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Unearthing the Little King

To the complete surprise of absolutely 0 people, I’ve been given an excuse to talk about Regulus Black (again!). Thank you @gredandforge, any excuse to talk about him is welcome. Even if it’s just a screaming match about who loves him more (hint: it’s me). It’s gonna be a bit long (not that long though, just one or two pages on word), cause I’ve never talked about him much in detail on tumblr, so here goes nothing.

(Warning: Overanalyzing is inevitable

Another Warning: There may be conflicting stuff in this, cause I wrote this over a few days in-between breaks, and some of the opinions I had changed slightly as I thought more and more of them)

Tagging other people who might be interested to hear me ramble about Regulus:

@meowmerson @primruesabcd @chasertiff @archistratego @edwardtcnks

And gonna preface this by saying English is my fourth language, so please excuse my mistakes.

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our new adventures will make up our memories
a mix for road trips with friends

texas magic man // pompeii bastille // alone together fall out boy // paris magic man // miss jackson panic! at the disco // on top of the world imagine dragons // good life one republic // i will wait mumford & sons // bad blood bastille // centuries fall out boy // gold sir sly // do i wanna know arctic monkeys // counting stars  onerepublic // nicotine panic! at the disco // diane young vampire weekend // it’s time imagine dragons // mountain sound of monsters and men // the cave mumford & sons // house of gold twenty one pilots // over & over smallpools

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Cheers for Judars return!! I had been waiting so, so, so long for it I wonder if his ruhk has changed.. Also I was hoping he had a outfit change I would have loved to make it.
This is my Ju cosplay for PR.Comic Con this year!
I’m so just happy he’s safe ( ̄へ ̄)