sly magic

More and more monsters fall to the Inklings vicious strikes and fast attacks. Young, olg, strong, weak, it doesn’t matter. He is too swift and sly for their magic attacks, and his refusal to engage in a fair FIGHT helps him along the way greatly as well. Soon, he feels like he had enough dust, his ink increased by a significant amount, and this carnage having brought him all the way from the Ruins of this timeline to its Snowdin.

“Aahh … so much Dust … so many Soul Shards … I feel great~.”

The Date

The first phase

“I….I like you!” Turning, Travis stared into Katelyn’s eyes, rooting the shocked girl in place.

Now you may be wondering, “How did the charming fellow Travis, get in this situation?”
And to that, I’d say, “Pure charm, the usual Travis way.”





That was a lie.

It was a silly plan, a spur of the moment thing.

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Hope In The Air- Laura Marling | Van Helsing Boombox- Man Man | Twenty Seven- MS MR |  The World- Danger Mouse | Bottle- Texture Like Sun | Dog- Andrew Judah |Think Twice- Groove Armada |  Apparitions- The Raveonettes | Inferno- Sir Sly  | There Was Magic, Then- The Gentle Waves | Totemo- Host | Break- Son Lux | Give Us A Little Love- Fallulah | Let It Go- The Neighborhood | Be Brave (Son Lux remix)- My Brightest Diamond | Relax My Beloved- Alex Clare

Cheers for Judars return!! I had been waiting so, so, so long for it I wonder if his ruhk has changed.. Also I was hoping he had a outfit change I would have loved to make it.
This is my Ju cosplay for PR.Comic Con this year!
I’m so just happy he’s safe ( ̄へ ̄)

A playlist of non top 40 songs to spend your summer listening to // listen here

1. You Haunt Me - Sir Sly // 2. Pumpin Blood - NONONO // 3. Red & Gold - Young Rising Sons // 4. Ride - Twenty One Pilots // 5. Cecelia and the Satellite - Andrew McMahon // 6. Anna Sun - Walk the Moon // 7. (Everything is) Debatable - Hellogoodbye // 8. Texas - Magic Man