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The kingdom of Libear was renowned the world over for it’s cavalry. Horses were revered as gods to the populace and families would pray that the steeds would choose their child for knighthood. Once a year, new 13 year olds were trotted out to the stockyards and formed a circle around the arena with the new batch of horses placed carefully brought to the middle. The teens were to will a horse to them without moving or otherwise enticing the horses. The belief was that a spiritual connection would form between rider and mount and that bond was the basis of what made Libearian cavalry so fearsome in battle.

Tanta had just reached her 13th birthday a few weeks prior to the Equus Festival and had been eagerly awaiting her imminent knighting. Tanta was so eager in fact that she forgot to sleep the night prior instead daydreaming of receiving her armor and patrolling the countryside for threats to the kingdom. 

Finally dawn announced the Equus Festival and Tanta was up and about with the first ray of light that poked into her room. She put on her finest dress, which she had gotten her father to embroider with carrots and sugar cubes in the hopes that it would bolster her chances of a horse taking a liking to her (perhaps by enticing said horse to take a licking at her dress). 

The King’s envoys came to collect Tanta after they’d had their breakfast and she was dutifully escorted to the arena. Visibly shaking in anticipation she stood in her assigned spot on the stockyard perimeter and watched on longingly as the horses were corralled in the center. One by one the horses populated the field, until Tanta’s eyes finally alighted on the horse of her dreams!

He was a surly black mount that towered over the other horses and was giving his poor trainer grief as he tried to entice him to the center. Tanta knew immediately upon seeing that horse that he was the horse for her. It was destiny, she just knew it. Visions of her clad in impressive black armor saving the day atop her powerful black horse calmed her nerves and in fact so lost was she in her daydreams that she didn’t even notice that that same horse had escaped his trainer and was barreling straight for her!

The sable horse snorted as it escaped its trainer entirely and made it’s way to a Tanta lost in daydreams. All the other kids were screaming in terror at this point but the spectators could not believe the calm that Tanta exuded in the face of certain calamity. The horse skidded to a stop right before Tanta and shoved it’s nose into her hand expectantly. Tanta broke from her reverie to find the horse of her dreams before her!

Even though it was technically before the Festivities proper were supposed to commence, it was agreed that Tanta was indeed chosen by the surly giant. The envoy in charge of recording the new knights chased after the pair and asked Tanta what she would like to name her new companion. After a brief moment Tanta settled on a good and proper name and promptly discarded that entirely. With a wicked grin she announced her new friend’s name was to be “To Treason”

With a huff of disappointment followed by a sly smile, the official jotted down the names of the pair before exclaiming:

“Tanta, mount To Treason” 

blueblur62391  asked:

A Sly Cooper official Twiiter that mocks and plays with Sony and PlayStation in the same way the Sonic Twitter does with SEGA. Also, memes, snarkasm, an occasional special event, #FanArtFriday and art created specifically for the blog. Also again, it should totally mock the Bubsy Twitter. DIRECTLY.

I’m in two minds about Sonic’s Twitter.

On one hand, it’s undeniably genius. Take a weakness and reclaim it, twist it into a strength. They’ve leveraged what was unfortunate cultural baggage into a thriving success. And lord knows we have enough to rib Sony about.

On the other hand, that kind of ironic, fourth-wall humour can only take you so far. Unless it’s built on top of something solid, it starts to feel childish. And it is very easy to do wrong.

On a third, severed hand me and my buddies found outside the Clik-Clak diner, haha! Stupid Bubsy.

That one moment when you can finally see:

  • How Haga-san’s actual bald head is.
  • How Koujaku and Noiz are real kids whenever they interact.
  • How Mink is a pitiful adult man for being stuck with the two kids fighting next to him when all he wants is just to read the newspaper quietly.
  • How Ren actually makes a perfect listener for Yoshie-san.
  • How Mizuki, Virus, and Trip are adorable OT3.
  • How Clear would make a great grandson-in-law.
  • How Aoba and Sly Blue might be better off as twins instead of multiple-personalities in one body.
  • How Sei can make the world brighter just by smiling.
  • How Clara has found a new love.