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Hey can you please describe how slytherins CAN be bubbly, nice, etc? My friends don't think I'm Slytherin bc I'm "too friendly & too nice"

So I’ve noticed throughout my years of interacting with people from different houses and paying attention to their behaviors and whatnot, that a fair amount of the time Slytherins are the friendliest people.

A lot of people seem to have this weird misconception about Slytherin that will never cease to confuse me. People seem to think that because Slytherins are ambitious and focused more on themselves and those close to them, that they have a rather moody, brooding outward appearance. As a general rule, this is completely backwards. Yes, Slytherins tend to maintain an outwards appearance separate from how they feel inside, but most of them tend towards having a positive attitude. 

It may not always be intentional, but here’s generally why…

When you smile a lot people assume you are nice. If you are nice people are more likely to treat you kindly. Slytherins just have a natural affinity for tapping into this behavior even on accident. The just generally find it easier to deal with people by being nice to them. 

Often we see bits of this done in more “typically Slytherin” ways, like befriending teachers so they’ll go easy on you and give you extra credit, or flirting with hotel employees to get room upgrades. These things feel rather manipulative, so they tie in to what most people see as being “Slytherin behavior” but really all that has happened in many cases is that their natural “too friendly” state has caused those that they interact with to respond to this positive manner with positive actions. 

Many don’t even realize they’re doing it, but it sort of comes with the territory when you tend to keep on a happy face, regardless of what all is going on in your life.

tl;dr If you’re nice to people then they’ll be nice to you. 

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

26. Ravenclaws won’t judge you for not knowing something, but they will judge you for not trying to figure it out on your own before asking for help since they value the process of finding out information much more than the information itself

You know the kid who asks a hundred questions that are answered by the syllabus? Or the person who expects you to format their paper for them from scratch instead of looking up how to do it themselves? 

They’re a ravenclaw’s worst nightmare.

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I’m obsessed with the idea of a Phan Hogwarts AU with Slytherin!Dan and Hufflepuff!Phil. I mean just think

> them meeting when some kid was annoying Dan so he moved train cars and there was only this happy boy in the one he moved to

> “mind if I sit?” “No, go ahead!! I’m Phil, what’s your name?” “…Dan.”

> Phil absolutely adoring a pet ferret he brought with him and excitedly telling Dan all about him

> Dan making snarky comments every time Phil goes on a ramble but Phil just laughs and agrees with him

> Dan doing something clumsy in front of other Slytherins and while he’s cursing himself Phil does the same exact thing seconds later

> (Phil will never tell if it was on purpose or if he was just also a klutz)

> ((it was on purpose))

> Dan becoming an excellent Quidditch member and Phil coming to all his matches. Despite wearing Hufflepuff colors he waves a little Slytherin flag

> Dan getting super pissed when people try to take advantage of Phil’s generosity and glaring menacingly at the ones he doesn’t like

> “dan if you keep looking at people like that they won’t talk to you” “that’s literally the point, phil”

> whenever Dan just does not feel like doing anything and gets moody Phil doesn’t question it. Instead he hides with him and brings snacks the house elfs made for him

> Phil not quite understanding Dan’s grudge against going outside but occasionally will drag Dan along with him to Hogsmeade (Dan enjoys it)

> Dan is super good at Potions but brushes it off with jokes when Phil praises him

> “dan that’s amazing!!” “Yeah its probably because we’re in a dungeon as cold as my soul” “Daaaaan”

> Phil adoring the small animals they take care of in Care of magical creatures and Dan teasing him when he names them all (but dan still calls them by their names)

> Dan and Phil being best friends at a magical school and getting into adventures together with the Slytherin/Hufflepuff complex

How about Slytherin students who’s ambitious nature is set towards improving the social standing of muggle borns, half bloods, house elves etc. Slytherin students who use their cunning to sneak into other house dorms to help their friends with homework. Slytherin who use ruthless tactics to take down bullies at hogwarts, regardless of which house they’re from. Slytherins who stand proud with their muggle born friends, and never feel ashamed despite what their parents believe. Slytherins who devote all their natural born cunning and ambition and ruthlessness into changing and fixing the mistakes of the generations before them.