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For the life of me I cannot remember the name of this fic. Bucky woke up early, becomes an assassin for hire, Fury gave Bucky a job offer on the avengers, Bucky turns it down, then he gets angry when he thinks they dressed up someone pretending to be Steve, when it actually is Steve. (You guys are a blessing I love)

Ok I literally just saw this a few days ago while I was fic hunting and now I can’t find it again.

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@slushie-bear brought us Mighty Like Love, Mighty Like Sorrow by Regann!

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Fic:  Speak Words Not Voiced

My @daficswap​ fic for @pentaghasthell​, featuring her OC, Vex, and Cassandra. The themes was “Firsts” and I chose first dance. I hope you enjoy it! (And thank you to @laireshi​ for reading this over for me! The title is from the poem in Cassandra’s romance, transcribed here.)

The message reaches her while they are still traveling back to Skyhold, slogging through slushy spring snow in the mountains and pitching their tents on damp tracts of rocky ground. It’s not the official letter of course. That one would never be sent by messenger bird. It would be too heavy with seals and ribbons and puffed up self-importance for that. This is simply a note from Leliana, short and to the point. The Clerics have voted, and they have chosen Cassandra. The handwriting is the same as thousands of other letters they have exchanged, the words no more or less flowery than usual. Leliana has been playing the Game for so long that Cassandra might not be able to infer her feelings on the subject even if they were talking face to face. It is pointless to speculate. And it is not as if she has accepted the appointment, either. Not yet.

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Honestly I just wanna cry and curl up in a ball and talk with someone about what Dan's favourite shirt is and how Phil sits on the sofa and if they snore and if they wake each other up everyday or wait until the other wakes up and I wanna talk about aliens and the science between that cup that turns liquid into a slushie and I wanna talk about cats and how cool they are. Anyone with me? I'll hit you up tbh ~A


sleepover Saturday!

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do you have a beauty/make up routine?

cry every morning 2 keep ur skin silky smooth

get less than 6 hours sleep everyday to give urself tht natural smokey eye look

constantly drink red slushies 4 an intense red lip tint

so @prongsied and I over a skype call made a modern AU/Mall AU  for all the fallout 4 companions and I decided to share it with my Valencock skype group chat and it got 104% better so I want to share somethings we have come up with!

Deacon: bowling alley assistant, gives people bowling shoes also part time hottoppic employee. Him and John constantly are playing pranks on the rest of their friends when they are working such as: ordering the most complicated drink ever before starbucks closes and danse has the closing shift or giving him dumb names, playing whats new pussy cat on repeat over the jukebox in the bowling alley ect ect. Also rides his long bored in the mall because fuck u WEARS HEELIES AND BUCKET HATS 

Maccready: wears a lot of Nike and is a fuckboi and works in the produce section of a local store. Hangs out at the Mall after work and is pals with John and Deacon. Kills it at DDR in the arcade and really likes slushies 

Preston: works in a pet store. He likes helping people with animal probs, deff puppies becuase HE LOVES DOGS SM and he is employee of the month for five months. Hangs out at the mall for the food

Danse and maxson: baristas at Starbucks. Literally so salty about everything. Danse can’t pronounce venti and Maxson can’t spell names.

Piper: reporter for local paper, also updates AO3 with bad fanfictions. Stalks Nick and John to update her tumblr constantly about them. Anons always ask for updates and even tho she tries to update with news articles she can’t help but keep her followers updated.

Nick: MALL COP WITH PROSTHETIC ARM fucking realist shit right here okay he constantly is drinking coffee and taking smoke breaks. He really likes John a lot but is like too focused on work to really make a move. Constantly letting John off the hook even tho he shouldn’t lmao later on him and John date and are super cute and move in together in an apartment. Bans heelies 

Hancock: hangs around food court and hits on nick and works at Spencer’s as the manager tho doesn’t really work the hours he clocks in for. Too busy hanging with Nick and Deacon. Smokes pot 24/7 also has gotten caught by nick before lmao he is the one buying nick lunch and totally is in love with him. takes him on cute dates and cooks for him 

Cutie: totally works at Victoria’s Secret and studies science on her own free time. Speaks fluent french and lives alone with a cat who she loves sm

X6- arcade attendee. once played DDR for 6 hours 

Cait: works selling protein power, listens to screamo and green day 

They all take road trips to concerts wowe thsi was a lot have some doodles

Petty Revenge Comes Slow, Quickly

I was walking home from lunch today when a car came out of an alley without looking. He was blocking the sidewalk, forcing me to stop in my tracks and go around behind him. I had to leave the nice shoveled sidewalk and walk through the slushy snow. So when I saw he was turning left at the end of the block, where I was crossing the intersection, I slowed my walking pace to a near glacial speed. He didn’t appreciate that, judging by all the honking.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. 

i just want to go to 7-11 at 2am and get slushies and doritos and sit on the bench with you and talk about our futures

i want to take you to the park and swing on the swings and take dumb grunge pictures and pretend to be instagram models

we’d climb on your roof and watch the sky and talk about our astrology signs and laugh about how compatible we are

i just want us to be happy, if only for a moment in time

What the signs get at restaurants
  • Aries:Pizza or something with bread and cheese
  • Taurus:mozzarella sticks and some type of pasta possibly like raviolis
  • Gemini:mac 'n cheese with a side of French fries or maybe broccoli
  • Cancer:Pancakes or fried foods
  • Leo:Smoothies and something they can tear apart like nachos
  • Virgo:A salad or a sandwich with a muffin or small desert
  • Libra:I could never say chicken nuggets so much and a slushie or something cold to drink
  • Scorpio:Quesadilla with lots of veggies and sour cream
  • Sagittarius:Tacos with soda or sugary drinks
  • Capricorn:Chicken with a unusual side like asparagus
  • Aquarius:Would most likely order dessert first and sliders
  • Pisces:Wraps and dips are the perfect food for Pisces