SLYTHERIN: “We die to each other daily. What we know of other people is only our memory of the moments during which we knew them. And they have changed since then. To pretend that they and we are the same is a useful and convenient social convention which must sometimes be broken. We must also remember that at every meeting we are meeting a stranger.” -TS Eliot (The Cocktail Party)

Surprising things about the houses

Ravenclaws: You think they read all the time and ace every class … but really they haven’t read a book in a while because they can’t find an interesting new one, and always procrastinate their work with Netflix and conspiracy theories. They’re not boring snobs, they’re perhaps the most interesting and least judgemental people you can find.

Hufflepuffs: You think they just sit around eating cookies, smoking weed and napping … but really they’re very proactive and get shit done. They work now, play later. Go ahead, ask them how much homework they’ve done this week. But don’t be too rude, because they may be patient but they could break you.

Slytherins: You think they’re quite arrogant and think everything is about them … but really they just want people to appreciate them. They take pride in what they do and will often do their best because otherwise what’s the point? They don’t want the world for themselves but they’ll give it to their loved ones.

Gryffindors: You think they’re just rude and loud and all about being the coolest or the toughest … but really they’re the kindest and sweetest and most generous. They will stand up for those in need and fight their corner, but being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble.

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Do you have any headcanons for Edmund at Hogwarts?

i already have done A LOT but here’s a bit more because i love the pevensies at hogwarts so much!!

  • loves to go to the astronomy towar to be alone
  • he had a pet rat that susan hated
  • his amorentia scent: wind, old books, pine and mint
  • is banned from the library because he played exploding snap and nearly burned down books
  • when he became a prefect he took his role very seriously always helping younger hufflepuffs whenever he could
  • (also maybe helped them sneaking in the kitchens in the middle of the night)

So I was rereading Harry Potter, when I came across this and thought- what if instead of Cedric Diggory, Cassius Warrington had been chosen to compete in the Triwizard Tournament?

Imagine Dumbledore calling out the name of the Hogwarts champion and it isn’t a Gryffindor, or a Ravenclaw, or even a Hufflepuff, but it’s a Slytherin. A student from a House most people hate.

Imagine Cassius Warrington getting up, and three out of four Houses are booing at him and shouting things like “NO!” or, “We can’t have a Slytherin champion!” or demanding a retry. But he’s a Slytherin- he’s been dealing with this shit since he got sorted, so he keeps his head high and joins the other champions.

Imagine Harry trying to catch Warrington alone because he doesn’t really want to associate with Slytherins (plus Malfoy seems to be around the guy ALL THE TIME now that he’s the Hogwarts champion), but at the same time he’s also fair enough not to want him to walk into the first task unprepared.

Imagine Warrington walking over to Harry a few months later, and Ron and Hermione both jump into a protective stance, wands out, but instead of attacking Harry he just tells him to stick the egg underwater. (Because Slytherins don’t forget those who helped them out).

Imagine Warrington and Harry helping each other out in the labyrinth.

Imagine Harry being devastated when Peter kills Warrington- because Voldemort doesn’t care what house they’re form, a spare is a spare.

Imagine the uproar that causes among the Slytherins, because some of their parents really are Death Eaters and they know what really happened.

Imagine Slytherins fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts and shouting “This is for Cassius!”

I am 100% convinced that some slytherin students used charms to alter their appearance so that they could fight in the Battle of Hogwarts alongside their hufflepuff, ravenclaw, and gryffindor friends. For some of them, it was so they wouldn’t be mistaken for an enemy by their fellow classmates. For others, an effort to protect their identity from Death Eaters they may know: family, friends, loved ones. For all of them, though, it was so they could protect their home. 

Slytherins truly being slytherins. 

Slytherins working with Dumbledore’s Army. They spread false rumors about where they’ve sighted students. They join Umbridge’s close circle so that they can learn the moves and plans of the Inquisitorial Squad so that they can warn the DA of when it’s safe to hold practice. They rotate in shifts, some lead the IS on a wild goose chase while their housemates practice with the rest of the army. Sometimes they charm their robes to look like another houses and lead the IS far away from the Room of Requirement as they can before turning a corner and de-charming their robes. They make up stories about chasing students who mysteriously disappear without a trace. Umbridge sends students to search areas of the castle nowhere near the actual Room of Requirement.  

As Umbridge tightens her hold on the school, slytherin students try to protect their DA friends. They pass messages of encouragement and support to their friends, veiled in threats and taunts. They bully the loudest, but do the least damage; their housemates think that they’re being cruel, their friends know that they’re shielding them from actual harm. 

Slytherin students passing information to the Order while the Golden Trio is hunting for horcruxes, tracking the moves of Death Eaters to the best of their ability. They withstand the dark days in Hogwarts, helping their friends the best they can without looking suspicious. Charmed plastic rats run through the castle hallway, passing messages between the houses. Children of Death Eaters eavesdrop in dark hallways of their homes, holding their breath and straining their ears. When slytherin students suddenly disappear, go home and don’t come back, everyone knew what had happened. They mourned privately and quietly. 

DA members and the Order housing slytherin students who can’t go home. Many have to run away, for their own safety. As Voldemort grew in power, it was harder and harder to keep their true intentions a secret. Children of Death Eaters were being pressured to take the Dark Mark, were being drafted to fight for Voldemort, were being told that their friends deserved to die. The students that said no were threatened with death or kicked out of their homes, branded as disgraced traitors. Those who couldn’t stand up to their families slipped away in the night. Some died, at the hands of Death Eaters, at the hands of their own parents.

Slytherin students fighting during the final battle at Hogwarts, standing up against family and friends to protect their home. Staring across the courtyard at their mothers, fathers, siblings, childhood friends. People screaming at them; ‘blood traitors’ ringing through the air of the courtyard, hurled at slytherins who had their shoulders squared and their chins up. Slytherins having to throw charms and jinxes and curses at familiar faces, people they had trusted. Slytherin students killing their loved ones, being given no other choice. Slytherin students dying while standing up for what they believe in. 

Slytherin students being more than a stereotype. Slytherins being more than one dimensional villains. Slytherin students being shown as diverse, fully developed characters with a variety of motivations and beliefs. Slytherins being slytherins; proud, ambitious, and cunning. And proving that those things don’t mean being evil. 


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