CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The 'Workin on it' series wants your stories

Xeryle shared this with the community on our Facebook page:


Hey there folks, SlushPilePress wants to do a couple Workin on it! ‘antholo-zines’ on internalized racism and horizontal racial bias/interethnic prejudices. I have had the idea for years but now see it as imperative to the struggles around poc unity.

I know that race/color/ethnicity isn’t the only thing that gets internalized among people of color (there are all those other isms and phobias that intersect with race class etc) but this is a starting point. If you know of examples in your own lives or others that you could write about or perhaps send a link to I would appreciate it. I would like to begin the zines with personal experiences with internalized racism and the second zine with experiences of horizontal racial bias/inter ethnic prejudice-I found this term on the net.

This is not a for-profit venture but I could surely send contributors a copy or two once completed.

Time frame: It appears open but consider submitting before August 15:

*TIME FRAME…well I plan to start pulling things together around mid August so would I’ll probably go with what I have by August 31 for the first one on internalized racism. and the second by the end of September.

Send your submissions and questions to Xeryle, SlushPilePress, at: ('0’ is zero).

EDITOR’S NOTE: We met Xeryle at this year’s APOCalypse event in NOLA, where SlushPilePress tabled.