i genuinely do not get that mentality among conservatives/reactionaries where they think that if they’re offensive then it’s a positive reflection on their ability to be productive in leadership positions. meanwhile everyone who can think critically knows that it’s really not in your best interest to be unnecessarily divisive if you’re a leader, especially a political one….


RIP Tony Sly <3

Two can play at that game

s u m m a r y // You and Justin make a bet to see who can go the longest with sex.

A/N: Surprise. I know it’s been a while since I posted an imagine so here you babes go xx

The bet

I giggled into Justin’s chest, Za joking about how we can never keep our hands off each other. He’s right, Justin’s clingy but so am I—so it makes since. My bare legs due to the skirt I’m wearing, hung off the couch, over Justin legs. His arm wrapped around me, running his hand through my hair.

“You guy probably have sex three times a day.” Za teased, a sly grin on his face. I hid my face in Justin chest, his Versace cologne lingering. I could Justin’s hand rub up and down my arm.

“Man you’re embarrassing her.” Justin babbled, looking down at me with his hazel brown eyes. I pulled my lips into my mouth, biting on the exposed skin.

“It’s alright J.” You laughed, sending Za an embarrassing smile. “He’s right though.”

“Psh not my fault that’s all on you.” He chuckled, shifting on the white suede couch.

“No it isn’t, you’re the one trying to all the time.” I argued, pulling my head out of the crook of his neck.

“Lies.” He scuffed, rolling his eyes playfully at me.

“Really want to bet?” I retorted, sliding my legs off his lap.

“Yeah—I bet you can’t go one week without having sex with me.” He wiggled his bushy eyebrows.

“Please baby, I can go two.” I flipped my brown hair over my shoulder. Za along with some of his other friends yelled an ‘Ooo’.

“Alright you’re on.” He held onto his large hand for me to shake, which I confidently did.

Day One — that night

The sound of the water from the shower Justin’s taking echoed through the room. I turned the page of my book with my finger, already half way through after starting it yesterday. I already washed up and Justin tried to be slick and get in the shower with me. Which lead to me immediately getting out. He’s trying to trick me into having sex with him and it’s not working. The shower water shut off, his bare tattooed back coming into view. He left the bathroom door wide open—little shit. I need to show him two can play at that game.

I placed my book mark in the book, quickly stripping myself of my clothes and throwing them into the hamper. Scurrying under the blanket, I covered myself with it, picking my book back up again. Justin’s tan body emerged from the bathroom a devious smirk plastered on his face. He licked his lips, dropping the white towel from around his torso. I paid him no mind, crossing my legs to refrain myself. Justin walked over to the chestnut dresser right in front of our bed throwing on some Calvin Klein boxers. He strolled back over to the bed climbing into the duvet.

“You going to sleep babe?” He asked, turning off his lap that’s on the matching nightstand.

“Mhmm” I hummed, to hide the smile on my face. He’s going to give in. I put the book down on my nightstand, turning off my lamp as well then curling up next to him. As soon as his arm wrapped around my waist I felt his body stiffen. I bit my cheek trying to contain my laugh that’s trying to escape. Justin cleared his throat. “Something wrong babe?” I posed tangling my leg with his.

“Nope.” He replied simply, popping the p.

“You sure?” I teased, rolling my naked body onto his. My boobs pressed against his chest a groan escaping his lips. He nodded his head quickly. “You don’t want to…” I trailed off, placing a tender neck.

He grabbed my face in his hands pressing his lips against mine in a sloppy kiss. I rested my hands on his chest, kissing him back eagerly to try and get him to give up. His hands roamed down to my ass squeezing before giving it a loud smack making me gasp. He slid his tongue into my mouth, grabbing my hair to move it out of my face. As our tongues intertwined, I pushed my lower half onto his earing another groan. He flipped us over, my back landing on the white sheets. His lips detached from mine only to attack my neck. He trailed kisses up my neck to my earlobe, grazing his teeth across it. My hands tangled into his hair as he nibbled on my sweet spot, my back arching slightly. Starting to feel my lower half throb, Justin slipped his finger through my arousal causing me to moan.

He pulled away from me pecking my lips one more time saying, “Goodnight babe.” Then turning on his side.

I looked at him wide eyed through the darkness letting out a loud sigh. Just wait until tomorrow; I got something for his ass.

Justin – 1

Y/N – 0

Day Two — that morning

I woke up that morning feeling hot and heavy as Justin laid out on his back, his hand on my thigh. Even when he’s sleep he had to make sure he has at least his hand touching me. Licking my dry lips, I watched small snores leave his button nose, his mouth partly open. Getting and idea, I straddled him under the covers placing my chin on his chest. Starting to kiss all over his face to wake him up, he stirred.

“Wake up J,” I tested to see if he could hear me. He grumbled putting his hands over his face. I moved them kissing his neck. Stopping by his ear I whispered, “Wake up daddy.”

“Shit,” Justin cursed, his eyes shooting up to look at me with daggers. I tried not to laugh, moving his bed hair out of his face.

“You like when I call you daddy?” I bit my bottom lip knowing it would drive him crazy. He let out a loud sigh trying to keep himself calm. “Does daddy want to fuck me right now?” After the words left my mouth, he shot up from the bed, stomping into the bathroom.

Justin – 1

Y/N – 1

Day Two — that afternoon

Small sounds from Justin’s controller filled my ears as I scrolled through my phone not knowing what to do. “Justin I’m bored.” I whined, pouting my lip at him as his gaze focused on the flat screen TV.

He paused the game patting his lap for me to sit on which I did with a smile. He twirled his finger in a circle indicating for me to turn around. I raised my eyebrow at him turning around to straddle him—backwards. He gave me a small push, grabbing my hips so that ass was sort of in the air. I felt his controller on my ass making a look of confusion spark. He pressed play the game starting again.

“Justin you can’t be serious right now.” I looked back at him, a dull look on his face.

“Shh,” He said, pulling my ass towards him even more.

“What do you think this I am? A table for you to put shit on?” I scolded, starting to move off him. He grabbed my waist in his hands, my back his chest leaning my back. He put the controller in front of me still playing the game.

“Justin I’m going to—“

“Shh.” He repeated bucking his hips underneath me.

Justin – 2

Y/N – 1

Day Two — that night

Justin stared at me as I licked the ice cream on the cone. “Is there a problem Bieber?” I questioned, giving him the side eye. He shook his head at me, moving his legs so they’re spread out on the couch.

“You’re such a fucking tease.” He muttered under his breath, turning his attention to the TV. We’re watching a movie and I suggested we have some ice cream. I really don’t know why he’s giving me looks.

“How? I’m not even doing anything.” I laughed, swirling my tongue around the top. His eyes shot angrily into mine.

“You know what you’re doing.” He looked away from me again on to look back at me. I shrugged my shoulder bringing my legs underneath me. He kept his eyes on me as I watched the movie. I moved my tongue around the top, Justin groaned loudly.

“Oh my gosh Justin—what?” I almost laughed, he’s being so weird and I’m just trying to eat my ice cream.

“I just wish that was my dick.” I hit him with my free arm making him laugh. “What? I do. It’s been two days and I’m already having withdraws.”

“Because you love me.” I said in a cocky tone.

“Damn right I do.”

Justin – 2

Y/N – 2

Day Three — that morning

The hot water ran down my body, Justin sound asleep in the room. It’s only been three days and I’m already caving in but can you blame me—anyone would. He’s such a tease already and this bet just made everything worse. He’s been trying to get me to give up first but it’s not happening at least not for another day. Just one more day and he’ll be begging. The steam from the shower fogged the clear mirrors. I jumped feeling a pair of hands on my waist. I knew they were Justin’s hands from the tattoos on his wrist.

“I thought you were sleeping.” I licked my lips, the water running down my breast. He cleared his throat pulling my back into his chest, nuzzling his face in my neck.

“I wanted to take a shower with you.” He husked in his morning voice. My started to become hot at his touch.

“You know we’re even right?” I posed, leaning back against him, putting my wet hands over his.

“Hmm we are huh?” He hummed, kissing my neck. I bit my bottom lip, my eyes shutting at tenderness. “Do you want to call it a tie?” He suggested, his hands roaming to my boobs, squeezing them in his hands.

“Um—“ I stuttered, feeling my dry throat. He kissed behind my ear lobe, I could feel my legs start to become unstable, just wanting to him to feel me up already. “Yeah.” I nodded my head eagerly, turning around to face his pale face.

“Yeah?” He repeated, pressing my body against his. I nodded again brushing my lips over his. Just as I was about to kiss him he pulled away saying, “I win.” Then ran out the shower almost slipping. I stood there wide eyed, turning the water off, grabbing a white towel then following after him.

“Baby that’s not fair, you tricked me.” I pouted my lips, small droplets of water dripping of me.

“Aw come one babe at least we can have sex now right?” He walked over to me completely naked and all. I continued to pout my lip as he tried to kiss me. I shook my head no; I don’t like losing. “Fine alright you win.”

“I win?” I grinned, my eyes flickering from his to his lips.

“Yes you win.” He nodded, his wet hair dripping.

“So what’s my prize?” I joked, wrapping my arms around his neck to pull him closer to me.

“Me.” He winked, attaching his lips to mine as I giggled.


Sylvester Dodd Appreciation Week || Day 5
► Favorite Outfit(s)

I love Sly and his vests, but my favorite pattern of all is Argyle; his argyle sweater vests remind me of my grandfather because that’s his favorite pattern as well. :) 

I also love Sly and his Super Fun Guy T-shirt. It’s gonna become a cult like Sailor Moon, haha. Just you wait. I’m calling it! 

And, of course, Sly in black. ;) What’s not to love? 


Rise Against - For Fiona (Tribute To Tony Sly) (Feat Jon Snodgrass) [Liv…

“Look me in the fucking eye and tell me that fucking tweet wasn’t about Luke. Okay, look I’m going to be Mister Sly Guy and I’m gonna tweet about oh, no one in particular. Oh, what’s that? Wrapped Around Your Finger? Is that the fucking song I wrote with Luke Hemmings and no one fucking else? Okay, I’m just gonna hide the fact that we both wore the same rings at some point. [hissing, then yelling in frustration]. Bye!”

this is my sly cooper self insert :’^]] like all my self inserts it doesnt hav a name . its an animatronic zombie squirrel thing ?? that wears baggy sweatsuits t cover up th fact that it is Obviously A Robot. it wants t be a Cool Thief Criminal bt it is rly a loser..,, i hav an entire indulgent alternate timeline where it works w arpeggio nd theyre Cool Friends . this is how i kept myself not dying when i ws waiting at th IRS office today Yea.,