Sorting: Sherlock Characters
  • Ravenclaw: Sherlock, Irene, Magnussen, Anthea
  • Gryffindor: Molly, Greg, Mrs. Hudson, Donovan
  • Hufflepuff: John, Sarah, Anderson, Mike
  • Slytherin: Mycroft, Jim, Mary, Janine

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hey i know you already did a mcspirk Hogwarts au but holey moley do you have any more ideas about it because that was truly a blessing

Sure thing anon:

  • Since they’re all in different houses (Bones is in Hufflepuff, Spock in Ravenclaw and Jim in Slytherin <- click them for the original AU), past curfew, they don’t really have a place to hang out together. Yet somehow, Spock still wakes up one morning with both Bones and Jim at either side of him. The other boys in his room don’t even look remotely confused or annoyed that there’s a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff in their bedroom. And honestly, Spock is quite impressed that they managed to sneak in past curfew, bribed the password off a Ravenclaw, and found his bed without waking him up. All three of them skip their first period to lie in bed a little longer despite Spock’s initial protests. 
  • Bones helps out in the Hospital Wing with Madam Pomfrey on Wednesdays after class, and so Spock and Jim have their own date nights then. Mostly they do homework together in the library or they visit Hagrid. For as long as the weather allows it they also like to sit outside a lot and enjoy the lake, or go for a run along the forest line. Their quiet time usually helps Jim relax.
  • The three of them attending the winter ball as each other’s dates. They dance together, get drunk on spiked punch, and spend a lot of time just making out together.
  • Bones and Spock going home over the Christmas break, but Jim’s mom is out doing field research on Dragons in muggle-populated areas, so he’s staying. Both boys think that’s just not done, so Bones drags him home with him. On Christmas morning Jim actually wakes up to the scent of fresh bread, tea, and sweets, and there’s presents for him under the tree and Bones’ parents are so nice. Spock shows up a day later, with some extra presents for them, and Jim’s chest feels tight when he’s in their company because of his love for these two. And they spend the entire Christmas break practicing Quidditch - even Bones, though he really, really hates flying, they’re practicing their magic, and Bones’ dad takes them to a Quidditch game. Jim loves them even more afterwards.
  • Bones doesn’t realize just how much he’s in love with these dorks until they’re up against a Boggart in Defense Against the Dark Arts. He’s expecting something with flying, or crashing down or whatever. But instead, the Boggart turns into Spock. He’s just lifelessly on the floor in front of Bones’ feet. And it changes shape, until Jim’s there, still breathing, but Bones is forced to watch the life disappear from those bright blue eyes and he just freezes. He feels like no air is getting into his lungs and he’s just falling into a panic attack because these are his boyfriends, and he couldn’t do anything to save them. Even when the real Spock wraps his arms around Bones’ shoulders and pulls him away from the Boggart, Bones is still just not okay. Spock takes him out of the classroom and just holds him tightly, his hand rubbing over Bones’ back softly to calm him down and Bones is like sobbing into Spock’s shirt and apologizing for being emotionally compromised.
  • Jim’s talking to his Gryffindor classmate Scotty when he passes them and he throws them a sweet smile because his boyfriends are hugging and that’s cute. But then he’s dragged in by Spock and he realizes Bones is just really upset over something and both boys just hug Bones so tightly until he’s calmed down.
  • Jim is still struggling with Potions. He’s literally the smartest in so many things, but he just can’t do Potions well. His attempt to make love potions are terrible and smell like feet and so Spock and Bones stay after class-hours to help Jim create the perfect potion. When Jim asks Spock what it smells like, the initial answer ls “old books in the library”, which, odd, but it’s Spock, and then “the perfume you gave me for Christmas” and “the shampoo in Bones’ hair when he’s just showered after his shift in the hospital wing.” And Jim is literally jumping up and down because 1) the potion’s finally worked and 2) that’s the most romantic thing ever.
  • Jim accidentally kicking Spock off his broomstick with a Bludger during a Quidditch match. He can hear Bones yelling at him over the rest of the audience. Spock’s got a concussion, but nothing Bones and Madam Pomfrey can’t fix. While Spock is in the hospital wing drinking a potion prepared to help him heal, Jim sits with him both apologizing to Spock for hurting him and meanwhile boasting to Bones because Slytherin won the Quidditch match. 
  • Someone else has accidentally drank Jim’s love potion and Bones and Spock just watch him try and escape this girl. “Should we help him?” Spock asks, watching Jim struggling to shake the girl off, and Bones leans in to kiss Spock’s cheek. “Nah.”
  • Spock becomes a prefect in his fifth year. Initially Bones and Jim think that’s hilarious, and surely that means the rules don’t apply to them as much. They change their minds after Spock sends them both to detention for skipping class. They don’t actually talk to Spock again until Spock makes it up to them by showing them the Prefect’s bathrooms. Cue the three of them taking a bath together, loads of bubbles and soap everywhere, and the hot water’s not the only thing making it a lil’ steamy.
  • The boys being genuinely proud of each other when the other houses win the House Cup and they celebrate with butter beers and wearing each other’s colors for a while, even on the train back home for the summer.

Just Jim, Spock, and Bones in Hogwarts, man. It’s so great.

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Jim Gordon: Gryffindor/Slytherin - Jim has a habit of running into things headfirst with the courage of a lion but his ambition and pride drives him forward.

Jerome: Hufflepuff/Slytherin - I found this really hard but I think “unafraid of toil” pretty much sums this joker up. However, he’ll also use “any means to achieve his ends”. 

Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin): Slytherin - This ambitious man will never forget the wrongs and rights people have done him.

Edward Nygma: Ravenclaw - This one is pretty self-explanatory. He’s a very intelligent and witty man who is starting to become extremely creative with his murders. 

Bruce Wayne: Slytherin - Bruce is an impatient but determined individual. Everything he does is about making sure he has the right people on his side and to get justice for his family. Don’t get in his way.

Alfred Pennyworth: Gryffindor - Chivalrous, bold and daring. Holds his nerve in all situations.

Selina (Cat): Slytherin - Probably one of the most cunning characters in the show, Selina is resourceful, clever and unlikely to forget you if you did bad by her.

Harvey: Hufflepuff - loyal to the end and works hard to fight for his beliefs

Barbara Kean: Hufflepuff/Gryffindor - Her loyalty to Jim and the way she excepted Serena in the first season puts her Hufflepuff. Her pure guts and daring in season two puts her in Gryffindor.

Theo Galavan: Slytherin - ancestry and ambition are all this guy cares about.

Butch: Hufflepuff - I’m pretty sure this is the most loyal guy you could have met, if it wasn’t for the torture. 

Fish Moony: Ravenclaw/ Slytherin - She one smart cookie who won’t be stepped on.


James Moriarty is sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after spending his whole childhood growing up as an ‘ordinary boy.’ He is sorted into Slytherin and is welcomed happily by all, however when asked about his upbringing he is a pureblood. He studies hard and becomes a very talented wizard with a promising future but when his ‘friends’ find about his true past he finds himself ridiculed by fellow Slytherin, Carl Powers with Jim swearing revenge.

BBC Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes - Ravenclaw

John Watson - I can’t decide between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

Mycroft Holmes - Slytherin

Jim Moriarty - Slytherin

Molly Hooper - Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff

Mary Watson - Slytherin

Mrs. Hudson - Hufflepuff

Greg Lestrade - Hufflepuff

Irene Adler - Slytherin