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this isn't meant to be rude or anything and I'm not trying to upset anyone, but aren't sociopaths and narcissists on the same spectrum as people with bpd? I just don't see why people with bpd get so much attention and the others don't. you can't favor one mental disorder over another. it is not something to be romanticized.

bitch how can you come into my inbox, when you don’t have a personality disorder and tell me not to take this rudely

1. sociopath & psychopath are slurs used to target people with personality disorders, and unless you’re someone with a personality disorder, you can’t reclaim them.

2. you’re implying people with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) are bad people because of their disorder, which isn’t true at all and makes you sound like a total ableist asshole.

3. literally no one is romanticizing them? we are talking about our experiences and what we have to deal with on a day to day basis. we suffer a great deal and bpd is one of the most common yet most misdiagnosed disorders because of the stigma surrounding it, like most personality disorders. 

4. if someone with a personality disorder wants to talk about their symptoms & you want to call them attention seekers, you should probably shut up. people with only depression, anxiety, & the rest of more favorable disorders to neurotypicals get treated way better than people with personality disorders. personality disorders literally stem from childhood trauma & abuse more often than not.

5. why do you hate people with personality disorders?

Please stop saying g*psy. Especially in the witch community.

It’s a slur. It’s harmful. And worst of all no one takes it seriously when Romani people are offended by it. Please please please stop. It’s like any other slur. G*psy isn’t an aesthetic or a style you can pick or drop. It’s a slur. And being Romani isn’t some fun thing to pretend to be at coachella. It isn’t a cool tag for your witchcraft blog. Please respect Romani people, stop using their culture for fun, and stop saying G*psy.


in second grade i moved houses and so i had to go on a new school bus and i didn’t know any of the people on it and i met this kid named connor and he was playing with his yu-gi-oh cards and i asked if i could play because i had never played before and he said ok and i ended up beating him my first time ever playing and he was so mad and he ended up hating me for the rest of his time at school and i feel like this is connor coming back because he had a bad night thinking back to that fateful moment in second grade

“rat,” when used as an insult, is a slur


warnings for: antiasian racism, slurs (”yellow terror”, j*p, r*t, mention of j*w), pictures of the rising sun symbol, violence, blood, gore, propaganda, racist caricatures

secondary warnings for: antimexican racism, antiarab/antimena racism, antivietnamese racism, antisemitic racism

apparently it has been a common trend to use the term “rat” to refer to kpop idols (especially the ~problematic~ ones), which was brought about after the usage of lizard stopped due to lizard being an e. asian slur. it’s very frustrating to see this– to see people finding another excuse to be racist, and the same people argue that it’s not a slur, that ~tumblr social justice warriors!!1!~ are just making this up. i personally find this ridiculous and just plain denial of their own racism.

it’s funny, considering there has been quite an amount of propaganda against e. asian people throughout history using this very slur. and yet people still continue to live in ignorance, claiming there has been no historical context to this being used, continuing to use it on idols. 

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There’s no excuse for using the r-word. Ever.

“But I’m not talking about mentally disabled people.” Yes. you. fucking. are.

Just because you’re not beating up a disabled person while you’re saying it doesn’t make it okay. When you say that word, you’re absolutely talking about the mentally disabled. The word (in this context, although it’s not really used in many others) was coined to describe the mentally disabled. There’s no other way you could mean it. You’re talking about me, the kids with Downs syndrome that my sister babysits, my friend with CP who I’ve known for as long as I can remember, my friend’s autistic brother, and every other mentally/developmentally disabled person. There’s no other way you could mean it. Even if you’re using it to describe an object or a person who’s not disabled, you’re absolutely talking about us. Don’t try to convince us it’s even remotely acceptable as if you’re an authority on it.

When someone calls you out for using a slur, don’t try to scrounge up excuses for it. You fucked up. Just accept it, apologize, and don’t do it again.

Arizona Fox 10 News Anchor, Kari Lake, Posts About DVHS Students Spelling Out The N-word On Their Shirts...

I’m sure most of you have seen the picture or heard about this if not here’s a link. (x) Arizona Fox News anchor, Kari Lake, decided to address this controversy on her Facebook yesterday:

“I know it’s controversial and at the risk of being lambasted here, I’m going to speak out on the young women at Desert Vista who spelled out a racial slur at a school pep rally last week.

The kids behaved stupidly, that is true. But the world-wide embarrassment and humiliation is already way too much punishment for this act.

The girls realized their letters spelled out a derogatory word and snapped a photo. Sadly, the word they spelled has historically upsetting connotations. I’m sure these kids have heard the word in music. So many artists continue to use this word in their songs/rap. Unfortunately, it’s still in the lexicon.

Too bad their letter didn’t just spell the F-word or another swear word, then people wouldn’t want the kids’ lives destroyed.

Instead of making this a teachable moment, many “grown ups” want to have these kids expelled, their scholarships pulled, their names and reputations destroyed. Over a STUPID mistake.

Let’s remember, they didn’t kill anybody, rob anybody, harm anybody, or commit a crime. They made a MISTAKE. Making mistakes is how young humans learn and grow into responsible older humans.

I ask of those criticizing the girls: Have you ever made a stupid mistake? If you are like most people you have, only your mistake didn’t “go viral.”

Because some people refuse to let this go, those girls are receiving death threats. Other students are afraid to go to school because they worry the school could be targeted by people who want to harm the girls.

I don’t believe for one second these girls are “racist” or “white supremacists.” And I am sure that the public embarrassment and humiliation is enough to have taught them many, many lessons in the past few days without a bunch of adults piling on, calling them names and demanding their lives be destroyed.” (x)

Note how she repeatedly says these girls just made a mistake and says that they are not racist because of it. Okay lady. Also note her lack of understanding how much this word does harm us since she tells us that they didn’t “harm anybody.” Right. 

Lake also got pretty defensive towards people commenting on her post. Black people called her out for her assertion that it didn’t “harm anybody,” and her calling it a mistake, and her basically telling Black people how they should feel about the situation. To which she would reply “You obviously didn’t read my post.” Which is hilarious because they were directly taking parts from her post and telling her why they disagree, but okay they didn’t read your post.

She further decided to be condescending by making another post saying that she was just trying to “inject reason,” into the conversation. And the people disagreeing with her obviously didn’t read her post. “It WAS long, for that I apologize.” Quit treating people like they’re stupid just because they disagree with your shitty Facebook post, you uptight snob.

Throughout the comments she also says that Black people should not be allowed to say the word either and that this is against these student’s Freedom of Speech. Yep. 

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Men will literally argue that women have inferior brains biologically, dispute science, just to derail a conversation to prove that a man “wouldn’t stoop that low without being feminine minded himself” and a man can do this while calling me a whore and a slut and a cunt, and people will somehow believe that this isn’t sexist, that what is being said is reasonable and logical and women have no right to be offended at the idea that our brains are inferior. They will literally claim science is wrong to prove a sexist point, and still men are given the benefit of the doubt that they know what they’re talking about and that what they’re saying shouldn’t be considered offensive.

I will point out that statistically men commit over 90% of violence and I will be told that I must hate all men to believe in that, even though it’s statistically true and does not go against science.

Men find it more offensive to point out that they commit the most violence (something they can change if they want), than they do the idea that women are naturally born inferior and therefore deserve to be treated as lessers, and any time a man exhibits shitty behavior it must be because he has a “feminine brain” because men are Too Good for that lowly feminine stuff. Gee, I wonder why? This is the extreme degree to how coddled the male ego is in our society.

That is how powerful male privilege is. Power means credibility. When people think a man is more credible than me even when the facts are on my side and against his, that is how deeply sexism is ingrained in our minds. Facts somehow become wrong when a woman states them, and when a man disputes science, the benefit of the doubt must be assumed that he magically knows better.

I cannot stand how common the word “bitch” is. I feel like I can’t even go a day without hearing it, usually multiple times. It’s used in casual conversation and in countless shows, movies, books, and songs. It’s the go-to insult for practically any and every woman. Men say it both so casually and so violently. I removed it from my vocabulary a year or two ago and it’s just jarring to hear it now.