Had a big day of assembling terrain today. This is the entire range(at this stage, theres a lot more coming soon!) of laser cut terrain from Everything is modular, the windows, doors, floors, railings and stairs are all reconfigurable. The Hobby Matrix is my local store and generously donated these bundles to all the clubs in the area, mine included, which cements their awesomeness in my eyes! If you’re after some terrain, custom tokens, or anything similar check them out!

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I know where you’re coming from. Had a dumb moment recently(didnt put the stand down properly) and I didn’t hesitate to put myself between my bike and the ground.Funny how self preservation goes out the window when your bike is on the way down!

Totally agree, ha … … It’s kind of an “I’ve got two legs but one bike” mentality …

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What did you make of Thomas Thomas? I cringed a little at that, other than that I totally agree with what you are saying. This series has some very polarising episodes for me, some I love and some not so much.

I think the look on Strax’s face when Thomas told him his name, sums up my reaction quite well haha. I did cringe a bit at that.

I’ve found most of the seasons to be very polarising. Some episodes I’ll really like and others will be extremely disappointing. Season 1,2 & 4 were especially hit and miss for me. But I think for the most part, I’ve enjoyed this season. I think the only episode I’d really outright object to was The Rings of Ahketan. I really wanted to like it. Visually it was nice and the costumes, sets, etc. were really good. But it just… felt empty?


Here you go Trendsetters! My Arachnarok in all her glory, isn’t she purty?! I no longer have my Night Goblin army but I kept her because my lovely wife bought her for me all by herself after hearing me say how cool the model was, this included going into a GW store as an unaccompanied female with no clue on anything wargaming, which can be pretty scarey!

After sitting undercoated for over 2 years I though it was time to give her a lick of paint, and used her as a perfect test bed to try and advance my airbrushing beyond basic basecoating. I think I need to get a water seperator, especially during these moist winter months, because I’m getting a few explosions out of the nozzle which I think are caused by excess moisture. I am very happy with how she came out though, blending with an airbrush is magic!

Anyway, enjoy the pics. Next up on the bench will be a small X-wing commission I should be receiving on Monday.


Well I know I said tomorrow night, but I managed to finish them early!

As a bit of background, every year my local WM/H community holds a tournament, The Breast Cancer Brawl,  to raise money for Breast Cancer research. Money is raised by players “buying” rerolls and themed powerups by making donations of certain amounts during the days play. The winner also gets to field a specially themed Dire Troll(called Pinky) in their lists the following year. There are also raffles throughout the day to raise more money, this year a local has bought and fully painted 2 separate 35 point Retribution armies to add to the prize pool! Anyway, I was asked if I would paint up this donated Cryx battlebox for the raffle and here’s the results. I had lots of fun with the purple and pink theme, they are great colours to paint. I also tried out some salt weathering and am very happy with the results, I’ll keep that in my toolbox of tricks now! I’ve ordered some Day Glo pigments and was hoping they would arrive in time to try them out, but alas, they would have really made the Necrotite glow pop!


Finished a quick little commission tonight. A custom Millennium Falcon for the X-wing game. Nice and easy conversion with the purple inserts, re-shade the exhausts and panel lines, and a little engine glow to finish. For a pre-painted mini the X-Wing factory paintjob is ok, it was hard to resist the urge to go all out and fully repaint it though, but that would defeat the purpose of a quick commission!

Its for my client’s girlfriend in an attempt to get her playing, I wish him luck!


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Well here they are, my swampy Risen (plus 2 Thrall Warriors) all finished. This was my first time using water effects and its been a heck of a learning experience! Be prepared to wait a long time between layers to get it right, it took about 5 days to fill the bases to the top. In hindsight, now they’re finished, I think I should have tinted the water slightly, at the moment it looks as if they are invading a pristine mountain stream, rather than a swamp! Still, I am really pleased with how they turned out.  

It's Sly Fox Studio's Triple Figure Follower Giveaway!

You like me, you really like me! I love painting miniatures, and the fact that 100 of you also like what I do enough to follow me is just astounding! 

To celebrate reaching the century mark I’ve decided to have a little giveaway. The rules are simple, all you have to do is follow me and reblog this post by 09MAY14. At that time I will randomly draw someone from the list who will receive a 100% original, one of a kind, kitbashed Games Workshop Warhammer 40k vignette, assembled, sculpted and painted by yours truly, and mailed to their chosen address anywhere in the world as a token of my thanks. 

Those rules again:

1. Follow Sly Fox Studio

2. Reblog this post

3. Wait and see if your name is drawn on the 09MAY14

Thank you again to all of you wonderful people who follow me, and good luck!


Some of you may remember my Arachnarok, and how she won a few trophies at a Scale Model show late last year, and the editor of Modelart Australia left me a note saying he wanted to run a feature on her. Well today the article came out, and not only did I get a 4 page feature, but the cover shot too! To have a wargaming miniature starring in a scale modelling magazing is pretty damn cool!

Hi everyone! I’m back home now, if only for a week. Due to the short time I’m back I don’t want to start any painting just yet, although there are 3 dioramas brewing away inside my head, so expect some big things when I return home at the end of August. I will also be entering some models in a painting comp on Sunday so stay tuned for those results.
In other non miniature news, the beautiful Sly Vixen, aka hey–kitty–hey, aka best wife ever! bought me a shiny new gopro today, here it is, attached to the gorgeous Alaska Thunderfuck, for a test ride tomorrow….


Fresh off the bench, Kromac is all finished! He was a fun mini to paint, lots of little details to pick out. My client will be adding his own snow and base details later, so his base is a little bare for now.

Next up will probably be some GW LotR figures, and I’m expecting my 15mm zombie kickstarter to arrive soon after, the change of scale will be nice!

Now that Christmas is over I can post these up. I couldn’t post them when I finished them a few months ago because they were my gift to my sister, who follows my blog and I didn’t want to spoil it!
I got them second hand, and true to the joys of second hand minis, they were not in the best shape when they arrived. Inches thick paint was easily sorted with an acetone soak, but Gandalf’s staff was missing and needed to be scratch built, and some gentle straightening on Legolas’ bow was needed. I haven’t painted any LotR minis before so it was a fun little project, and my sister loved them, which was the best part!


Part 1 of 2 (stupid 10 picture limit!)

Hi everyone, today is a good day! The assembly/engineering part of Project Baneblade is complete! I can now assemble all 8 variants from the one kit! I went down to my local hardware store this morning and got the 90* brackets I needed to build the hull sections. I had to cut down some, as you can see in the photos, and grind a little plastic away to get a nice flush mount on the bottom of the hull(where the brackets are in the first pic). The turret-less variants were tricky, the gun superstructure is placed either forward or aft, depending on the variant, and there was no good mounting points either. It turned out that the pin system I used to hold the sections together is enough once the hull is together, I just had to add some scrap sprue to support the reversible floor/top plate section(it also sits on the Baneblade magnet, seen in the last pic). 

Now comes the fun part of cleaning it up and gap filling, before I can start laying paint! The next post will show all the variants assembled……


Part 1 of 2 - The games

Well Little Wars is done and dusted for another year. I spent way too much, but it was worth it for the awesome loot(but more of that in part 2!).

Here’s some shots I managed to take when I wasn’t buying things of some of the games that interested me. The first one is a 15mm ‘Blackhawk Down’ scenario, played using AK47 rules. I’ve helped out playtesting this one and its a solid game, very cinematic in that the rangers can survive hailstorms of bullets, then wipe out mobs and mobs in return. The second pic is a homebrew 15mm zombie apocolypse game, created by a mate this one is good fun. You take control of a survivor and try to make it across town to the militarised zone. #rd and 4th pics are a Mad Max style car combat game called Axels and Alloys, its played with converted matchbox cars and looked great, I’ll be looking into it in the future. 5th is a 150 point Warmachine game, I think they managed to play it the whole day before having to call it because they ran out of time! 6th is the Dalek invasion, the far right one was scooting around the floor yelling insults at everyone who got in its way, it was quite the sassy one. 7 and 8 were from Actung Cthulu! Its a weird world war 2 game based off the Savage worlds ruleset, it was another that I’m really keen to look into. 9 is a SAGA game using Samurai faction battleboards. I’m not really into historical gaming, but it looked really pretty so I took a pic. Lastly there’s some of the Malifaux crews from the Malifaux demo board.

Next post will be the shiny new minis I picked up while I was there…..


Hi everyone! Progress marches on with my A&A painting. Once tonight’s progress dries overnight I can start dusting and weathering them up, but until then I thought I’d post up a couple of teasers I particularly like. I really love the burnt/super heated look on my laser cannon, it’s so easy to get a nice effect using inks. I’ve also broken out my day-glo pigments for the exhaust flames, I’ll be adding to them more once the weathering is done, plus some osl too. Stay tuned war boys and war girls!


Hi everyone, I’m back from my work trip and I come bearing pictures! I surprised myself today and finished Kitsune in a couple of hours, I was expecting her to take a while given the 2 week break from painting and the fact her skin isn’t my usual recipe, but everything just flowed beautifully today as you can see from the results. I even had a crack at freehanding some cherry blossoms on her kimono, what do you think? I’m stoked with her, she is easily my favourite team member. She’s also the last member of my Smash Effect team, they’re going to look so nice on the tabletop when my league begins in a fortnight(I’ll be posting lots of pretty pictures up for that, don’t you worry!). 

Next up on the bench are the 2 Infinity bikers I got a while ago, I’ll be experimenting with some candy effects on them, hopefully they look good! Thanks again for following, as always stay tuned for more Sly Fox painting adventures!

Time for an update on my Smash Effect team. The ladies are coming along nicely, I should be able to finish them off tomorrow night and then get started on Willhiem the cybernetic, hmg toting gorilla. I’ve also sorted the colour scheme for Kitsune the Samurai Fox girl. On Sunday I’ll be having some practice games too(I’m making an exception to my personal “If it ain’t painted, it ain’t played” rule), so expect some action shots Sunday night!