sly cooper fan character


“It could’ve gone better…
There had been a lot thrown at me in those days following. I went behind my parent’s backs, traveled to Mexico, saved Veronica from her ties with a gang in her country, then like some strange twist of fate, I ran into Muggshot and learned things about my father’s past I just– couldn’t believe. 

I was only 18; it was a lot to take in and accept. But, I did it. And now, four years later, I’m making something of not only myself, but the Cooper Legacy. With, of course, a twist from my mom’s own family reputation–

I’m keeping both alive.”


My very Own Sly Cooper Original Character. I thought of her and her story while listening to my professor lecture in my History class.

I plan on making a short comic in which she meets Tennessee “Kid” Cooper since I absolutely adore him. I’m not making him part of his gang but I thought to do some sort of story in which they work together though. I’m actually really excited about doing this.

Name: Michelle Wolf
Mica (funny because if you spell it Mika it means wise Raccoon)

Occupation: Teacher

Weapon: Dual Revolvers

Species: Gray Wolf

Story details and more concept of Michelle will be out soon. I’ll be calling her Mica most of the time.

The Penesieves are obscure to legends but well-known to Cooper history as their greatest and most secretive rivals; made up of vigil anties, spies, detectives and investigators, but never coming close to being official officers. They prized honesty, selflessness, and above all, intelligence. By Sly Cooper’s time, however, the family tree seems to have run its roots as no counterpart has arisen to him yet.

Abdul and his fraternal twin brother, Shavaal, where ancestors of the Penesieve family. Descended themselves from Maraam, a woman of Hebrew Origin and born themselves in Israel , they traveled far to Ancient Arabia with their mother and step-father. Their mother was whom they inherited the Penesieve name from; having been born out of wedlock of an unnamed father.

A sickness stroke their mother shortly after the birth of their younger half-brother- and after her burial, Their step-father took his son and abandoned them in the night, leaving them on the streets to die.
Shavaal abandoned family tradition and began thieving while Abdul performed tricks and errands to gain money. During their early years, age seven or six, they encountered their Cooper Counterpart- Salim Al Kupar.

Salim, already grown and a skilled thief, was a person the orphans loved to annoy on a regular bases by spoiling his heists, returning stolen objects and playing pranks. To this day he did not learn their names, and referred to Shavaal, the sneakier and faster brother as the ‘Ruffian’ and Abdul as the 'Pipsqueak’.

They clashed many times until it became not an enemy-like feud but more of a sportful game to see who would get the better of who, and Salim grew accustomed to the twin’s presence- thus was shocked, and perhaps even saddened, when they vanished one day. They had not spoken to him, really, at all. As a father himself- as he later became- he had felt an odd bond with the two misfits and was confused as to why they disappeared.

In reality the two where abducted by slave traders from which they hastily escaped. They traveled far, lost between different cities and living off barely anything before Abdul began developing skills in carpet/fabric weaving as well as medicines. They met up with a man called Dr Moosa- a old racoon- who thought him as an apprentice in Baghdad.

Shavaal and Abdul, with their differences, grew apart. They grew to young men and returned to Arabia- Shavaal remained a thief and an acrobat performer, and Abdul became a doctor and peddler. However, his journey was not over yet. For the first time he was without his brother and he found himself lost in the desert after a storm- where he came across some of the older fourty thieves had stolen a magic lamp. Fearing they tampered with unknown forces, he stole it back and returned it to its underground temple. He was greeted by a genie who granted him a great reward- Magic Powers. He could now create illusions, coloured-smoke like projections, healing medicines and was given a string of magic beads to help him perform the acts of a magician.  In Penesieve family history, Abdul is seen as the most resourceful and enigmatic of the family; powerful but quiet, and wise in later life.

Personality: Unlike his misfit brother Shavaal, Abdul is quiet, caring, and always thinks. He loves stories, is resourceful and mature, intelligent, but sometimes his wish to be too kind or too fair lead to exploitation from those who will not share the same views. Kindness in a harsh time isn’t rewarded. In earlier years he was prone to worry and anxiety, akin to his descendant Muta from 'Tale of a Ninja’. He tries to be open-minded, and serious at times. He is calm. Praises justice and good deeds.

Weaknesses- Born as the weaker twin he grew up thin, skinny and with a weak chest that caused him to cough quite a lot. After his encounter with the genie, this was reduced. Hand-to-hand combat can be difficult for him without his tricks. 

Strengths- Skills of a scholar; reads and writes, trained as a doctor in Baghdad, magical skills, intelligent.

-Tattoos placed on fur by genie magic.

-Family history hints he may have been of Jewish faith.