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I just love how her eyes are blue and his eyes are green in the photograph.

Ravenclaw and Slytherin



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Hi, I like your art! I was wondering which characters you will draw for your potterlock drawings and where you are sorting them to. thank you!

Aaaaa thank youuuu!!

Sure, I actually have a list for that 😁 I’ll write a bit more about why I’ve sorted them where I have when I post the pics (although it didn’t seem necessary to talk about that with Slytherin!Jim 😛)

Sherlock > Ravenclaw
John > Gryffindor
Mary > Slytherin
Jim > Slytherin
Mycroft > Slytherin
Molly > Hufflepuff
Greg > Hufflepuff
Irene > Slytherin
Eurus > Ravenclaw

A few extras that I’ve sorted but may not draw just because it’s a long list already…

Mrs Hudson > Gryffindor
Sally Donovan > Gryffindor
Anderson > Ravenclaw
Janine > Slytherin
Tom > Hufflepuff
(I had to add Tom on the end, he’s so relatable 😂)

Sherlock sighed and rolled his eyes. He tried to turn his attention back to his book. He heard a soft chuckle from his left. “What?” he asked, voice a bit harsh.

“You.” John replied, a smirk on his face as he too kept his gaze on his book.

What?” Sherlock asked again, more forcefully. 

John chuckled again. “You’re obviously bothered by the attention those girls are giving you and it’s quite funny.”

Sherlock flushed and yanked his scarf up to try and hide the blush that was creeping across his face. “It’s annoying.” he mumbled.

“Just go talk to them. Maybe they’ll quit annoying you then.” John suggested. 

“Absolutely not.” Sherlock insisted, pulling his book up to try and hide behind. The two friends were sitting in the Great Hall. It was a study period for their year and since John was in Gryffindor and Sherlock was in Ravenclaw this was one of the few classes they had together. Sitting two tables over was a group of Slytherin girls. In the center was Irene Adler. Sherlock had been seeing a lot of her lately. And for some reason her presence made him forget how to talk correctly and state the obvious. He glanced over his book and met eyes with Irene. She smirked and waved at him and Sherlock hurriedly ducked behind his book. His face turned a bright scarlet.

John didn’t fail to notice. “You like her don’t you?” he asked. 

“NO.” Sherlock blurted, trying to pretend like he was reading. He flipped the page and tried to go back to studying. Except John was poking him in the side all of a sudden. 

“Do tooo.” he said in a sing song voice. 

“John, I will not hesitate to curse you if you do not shut up this instant.”

A few days later Sherlock found himself in Potions class. The Quidditch teams had been excused from class due to the upcoming tournament and so new partners had to be picked.

And of course Sherlock had to be paired with Irene Adler.

So far they had only been doing book work, but they had been promised some hands on experience today. He was keeping his gaze on his book and only his book. He’d moved his chair to the very end of the table to put as much space between them as possible. 

Irene moved her chair over eventually and said, “You’ve been reading that page for over five minutes. And it’s the last page of our assignment. I think you’re just trying to avoid talking to me.”

Sherlock flushed slightly and said, “No.” he mumbled. “I’m just… rereading.”

Irene smirked and lifted a brow. “Yes I’m sure that’s what it is.” She said with a roll of her eyes. “So let’s get this straight. You don’t like me at all?”

Sherlock nodded. “Right.”

“So that’s why you’re blushing, right?”

“I don’t like unneeded attention.”

“So if I did this-” The Slytherin leaned forward to kiss Sherlock’s cheek. Sherlock swallowed thickly and turned a deeper shade of crimson. “-you won’t be effected at all?”

Sherlock had to clear his throat before he was able to find his voice and even then it was only a squeak of his normal tone. “O-Of course not.”

Irene smirked at him and waited a few moments, studying the redness of his face and how he was obviously avoiding her gaze. “So you wouldn’t mind if I did that more often? Kissed you, I mean.”

Sherlock pulled at his collar nervously and swallowed. “I-I suppose not.”

Irene had a smug expression on her face. “Good. See you after class, then?" Sherlock swallowed and nodded. "Good. We’ll call it a date.” she continued.

Sherlock choked.

All of These Words

All of These Words

Rating: T+/M

Word Count: ~7800

Summary: There is one singular Ravenclaw in John’s Potions class. Seven years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

(For the johnlockchallenges Valentine’s Day gift exchange! My recipient was dunstable—happy Valentine’s Day, dunstable!! I’m sorry it’s not exactly what you requested—I know just about nothing about winglock, so I went and looked at your blog and saw that you liked Potterlock! And, even better, you like Ravenclaw Sherlock and Gryffindor John. So—here’s just under 8000 words of Potterlock, with your (and my) preferred sortings. I hope you enjoy it!!)

(Also posted to AO3.) 

year one

There is one singular Ravenclaw in John’s Potions class, a smear of blue with raucous curls in the sea of Gryffindor red and Hufflepuff yellow. He has the pompous look of a Slytherin without an ounce of the earnest excitement of the usual Ravenclaw; he scoffs at all of the professor’s questions without ever bothering to answer a single one. John thinks he hears him mutter “obvious” a few times under his breath, but he can’t be sure.

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BBC Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes - Ravenclaw

John Watson - I can’t decide between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

Mycroft Holmes - Slytherin

Jim Moriarty - Slytherin

Molly Hooper - Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff

Mary Watson - Slytherin

Mrs. Hudson - Hufflepuff

Greg Lestrade - Hufflepuff

Irene Adler - Slytherin