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i. talk too much - COIN // ii. feel it still - portugal, the man // iii. high - sir sly // iv. midnight city - M83 // v. handclap - fitz and the tantrums // vi. my type - saint motel // vii. ain’t no rest for the wicked - cage the elephant // viii. fool - BORNS // ix. feels like we only go backwards - tame impala // x. the wire - HAIM // xi. catherine - magic man // xii. she’s out of her mind - blink 182 

Sneaking witchcraft into Christmas. Again.

Last year I posted briefly about how I sneak a little bit of magic into my families xmas celebrations. 

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You can read about it here

This year I’m up to my old tricks again and I’ll be posting how I’m going about it, so stay tuned witches ;) 


This… is the Christmas present that I’m giving to my DM and fellow players.I know I’ve posted a lot of work-in-progress sneak peeks of it before now, but this is the final version for print, and I’m really, really proud of it. It definitely challenged me in a hundred different ways, and even now I’m not sure if I’m completely happy with it, but I think my friends are going to love it. 

We’ve been playing for almost a year and a half now! It’s my first ever D&D game, and my DM is extremely talented. She’s built a world and a narrative that we love to get lost in, and if you’re interested in it, please feel free to read below the cut!

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Unearthing the Little King

To the complete surprise of absolutely 0 people, I’ve been given an excuse to talk about Regulus Black (again!). Thank you @reguluslocket, any excuse to talk about him is welcome. Even if it’s just a screaming match about who loves him more (hint: it’s me). It’s gonna be a bit long (not that long though, just one or two pages on word), cause I’ve never talked about him much in detail on tumblr, so here goes nothing.

(Warning: Overanalyzing is inevitable

Another Warning: There may be conflicting stuff in this, cause I wrote this over a few days in-between breaks, and some of the opinions I had changed slightly as I thought more and more of them)

Tagging other people who might be interested to hear me ramble about Regulus:

@meowmerson @primruesabcd @chasertiff @archistratego @edwardtcnks

And gonna preface this by saying English is my fourth language, so please excuse my mistakes.

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dresupi  asked:


I feel like you’re all about to see the massive fairy tale/fantasy nerd that’s been hiding behind the curtain this whole time.

1. Remione (Remus/Hermione)

Of course the first one I thought of was Hermione & Remus because I am hardcore jonesing on this ship right now. Full on High Fantasy/Tamora Pierce’s Tortall kingdom levels for this royalty AU.

Hermione as the disinterested younger princess of the kingdom who would rather be cloistered in the library with her books and her quiet, older, war-retired tutor Remus Lupin than admit it’s time to look for a fiance to alliance with. Lupin teaches her history and policy and, on the sly, battle magic that the court wizards wish they knew. When Hermione’s old brother, destined to inherit the throne, goes missing she abandons balls for espionage while Remus tries to lure her home again. Or at least keep her safe. Or at least keep from falling in love with her.

2. Ironshock (Darcy/Tony)

Darcy is willing to do just about anything to make sure her alliance engagement to Tony Stark- permanent playboy prince (now king)- does not go as planned. She has her own neighboring kingdom to take care, even if it is small and comparatively insignificant. She had a budding scientific community making waves and she doesn’t need their reputation being clouded over by Stark’s kingdom’s flash and pomp.

If only Tony wasn’t being so genuinely likable at every function. And if only she hadn’t overheard the plot for a hostile takeover of his kingdom by his advisor Stane. But when she realizes the threat Stane poses to her own kingdom and people, an alliance marriage sounds like it’s exactly what she needs from Tony Stark.

3. Shieldshock (Steve/Darcy)

(What cracktastic absurdity have I wrought?)

The Rogers dynasty has lasted the kingdom centuries but when a curse renders the family unable to bear children, all available sons are put into freeze, being brought out one at a time to rule a lifetime in the hopes they might find the cure. Steven is the last son, sickly and frail, and with a desperate effort at solving the curse, his regeneration is an experimental procedure performed by royal scientist Tony Stark. And it almost works, Steven Rogers is now hale and hearty, but he’s just a sterile as his predecessors.

Pressured to form a marriage with a wealthy country that might help fund the search for answers to the curse, Steve instead finds himself spending as much time as he can in the company of one Darcy Lewis, science wrangler and coffee brewer. She might not have anything to offer the kingdom but Steve can’t help but feel like she’s the answer to the question of what kind of man he’d like to be.

There would be meddling spysassin godmothers, immortal tricksters to contend with, and a ball scene straight out of Cinderella, FOR SURE.

The Date

The first phase

“I….I like you!” Turning, Travis stared into Katelyn’s eyes, rooting the shocked girl in place.

Now you may be wondering, “How did the charming fellow Travis, get in this situation?”
And to that, I’d say, “Pure charm, the usual Travis way.”





That was a lie.

It was a silly plan, a spur of the moment thing.

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A playlist of non top 40 songs to spend your summer listening to // listen here

1. You Haunt Me - Sir Sly // 2. Pumpin Blood - NONONO // 3. Red & Gold - Young Rising Sons // 4. Ride - Twenty One Pilots // 5. Cecelia and the Satellite - Andrew McMahon // 6. Anna Sun - Walk the Moon // 7. (Everything is) Debatable - Hellogoodbye // 8. Texas - Magic Man

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Still taking flash fic prompts? Emma attempting to clean the loft with magic, Sorcerer's Apprentice style via enchanted brooms/mops and other household cleaning objects. Of course everything goes haywire and they need to call in Gold or Regina.

(Legit, I cackled when this prompt came through. This is SO CUTE!)

How Emma had wound up alone in the apartment on her mother’s Annual Spring Cleaning Day was beyond her. The apartment was to be cleaned top to bottom, no stone unturned. Every window was to be Windexed, every knickknack was to be dusted, the floors were to be swept and mopped. There was laundry to do and appliances to clean until they gleamed.

And here Emma stood, alone.

She supposed it couldn’t be helped. Her poor baby brother had awoken congested and coughing. Snow and Charming had panicked, as every new parent was wont to do. Despite the fact that the poor little squirt quite obviously had a simple cold, they were now sitting at Storybrooke General waiting for Dr. Whale to take a look at him.

Then Regina had called and offered to take Henry down to the stables. The kid had looked so excited at the prospect that Emma hadn’t had the heart to tell him no.

Killian was due to arrive at some point but she’d asked him to swing by the store first to pick up some cleaning supplies that they hadn’t had on hand.

But for right now, Emma had a mountain of cleaning ahead of her and just her own little self to do it.

Wait a second.

Who said she had to do this the hard way? She had freakin’ magic!

A sly grin tugged at her lips as she set a sponge in the bathtub. All right, she thought as she concentrated her magic, let’s see if this sucker will scrub away the soap scum stains itself.

When her burbling magic was at just the right temperature, she opened her eyes. Sure enough, the sponge was now doing the dirty work for her and scouring the tub.

Emma grinned. Okay, this? Was going to be fun.

Within minutes, she had the broom sweeping the hardwood floors on its own, a couple of feather dusters running themselves over all of Snow’s knickknacks, and a second sponge scouring the kitchen sink. All she had to do was play air traffic controller and redirect the objects to a new task when they completed their current one.

Killian walked in as the mop wrung itself out in the dirty water bucket, plunked itself back into the soapy water bucket, and set to work on the next area of bathroom tile. “Bloody hell, love,” he murmured, startled. Then he smiled at her. “Having fun, are we?”

“We are,” she grinned, somewhat giddy. She clutched his lapel and pulled him towards the couch. “And we’re also alone.”

Killian grinned. All memory of magically moving cleaning supplies fled both their minds.


Snow ascended the stairs to the apartment slowly so as not to disturb her napping little prince. She and Charming had spent a couple long hours in the emergency room only to be told that their baby boy had his first cold.

Thank goodness it was nothing more serious than that.

As she approached the door, she heard somewhat panicked voices coming from the other side. “Charming, something’s wrong,” she murmured.

Charming had the door open in a flash. Neither of them were prepared for what they found.

The broom and the mop were skidding around the floor by themselves. Sponges were scrubbing thin air, leaving a trail of soapy water on the floor below. The feather dusters were zooming around the room at top speed, leading a frantic Hook and Emma to have to duck to avoid being hit in the face.

Of all the things Snow had ever expected to walk in on, out of control cleaning supplies were nowhere on the list.

“Emma, what the hell is going on?” Charming asked when he found his voice.

“I don’t know!” she cried. “I can’t make them stop!”

“I take it that means you made them go to begin with,” Charming deadpanned.

“Yeah, but I don’t know how to make them stop!” And then she ducked to avoid one of the dive-bombing feather dusters.

Snow didn’t waste any time; she set Neal’s car seat down and sent Regina a text that simply said “SOS.”

Regina and Henry appeared less than a minute later in a cloud of purple smoke. Henry took one look at the chaos and started giggling. Regina took one look at the chaos, heaved a sigh, and waved her hand. All the cleaning supplies fell to the floor, utterly motionless.

Everyone let out a breath of relief.

Regina took a moment to survey the now calm scene and then quirked an eyebrow in Emma’s direction, a smirk tugging at her lips. “I applaud your initiative, Ms. Swan, but perhaps next time you should end your enchantments before moving onto other activities. Magic is emotion, after all, which means it’s … excitable.”

Emma’s cheeks burned a bright shade of red, and Hook looked like he wanted to melt into the floor.

“I don’t even want to know,” Charming muttered.