@other white people: like yes we’re free to say whatever we want but why in the hell would you so desperately want to say the n-word after it’s been explained time and time again that it’s harmful, racist and comes from disgusting, violent and racist history???? Like. That’s really disappointing and you’re racist trash.



“I am a bad dragon, very very bad, exceptionally terrible,” Lord Candycane uttered, his speech slurred from the copious amounts of ‘Player One’ rum he’d so gladly indulged himself in.

[.:❥:]Without a moments hesitation he scoops his fiance up into his arms and delivered her into his bedroom. How he made it there without falling over would be a great mystery.

Tossing her onto his vast plush bed topped with pricey silks and a few furs the bestial royal follows suite, slithering on top of his mate and none too gracefully and shamelessly tasting her sparkling neck.


The Kuru has a feared reputation throughout the few villages left in Mideel for causing a laughing disease contracted via poison gas. I suspect it’s neurological in nature, based on all the information I’ve heard here and there. A doctor I spoke to told me the few people he treated after coming into contact with it died about a year later, with the disease it caused progressing from mild headaches and tremors to full blown seizures and constant truncal ataxia––uncontrollable movements in the chest and stomach area. If the seizures didn’t kill them, the tremors eventually grew so bad that their spine snapped. 

The sickness has three stages, disregarding the incubation stage. Ambulant stage exhibits an unsteady gait, decreased muscle control, and dysarthria–slurred speech. In the sedentary stage, the afflicted patient will be incapable of walking, suffers truncal ataxia, seizures, and near constant laughter. The terminal stage results in loss of speech, incontinence, continued seizures, continued laughter––though without sound––difficulty swallowing, necrosis and infected sores, and likely pneumonia. 

Found mainly in the deep cave systems, they rely on darkness to mask their presence and primarily keep to themselves. They’re solitary, cannibalistic creatures that will also prey on anyone unfortunate to walk into their territory. A few townspeople near the cliffs told me I could find one if I went into the Western rock systems. Not very good directions. Probably would have found it quicker if I had just gone on my own. 

Susceptible to lighting attacks and brute force. Stealth is necessary if you’re looking to take one out. They’re completely blind, but make up for that with sonar and incredible hearing. The easiest way to find them is to sit and listen. They shriek and laugh, using the noises they make to map out their surroundings. 

The poison gas they use is likely emitted from their mouths, as I didn’t see anything when I went. I wore a mask over my face just in case, so I don’t know if it has a taste or smell. The two townspeople left that survived the disease weren’t able to talk to me about that, or anything really. They’re completely gone. 

Killed only one.

End log.
––Cloud Strife

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What about everyone's reactions to Malec's engagement for a prompt? Just a thought...

I’ve seen a few fics/drabbles/headcanons where it’s Alec telling Izzy, Jace and Clary, so I decided to have Magnus telling his friends instead. Plus, you know… Raphael.

Her mouth dropped open and Magnus grinned. It took a lot to get through Catarina’s defences, to make her really react to something, but this had done it.

‘You’re actually getting married?’ she said, numbly.


‘But… Magnus…’ She seemed to be fumbling for words. ‘After all those years, all those centuries, all the people you’ve loved and never married. Why now?’

Magnus’ smile softened as he thought about Alec. The concentration on Alec’s face when he practiced archery, the way his speech slurred slightly when he was tired, the way his eyes watered when he laughed or yawned, the way he rested his elbows on the table and buried his nose and mouth in the overlong sleeves of his sweater.

‘None of them were Alec,’ Magnus said.

‘You’ve never had it this bad have you?’

‘You were the one telling me to forgive him when we split up.’

‘Which means I deserve credit for this engagement,’ Catarina said.

‘What do you want?’

Catarina grinned. ‘I want to be there when you tell Raphael and Ragnor.’

Magnus groaned.

‘This better be good, Magnus,’ Ragnor grumbled, dropping down into an armchair. ‘I’m very busy.’

‘And I would simply rather be anywhere else but here,’ Raphael said. He sat on the floor in front of the fire. He always seemed to be attracted to light and heat, almost like a cat. Magnus wondered if it was to make up for his inability to go into the sunlight.

‘What did I ever do to deserve such wonderful friends?’ Magnus asked.

Catarina stifled a laugh.

‘Time’s ticking!’ Ragnor said.

‘It’s about Alexander and I,’ Magnus said.

‘I’m not sure I want to know,’ Raphael said.

‘Awww, Magnus, are you getting married?’ Ragnor asked teasingly.

‘Actually, yes.’

There was a pause.

‘Seriously?’ Ragnor asked.


‘Why?’ Raphael asked. ‘Is one Nephilim really worth eventually getting your heart broken over?’

Magnus glared at him. Raphael was silhouetted against the fire, but his face was turned up to Magnus with a look of pure angelic innocence.

‘Okay, first off,’ Magnus said, ‘I dislike you. You are every bit the insufferable brat you were when I first met you. Second, hypocrite.’

Raphael grinned, showing his fangs.

‘You’re really going to do it?’ Ragnor asked. ‘Getting married?’

‘Don’t worry, Ragnor,’ Catarina said. ‘You’ll still be his favourite, right Magnus?’

Ragnor scowled.

‘I’m really going to do it,’ Magnus said, ignoring Catarina. ‘I asked him last week, he said yes. We’re thinking maybe next year, or the year after. He’s telling his family right now. It’s happening.’

‘He’s telling his family, you’re telling your friends,’ Catarina smiled.

‘You three are the closest thing I have to family.’

Ragnor and Raphael both made noises of disgust.

Magnus laughed. ‘I hate you just as much, don’t worry. We can’t choose our family.’

Raphael got to his feet. Magnus thought he was going to walk out without a word, but to his surprise Raphael looked up at him with his head cocked slightly to the side.

‘I am happy for you,’ Raphael said. ‘You are right that we don’t get to choose our family, but we do get to choose who we spend our lives with. Alexander – Shadowhunter or not – is lucky to have you, and you are lucky to have him. I wish you all the best.’

Gracias,’ Magnus said, not knowing what else to say.

‘Now excuse me while I go and wash this moment off myself.’

Raphael left.

‘Well… that was nice,’ Catarina said, looking stunned. ‘Ragnor?’

‘Do I have to make a big soppy speech too?’

‘Well if you did it would just look like you were copying Raphael,’ Magnus said. ‘So you’re excused.’

Ragnor stood up. ‘Thank god.’ He walked to the door and then turned back to face Magnus. ‘Raphael is right though. Alexander may be mortal, but that just means you don’t have time to waste. Have the wedding next year. Don’t wait any longer than that. And I better be your best man!’

Then he followed Raphael out.

‘Well,’ Catarina said, in the silence that followed. ‘That went better than expected.’

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Holy crap...

I just realized that if I do have myasthenia gravis, it might explain a lot of things.  Including…

When I was 19, I started having this problem where I’d get really weak sometimes I’d fall, lots of other things.  But the thing I’m remembering that I never connected to it at all.  Was that my speech would get so slurred that it was impossible for even close friends to understand it.  One of my friends said it was like I got “instant cerebral palsy” or something, from the way I sounded.  It was very severe.

And now that I don’t speak at all (for reasons unrelated to MG), I don’t notice whether my speech is going to be slurred or not.  So I totally forgot that was a symptom.  But for a couple years when I was still speaking part-time, I’d sometimes end up with speech so incomprehensible that friends would tell me to use my keyboard even when I could technically talk, because the keyboard voice was more understandable than my voice.  (Which given that it was old-school DECTalk, is saying something.)

I wish I remembered to tell my neurologist this stuff.  There’s other stuff I know I told my case manager to put on the list to tell him, that didn’t make it onto the list.  Like the right-sided drooling.  And the way my head tilts to one side.  And other stuff.