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Newt Scamander Hufflepuff Christmas



I heard there was a Hogwarts/Mad Max AU floating around? 

Here’s my two cents for that. *throws* This is what happens when I decide to marathon the HP movies over the week and also have a “Little Witch Academia” anime poster in front of my work space.

*lies down* I have spent too much energy and time on this.

  • Marcus tells Adrian first.
  • He’s mumbling and nervous, unwilling to look Adrian in the face.
  • He flinches when a hand falls on his shoulder, but Adrian’s grip remains strong. 
  • “We’ll need to do something about your hair then. You completely butchered it.”
  • Marcus gapes at Adrian and then can’t help the bubble of laughter that comes up when Adrian gives him a warm smile.
  • The process is a bit chaotic as Adrian does his best to fix Marcus’ attempt at a hair cut, but when he’s finished, Marcus is pleased.
  • He doesn’t have time to say his thanks as he’s whisked from the bathroom and then has piles and piles of Adrian’s uniforms tossed into his arms.
  • “I don’t think I’m that much bigger than you, at least one of these should fit.”
  • Marcus heart lifts because finally he doesn’t have to wear his old clothes anymore.
  • Not unless he wants of course. He’s not afraid to admit his legs do look nice when he’s wearing a skirt.
  • After a few tweaks and questions of, “How does your chest feel?”, Marcus finally thinks he’s ready for their next class.
  • Adrian sticks by his side as they leave the common room, the both of them ignoring the few stares, but it’s not until they see students from other houses that Marcus starts to get nervous.
  • Taking a deep breath, Marcus focuses on the feeling of Adrian with him and the thought that he is Marcus.
  • He can hear the whispers of other students though and musters his best glare as he and Adrian make their way up to class. 
  • Most of it, he can handle because it’s not that much different from before, but seeing the Gryffindors when he enters the classroom is another story.
  • He can feel their stares despite the fact that barely anyone has taken notice of his entrance in the room.
  • Marcus presses closer to Adrian as they take their seats and he buries his face into one of the textbooks.
  • “Looking good, Flint,” a familiar, too familiar, voice comments from nearby.
  • However, it’s not filled with sarcasm or disgust like Marcus had expected. He glances up from his book and swallows when Oliver’s eyes are still on him.
  • “It’s Marcus now,” spills from his mouth, his finger toying with the page of the book.
  • “Marcus,” Oliver repeats. “I’ll remember that.”
  • A small smile threatens its way onto Marcus’ face, but Oliver’s already turned away and the class has started. 
  • Marcus barely focuses on the lesson however because Oliver
  • Oliver goddamn Wood
  • had said Marcus.
Some more anime's in a nutshell.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Fullmetal Alchemist:</b> *Claps Hands*<p/><b>Soul Eater:</b> We still can't decide on a gender for Crona.<p/><b>Angel Beats:</b> Its all fun and games until someone dIES- wait wait, no we mean like, die, as in actu<p/><b>Naruto:</b> SasuuuukkkKKEEEe E !<p/><b>Black Lagoon:</b> Guns? No, wait, nuns. Nuns and guns? Nuns with guns!?!!?<p/><b>Fruits Basket:</b> The people in this <I>are</I> pretty fruity.<p/><b>Ouran Highschool Host Club:</b> Kouhai please notice the senpai, twins with homosexual tendencies, and Kiss kiss fALL IN L<p/><b>Attack On Titan:</b> Uh mah guh nekkid cennibulls<p/><b>Chobits:</b> Robots and ch-ch-chia pets! What? Wrong thing? What do you m<p/><b>Gintama:</b> Again- what the fuck is going on here<p/><b>Clannad, After Story(Dear You came on when I was wrITINF THIS):</b> no<p/><b>Wolf Children:</b> Furries<p/><b>Love Stage!!:</b> Gay, gay, gay, and gay.<p/></p><p/></p>
I Can Mend Him

Request: Hi can I have a request that draco gets hurt and breaks several bones and the reader takes care of him. Thanks I love your blog btw

Thank you! You’re so kind ((:
I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Visionary of sex (no smut). Fluff.

Disclaimer: I mention Slytherin beating Hufflepuff and stuff along those lines. I have nothing against Hufflepuff it’s just the first house that came to mind.

Italics is Draco’s POV ((:

School has just started back up again. You were excited to see your boyfriend, Draco Malfoy. This year was going to be better than ever. It may be just like any other year but you just had a gut feeling it was going to be great.

“Ms. Y/L/N, it’s my pleasure to see you again.” A familiar, husky voice spoke. You spun around and your Y/E/C orbs met Draco’s blue ones. You missed seeing him and you were glad to be back. You laughed at him and gave a quick peck.

“I miss you so much! I can’t wait for this season.” You squealed happily. That was probably your favorite thing about coming to Hogwarts. You loved watching quidditch even though you weren’t very good, it was still fun to watch. It made it even been since Draco had been made the team captain.

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skip beat harry potter au
  • Kyoko, the most terrifying Hufflepuff ever
  • Sho, the Gryffindor with the most girlfriends, most points in Quidditch, and most people wanting to punch him in the face
  • And Ren, the Slytherin who has enough charm in his left pinky to bring whole civilizations to their knees
  • Ravenclaw: I have an idea. Why don't we play Rock, Paper, Scissors and whoever loses goes in first.
  • [Ravenclaw plays paper, Hufflepuff plays scissors, Slytherin plays rock, and Gryffindor wiggles his fingers]
  • Gryffindor: Haha, I win.
  • Hufflepuff: What is that?
  • Gryffindor: That's fire. It beats everything.
  • Slytherin: Oh really? Does it beat water balloon? Pop-pssh.
  • Gryffindor: Well played, Slytherin. Well played.

There are so many different posts of the ‘X Y Potter, you were named after…’ variety, but can you imagine Lily and James actually doing that to him?

‘Snake Fox Potter, you are named after the two sneakiest animals I know, because the percentage of detentions you wrangle your way out of is frankly inhuman.’

‘Broomstick Scorpius Potter, you are named after the two most common words I know, because they are the only things you ever fucking well talk about.’

Whiney Sore-Loser Potter, you are named after the two most unattractive qualities I know, because Gryffindor beat Slytherin to the Snitch fair and square and you need to suck it up and accept it now.’

‘Merlin Flamell Potter, you are named after the two most ingenious wizards I know, because that is the best plan in the history of the universe!’

‘Fuck Piss Potter, you are named after two words which, when succeeded by ‘Off’ are both sterling examples of what I would really appreciate you doing right at this moment.’

‘Silencing Charm Colloportus Potter, you are named after the two most useful spells I know, because if I have to walk in on you and Scorps going at it one more time, I will hex your knobs to the ceiling and leave you to hang there.’

Victory Match - George Weasley Imagine


Can you do a George Weasley one shot where were good friends and he falls in love with me and were playing quidditch at Hogwarts against the slytherins and we win and he kisses me
•(Y/n)’s a chaser btw•

You sat in the Great Hall gloomily playing around with the breakfast that was on your plate. Everyone was counting on you and your team to beat Slytherin today but, you felt as if you wanted to die right now and not play. Your were nervous and scared ‘What happens if I do something wrong?!“ You screamed in your head just dreading the thought of other houses booing at you and the Slytherins of course laughing hysterically. You were brought back from your thoughts in a snap as you felt something jump onto to the bench next to you. You look up and to the side to see your Best Friend, George Weasley, smiling down at you.

George Weasley was something else not like other guys, he stole your heart when you both met. He always knew how to cheer you up, he never wanted to see you sad because he loved you just the same way that you loved him. You also stole his heart when you both first met. George was defiantly a jealous type, just like the other day you were talking with Terry Boot asking him for help on homework then all of a sudden George comes out of nowhere and pulls you as far away as you can from Terry. When you asked him why he did that, he would just kiss you on the forehead and walk away.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

"Hi” George said excitedly to me, I just looked at him for a while before returning to my plate. He picked my chin up so that I can make eye contact with him “What’s wrong?” He asked looking deep into my eyes “I-I can’t” I whispered feeling tears forming in my eyes. “Hey, don’t cry. It’s gonna be okay.” He said softly engulfing me in a hug and putting a kiss in my hair. “You can’t what?” He asked lowly “I-I can’t do it. W-What happens if I-I make a fool out o-of myself and l-let everyone d-down” I sniffed burying my face into George’s chest. “Your not gonna make a fool of yourself. Your the best chaser in the whole school.” George said, I laughed lightly shaking my head “lair” he smiled knowing that I felt a little better. I loved playing around with George so I acted as if I were still sad, crossing my arms and putting my head down.

“Come on (Y/n)” George sighed, I shook my head. “Fine you leave me no choice” he said dangerously, I looked up and scooted away from him “Don’t George. Look I’m happy” I smiled. He moved closer to me “You still look sad to me” he smirked, I jumped off the bench and ran out of the Great Hall as fast as I can but of course George was faster and he always caught me. Once he reached me he put both hands on my waist and tickled me, I laughed aloud and screamed “G-George! Stop! I-I can’t breath! Stop!” I screamed. He just laughed and buried his face in my neck biting me gently. Me and him were laughing so hard we both fell on the ground out of breath. “Now do you feel better?” He asked “Yes! I feel fantastic!” I panted. He pulled me closer to him and put me into a tight hug, these were the moments I loved the most.

~At The Quidditch Match~

“Alright! Everyone got it?!” Our captain, Oliver Wood, Yelled for all of us to hear. Everyone was probably tired of hearing Oliver say the game plan about ten times in a row this very hour. “Yes we got it” we all said together as we all mounted our brooms. “NOW ONTO THE FIELD COMES WOOD, WEASLEY, WEASLEY, JOHNSON, SPINNET, (Y/L/N), AND POTTER!” Lee Jordan screamed into the microphone. The whole stadium filled with cheers and boos of course from the Slytherin’s side as we flew onto the field taking our position. The Slytherins entered the field right after us giving the whole Gryffindor team a death glare. “Now I want a nice and clean game from all of you! Now Captains come forward and shake hands!” Madam Hooch said loudly as Oliver went forward to shake hands with the Slytherin Captain, Marcus Flint, after that they both turned away from each other and went back to their previous position. Madam Hooch opened the wooden chest that held all the balls and released the Golden Snitch, and the two Buldgers.

Then when she picked up the Quaffle everything seemed to become slower to me. But once the Quaffle was in the air everything went back to normal I flew forward quickly grabbing the qauffle in my hand and raced all the way down to the Slytherins goal post. “(Y/L/N) NOW WITH THE QUAFFLE IS HEADING TOWARDS SLYTHERIN SIDE! SHE PASSES IT TO JOHNSON WHO SHOOTS! AWW! BLOCKED BY FLINT!” Lee sighed, most of the stadium booed at Flint. “FLINT NOW PASSES IT TO MONTAGUE! HES GOING TO GRYFFINDORS SIDE WOOD GET READY! HA! BLOCKED BY OLIVER WOOD!” the stadium erupted in cheers. In the middle of the game, Gryffindor was at 20 points as for Slytherin was at 10 points. I was about to grab the Quaffle from Montague but a booming voice erupted from the speakers.

“HES GOT IT! HARRY POTTER RECEIVES 150 POINTS FOR CATCHING THE GOLDEN SNITCH! GRYFFINDOR WINS!” Lee screamed in excitement as the whole Quidditch pitch got filled with ear-splitting screams and cheers. “GRYFFINDOR! GRYFFINDOR!” They all sang in harmony as all the houses except for Slytherin came down to the field to congratulate the Team and me. All my friends and random people hugged me tightly before going off to another teammate of mine.

~George’s POV~

I felt adrenaline in my veins. I felt as if I can do anything I want so, I thought 'Better kiss her now or never’. I looked all around me to spot (Y/n) talking with one of her friends. I went straight up to her and went in between her and her friend. “Excuse me” I mumbled to her friend before attaching my lips to (Y/n)’s soft ones. This felt better than anything I’ve ever done in life and the best part was that (Y/n) didn’t protest, she kissed me back with just the same amount of passion and lust. Everyone on the field watched us, the boys wolf whistling and the girls squirming and saying awe. She jumped and wrapped her legs around my waist as I tightly held her in my arms “WHOA! FINALLY GEORGE DID IT! HE FINALLY KISSED (Y/N)! ITS BEEN A WHILE BUT GOOD JOB MATE! OKAY GET A ROOM NOW!” Lee Jordan snickered as I pulled back from (Y/n) and rolled my eyes.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

The whole stadium laughed at Lee’s little comment but at the moment I didn’t seem to care at all. Just kissing George right now made me feel as if nobody or nothing was around us just me and him. “I can’t believe that George Weasley kissed me right now” I giggled “Well I can’t believe that (Y/n) (Y/l/n) kissed me back” he smirked still holding onto me as I was still wrapped around his waist. “I think this is the best Quidditch match I’ve ever won” George smiled widely at me “Oh yeah and why’s that?” I laughed already knowing what he meant but just wanting to hear him say it. “Well we just beat Slytherin! And the best part of it all was kissing you” he said before placing a kiss on my forehead then my nose then my lips softly. From that day onward me and George became Hogwarts #1 cutest couple with the cutest story and George always called that story his Victory Match.


🐚Hello! Hope everyone’s having a lovely day today! Plus, I really hope that all of you liked the story as much as I did while writing it!🐚

anonymous asked:

(ask anon strokes chin) hmmm sports au on opposite teams? You choose sport

Anon, this was dangerous. The only sport I know anything about is bowling - and of course!


Anakin and Ahsoka, opposite sports teams AU

The wind bites into her, ripping at her pigtails and bringing tears to her eyes as she hunches over the broom, zipping at manic speeds high over the Quidditch pitch; her eyes are constantly in motion as well, swiftly searching for the flash of gold that signals the Snitch.

‘We have to beat Slytherin this time,’ Ahsoka Tano thinks, gripping the handle tighter until - THERE! - she spots the nimble ball and dives towards it, fingers grasping -

But pulls up hard, swerving away from an oncoming figure in emerald robes; he rushes past at breakneck speed, and she catches a glimpse of the Chaser’s ruffled brown hair and taunting blue eyes before he scores another goal with the Quaffle; Anakin Skywalker…of course.


I literally could not help myself. I’m sorry, ask anon!!!!! It was an irresistible temptation!!! So yeah, Gryffindor!Ahsoka and Slytherin!Anakin battle during Quidditch. I always imagined Ahsoka as a Seeker, since she’s lithe and quick. And Anakin as more of a Chaser, or maybe a Beater. I figure he’d make a great Beater but since he likes winning, he’d be up for Chaser.

Look at me, explaining the nuances of my Quidditch pitch to you. Sorry!!!

Send me a pairing (be it enemies, canonical!romantic, platonic, or otherwise) and an AU setting, and I’ll write you a 3 sentence fic!

Flying Love - George Weasley Imagine

A/N: hello dearies, I leave you once again with another request ;)

Anonymous said: can you write a George weasley one shot where me and George are good friends and he watches me play quidditch and he realizes hes in love with me and when im done playing he kisses me

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

Your name: submit What is this?

Flying Love

“Alright, everyone clear?” Oliver Wood said looking back to his team.

“Yes” was heard by all the people in the tent.

“Then let’s go beat Slytherin!”

Everyone cheered as they put their hands together in a circle and yelled excited making their way out of the tent.

“Ready, (Y/N)?” George said walking over next to his best friend.

(Y/N) and George had been best friends ever since their first year, although for the past year, (Y/N) had grown into loving him as more than a friend. She couldn’t really say anything, though because he knew she was like another sister to George, so she did a good job at hiding it.

“Of course I am, Georgie” she said smiling back at the redhead boy as he messed her hair a little.

The team made it to the Quidditch pitch where half of the public was painted with red and gold and the other one with silver and green.

“Hello everyone and welcome to the Quidditch Match of the year!” Lee Jordan greeted everyone on the field. “We’ve got ourselves another classic Gryffindor against Slytherin! Boy this is about to get good!”

“Jordan! Please limit your comments for the match itself” Professor McGonagall told him.

(Y/N) stood next to George looking at the Slytherin team. She was a little nervous. Not because she thought they couldn’t beat them, but because Slytherin was never the one to play nicely. But she then turned to look at George who winked at her and she felt a lot better.

“Alright, I want a nice, clean game! Understand?” Madame Hooch said looking at the team captains, Marcus Flint and Oliver Wood. Both boys shook hands glaring at each other. Madame Hooch whistled and everyone was in their brooms in no time.

“And it starts!” Jordan announced the crowd.

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Why you should be friends with them
  • Gryffindor: Will help you with everything you're scarded of or will do it for you, they will always have your back, will have mad sing alongs with you at 2 am, will defend you even if you're not there.
  • Slytherin: Will beat up everyone who hurt you, they'll worry and take care of you if you don't/can't do it for yourself, will do everything to help you, will motivate and encourage you.
  • Ravenclaw: Will help you think logically if you can't anymore, will help you find a sollution to your problems, they will never talk bad of you, they will remember your birthday and give a surprise party.
  • Hufflepuff: They'll come for your rescue if you call them (even at 3 am), will make you go to sleep if you're overworking yourself, they will hug you as long as needed, will not think bad of you or judge you.
Firewhiskey and Jealousy

22: With a hoarse voice, under the blankets

 Request: ‘Could you please do 22 with Sirius, love your writing. Thanks :)”

You watched him from across the common room, fire whiskey in hand and a smirk plastered on his pale face. His eyes locked with yours and you gave him a small smile before he staggered over to you. Snaking an arm around your waist he kissed the top of your head.

“Hello, gorgeous.” He smelled like old books, leather and lots of alcohol. Even when he was as drunk as a skunk he still seemed to be just as charming. God dammit, Black

“Hello, Sirius. Great game out there.” Gryffindor had just beat Slytherin in the end of year quidditch match by rather a lot of points and there was a party being held in the common room.

“Why thank you, (Y/N). Drink?” You simply nodded as he passed you a glass, “You should try out, you know?” You know noticed his words slurring more and more with each sip of alcohol.

“Please, I can’t do that.” Sirius’ eyebrows furrowed as if expecting you to continue with your reasoning, “I hate heights.”

“But pleaseeeeeeeee, (Y/N).” You simply chuckled and shook your head at his antics.

“Look, I’m going to talk to Lily but I’ll see you later Sirius.” He pulled you into his slightly sweaty body before pulling away and looking you deep, in the eyes.

The night carried on, everyone getting progressively more drunk as they continued to drink. You, however, decided to stay on the relatively sober side, partly for your own wellbeing in the morning and partly because you tended to spill all your secrets when drunk. It was around 2am when the room had emptied quite considerably, it now only held you, Lily and the Marauders (minus Peter who had left with a very cute Hufflepuff girl) and a few other people from your year.

So there you were, sat in a circle playing a muggle game called spin the bottle, surrounded by your closest friends, one of whom currently looked like a Greek adones- maybe it was the whiskey talking but Sirius’ disheveled hair and slightly unbuttoned shirt combined with that signature smirk made you think about him in a new way. Sure, you’d noticed how attractive he was, and yes, maybe you did have a crush on him- which, as far as you knew, was rather small. But here, with the fire place casting light on his face, watching him run a hand through his hair, you realised just how, in fact, not small your crush on him was. You’d been too lost in your own mind to notice that it was your turn to spin the empty bottle of whiskey that lay in the middle of the circle. Placing a hand over the bottle, you span it at quite a force, watching as it slowed- silently hoping it would land on the black haired boy currently sat on the other side of the circle. However, to your dismay it landed on a Ravenclaw, sure he was attractive- chiseled jaw and a mop of blonde hair sat on his head- but he wasn’t Sirius. Still, it was the rules, so you lent forward expecting to feel the force of someone’s skin on yours, but when nothing happened you looked up to see the Ravenclaw and Sirius had disappeared.

“Where- What just- Weren’t they-?” You questioned. Judging by the opened mouths of everyone in the circle, they were just as bewildered as you were. You shot a look to Remus who simply shrugged his shoulders before deciding to leave and go to bed, soon after most people had followed his lead. Lily was getting up to do the same, “You coming to bed, (Y/N)?” Her voice was laced with exhaustion and drunkenness. Shaking your head she said her goodbyes and said she’d leave the lamp on for when you came up later in the night. Curiosity about where Sirius had disappeared to kept you awake so you decided to see if you could find him.  You tiptoed out the common room and found him slumped up against the wall, “Sirius?”

“(Y/N), hi.” He patted the spot on the floor next to him and you perched on the cool ground.

“What are you doing out here, Sirius?”

He looked at you, with the same intensity as earlier but his eyes were still soft, gentle almost. But still, he didn’t answer you. You pushed further for answers, “Hey, where did you run off to earlier? And why on earth did you take that Ravenclaw with you?” He chuckled, it was low and short.

No matter how hard you tried, he wouldn’t say anything so you were about to walk away and give up before you heard his voice again, “I’m tired.”

“Then go to bed.” You didn’t want to sound angry but after him ignoring you for the past ten minutes, there’s was no way you couldn’t be. He huffed before trying to stand, wobbling in the process and you realised why he hadn’t gone anywhere, he couldn’t. He was for too drunk to walk there so you gave in and walked toward him, looping your arm around his body and allowing him to use your body as a support. The whole journey was spent with him giggling and tripping up stairs and over furniture until you finally made it to his room, it was empty- the only thing on James’ bed was a note ‘Padfoot, if you’re reading this I’m in Lily’s room. Prongs’. Sirius fell to his bed with a thump, you turned around to leave but felt him tugging at your arms and whining for you to stay like a child. However, you could never resist his eyes and, of course, you obliged and let him drag you under the covers with him.

You’d expected him to fall asleep straight away but damn, the boy could talk. It wasn’t until he started talking about spin the bottle that you spoke up, “Why did you leave when we were playing?”

He pondered the question for a while, before sighing and answering in a hoarse voice, “Because I love you and seeing another person made me angry, no one touches my girl other than me.”

“You love me?” You couldn’t wipe the smile of your face and all Sirius did was nod and flash a smile at you. “Dammit, Black, you better remember this tomorrow.” But before he could answer you smashed your lips onto his. The kiss was slow and filled with so much emotion, one of his hands pulled you toward him by the waist and the other was placed on your jaw. Yours found their way into his hair and you tugged slightly, gaining a moan from Sirius. His lips left yours and began sucking and kissing your jaw and down your neck-

“YES, PADFOOT, FINALLY.” You pulled away to find a rather smug looking James waving his hands in the air. “I’ll go back to Lily’s room and give you two some privacy.” With a wink he took off back to Lily’s room.

Sirius simply pulled you toward him and lent his head in the crook of your shoulder, “I love you too.”

Nextgen chats
  • Rose: "You got me landed in detention for the Final?! Because you're scared Gryffindor is going to beat Slytherin!"
  • Scorpius: "Well, you don't honestly believe that sneaking out of your dorm at one in the morning is within our school rules now do you, Rosie?"
  • *Rose rolls her eyes*
  • Rose: "Don't call me that! And I was sneaking out to see <i>you </i>!"
  • *Scorpius shrugs*
  • Scorpius: "Me, Wood, Scamander-Longbottom, it doesn’t matter who you were seeing. They'll be one player down and Slytherin will finally have a chance and Wood won't be allowed anywhere near you..."
  • Rose: "What's your problem with Wood huh?"
  • Scorpius: "Wood barely knows how to read so what makes you think he's a worthy boyfriend? You're the smartest Witch in our year so you deserve someone who's brain doesn't rattle in the emptiness when you shake them."
  • Rose: "Uggh, you're such a <i>prick </i>!"
  • Scorpius: "One you'll never get to suck."