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Sonia Nevermind’s Character Profile

Though her attempts at intercultural communication are often somewhat off the mark, sociable Sonia includes everyone among her circle of friends. Depending on the genre, she knows more about Japan than the Japanese!

Owari: Makango?! Can I eat it?!
Nanami: The ‘proper young lady’ character is a staple to any game.
Saionji: This pig bitch thinks she can get on my side?!
Koizumi: She has a real cool European style.
Mioda: Ibuki wanted to see her in a bikini!!
Pekoyama: She’s quite well-learned.
Monomi: Such a pwoper young lady is just wuvly!
Monokuma: Upupu, she’ll stick up for absolutely anyone.
Nidai: With that commanding voice, she’d be good at hawking newspapers.
Hanamura: You know, princesses have a reputation for being sheltered~
Souda: She’s totally completely one-hundred-percent princess!!
Tanaka: Truly the arcane mother of darkness!
Togami: With regards to global influence, she is a decent match.
Komaeda: Her noble rank is clear as soon as one lays eyes on her.
Hinata: Sometimes she acts strangely like the common people…