sly what are you wearing

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cracky!prompt: murder husbands go shopping.. and end up in a sex-shop? hmm~

“Red or green?” 

Hannibal looked up from a display of handcuffs, spotting Will holding up two collars. “I think the dogs have enough.” 

Will grinned, “Remember where you are, Doctor,” he held out the red, “I think red suits you just fine.” 

Hannibal licked his lips, mouth curving into a sly smile. “What will you wear then?” 

Will fastened the collar around his throat, leaning in close enough for Hannibal to smell him. “I think if you’re wearing this, I won’t be wearing much at all.” 

Hannibal huffed, “I am to be your pet, now?” 

Will smiled at him, kissing his chin. “Don’t pretend the idea doesn’t intrigue you. Kneeling at my feet, fetching my slippers.” 

Hannibal sniffed at his cheek, “Mylimasis, please. I think we need to leave.” 

Will stepped back, winking, “Okay,” he held up the collars, “I think I’ll get both.”