Jason Dean

I always end up crying because JD in the musical is so pure, he doesn’t know that what he is doing is wrong, because he has always been treated like that. When he goes to Veronica’s house in “Meant To Be Yours” he just wants to be with her, he wants to kill everyone who hurt them, because the only person who really loved him and supported him was her. When he finds finds her “dead” I always start sobbing. He is hurt. And then he really is a psycho. “Still I will if I must” is the line. Though the note he wrote was very powerful too. I think it is all because in the movie he wants to kill her, he is a murderer; in the musical he is just blind, but he really loves Veronica. He worships her. He trades his life for hers. Their love is God.



You know that scene in Over the Hedge (I’m probably showing my age just talking about this lmao) when the squirrel drinks a soda and gets such a sugar high that the rest of the world freezes around him? That’s basically what Anti’s doing while Dark hopelessly runs around trying to wrangle him in a big net.

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