More Arcade Goodness!  

Those of you who follow me probably have noticed that I adore chokers and collars, and the Sugar Garden’s gacha this round certainly fulfills that need!  So many adorable chokers in many different styles and colors!  

Hazy also has a super adorable gacha this round, with adorable bunny and kitty eared hoodies!  The hardest part is finding cute hairs that fit underneath these adorable hoods!  

Tentacio has the adorable Le Coquette Room set, which features adorable deco and pajamas, like this babydoll!  It’s not a perfect fit under the hoodie, I’ll admit, but I adore the combo enough to ignore the little flaws!

Genesis Lab also has a new gacha, featuring two new rare bento heads (male and female) and some gorgeous skins that should fit all of their bento heads!  I’m rather fond of the new Flor head, as it’s super cute and dreamy!  And the new skins are great too!

Now, I’m a huge fan of BUENO’s arcade gachas, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint!  I’m showing of the “Day” color couch here, which is loaded with great poses and is adorable for the pink lovers!  For those who prefer darker tones, there’s also the “Night” version that comes in monotones!

Arcade SLURL:  Sim 1 :: Sim 2 :: Sim 3

Head:  01 Genesis_Head_Flor_3.2 Bento RARE  
Skin:  06 HUD_Genesis_Lab_Skin_FLOR - SET 3 (Tiramisu+Milk)
Hair:  [^.^Ayashi^.^] Meiko hair (Pastels) (gacha)
Collar:  .tsg. Classy Collar - Rose Pendant - Blue
Hoodie:  Hazy. UsagiNyan. S. Pink Nyan   
Babydoll Dress: *Tentacio* Le Coquette Room. Babydoll blue yellow   
Bathing Suit Bottom:  Sweet Thing. Teeny Weeny Polka Bikini (Secret Common!) (Maitr.)  
Shoes:  #EMPIRE - Campanula (@ Tropical Summer 2017)   
Couch:  BUENO Day Sofa  
House:  dust bunny . woodland dreams . penrose treehouse . boxed . RARE   (gacha reveal site)   

And while we’re on the subject of queer-as-identity, it always gets me that the “q slurl” campaigners’ first line of defence is invariably “well, nobody’s telling you not to identify as queer, we just don’t want you using it as an umbrella term”.

I mean:

a. A big chunk of the time it’s baldly disingenuous - the folks claiming that nobody’s telling anybody not to identify as queer themselves have a history of targeted identity-policing; and

b. Even if you’’re not one of those wankers, consider: if you yourself don’t identify as queer, you’re probably not gonna be on the receiving end of that particular flavour of identity policing, are you? Going “I personally have not experienced this specific form of aggression, therefore it doesn’t exist, and everybody who claims to have experienced it is just making up stories for attention”… well, you realise who you sound like there, right?


Rebellious Jukebox 13 Oct by Prue Memo 

Get ready for liftoff my pretties! My Atomic Palace set today has a Rocket theme: Brace yourselves for stratospheric stompers from: Ex-Girl, Bowie, Moon City Boys, Shonen Knife, Masafumi Takada and moar. Plummet in between 7pm SLT (US Pacific Time) and 9.30 TODAY (Friday). Return ticket optional. Prue X

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Rebellius Jukebox 29 Sept by Prue Memo
Via Flickr: 

Greetings to one and all! Its my turn in the vinyl saddle this week at Atomic Palace and I’ll be whipping up some righteous noise from: Talking Heads, Alex Chilton, Kleenex, Blondie, Beck, Death Valley Girls and moar. Be there or be talked about between 7pm SLT (US Pacific Time) and 9.30. Compliance optional. Prue X

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L O O K  B O O K #62

Hair: Little Bones - Feline (group gift)
Hairbase: Unorthodox - Frenchie hair base TMP
Top: titzuki - slit tee in black future (@GEN-neutral)
Underwear/halter: Chocolate Atelier - Yvonne (@GEN-neutral)
Shoes: DECO - Grunge boots fitted
Septum: Cae - Septum basic 3 (@GEN-neutral)
Clock: Dynasty - GMT24 in gold & leather
Choker: Harajuku - tintable tattoo choker
Earrings: Just Magnetized - Genesis magnet earring
Cat: Pixicat - Bastet sphynx sit gacha (@The Arcade)
Poses: Grafica - fizz set (@GEN-neutral) (First picture personal pose)

Shooting location: My studio(NO SLURL)


L O V E  B O O K #22

From Xiasumi Schoolfestival(TAXI):
Vive atelier - Artists Floor Tarp
Sari-Sari - Art Class Palette (dark)
[Cosmic Dust] - Memories Photo Book
Fancy Decor - Drying Rack
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vintage Headphones (Decoration)
Fancy Decor - Film Enlarger
Fancy Decor - Photo Chemicals
[Cosmic Dust] - Flash Photography Mug
Fancy Decor- Film Canisters
Tentacio - Study day
DDD - Retro camera(Antique)
8f8 - serene sanctuary Sakura Vase
Bauhaus Movement - Nene Set Vase
Fancy Decor - Workbench
SORGO - Canvas Stack
Vive atelier - Artists Stack of Canvas’ (Painted)
Sari-Sari - Art Class Modeling Clay
Sari-Sari - Art Class Colored Pencils
[Cosmic Dust] - Yearbook
Sari-Sari - Art Class Acrylic Paint
Sari-Sari - Art Class Watercolor RARE
SORGO - Acrylic Tubes RARE
Sari-Sari - Art Class Sakura Notebook RARE
Vive atelier - Artists Sketchbook
SORGO - Water Cup
SORGO - Sketchbook (A)
{iD} - FiLm ShElF-01
SEUL - Tapered PC Onyx RARE
SEUL - Mag Stack
C'est la vie ! - Old 3D glasses white
Fancy Decor - Photo Paper Stack
Fancy Decor - Film Strips
Fancy Decor - Wire Stool
SORGO - Easle (w/canvas) RARE
SORGO - Table
SEUL - Cup O Ramen - Kawaii Soup
8f8 - serene sancuary Shodo Set
N4RS - Papaver Domesticum
Vive atelier - Artists Studio Skybox RARE
Vive atelier - Artists Apron RARE

Shooting location: My studio(no slurl)