Leon Plushie by =SleeplessTotodile

The fluffiest Riolu around!

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As with Vagus, I tried new things with this plush. His eyes are hand embroidered on a embroidery hoop and then cut out and secured to his head with some machine embroidery (the black lines around the eyes).

His bandanna is removable and finished along the edges to prevent fraying.

I used a mix of 5mm pile minky for his light blue fluffy parts and 3mm pile minky for his dark parts/neckring/pink pads. His aura sensors are filled with a bit of beanie beads, so they hang and flop about a bit hahah!

His dark parts and pink pads were machine embroidered on.

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slydragoon16  asked:

Hmm...Bleed or Dream. With Mycaelis. You chose.

How about both? :3 I love doing drabbles!

The Dream one is a little odd, but hey, its a dream! And Bleed, well, that’s what happens when you fight fire with fire!


Dream: My character will have a dream about your character

The night was peaceful, the moon shining bright through the windows of the Heat Lightning team base. Tyra breathed contentedly on her straw bed, her arms on her pillow. She counted the stars as she drifted off, a trick she had often used to get her overly active mind to sleep.

1, 2, 3, 4… 5… 6… 7…… 8……..

Wait… what was that?

Something in the sky caught her attention. A… flicker? No… A wink. Did a star just wink at her? She got up and walked outside to see this strange anomaly more clearly. She was looking up at the sky when something tapped on her shoulder. She spun around, taking a defensive stance. She didn’t really trust people sneaking up on her that late at night, but from the light of her tail flame, and that of her visitor, she could easily tell this was no threat. She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Mycaelis! You startled me. What are you doing up so late?”

The other charmeleon shrugged, “Do I need a reason for everything?”

Tyra bristled a little. Her question hadn’t been that absurd. But she didn’t feel like pushing him any further. Clearly he had something to do or say, otherwise he wouldn’t be here so whatever it was would come out eventually. She crossed her arms waiting for him to make the next move. He sighed, clearly unhappy with her silence.

“Come on, can’t a guy just go and see his friend?”

Tyra shrugged, “Fine, but at least let’s get away from here, no need to wake Lance and Kena.”

Mycaelis nodded and led her away from the hut. The night was clear and the sky seemed even more beautiful than before, full of colors. Tyra noticed this with interest and smiled, she had never noticed before… Suddenly Mycaelis stopped, clearly interested in something else. He put his arm out to stop Tyra too. She paused, confused, but looked up to see a shadowed figure looming ahead of them. It stooped down, its golden eyes glittering angrily.

“What are you doing Tyra?”

She jumped, startled, “Dad! No, I’m…”

“You shouldn’t be with that boy! His family is trouble!”

Mycaelis clenched his fist, “Listen here! My family-“

“Is the reason I no longer have a mate!” he snarled, lunging at the charmeleon.

Tyra was confused, what was going on! Her father and Mycaelis were now fighting, the much larger charizard clearly winning. Tyra ran in between them, shoving her father away from her friend.

“Stop it! Stop! You don’t even know if that’s true!”

“I know who he is! I’ve seen his kind! They’re why Tivoli was angry! That’s why!”

Before Tyra could ask any more questions Mycaelis grabbed her hand and dragged her away. The form of her raging father sank away in the background, his dragon’s form looking more stalky and spiked than before. Tyra felt her head be whipped by leaves and branches as she ran away from the enraged lizard. She tripped, and felt Mycaelis pick her back up. Leaves turned to claws, stars to glowing eyes, each one more malevolent than the next until finally she felt herself tumbling out somewhere into a field. Looking forward she could see the gentle glow of homes, but forward wasn’t what she was concerned with… She looked back quickly; ready to defend herself, but all she saw was grass. She breathed a sigh of relief, glad to be free of that jungle. She turned to Mycaelis who was sitting beside her, his face somber. She touched his shoulder gently.

“Hey, are you okay? You know it not-”

He shook his head, stopping her. She thought he was about to make some apology, or say something profound.

“It’s time to wake up.”

Tyra was confused, that wasn’t profound… Or was it?

“What? What do you mean?”

Mycaelis’ voice changed to be clearly that of Lance, “Tyra, it’s time to get up!”

Tyra bolted upright, her eyes suddenly fixed on her startled pikachu partner. His surprised turned to a look of concern.

“Tyra… Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.”

She sat up, rubbing the back of her head, trying to clearly remember what had happened last night…

“Uh… yeah… I’m fine. It was just a dream.”


Bleed: My character will injure your character

“Ya gotta do better than that if you want to beat me!”

Tyra ducked under the swing of the clawed hand which came at her, laughing. She retaliated but trying to whack her opponent off balance with her tail, only to have him use it like a jump rope, hoping over it to deliver a flamethrower attack while in the air. Tyra rolled and dodged, releasing one of her own. Mycaelis landed in time to dodge it as well, smirking.

“You’re getting faster.”

“Or you’re getting slower!”

Tyra ran at him, her body enveloped by a green and purple aura. Mycaelis, recognizing this move, responded in turn, his body glowing silver. The two collided, their shoulders pushing against each other until the power from the moves threw them backwards. Tyra managed to land on her feet, breathing heavily, but Mycaelis hit his leg. He let out a small cry which instantly threw Tyra out of battle mode. She ran over to where he was on the ground holding his leg. His face was contorted into a grimace, but as she got nearer he attempted a smile.

“Ya got me on that one… Guess I can’t really compete in the realm of dragon moves with a mon whose mom was a dragon.”

Tyra gave a weak smile in return, “Well you’re part dragon too you know.”

He tried to laugh, but winced instead. Tyra looked at the leg more closely now and blanched. Mycaelis had managed to land on a rather sharp rock. The point had created a gash in his leg which needed attention, quickly. Tyra took off her bandana and made a move to cover his wound, her shaking hands making the untying of the knot on her wrist difficult. Mycaelis grabbed her wrist with the hand that wasn’t currently clasped over his injury.

“Hey! No need to ruin a perfectly good bandana! You love that thing.”

Tyra shrugged, “A bandana which can be washed or a leg that can’t grow back… I think I’ll go for the leg.”

Mycaelis chuckled again, this time allowing Tyra to wrap his leg. Once the blood was staunched Tyra helped Mycaelis up.

“Okay soldier, let’s get you to the doctor.”

He snorted, “I don’t need a doctor, it’ll heal just fine on its own.”

Tyra glared at him and Mycaelis felt as if he was being reprimanded by his mother all over again. He let out a little puff of smoke, wrinkling his nose.

“Fine… To the quack…”

At the medical hut Dr. Quack quickly stitched up the injury, making snide comments all the way. Tyra couldn’t help but grin at Mycaelis as he clenched the edge of the medical table. She fancied it was because of the pain, but she knew better. He was simply trying to contain his anger and not punch the golduck in the face. When the stitches were in, the doctor rinsed off his hands and the wound, gave Mycaelis some oran berries for the road, and told him, for what seemed like the hundredth time, not to go throwing himself on rocks. Tyra offered her shoulder, but he refused, preferring to limp instead. He ripped into one of the oran berries, clearly irked. She nudged his shoulder.

“Hey, I did warn you that you could get hurt playing with me.”

He glared at her for a moment, but sighed, his anger dissipating into a grin, “Aye, but that doesn’t change the fact that I hate that doctor…”

Tyra smiled, “Well then next time we check the field for rocks and eradicate them.”

Mycaelis smiled back, “As long as we get to completely disintegrate them in the process.”


Twelve by *Haychel

All the awesome peeps and Pokemon~~~ Awesomeness not in order~

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