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Blaise x Theo? :)

this is for the @hprarepairnet hogwarts challenge!

  • it started with sarcastic conversations in the slytherin common room.
  • blaise hated incompetence, which meant he hardly liked to talk to anyone he ever came across.
  • and theo hated people, it was as simple as that. it was a relationship that worked rather well. especially in secret. 
  • “can you believe the answer weasley gave to mcgonagall’s question today?” blaise snorted, “it was ridiculous. i’m pretty sure i lost brain cells listening to him ramble.”
  • “you’re telling me,” theo muttered under his breath, “i can’t believe he has gotten as far as he has.”
  • “well, you must know why.”
  • pansy’s voice interrupted them, which immediately made theo uncomfortable. he shifted on the couch to make sure he wasn’t seen touching blaise’s leg “accidentally.”
  • blaise flashed him a look, but theo ignored it.
  • blaise wouldn’t admit he was hurt.
  • “and why is that, pans?” blaise decided to ask.
  • he knew the answer, he was bored of this conversation already. especially since it was no longer only between him and theo. pansy noticed.
  • “because he’s the chosen one’s best friend of course, but you already knew that. onto more important things. was i, uh, interrupting something?”
  • pansy was smirking and darting her eyes back and forth between the two of them. 
  • theo ignored her and turned a page of his novel, and blaise glared.
  • “we were just having an intellectual conversation,” he said rather smoothly, “i can only have them with him.”
  • pansy rolled her eyes, “i’m plenty intelligent, thank you very much.”
  • “yeah, inside your own head,” theo muttered.
  • blaise spit out his firewhiskey from laughter, and pansy glared at both of them.
  • “you both think you’re so funny. just go back to eye-fucking on the couch. it’s not like we don’t all know.”
  • theo gulped and blaise looked away, and they listened as her heels clicked away.
  • “blaise-” theo started, but blaise stopped him by scooting over to his side of the couch and planting his lips on his.
  • theo was shocked, but he didn’t pull away.
  • “i’m tired of hiding,” blaise whispered against his lips, “why does it matter if everyone knows?”
  • theo smirked, “it only matters if they know because they will be intimidated by our combined IQ, of course.
  • blaise exhaled from relief, and hungrily, theo kissed him again.
  • they were interrupted by someone clearing their throat, and they saw pansy and draco standing in front of them.
  • “fuck pansy,” draco complained, “you were right.”
  • smirking, pansy held out her hand, “pay up, draco.”
  • draco rolled her eyes and handed her a large amount of galleons. 
  • blaise perked his brow, and theo was blushing, but pansy jutted her head out and said, “did i ask you guys to stop? it was quite a show. i didn’t know theo was a lip biter.”
  • draco smirked at her words, but so did blaise.
  • before theo could continue to die from anymore embarrassment, blaise captured his lips once more.
  • blaise couldn’t hear anything other than pansy whispering to draco, “damn, that’s hot.” 

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Pansy Parkinson/Theodore Not "I can tell you're like me, you're a sane one,"

Pansy leaned back against the cold stone wall.  In moments of quiet, which were few, she could almost hear the battle going on above, or at least she imagined she could.  She had always thought of the dungeons at Hogwarts as homey.  As home.  She’d lived seven years in one of them, and it was a place of magic and wonder.   Giant glass sheets looked out into the lake.   The Slytherin Common Room was the stuff of fairy tales.

So, she supposed, was this.  Only this dungeon came right out of one of the horrible ones.  This dungeon came from the sorts of stories where you did everything you could to stay unnoticed.  Having the fairies see you was never good.

She should have remembered that.  She’d let herself be noticed.  Give him Potter, she’d screamed.  Give the monster what he wants and maybe he’ll go away.  It was why people put out milk for fairies, after all.  Keep  them far away from you.

She could feel the cold and damp of the stones.  It wormed its way through her outer robes and then through the shirt she’d bought over the holiday.  She’d lied and said, School’s fine, Mum, don’t worry about me.  The Carrows are all bark and no bite.

She’d seen what happened to the families of children who complained.  Write a letter home that they were beating students, they were torturing students, and find a death notice slipped under your door later that week.  It’s fine, she’d said.  I’m a little worried about N.E.W.T.s of course.  Sorry if I seem a little distracted.

Her mother had smiled and paid for the shirt, and shoes to match.  She’d been happy to be reassured.  Eager, even.

“You okay?”  Theodore Nott slid down to sit next to her.  She shrugged, the universally understood sign for I am not but stop asking, and he reached over and took her hand in his.  One of her nails had gotten chipped when they’d dragged her, screaming, from the Great Hall.

Give him Potter, she’d yelled.

She wondered how much she’d come to regret that.  He’d never done anything for her, of course. Not her, not hers.  Not the scared first years sniveling in packs, not the lean boy next to her who saw thestrals and who tightened his grip on her hand at that oh-so-false shrug.

“Me either,” he said.  “But it’ll be fine.”

She looked at him at that and he smiled.  It was a look too wan to be believed,  but, like her mother, she wanted to be reassured so she held on to the way his mouth tipped up and ignored the worried crease between his eyes.  “Yeah,” she said.  “I’m sure it will be.”

He pulled her close and began to spin a story. When they got out of here, out of the locked jail where they’d been shoved by their own teachers, they’d travel. He’d always wanted to see the world.  She let her head fall to his shoulder as he went on, telling her about some improbable animal in North America that had needles for fur.  “It will be fine,” he said again.  “I can tell.  You’re like me, one of the sane ones.  We survived this year, we’ll survive tonight, and then we’ll slip away.  Wash dishes as we travel.  No banks, no records, no passports.  We’ll disappear.”

“I’d like that,” she said.  She was half asleep by now.  She’d wanted to be pretty and vivacious and loved for so long and now all she wanted was to sit very still until she was as hidden as a moth, its grey wings pressed against the soot-stained bark of a city tree.  Dirty, common, invisible.  It was better to be quiet. 

She should have been quiet.

Ambient sounds for writers

Find the right place to write your novel… 


Arctic ocean

Blizzard in village

Blizzard in pine forest

Blizzard from cave

Blizzard in road



Ocean storm

Ocean rocks with rain

River campfire

Forest in the morning

Forest at night

Forest creek

Rainforest creek

Rain on roof window

Rain on tarp tent

Rain on metal roof

Rain on window

Rain on pool

Rain on car at night

Seaside storm

Swamp at night





Winter creek

Winter wind

Winter wind in forest

Howling wind


Barn with rain

Coffee shop

Restaurant with customers

Restaurant with few customers




Garden with pond and waterfall

Fireplace in log living room


Call center

Street market

Study room from victorian house with rain

Trailer with rain

Tent with rain

Jacuzzi with rain


Temple in afternoon

Server room

Fishing dock



Fictional places

Chloe’s room (Life is Strange)

Blackwell dorm (Life is Strange)

Two Whales Diner (Life is Strange)

Star Wars apartment (Star Wars)

Star Wars penthouse (Star Wars)

Tatooine (Star Wars)

Coruscant with rain (Star Wars)

Yoda’s hut with rain ( Star Wars)

Luke’s home (Star Wars)

Death Star hangar (Star wars)

Blade Runner city (Blade Runner)

Azkaban prison (Harry Potter)

Hogwarts library with rain (Harry Potter)

Ravenclaw common room (Harry Potter)

Hufflepuff common room (Harry Potter)

Slytherin common room (Harry Potter)

Gryffindor common room (Harry Potter)

Hagrid’s hut (Harry Potter)

Hobbit-hole house (The Hobbit)

Diamond City (Fallout 4)

Cloud City beach (Bioshock)

Founding Fathers Garden (Bioshock)



Washing machine



Boat engine room

Cruising boat

Train ride

Train ride in the rain

Train station

Plane trip

Private jet cabin

Airplane cabin

Airport lobby

First class jet




Fireplace in medieval tavern

Medieval town

Medieval docks

Medieval city

Pirate ship in tropical port

Ship on rough sea

Ship cabin

Ship sleeping quarter

Titanic first class dining room

Old west saloon


Spaceship bedroom

Space station

Cyberpunk tearoom

Cyberpunk street with rain

Futuristic server room

Futuristic apartment with typing

Futuristic rooftop garden 

Steampunk balcony rain


Harbor with rain

City with rain

City ruins turned swamp

Rusty sewers

Train station



Haunted mansion

Haunted road to tavern


Stormy night


Creepy forest



New York


Paris bistro

Tokyo street

Chinese hotel lobby

Asian street at nightfall

Asian night market

Cantonese restaurant

Coffee shop in Japan

Coffee shop in Paris

Coffee shop in Korea

British library

Trips, rides and walkings

Trondheim - Bodø

Amsterdam - Brussels

Glasgow - Edinburgh

Oxford - Marylebone

Seoul - Busan

Gangneung - Yeongju


Tokyo metro

Osaka - Kyoto

Osaka - Kobe


São Paulo




Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)


New York

Hong Kong


Bored of being told to listen to classical music? Here is a list of great study music from your favorite video games, movies and more. 

aesthetics and smooth

video games

ambient sounds

from the screen

acoustics / bands (with lyrics)

* personal favorites 

you know what would have been great? if ron got sorted into slytherin.

imagine– we have this kid on the train, the first friend harry meets, with his corned beef sandwiches and smudged nose. ron is eleven years old and he wants gryffindor, because he’s a weasley and that’s what always happens. but it doesn’t happen.

what a way to redeem slytherin house– or, god, at least complicate it. because ron is petty. he is mean and sharp and ambitious and jealous– and he is loyal to the ends of the earth. he is all those things, and he is and always has been good.

potter becomes before weasley in the alphabet, so harry says not slytherin please and gets told might as well be gryffindor. percy and fred and george are all sitting there in red and gold, ruffling the already-ruffled hair of the boy who lived, smug, and then ron sits down and the hat spits out slytherin!

c'mon it’d be fun. just imagine–

  • the weasleys freaking out– but even that first christmas molly sends him a sweater in beautiful green and silver.

  • snape taking points from gryffindor when ron breaks rules or mouths off. “i’m in your house.” “hm, couldn’t tell which weasley it was…” /drifts away

  • sitting with harry in potions and in flying– whatever classes they happen to share. meeting up to study. scarfing down their breakfasts at separate tables so they can go hang out in the empty classrooms before the day starts. hermione reads while they play exploding snap.
    • the trio signing up for all the same electives third year. this friendship being something they earn and work for; not just the one that looked easiest. (not to bash canon ron&harry, the bros to end all bros, but by putting this very obvious obstacle between them– it makes it that much clearer to the reader that this is a love worth fighting for, because they’re fighting for it).
    • ron being jealous that harry and hermione get to share this house, this home, these hours, while he’s stuck with malfoy and parkinson and goyle– because that would eat him up some days, some months, this insecure kid who’s been the last at everything all his life. this kid who always leaves and always comes back.

  • ron, who constantly compares himself to his brothers– not as smart, not as popular, not as good. one more nail in that coffin, here, yeah? he’s not a prefect, not a quidditch star, not a troublemaker– and even when he becomes those things, someone else has always gotten there first
    • well, i guess he got to this house first at least

  • ron still snaps at snape in potions, after hermione’s been ignored three times, “you know, sir, i think hermione might know the answer.” he still pulls the bars off harry’s window with a stolen, flying car. he still shows harry around the burrow shyly, not knowing what a wonder a warm home is. he still stands up in the shrieking shack as best as he can with a broken leg and tells a mass murderer that if he wants harry he’ll have to go through him first. 
    • ron weasley is a lot of things, but one of them is absolutely a true friend.

  • in their second year:
    • when everyone calls harry the heir, they eye ron at his side and sniff.
    • when hermione lays petrified in the medical ward, ron sits at her side and reads her homework assignments aloud and thinks my house this was my house
    • when ron hugs ginny’s damp, shaking frame after the chamber, ron says sorry and sorry and are you okay and i’m so sorry and ginny calls him an idiot.

  • the trio spends more time in the library with hermione, since ron can’t come to gryffindor tower to study, and homework remains a thing that has to happen. fred and george constantly try to sneak him into the tower anyway. 
    • “c'mon, ronnykins, you belong here, you deserve it, no one’s gonna fuss, it’s your BIRTHRIGHT,” and ron fusses and rolls his eyes at them
    • and then in fourth year in one of those periods where he’s not talking to harry and harry’s not talking to him– he just snaps at the twins
      • because it’s not, alright?
      • not his birthright, not his house, and maybe no one would fuss if he snuck in, maybe no one would care, and that makes it worse not better, because then he’s just that weasley who should’ve been gryffindor
      • and isn’t
    • (and harry overhears this caterwauling, feels his heart fall to his toes, and goes and awkwardly asks ron if he wants to go a few laps on his firebolt). 
    • (because, god, harry-the-chosen-one, harry-in-the-cupboard-under-the-stairs, harry-who’ll-save-us-all– he knows what it’s like to have should have beens on your shoulders, and he knows what it’s like to not be wanted).

  • ron cheers for gryffindor during quidditch matches in those first few years, and sits with hagrid and hermione and neville. harry’s seeker, and fred and george are beaters, and ginny becomes chaser eventually, and honestly screw the slytherin team. they have each and every one of them said disparaging things about ron’s mother.
    • harry and hermione badger ron into trying out for keeper fourth year; he and harry have been practicing on the quidditch pitch because its a non-library-shaped place to hang out where both of them are allowed. ron makes the slytherin roster, and malfoy grudgingly provides ron a team broom after the captain chews him out for a bit.
      • “he may be a weasley, but he’s our keeper, don’t you want to win, draco”
    • but the sort of things they spit in the locker room, the words the players hiss or snigger, the slurs that come easy to their tongues– ron would like to say that he considered just walking out of the cesspit, but instead he snipes and sasses and shouts and sometimes tries to spell slugs at the worst of them. 
      • it doesn’t do much, that one irritated voice of protest– except that it does. and he’s got a new (hand-me-down) wand, after the gilderoy fiasco, so the slugs even come out the right end.
    • fred gives him a black eye with a bludger one time (though ron does manage to block the quaffle) and molly sends a howler to gryffindor table with the morning post. (“RON DID YOU TATTLE”) (“IT WAS CLEARLY PERCY, FRED, SIT DOWN”)
      • (the weasleys often have family conversations across the great hall, with hufflepuffs and ravenclaws covering their ears long-sufferingly between them)

  • in the lake, it’s still ron hanging there in the water, still and bloated. it’s still harry’s heart that stutters in his chest, for all it’s just a game, just a game, just a game, right?

  • ron listens hard and tries to talk himself out of fist fights, all that next year in the slytherin common room as they read aloud rita skeeter articles.

  • when hermione calls dumbledore’s army to its first session in that pub, there are green scarves in that crowd– ron and one of the beaters who ron’s gotten to help glare to rest of the slytherin quidditch team into submission.

  • ron beats draco to being prefect (i think i remember it was dumbledore and not mcgonagall who seemed to award prefect status– snape doesn ’t get a say).
    • percy is SO PROUD, as usual, but so are fred and george. “did you see the little malfoy git? green with shame, my god.”

  • when harry has the dream about sirius, ron isn’t there to wake. but when draco’s pulled out of bed to be a professional bully– er, i mean inquisitorial squad member– ron follows at a careful distance and curses draco from behind. 
    • they ride thestrals over london. harry finds the prophecy and ron thinks about the sorts of things that get decided at your birth.  
    • sirius black was a son of slytherin who had a lion living in his chest that he couldn’t hide away. 
    • ron was meant to be gryffindor, and through a haze of injury and fear he watches sirius die just out of harry’s reach.

  • just imagine: ron with his temper and his sharp words and his fierce loyalty. ron who looks into the mirror of erised and sees house cups and prefect badges and ambitions earned– he could belong in slytherin. there is nothing wrong with wanting things, and he wants them so bad.

  • there are so many reasons to fight a war, and so many ways. harry and his sacrifices, his loving resignation. hermione’s good right hook and bottomless bag of supplies. luna, brilliant and a bit batty. lee jordan’s radio and mcgonagall’s burning patience and brittle, certain bones.

  • just imagine: when the last battle comes, there is a slytherin on the field who is not snape.

  • when draco and his parents walk away, in that last battle, ron–
    • who slept in the same dormitory as the boy for six years
    • who heard draco’s nightmares and saw him paling and desperate all sixth year
    • who is as pureblooded as lucius’s spoiled whelp
    • who remembers grimacing at the thought of squibs
    • who has known magic all his life
    • who spotted draco penning letters home to his mother every sunday and hiding them when the other boys could see–
    • ron sees them going.
      • he sounds no alarms. he says no farewells.
      • he turns back to his friends, and his fight, and lets them be.

  • just imagine: when harry kneels on the train platform and his second son asks him “but what if i get sorted slytherin, dad?” harry can say, “the bravest man i ever knew was in slytherin house. whatever you are, wherever you go, we’re going to be so proud of you." 
    • and they can both gaze over to where ron is squawking beside his daughter’s trolley of luggage because crookshanks (who will live to be forty eight million years old) has latched onto his shins with a violent fondness.
  • Draco: So what are you thinking about, Blaise?
  • Blaise: Well it's near the holidays, which means I have to go home and watch my mother get on with husband number who knows anymore, and of course she's going to be all on me for-
  • Draco: Cool, so anyway. Have you heard that Potter's staying for the holidays again? I'm thinking-
  • Blaise: *turns to Theo* He's talking about Potter again.
  • Theo: *rolls his eyes* Honestly, what else did you expect?

some slytherin dormitory headcanons

  • slytherin common rooms that have large hearths every 20 feet with plush high-backed arm chairs and ornate blackwood tables around
  • slytherin common rooms with connecting smaller study and hang out rooms for smaller groups of people, with chandeliers and plush rugs to just sprawl on infront of the fire
  • slytherin common rooms that are furnished with art, tapestries and marble sculptures with little shelves beneath them for information on the famous artists and their process and history to fame.
  • slytherin common rooms with a beautiful vintage record player that selects songs based on the overall mood of the room, whether they’re muggle or wizarding.
  • slytherin common rooms with random enchanted ceiling to floor windows that show the hogwarts grounds around them while still maintaining the ethereal glow of the lake above them.
  • slytherin common rooms that change its architectural layout every 6 months like sometimes its baroque or victorian or italian renaissance or modern contemporary
  • slytherin common rooms with the best views in the castle of the vast and mysterious underwater creatures swimming by, and during nights, bioluminescent plants on the windowsills act as nightlights for the students.
  • slytherin common rooms with a 24/7 snack counter in a corner for kids who get peckish and want a nice hot mug of tea with biscuits.
  • slytherin common rooms that have two extremely large and long corridors that extend in opposite directions of the central room, showing the girls and boys dormitories, and unlike old-fashioned Gryffindor, slytherin places no restrictions on boys entering the girls rooms.
  • slytherin dormitories being the most comfortable after hufflepuffs with pillows and armchairs everywhere and even the occasional beanbag in the rooms to casually catch up on reading/talking/planning
  • slytherin students staying up late at night to hotly debate about the market statistics of various independent enterprises in the wizarding world and fight over the economic state of wizarding britain with wildly differing methods on improvement
  • slytherin hosting an intra-house quarterly competition for the best business strategies, or most innovative improvement to an already existing spell, or something of that sort and the winner gets to pitch their ideas to The Wizarding Times.
  • slytherin alumni discreetly visiting their old common room to help the current students network and build ties to people outside the school for better advancements after graduation.
  • slytherins basically not giving a fuck that they’re living in the dungeons because they’re the only house to be able to dig and expand their common rooms into the biggest in the castle, even airier than the ravenclaw common room and live it up in the grand dormitories.
Slytherin Headcanon:

The Slytherins have a secret passage in the common room that goes to the kitchens; so if students miss dinner or feel peckish at night then they never miss a meal and have full access to any manner of snacks.

By: @potterhead-slytheringirl

“Don’t Call Me Princess”

“Stop calling me princess!”

“I apologize, My Queen.”

One shot inspired by @creativepromptsforwriting! For all you Draco lovers (though this is geared more toward Slytherin readers).

“How is it possible for you to look this shitty? It’s the weekend; you should attempt to look somewhat decent.”

“Oh, shut up, Pansy.” You rolled your eyes but said nothing more. After living in the Slytherin dungeon for six years, you’ve learned to pick up on whether a comment is made in endearing sarcasm or legitimate hostility. Shockingly, Pansy’s remark happened to be the former.

She walked over to your seat in the common room and crinkled her nose at the sight of a dusty book. “Advanced Rune Translation. How revolting.” Pansy’s frown deepened as her she saw your remaining stack of books. “Bet you regret taking so many N.E.W.T. preparation classes now, hmm?”

“No. You see, not everyone can get into a high position in the Wizarding World based solely on their mummy and daddy’s status.”

“What a bloody shame that is,” she scoffed.

Once that bothersome menace left you alone, you continued to study, switching your copy of Advanced Rune Translation for a Potions book. This is great. The joy of having two assessments tomorrow, you thought.

“Y/N, you do know it’s time for supper, yes?”

“Yes, Blaise, thank you, but I’m not hungry and I need all the time I can to revise.”

“Suit yourself.”

As the Slytherin common room emptied out, you sighed in contentment. “Finally, some silence.”

The said silence lasted for about five precious minutes, until you heard an annoyingly familiar voice.


“Malfoy,” you sighed. “Why are you here? It’s supper.”

“I could ask you the same question.”

You shrugged. Draco Malfoy wasn’t the bane of your existence, but you didn’t exactly see eye to eye either. However, silently coexisting was not an option. You both seemed to love to annoy each other too much. A love-hate relationship.

“Look, I know you have important assessments and all, but you should get some supper.”

Only Malfoy could manage to sound so condescending while saying something so caring, you thought.

“I’m fine. I’m not even hungry.”

“Y/L/N,” he deadpanned, “I didn’t see you at lunch, either. You must be starving.”

“You noticed?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. “Who would’ve thought the Almighty Draco Malfoy could’ve noticed someone like me to be missing.”

“I am a prefect for a reason, darling. Plus, every once in a while, a king notices a lowly peasant. Today just happened to be your lucky day.”

“Oh, get stuffed, Malfoy. Some people actually need to try to score high marks. Unlike yours, my life isn’t handed to me on a silver platter.”

“My life…handed to me? You don’t know the half of it,” Draco scoffed under his breath.

“Pardon? I don’t think I heard you correctly.”

“Nothing, princess,” he drawled. There was a moment’s pause where Malfoy hastily grabbed something from his robe pocket. “If you’re not going to supper, at least eat.”

He placed a napkin full of Cornish pasties on your work space.

“Don’t call me princess.” You crossed your arms. “And– I’m sorry. I think my ears are deceiving me. Malfoy was nice to me twice in one day? No, these must be poisoned,” you gasped. “Trying to get rid of the competition since, you and I both know, I’m the only Slytherin who can actually kick your ass in academics.”

“If you’re my competition, then there’s nothing I have to worry about.”

“Bugger off–”

“Just eat.”

You rolled your eyes at his demanding voice. “Okay, King,” you mocked, but took a bite anyway. “And thank you. I guess.”

“The pleasure’s all mine, princess,” he said with a smirk.

“I said don’t call me that.”

Your annoyance only seemed to fuel Draco on.

“My mistake, princess.”

“Malfoy,” you warned.

“Princess,” he mocked.

You snapped.

“Stop calling me princess!”

“I apologize, My Queen.”

“Malfoy, I swear on Salazar’s bloody grave–”

You stopped abruptly as he chuckled. You had no idea Malfoy was capable of a laugh other than a snicker.

“You’re adorable when you’re angry.”

“Adorable? I’m not adorable,” you snorted. “I’m fierce.”

“I believe you.” It was clear he didn’t. “Y/N, contrary to popular belief not everything in my perfect life comes naturally. I do revise as well.”

“I believe you.”

He let out an airy laugh as he made his was toward the boys’ dormitories. “I’m only saying… I’m always here if you need help, princess.”

And as he left, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself, looking at what’s left of the Cornish pasties.

“He called me princess.”

Yay! The end of my first Harry Potter imagine. Sorry if it sucks or is out of character or has incorrect facts or has a poor use of British slang (since I am very much American). Also, is it too long?

Feel free to give feedback! The good, the bad, the everything in between.

Requests are open! Ask away. xx

Imagine #163

Imagine you and Draco are the only ones who are in the common room and things are starting to get steamy

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A group of preppy Slytherins gather in front of the fire, the girls sat at table, pet black cats on their laps, the boys lounging in green armchairs with their ties undone. They drink black coffee and eat jelly snakes. The prefects do not send them to bed when it gets late, they know they are studying for a potions test and let them work until the early hours, when they finally fall through their green bed curtains and into a deep, undisturbed sleep. 

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Slytherin Headcanon #6

The Slytherin common room has some small aspects of each of the other houses in Hogwarts to remind them that they are a whole school, and even though the sorting hat put them in Slytherin they should not disregard the houses.

For Ravenclaw, there is a massive bookshelf overfilling with books over in a corner, and all the books have been read by several generations of Slytheirns

For Hufflepuffs,if you pull back a curtain, you will find a staircase upwards that leads into a secret room above ground that is like a small Garden. They keep a lot of cacti because they like the aesthetic.

For Gryffindor, there are Lion Statues around the fireplaces that will wear a Gryffindor scarf occasionally, such as when a Slytherin’s sibling gets placed in Gryffindor.

When Slytherin wins in quidditch, they will honour the losing team by placing a scarf of that house on their aspect, because Slytherins are not heartless, they care about the other houses too.

Slytherins are not heartless, they care about the other houses too.

Slytherins are not heartless, they care about the other houses too.

169. We are not allowed to flood the dungeons (and subsequently - the Slytherin Common Rooms).

They should have had a contingency plan in place for if a flood ever happened. - SB

You know, normally I would disagree with you, but in this case, I actually think you’re right. - RL

Really though. They live in the dungeons. Which is the lowest level of the school. Beneath the Black Lake. How do they NOT get flooded more often? - JP

They should be thanking us for pointing out such an obvious flaw in the system. - PP

Wormy, I completely agree. - SB

Slytherin Headcanon #8

Okay so the sorting hat said that Slytherins are cunning and ambitious and all that, but I think what he really meant to say was stubborn. Slytherins are the most stubborn of all. 

This leads to some very interesting games of truth or dare that get more extreme as you get older. Not only that, but think of the dares and bets that they would give each other.

“I bet you can’t fit that whole pizza slice in your mouth”

Watch me.

//and love me, if that’s what you wanna do//

-grunge slytherin girl aesthetic ((aka me))