Okay but what about soft Slytherins?
-Slytherins who actually wanted to be in Hufflepuff?
-Slytherins who don’t want any trouble and take pride in quiet success?
-Slytherins who read books like they breathe air, silently turning pages near the windows that show the Lake? Sharing the stories with passing by mermaids?
-Slytherins who are insecure, and do not walk the hallways with their chin up in the air?
-Slytherins who can’t find friends among the peers in their assigned House, but find friends with Ravenclaws or Gryffindors instead?
-Slytherins who are secretly ashamed of being sorted into Slytherin because they know how people think of the people in their House?
-Dreamy Slytherins, who spend their days looking out of classroom windows, wondering about the Muggle World?
-Slytherins that have Boggarts show their parents, because their biggest fear is to disappoint their family?
-Slytherims who do not care about blood status, but will be punished when they tell anyone close to them?
-Slytherins that fall in love with a non-pureblood and get disowned, but don’t care because love is the highest prize?

I used to be a Slytherin. I was sorted in it when I faked my results, I was sorted in it when I tried it for real, and I was sorted in it a couple more times. But after I started antidepressants, now all I get is Hufflepuff. It really surprised me, and made me wonder if H+S are more similar than I thought. I’m pretty proud of being a Hufflepuff, though. Even if I like Slytherin characters the most, Hufflepuff house was always my favorite.