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Beat Down

Requested by @saraisreallycool-yeah

Trigger Warning: Violence 

“You have a good career going for you, I’d hate to see you being dragged down by your association with SAMCRO,” Stahl stared at me from across the table.

“I have no idea what your talking about, their mechanics and Harley enthusiasts. I really have no association with them.”

The ATF agent, smirked at me, throwing pictures of me and Chibs down on the table. “Really, theses pictures prove different. Why would a woman like yourself, top graduate of Stanford Engineering, want to be a biker whore.”

I grinned at her. “We all want to take a walk on the wild side.” 

“You know, he’s married, with a teenage daughter. He doesn’t love you, he isn’t going to marry you. You’re just some pussy, he’s using!”

Putting a cap on my anger, I stood up, resisting the urge to hit her. “Filip and I have no secrets.  Now if you have nothing to hold me on, I’ll be leaving. Bother me again, my lawyer will file harassment charges.”  I smirk at her. “Like you said. I have a really great career, and my lawyer is awesome.”

Leaving the Charming PD, I pull my phone out of my purse. “Hello love. Everything okay. Oswald said ATF brought you in..”

“Everything is fine, I’m going to be late tonight. I’ll see you about ten.”

“Be careful, yeah!”

I smile, hearing his concern. “Always.”


I waited in the darkness, watched as Stahl got out of her car, walking towards her condo. Dressed in black, my face and hands covered, I stepped out of the shadows.

She pulled her gun, I quickly disarmed her kicking it to one side. I landed a kick to her stomach, she went to her knees. I threw a punch, landing it against her jaw.

She raised up, trying to throw a punch at my face, but I blocked it. I shoved her against her car, taking her by her hair, I smashed her face against the window. She slumped to the ground, hearing sirens approaching, I knew ine of her neighbors must have called the police.

I ran the few blocks, sliding into my car I took off for the club.


Sitting down next to Chibs, I kissed his check, Placing my hand on his shoulder. I noticed my knuckles were bruised and swollen. I looked at the prospect tending bar. “Can I have an ice pack please?”

Chibs looked at me, concern filling his brown eyes. “Are you hurt?” I showed him my hand. “What did you do?” He kissed it tenderly.

“I must have hit it against something.” I smiled at him. 

“Lets’s go get it cleaned up.” Taking me by the hand, he led me back to his dorm room.


The Next Day

I was working in my office when my phone rang, pulling it out of my purse, I saw it was Chibs, I smiled to myself as I answered it. “Hello.”

“Agent Stahl, got the living shit beat out of her last night. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that would you?”

“Why would I…”

I heard him chuckle. “Just wondering if that’s what you hit your hand on.” I let out my own laugh.

“I had to defend your honor.”