sorted into Slytherin….and don’t you dare sit there and tell me that they didn’t make up jokes about them either. “You’re being awfully Slytherin today.” “Ugh, you’re sounding just like a Slytherin.” Wouldn’t you eventually get sick and tired of hearing all these insulting things about who you were as a person and your house turn sour? 

I see Slytherins as outsiders. They have this preconceived notion that they’re evil, mean, rude, and only care about purity. No one wants to be their friend because they seem shady and untrustworthy. They only have each other, the only people they can turn to. So, what’s your only defense when you’re cornered? 

It goes back generations and generations of Slytherin, so don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there were hella of a lot of little shits that were little snot heads before Hogwarts but you can’t possibly tell me that all of them were.


bangtan boys feature in my hogwarts au.

Hogwarts Houses for Demigods

Slytherin: Percy (manipulative, loyal only to close friends, impertinent), Piper (manipulative, independent, quick-witted), Will (impertinent, thinks rapidly on his feet, quick-witted)

Gryffindor: Hazel (courageous, stubborn, confident), Frank (brave, good leader, courageous), Reyna (good leader, confident, dauntless)

Hufflepuff: Nico (loyal, doesn’t demand attention, puts others before himself), Jason (thoughtful, loyal, peacemaker), Leo (loyal, puts others before himself, great friend)

Ravenclaw: Annabeth (intelligent, thinks outside of the box, adaptive), Rachel (creative, thinks outside of the box, stands up for what she believes in), Calypso (adaptive, versatile, creative)

These are only my opinions, feel free to say what you think!

Hold on can we just talk about how HARD it is to find Hufflepuff ANYTHING?? all this girl wanted at the mall was a Hufflepuff beanie, winter hat, the knit thing with the puff on top, and I had to go to 4… Yep 4 different stores to find a place with my house since everyone just decided at some point that Gryffindor, Slytherin, and SOMETIMES Ravenclaw are the only houses that matter. I love that all the HP merch is back in stores with FBWTFT coming out but come on… It’s 2016 and Hufflepuffs still don’t exist? I’m sad lol

Only Human (Sirius x reader)

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is a mugglenborn and she and Sirius have been dating for a while (they are in 6 year) One day Lucius Malfoy and his group of friends were calling muggleborns mudbloods and before Sirius could do something She went and punched Lucius in the face, basically hurting him in the most muggle way possible?
Warning: Racism, cursing

Some things just never last; like trips to Honeydukes, like exams, like peace. Even on the brightest days a cloud can filter out the sun and Lucius Malfoy was such a cloud, although you considered him more of a darkening plague. 

You and Sirius walked down the outside corridor, his arm around your waist and playfully chomping his teeth together by your ear. 

“Cut it out!” You protested despite the laughter ringing in your voice. You were still laughing until you felt Sirius pull away.

“Someone let out the parasites,” Sirius said with a note of disgust. Your eyes followed his gaze, feeling something sink in your chest. You both stopped walking. In silence, you two waited for the inevitable. 

In the courtyard, Lucis and two of his lackeys were closing in on a small trio of younger classmates. It was almost painfully obvious how much smaller this trio was in comparison to the Slytherin gang. Eyes soon followed their movements, hands grasping others to look. A tension filled the air thick as Lucius’ shadow startled one of the small classmates. 

You swallowed. The closest to Lucius was wearing a Hufflepuff robe. 

“I didn’t realize Hogwarts had lowered its standards to gutter rats,” Lucius dictated his voice loud enough to stop every other conversation in the area. His followers laughed, as did a couple of voices in the crowd. You winced.

You weren’t a fool. You were a muggleborn. Even at home in England, segregation was a thriving injustice cornering hundreds of thousands into a life on a tight-rope spiked and built to fall. Protests were becoming a regular background noise in the newspapers. Rights were being demanded and laughed at. 

You were completely taken aback when you began to realize some Hogwarts students laughed for the same reasons. That some would scoff at “muggle problems,” their wars, their animalistic violence. Students and even some professors used racism as an example as to why muggles shouldn’t be allowed to study magic. 

That was why you got detention, for the first time, in your third year. A Slytherin girl was cornered by four Ravenclaw girls who went on and on about how they would be better witches than that “poor mudblood” could ever hope to be. You picked out the leader and socked them out cold. Earned yourself a month’s worth of detention but you never saw that Slytherin girl bullied again. 

You did see her in detention a couple of times, grinning at how she protected some new friends of her own. You also met a similar troublemaker named Sirius, who was quite fascinated by the girl “rumored to have a punch that could kill.” 

“You call those robes? My house elf has better rags than that, mudblood.” Lucius sneered. “You know, that’s exactly where your kind belongs: scrubbing the floors true wizards walk on. You’re already halfway there!” He exclaimed, gesturing to his friends. They laughed with razor edges in their voices, eager for a show. Others began to crowd around the scene, magnetized. 

The kids were paralyzed with fright, eyes sometimes darting to someone in the crowd for help. The Hufflepuff finally locked eyes with you and your tongue felt thick. 

“Let’s see if you know your place, mudblood.” Lucius demanded, taking out his wand and pointing it directly to the Hufflepuff. The tween jumped in fright, leaning away from the wand. Lucius lowered his voice with a smirk, “Kneel.” 

Suddenly your feet were moving forward.

“That dumb are you?” Lucius’ smile became grim. The student was now on the verge of tears as you pushed through the crowd. “Kneel!”

“Kneel to this, fuckface!” 

Lucius whipped his head just in time for your first to collide with his nose. A sickening crack filled the courtyard. His body stumbled back, the crowd parting instantly as the Slytherin’s back slammed the floor. Blood oozed from his nose. For a moment, everything was still. 

One of Lucius’ thugs turned to you with a wild glare. You stepped to face him when a figure moved in between you two.

“Lay a finger on her and you will be painfully sorry, mate.” Sirius warned. 

“How much detention do you think I’ll get?” You asked Sirius later.

“For scarring the Malfoy family’s pride and joy; quite brilliantly I might add?” Sirius kissed your temple as you allowed yourself a smile. “A month at least. But don’t worry, I’ll come visit you often.” He winked. “Can’t let my girl wither away in the dungeons, now can I?”

You chuckled, “Yeah? I’m your girl?” 

He grinned, “I’ll fight anyone who even thinks otherwise.”


His grin widened. “Oh, I know,” he replied leaning in to kiss you. 


A/N: I’m terribly sorry that this request took so long but I hope you like it and if you imagined it differently or have other ideas, feel free to let me know! :) <3 request: how each house throws its own halloween party
requested by: anon


Gryffindor: they throw one of these big, wild, loud, seemingly endless parties, the whole common room is decorated with enchanted things like paper bats coming to life and talking pumpkins, candles are hovering in the air, spider webs can be found in every nook and cranny, the fireplace is dimly lit, drinks in plastic cups are standing around everywhere and they have a whole table with food that someone got from hogsmeade and the kitchens, everyone is talking and laughing and trying to scare others by jumping out from dark corners, at least 5 of the students end up being so drunk that they miss classes the next day, the windows are wide open so they can hear the owls hooting and the sounds of the forbidden forest and see the moonlight reflecting on glasses and they only go to bed once dawn breaks and the sky changes colours

Hufflepuff: they would throw a comfortable party, but one to remember, sometimes even students from other houses would stop by, knowing they had the best food and the best jokes of the night. the room would be brightly lit in some places like the buffet and the table with the drinks and the corner that leads to the bedrooms and the rest would be almost completely dark and only lit by a few weak candles, the smell of pumpkins would be in the air mixed with cinnamon, at around midnight they’d sit down in a big circles or lounge on sofas and tell each other creepy stories which causes half of them to not be able to sleep any time soon, one of them would have enchanted every single door to creak loudly whenever they are opened and from dark corners wolf howling can be heard when you pass them 

Slytherin: those party would remind me a little bit of the great gatsby, elegant but wild, decadent, full of life, it would be their own circle, very rare exceptions would be made for friends from other houses, there would be a lot of champagne and finger food, the room would be lit only by the moonlight shining onto the lake and the green sheen that it casts into the room and the fireplace, it would be decorated but not in the typical halloween style, it would all be a little more extravagant but still creepy, weird noises from every corner like the sound of shackles or door creaking and sometimes even a high pitched scream, shadows on the wall that are brought to life by magic and follow you when you pass them, ghost stories would be whispered to each other

Ravenclaw: their parties would have an edgar allan poe kind of feel to it, bewitched origami papers that turn into ravens when you take them into your hands, loads of old valuable books they read stories from, stories about haunted castles, getting lost in the woods late at night, butterbeer, pumpkin juice and firewhiskey making rounds in bottles because no one would bother to use plastic cups, dark blue satin curtains covered in spider webs and actual spiders would make sure that no light can enter their common room, the only light would come from little lamps that were transformed to look like a full moon, they’d put fake eyes or fake insects in the food to scare others and some of them would sneak out into the forest, daring each other to play a game of ‘who has more guts and stays in there for a short amount of time’

Apparently Slytherin is not a bad one to be in…so I’ve heard…

NIALL, talking about his Hogwarts house without actually talking about HIS Hogwarts house. 

I’m taking this to mean that if Niall could pick a Hogwarts house he would pick Slytherin and I am TOTALLY COOL AND OK WITH IT.