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Can you do Seventeen daily routines with their S/O but with Performance Unit if you havent done that yet? Please? 2000 anon

vocal unit ver –> (x)   //   hiphop unit vier –> (x) 


  • you both wake up and just like…….stare at each other for like four minutes because u need to come to ur senses…..usually hoshi’s first and he’s like “we have to wake up” and then there’s a pause and you’re like “rIGHT we have to wake up”
  • breakfast is the two of you just sharing a glass of orange juice and like feeding each other toast 
  • hoshi always insists on wearing something outrageous as a joke every morning and you just roll your eyes because haha cute but srsly just put on these jeans or else you’ll be late
  • you two are about to leave and hoshi’s like WAIT i forgot my notepad and you’re like h urr y!!!!
  • he like takes a hold of your hands before u have to leave and he’s just like “you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me ok, be safe today, i love you” and then proceeds to give u the cutest lil kisses as u scrunch up ur nose and tell him he’s gonna be super late
  • while ur both at work hoshi sends u random pics of things and sometimes he’s like ‘guess whose nose this is’ and ur like ‘vernons?’ and he’s like ‘noPE s.coups but yeah hows work is it tiring??’ 
  • you usually get home first because hoshi spends extra time in the practice room more than most others so u like fix up something to eat
  • when he gets home the first thing he does is find u and pull u into a hug and ur like omg uve been practicing all day go take a shower and he’s like let me hold u ok it’s been like ten hours i need this
  • he eats what u made with the biggest smile because he loves anything u make him
  • u two try to stay up sometimes to watch like a movie or just joke around but u end up slumped against each other on the couch or in bed and u know it’s lights out 


  • refuses to get out of bed unless you give him like twenty kisses
  • makes you coffee and toast but then like eats your slice of toast and drinks ur coffee and you’re like junhui please and he’s like ill make more hehe 
  • you two fight over who gets to use the mirror longer 
  • he usually wins because he’s sly 
  • compliments you on what you wear by either just saying “you look really good” or looking at you with the “you look really good” gaze
  • sometimes,,, like on rare occasions you and him will match your like color schemes or wear like the same hat just because couple items are cheesY but wen junhui is the literal c h e e se 
  • asks you like ten times if his hair looks nice
  • kisses you for a long time before he’s satisfied and leaves for work
  • during work sometimes he calls, but sometimes he’s too busy…. when he does its usually just him being like ‘i have this bad feeling we left the toaster plugged in also i saw these nice sweats in a magazine we should go shopping soon’
  • sometimes he just sends like emojis with no context
  • once you two are home together you like vent about your days and also like huddle around new magazines or around a laptop to look up new styles or music videos
  • jun makes u watch every stage seventeen does live 
  • you guys eat like whatever is in the fridge ,,,, lots of like frozen dinner because you’re too lazy to cook
  • you fall asleep with jun’s head in your lap or something because he seems like the type to just get comfortable on you and knock out 


  • wakes up first and tries to get a nice fresh start on the day by making you some oatmeal but he burns it….sigh….
  • you wake up and find him in the kitchen looking sadly at the burnt oatmeal and you just shake your head, give him a goodmorning kiss and tell him to go brush his teeth while you make oatmeal thats not burnt for the two of you
  • you and him eat oatmeal standing up in the kitchen looking at each other like ‘we just woke up but like it’s gonna be a long day so let’s enjoy this one moment’ 
  • kisses your cheek and like hugs you super tight at the front door,,, does it again once he walks you to the train or bus
  • at work he just reminds you to eat lunch and you’re like YOU EAT TOO and he’s like of course!!! i ate the most out of everyone today!! and you’re like good. g o o d
  • jun sometimes texts you something in random chinese and u ask the8 to translate and he’s like ‘i would but he just wrote something dumb’ and ur like ofc
  • if the8 gets home first he orders chinese food like it’s a given he just loves his chinese food
  • you spend the evening like doing housework together like laundry or cleaning,,,, you two plan to buy some cute plants,,,, you two wish you could get a dog 
  • you get tired at some point and the8 picks you up and ur like put me down but he’s like ‘no you’re tired let me carry u to the couch so u can rest’
  • most of the time you fall asleep there and he ends up having to wake you up by poking your cheeks and being like ‘you should sleep on a bed,,, sleeping here is uncomfortable’ 
  • you two fall asleep safely in your blankets while holding hands,,, 


  • is awake like three hours before you are you don’t know how but he is
  • wakes you up by singing one of their songs or even better, he puts on the michael jackson 
  • is so energetic in the morning that he probably runs out and buys you two like melon beard or something to eat while you take a shower and get ready
  • you two munch on your snacks and dino excitedly tells you about his plans today and also asks you about yours
  • he is easily excited and so easily forgetful and he’s like “it’s time for work!” and you’re like “dino,,, you’re still in your pajama bottoms.”
  • once you have to part ways he kind of chews on his lip and keeps looking away and you’re like omg he’s flustered so you have to be the one to give him a lil kiss and he just gets so smiley and bright when u do!!! 
  • while you two are at work he like calls you once or twice but in the middle of the conversation he gets distracted by other things and its ok like its cute to hear him start mumbling about something else like u don’t mind
  • he snapsback to the conversation like ‘oh sorry!!! i was telling seungkwan about this cool dance i sa-”
  • he doesn’t hangup without telling you he loves u but he kinda stutters when he does ahh 
  • u get home and dino’s like ‘what shoudl we eat?’ and you’re like ‘what should we eat?’ and you two playfully argue over who gets to choose 
  • you end up choosing something and like the rest of the evening is dino showing you dance moves or doing silly lil thing and like he’s always trying to get u to go outside to like the park or just to take a walk
  • u guys take a walk when it’s already dark and he’s shy but he’s like hold my hand,,, just in case,,,, 
  • he gives u a more confident cheek kiss under the moonlight
  • u guys get home and change into ur cute pajamas and mayb have a little pillow fight but just a little until dino just cuddles you real close and is like ‘im so thankful i get to spend everyday…with you..”