Sly - Orphanage Game?

Okay, so Sly and the gang all grew up together in the orphanage, didn’t they? So, what if there was an entire game set there - with Sly learning his skills, but stealing completely trivial stuff like cookies and cans of soda, but creating hugely elaborate plans to get past all the hall monitors and teachers and stuff?

It could be a really cute little game, and show us a lot of character development, with him meeting new friends, kind of wondering at his place in the world, but also being just a really fun and silly adventure in an innocent setting.

What do you think?


I’ve been slowly putting up all of my sprites as stickers on RedBubble. I’m sure I’ve posted about it before but there’s like, 200 up now so I figured I’d say something again.

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This is for @mx-kit . I did my best to get the information you were looking for. First image is the mouse poster from the museum, second image is its appearance as an advertisement in Dimitri’s level. Third image is the suit of armor and biplane (it’s hard to get good shots of them, because this section of the game locks the camera in place and disables the binocucom), which the fourth and fifth show also in the second Contessa stage.

I didn’t get a shot of it, but the other suit of armor in the museum is from one of the Sir Raleigh levels in Sly 1.

So, while I think you were thinking along the right lines, I don’t think there’s any evidence here to suggest Penelope was going to be in the game at any point. I think the museum stuff you were asking about is just stuff they reused from other levels because they ran out of concept art to post around it and needed to make the museum, you know, actually look like a museum.

STILL, I had fun figuring all this out, and I now have a boatload of museum stuff to put on this blog, so thanks!

Sketch 9, Carmelita Fox aka Old Ironsides

“Get back here, Ringtail!”

Okay, so I’m not taking requests on these sketches, but after drawing Sly yesterday I just had to sketch up a Camelita to match. This is more-or-less her Sly 1-3 outfit with a dash of 4 here and there.


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this cutscene kills me every single time i see it & i wanted to redraw it eventually, & i finally got around to it, so *slides this over on the good china*

i still need to actually finish this game OTL

(4 out of 5 dentists recommend clicking for full view)