sly apathy

anonymous asked:

i really want the next game to be about sly's daughter or son. i want the egypt ending to be mentioned in passing and just continue the story with a new cooper gang

Whoa! Whoa! What the heck, anon?! Strongly disagree!

That’s… not a satisfying conclusion. Like, at all. You don’t follow a guy for four games, toss him like garbage into the Egyptian desert, and just… move on.

Nobody wants to leave Sly trapped in Egypt. And that includes the friggin’ jackanapes in the Sanzaru writer’s room who put him there in the first place! The reason the cliffhanger irritates so many people, myself included, is because it’s very obviously building to a continuation of the story that never came. This would be like if after Empire Strikes Back, the next Star Wars movie picked up 15 years later and someone idly said “Yeah, guess it’s a shame Han Solo is still trapped in a nightmarish existence as a living trophy for Jabba the Hutt. But hey, he had a good run.”

I also guarantee that introducing younger, hipper characters as outright replacements for the classics rarely goes over well. Even if the new characters are good, audiences as a rule hate that kind of thing. 

And - I mean, I guess I can’t throw stones, given that I now apparently also live in the glass house of introducing relatives of the protagonist of which he has no prior knowledge. But in my defence, the Fletchers are cousins. It’s a lot harder to be unaware of your own child. What, are you telling me on one of his globe-trotting adventures, Sly slept with some lady who then had no way of contacting him because he’s a-

y’know what actually that part’s plausible, in-universe.