The signs as things my friend said while cutting open a heart in class @murderisjoy

Aries : *makes blubber sound while moving it around* *evil giggling*

Taurus : “I hoped there would be more blood”

Gemini : “I’m poking dead things again”

Cancer : “It’s in…….. like a dick"

Leo : “With scissors? Just like a lesbian”

Virgo : “It looks a little bit like a vagina….i can know that”

Libra : “OUR PATIENT IS DYING!!!!!!!!”

Scorpio : “Thanksgiving dinner be like”

Saggitarius : “It looks like a bloody slushy”

Capricorn : “I'ts hard on the outside but really soft on the inside…like a dick    actually thats not how dicks work i just like to add dick to it”

Aquarius : “It should be on your bucket list to touch the heart of a dead animal”

Pisces : “I’m not a psycopath im just really morbid”

Okay this makes me sound really awful and stuck up, okay– but I’m an extremely over bearing parent because my childhood was poop– anyway

Like text book parent a lot of the time.

So my daughter and I have gone to the park for both of my off days now, and I let her play on the slides and stuff alone and I’m usually paranoid she’ll fall– and she totally made friends with all the other kids, and now we’re sitting in the car at the next park having chips and slushies as lunch and wow I feel transformed HAHAHAHA

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what's ny like?

Alicia Keys pretty much summed it up real well: “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of; there’s nothing you can’t do.”

I have a love / hate relationship with my city.
I always look forward to Autumn with the changing leaves and the piles of fallen ones I’m able to just jump in at Central Park. I adore Winter here at Rockefeller Center and the tree-lighting, all the caroling and Christmas lights; however, I am not about the tourists at that time. Nor do I like the snow. It’s nice at first: silent, pure, white. But that lasts for like 15 minutes. Then it turns black. And it’s slushy. And it’s up to your ankles. I love Spring in NYC because I finally get to have my lunch outside. NYC plants new flowers everywhere, in massive pots on 34th street, Union Square, 23rd street, and Bryant Park. Once those are planted, I know Spring is here and I get super excited for the best weather. I absolutely HATE summer, though. Like… despise it. It is hot and humid times 1000 because of the congestion and cars. On top of that, the garbage (even though it’s in bags) begins to cook. Summer has a smell — people, moisture, humidity, cars — now… add rotting, cooking garbage to the mix.

In Brooklyn, during the summer, you’ll see kids playing in the streets until the streetlights come on. Hydrants will be open to cool down. Ice cream trucks songs can be heard all over. Music playin’ from the stoops. In winter, it’s pretty much the same as NYC in terms of snow and slush and black snow and ankle-deep slush. Autumn and Spring in Brooklyn isn’t really a big thing. Same with Staten Island, the Bronx, and Queens — I’m not too familiar with the latter two.

Some days, I am in awe that I live here.
Other days, I am waiting to leave.

But I feel like, no matter what, NYC will be home.


Prehnites are the assassins of homeworld. Their one shared ability is to turn invisible, this invisibility is effective enough to hide their bodies but not their gemstones. They’re favored class wardrobe and hair style are hoods and cloaks with short hair. Lastly the lighter/darker the prehnite, the stronger and bigger they are.