My own Hogwarts headcanons

- every year hufflepuff has a baking competition with one representative from each year. Every year there is a 7 way tie.
- some of the hufflepuffs help the house elves prepare meals and often have some say in what gets made. This resulted in one day, every meal served was sweets

- the 7th years hold a book club every Wednesday for the younger years where they discuss classic literature like Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy.
- the ravenclaws have worked out a way to get an internet connection but only in a certain part of the common room. They’re working on it though.
- the common room has its own kitchen for late night snacks for late studiers and for students who miss out on breakfast because they slept in because of it.

- little do the other houses know, but the slytherin prefects hold a career seminar for the younger students (and even seventh years), and then
- most the dorms in the slyrtherin quarters have large (and rather thick) windows that peer into the lake. Most of the students find the sound of the water and the sight of the creatures (most unknown) through the window calming, however those who don’t like it can request a dorm with no window.

- most of the muggle born gryffindors use the room of requirement as a recreation center where they can blow off some steam with rock climbing and basketball and other indoor sports
- it’s a tradition for the 7th years to hold a fight club late at night every night in the forbidden forest on the last week of the year to celebrate the end of their Hogwarts journey