request: can i request an imagine where reader is will’s older sister but dustin has a lil crush on her, but the reader is dating steve and dustin gets jelly and kind of pissy w steve???

warnings: none

word count: 1,502

“Guys! Pizza’s here!” You shouted to the boys who were currently being rowdy in Will’s bedroom.

You’d gotten stuck babysitting your little brother Will and a few of his best friends while your mom was out on a date. You’d known Lucas, Mike and Dustin for years. The four of them were extremely close. You were so thankful that your brother had friends like them. They were really funny and very loyal to each other.

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Pack Sleepover


Requested: “Could you do a Paul from Twilight imagine of for some reason the whole pack has to stay at Sam and Emily’s so it’s basically a giant slumber party in the living room and Paul and his imprint are all cuddled up together trying to sleep but the rest of the pack is a bunch of annoying brats??”

Sorry for the wait, exams got me pretty stressed but they are finally over now!  I hope you like it, even though it is a little shorter than normal!

Word Count: 741


The idea of the sleepover was to have some time to relax together.  The pack had had a lot going on lately, a lot of vampire related troubles had been keeping them up at night and on patrol all day.  Now that everything was sorted and things were relatively normal again, Sam had suggested having a pack sleepover.  I suspected he wouldn’t suggest it again.  The food had disappeared almost as soon as it was placed on the table and as a result most of the pack were on sugar highs.  The pack tended to be energetic anyway but with a whole tonne of sugar running through their veins they were crazy.

In a useless attempt at calming the pack down a little somebody had put a movie on.  Most of the pack were ignoring it completely though, or hadn’t even noticed it was on.  They were too busy winding each other up and running around like 5-year-olds at a birthday party.  It was quite funny to watch to be honest, I was just glad that they were smiling.  I hadn’t seen them this happy in weeks.  

Paul stuck beside me, off to one side of the living room.  We were both laying in our sleeping bags, watching the drama unfold.  Paul had his arm around me as I was pressed up against his chest, feeling every vibration as he laughed at his pack mates.  Sam had given up trying to keep them all in line and had disappeared with a last despairing look, so now there were a whole bunch of teasing arguments going on around the room and a good few of them were play fighting.  At least I hoped they were pretending.  

By the time the credits rolled on the movie which nobody had bothered to watch, I was ready to fall asleep.  I rolled over to face Paul, burying my face into his chest as my eyes slowly closed.  I felt him place a feather light kiss on my forehead as I hummed contentedly.  And then felt something hit the pack of my head.  I rolled back over as quick as a Flash and shot a glare at the crowd of boys giggling like little girls.  
“Which one of you threw that?”  I snapped, reaching to find whatever it was that had landed in my hair.  It was a piece of popcorn.  I rolled my eyes when none of them answered and peeked over my shoulder to find Paul shooting daggers at them all.  
“It was Quil.”  He muttered, grinning as there was aloud exclamation of complaint.  That grin quickly disappeared as a piece of popcorn hit him in the centre of his forehead.   I bit my lip to suppress a giggle as I lay back down again, getting comfortable.  
“Are you done?”  I grumbled, closing my eyes again as Paul wrapped his arms around me.  
“Nope.”  The pack chorused.  

At first I tried to ignore the pack, but they sure were persistent.  They kept yelling over the room at us every time I felt like I was about to doze off and pretty soon the two of us were covered in the popcorn and jelly sweets that the rest of them had thrown our way.  
“Can you guys quit it?  We’re trying to sleep?”  Paul growled.  Sometimes I wondered how on earth he managed to put up with being in their heads all of the time.  “Can you guys quit it with the cutesy coupley stuff then because we’re trying not to throw up.”  Jared quipped back and I rolled my eyes, biting back a small laugh.  I opened my eyes to see Paul watching them with a small smirk on his face.  “If us trying to sleep grosses you out then good luck with this.”  He met my eyes before leaning forward to capture my lips in his.  Much to the annoyance of the pack.  I heard a collective groan from behind me and laughed into the kiss, before pulling back, a deep blush covering my face.  I hid my face in Paul’s chest, ignoring the laughter from the pack as they noticed my tomato-like complexion.  “Can you please just let us fucking sleep?”  Paul’s eyes widened as the curse word slipped past my lips.  “I would let her sleep.”  He said, looking uneasy.  “Or she may well kill you.”  I smiled, closing my eyes.  “And I certainly won’t be the one to stop her.” 

Count Your Lucky Stars (Alternative Ending 2)

Ok guys, here it is. The last update for CYLS. I decided to go with a happier ending this time because the Space Family deserves to be happy don’t you think? Anyways, thank you for joining me on this journey :D enjoy!!

Everyone was starting to lose hope. There has been no sign of Lance anywhere on their radars for about a month now. Maybe he couldn’t be found because he didn’t want to be, or so they thought until a call from the Arusians came in. Allura was a bit worried, to say the least. The Galra should have no reason to travel back to the planet now that they were gone. She called everyone to the control room, just in case this was just another call to say hi. The Arusians were friendly and often called to ask if their assistance was needed, or simply to see how everyone was. She opened the video feed to see the King with a stern look on his face. The worry only began to rise.

“Alteans and humans, we are your leaders. Take us,” he declared. Um…what?

“No, no, no you’re saying it all wrong. It’s: take us to your leader. The way you say it makes it sound like it’s the start of a very aggressive mating season,” a voice in the background whispered.

“Wait a minute, that choice of words, that voice. Lance buddy is that you. Please tell me that’s you or else I’m going to cry.”

“The one and only Hunkalicious, how’s it going bro,” Lance said as he came into view of the camera. A chorus of excited “Lance” was heard around the room.

“Lance my boy, is everything alright? What are you doing back on Arusia?”

“All of that can be explained later, for now, can you guys just bring me home?”

Home. After how they treated him he still calls this place his home. Lance still wants to see them after everything they’ve said and done. They’re going to prove to him that this place can be, that they can be worthy of that title. So, onward they went with full speed back to Arusia, back where it all began. It seemed fitting in a way, the place where they officially became a team, would be the place they make their family whole again. Everyone was a little concerned about how they’d react in front of Lance with the knowledge they now hold. They all made promises to themselves to start treating Lance more fairly.

It was just always so easy to not take the Blue Paladin seriously when almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a joke or a pick-up line. That, however, can’t be continued to be used as an excuse, especially since most of the time he’s doing it for their sakes. Just something to get them to smile or ease the tension in the room. With Lance and his antics, it was sometimes easy to forget that they were fighting a 10,000-year war.

It took about an hour or two, but they had finally arrived on Arusia where the people and Lance were already waiting for them to land. Pidge surprised everyone as she bolted out of the door and into Lance’s arms the second they touch down. She clung to him like a sloth with tears in her eyes and simply refused to let go. He just lifted her up to be able to move again. Everyone kind of just dog-piled on after that causing Lance to laugh. It was the greatest sound heard in the entire universe, or any alternate universes Slav was convinced existed.

The Arusians insisted that they stay for a party to celebrate their reunion, and who could’ve denied these adorable creatures. Rather than in the castle, this time it was hosted in the village down the hill, bonfire style. Everyone sat as close to Lance as they could to listen to him retell the story of his escape. Keith and Hunk were on either side of him, Pidge sat on his lap with her head on his chest to take comfort in his heartbeat, Coran across from him listening intently to every word, Shiro chose to stand so he could just watch over everyone, and while Allura was next to the Arusian King, she was giving Lance her undivided attention.

It was obvious that Lance was embellishing his story a little, but no one cared about that. They were all just so happy to see that even after a month in the hands of the Galra he was still as animated as ever. It also didn’t change the fact that what he did was amazing, and no short of heroic. Not only had he escaped and slowed down the main Galra fleet by wrecking their engine, but he also managed to free a good bit of prisoners as well. Everyone made sure to tell him he did a great job and that they were proud of him. They already made the mistake of not letting him know these things in the past. The reason it took so long for him to contact them was because of his injuries. One of the captives had taken him to their home planet to heal before he continued his journey. Coran had suggested that he received a check-up in the morning after a good night’s rest.

Pidge had already fallen asleep in his arms, and everyone agreed that it was time to call it a night. The only problem was that no one wanted to part with Lance after finally getting him back. This time it was Keith that shocked everyone by suggesting a slumber party in the common room. (“Awe Mullet, you really do care.” “Shut it, Lance.”) After Lance handed Pidge to Shiro and left them for a much-needed shower, everyone gathered as many pillows and blankets they could to make the ground comfortable. They wouldn’t even attempt the couch, that thing was far too uncomfortable, and you’d wake up with pains in parts of your body you didn’t even know existed.

Once everyone was showered, changed and settled in Lance had begun to sing softly in order to send them to sleep faster. It wasn’t surprising that as soon as he returned he’d start taking care of them. Everyone was forced to take back their earlier statement about his laugh being the most beautiful sound in all realities because his voice took the cake, and ate it too. So, for the first time in what felt like far too long, everyone had a peaceful night. They were even allowed to sleep in the next morning and it was what they all needed.

Three months passed since they got Lance back and they had to send him on a solo mission to retrieve an item needed for the castle’s repair. Only Blue could’ve handled the planet’s icy terrain, and Lance suggested going alone so that he can have some bonding time with his girl. They knew it was wrong, and quite frankly an invasion of privacy, but they wanted to make sure Lance knew they appreciated him. So, when he was gone they went into his room to look at the jars. It appeared that Lance had gotten rid of the old ones and started over. While “the bad jar” still had more stars than they would’ve liked, it was still significantly less than what it was the last time. “The good jar” on the other hand, was overflowing so much that there was a second one to hold the rest.

They knew that it would more than likely be impossible to get “the bad jar” to be completely empty, but at least they were taking a step in the right direction. They were becoming the type of family that Lance deserved. And they would only continue to prove to him that they were worthy of being called such.

Main Story/ Ending 1/ Ending 2

Title: Horror-struck

Pairing: draco x hermione

Words: 2200

For @malfoyneegrangernet and @quidditchleaguenet halloween challenge

“Come off it, Granger,” Pansy Parkinson threw a handful of popcorn at Hermione’s head, which she narrowly managed to avoid, save a few that landed on her hair. “There’s no way a muggle horror story could scare any of us. We have literal headless ghosts running around the castle at all times.”

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Slytherin House Headcanon:

After the war the negative feelings towards Slytherin are still there, and everyone who is a Slytherin is still considered evil. The bad name for Slytherin separates the house from the other 3 to the point where Slytherins are outcasted in Hogwarts and outside of school. To try to fix this negative image of Slytherin, the Slytherin house decides to have a House slumber party in their common room and invites all the other houses to join.

No one goes the first night thinking that its just a prank or some scheme to get revenge on the other houses. Then seeing the sad, dejected faces of the Slytherin students the next day, the 1st year Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws, who were not part of the war or were fully exposed to the prejudice, decide to go the second night. They find their way down to the Slytherin entrance holding their pillows and blankets, Hufflepuffs carrying some snacks from the kitchens, and ask the wall for entrance. When the Slytherins open the wall and find all the 1st years standing there nervously, they are all touched and overjoyed that someone was giving them a second chance. Then after letting them in, all the Slytherins quickly dash about their common room, pushing aside couches and chairs to make space, and going back to their dorms to get their own pillows and blankets, while the older students transfigure anything they can into mattresses so they can all sleep off of the cold floor.  

This becomes a tradition of the Slytherin house to host a slumber party every weekend. After a month the other houses notice their first years missing, and that they are integrating with the Slytherins during class and freetime. At the 5th slumber party after the first years are already in the Slytherin common room they hear another knock on their wall. This time the older students from each house are there with their pillows and blankets asking to join in. 

Now each House takes a turn every week at hosting the House Unity Slumber Party. 

dxrkimpulse  asked:

Terra, Aqua, and Ven like to have sleepovers when it storms outside :)

Ven likes it when they have the slumber parties in his room since it’s so small and he can sleep soundly with them both- but they take turns and have it in everyone’s room and occasionally the throne room.

These are the last two things I sent to my dad the night before and the night of his death. The top one is of me and my two siblings after we had a slumber party in my room. The second is the hoodie he bought me at a bar the day he died. He never responded. I had no idea he was sick.

anonymous asked:

I can see the fam being extra protective of Tim after all the stuff he's been through. Like giving him hot coco when he's sick and all their blankets and pillows so he's comfy. Or carrying him on their back like a piggy back ride when he starts to get sick or gets hurt during vigilante stuff. Or when he gets really sad and lonely they have a mini slumber party in his room to make sure they know he's cared for.

Huma Headcanons Part 2(plus Gil)

Every once in a while they’ll have a slumber party in an empty room-
-Uma will bring her makeup and so will Harry and they will just put the craziest makeup on each other
-Uma and Gil will be trying to go to bed but Harry will keep talking or running around or something
-Uma doesn’t really wear pajamas, she just sleeps in her clothes, same will Gil, but Harry will just get himself some silly pajamas and make a big deal out of making the others wear pajamas too
-When they finally go to sleep, they just sleep on top of the sleeping bags so they can cuddle(they don’t tell people that part)
-Sometimes they’ll watch the Auradon news channel to laugh and cringe
-A lot of times they’ll whisper yell so other people won’t yell at them to shut up
-Gil will bring his own food from home and say that he won’t share but he so will

a sleepless night

Here is my @jilytober submission - a few hours early. It’s been an immense joy (actually rather devastating!) to read other jilytober fics that showcase how the war would’ve wounded Jily even if they had survived. However, I decided to give Jily lots of babies instead! :) Thanks for including me!

Every so often James Potter wakes up from the same nightmare.

It starts with him playing with a baby – only one baby, so he is certain it is Harry – blowing puffs of smoke out of his wand, which Harry tries to catch with infant fists. But the night is late, and James surrenders Harry to Lily who whisks him upstairs because it is her night to put him to bed. He considers joining her, considers watching as his son is rocked and sung to sleep, but instead rubs his eyes in his own tiredness and tosses his wand on the couch.

He is only a few steps away when the front door blasts open. His next move is a reflex, running down the hall, calling to Lily in words he can never remember when he wakes, and seeing a starch white face silhouetted in the dark background of the night sky. His mind thinks of Lily and Harry, then Sirius and Remus – and then the wand is raised, a green light blinds him and everything goes black.

Tonight he wakes up in a cold sweat, as though he has just done his morning run around the neighborhood (something he has been doing every morning for the last three weeks after Lily lovingly poked at his not-so-flat stomach). His eyes fly open but the darkness of the night and the lack of glasses provide little stability to his frantic state. But he feels her, and turns to his right and can see her faintly beside him – where she always is, red-hair splayed on her pillow, half curled up, half encroaching on his side of the bed as usual - though she never admits to it while awake. He wants to lie back beside her and get more rest, but his mind carries his feet out of their bedroom.

He walks down the hallway as silently as he can, pausing at the boys’ bedroom door to peer inside. Harry and Monty’s shadows are visible in their beds. There are various other shadows scattered around the room and though he would have to address that in the morning, it doesn’t bother him tonight. It is a sign of lived lives, of laughter and joy, and he can’t find it within him to get upset about that. For a moment the infant Harry flashes in his mind, and though it has been several years since Harry was that small he recalls with great detail the image of his eldest son as a baby. He silently considers tormenting Harry about it tomorrow over breakfast, and maybe casually leaving Harry’s baby photos lying around when Ron and Hermione come over next. Smiling at the thought, he silently retreats from the doorway.

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Figuring Things Out

a RWBY Nuts and Dolts fanfiction.

Ruby and Penny have an epiphany about their relationship while spending quality time together. Emerging Nuts and Dolts with Monochrome briefly mentioned. Fluff for an under-appreciated ship!

Somehow I forgot to post my first Nuts and Dolts fic everywhere but FFN. XD Oh well, I guess I now have something pseudo-new to post for N’&’D week, even if it’s embarrassingly old.

If you enjoy it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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sleeping headcanons for the paladins

bruh okay before y’all step on my ass i am the original creator of this post, i’m just reposting it to my main blog before i delete my sideblog


  • sleeps on his back with his right arm under his pillow. he tends to rest his other arm on his belly and more often than not it pushes his shirt up to reveal sort-of abs but also flub and allura thinks it’s adorable
  • snores only if he’s really deeply asleep. none of the team knows this because in his time as a paladin he never really slept as soundly as he could have, he was always on edge, always battle ready
  • a huge cuddler if in bed with another person. automatically gets close to them, conscious or not, and tends to throw one arm over them
  • 100% down for a cuddle pile. always.
  • very affectionate in general


  • tends to sleep as close to the wall as possible, with his back to it in like a lowkey fetal position
  • he always has one hand under the pillow (ready to grab his knife), and his other stretched in front of him. 
  • despite being generally tense and Ready To Fight, he’s a deep sleeper and will only be roused if physically jostled or via the castle’s siren/alarm clock
  • sleeps with his mouth open but doesn’t snore
  • his nose usually gets stuffy in the evening and it annoys him to no end, hence sleeping with his mouth open
  • nobody realizes how tense he is usually and would be surprised to see how relaxed his face is in sleep
  • always acts like he’s against the Team Cuddle Pile because he isn’t accustomed to physical affection, but it grows on him after a while. he prefers to be on the edges of the pile, though
  • he sleeps better with someone else in the room, but dislikes having someone else in his bed. he can only put up with close contact for so long.
  • the crankiest fucker in the morning. never talk to him before 10am. 
  • wears shoes to bed, this motherfucker


  • do they even sleep?
  • just kidding.
  • they will often go for a few days without sleeping and then pass out for as long as possible
  • around the end of their Stay Awake As Long As Physically Possible routine (day 3 or 4) they tend to nod off in weird places, as per the fandom joke
  • some examples include: in their plate of space goo, inside the compartment of whatever machine they were fiddling with, underneath whatever machine they were fiddling with, in Shiro’s lap (he was helping them with some project), on top of a sink, in a shower, under the desk in Hunk’s room, inside the refrigerator, and once hanging slightly out of an air vent. nobody knows how they ended up there.
  • sometimes they force themselves to stick to a normal human sleep schedule, but they tend to give up after at least a week. they’re never tired at the right times and end up staring at the ceiling for hours, so staying awake is easier.
  • they love physical affection and like to be in the middle of the Team Cuddle Pile
  • second crankiest in mornings because they never ever get enough sleep. will punch you if you talk to them before they have their space coffee.


  • sleeps like a goddamn baby
  • and by that i mean he wakes up 5 times every night to wander around, pester someone regardless of if they’re awake or not, or to get food
  • he sleeps on either his back or his stomach. there is no in between.
  • everybody thinks he never gets bedhead, but he actually wakes up unnecessarily early to tame The Wildest Hair in team voltron
  • he snores. so. loudly. keith literally requested a room change so he wouldn’t have to listen to lance through the walls.
  • lowkey cries himself to sleep a lot because his Funny Jokester front is a FARCE. a FARCE i tell you!!
  • he always loves a good cuddle pile and always wants to be the focal point. he and pidge fight over this while shiro ends up being in the middle.
  • resident pillow fort engineer. he had tons of siblings, he got this
  • always cold. please give him your extra blankets.


  • snores, but quietly
  • tends to sleep on his side, facing the wall
  • cranky if woken up in the middle of the night, but if he gets enough sleep he’s as pleasant as ever.
  • kicks blankets off in sleep all the time bc he overheats really easily
  • only needs like 6 hours and tends to wake up really early for whatever reason
  • checks on pidge if they’re awake, always makes them space coffee
  • if lance comes wandering out early enough they’ll make breakfast together for the crew
  • dreams are usually peaceful but right after battles he has a lot of nightmares
  • deep sleeper
  • enjoys cuddling and likes to be the one everyone cuddles on/into. he’s the one who has his arms around everyone. tends to be on the outside, and his arms are the pillow and the large immovable limb that traps you from going to pee


  • quiet sleeper usually, can have very vivid nightmares that will wake her screaming and kicking
  • either coran or shiro comes to comfort her. ever so often she goes to shiro’s room and cuddles with him, completely platonically of course. it’s not like she lays awake at night thinking about him or anything.
  • (she totally does)
  • sleeps in the fetal position
  • very light sleeper, will jump up at the smallest noise
  • has to put her hair up before going to sleep because one or all of three outcomes could happen: she gets suffocated by her own hair, overheats because theres so much of it and it keeps her uncomfortably warm, or it gets trapped in her armpits or under limbs or in inconvenient places and moving pulls on her scalp so she’s basically fucked until she can figure out what strand is causing it
  • loves cuddling, a very touchy feely person in general
  • co-builder of pillow forts. she doesn’t really know how to do it well but she’s enthusiastic and needs to have some fun


  • this bitch? he really never sleeps
  • no one knows what he does, except that he probably cleans all night cause damn if the castle isn’t always sparkling
  • probably piloting the castle too
  • i mean how is he always awake to make sure allura’s alright? simple solution: never went to sleep in the first place
  • this guy always seems over-energetic and somewhat like he’s lost his marbles, its obviously caused by wayyy too much space coffee
  • likes physical affection but stays away from cuddle piles. that’s Too Much™ for him
  • that being said, he’s always there for patented Space Uncle Hugs™ 
  • seriously though. have you ever seen him go to bed? no.
  • he doesnt. sleep.


  • doesn’t have time to sleep. he’s making evil plots.

The Team Cuddle Pile

  • The Gang will occasionally have slumber parties in the room with benches that lance dubs the family room. nobody objects, cause they really are a family, aren’t they?
  • lance and allura will construct pillow forts while listening to the others talk and laugh and generally bond
  • they always have cuddle piles. always.
  • nobody really provides the idea to cuddle, Shiro just sits down and people converge around him. lance squishes next to him and pidge lays against his chest, in between his legs. Allura leans against his other side and hunk lays an arm behind everyone and sits to one side. keith sits on the other, not quite touching whoever’s next to him, but close enough
  • that last headcanon is if they’re all sitting up, most likely watching movies with the video player pidge whipped up. lance was the one to swipe movies from outdoor markets on planets they visited
  • if they’re all sleeping or laying down, people will lay on top of others with no shame. hunk holds everyone in his arms and pidge, lance, and shiro always end up in the middle. somebody’s head is always on somebody’s lap
  • one time lance and keith woke up slightly separated from the group, in each other’s arms, and lowkey freaked out
  • by lowkey i mean lance shrieked and woke everyone else up and keith exited the room Swiftly
  • its common that they dont actually sleep for most of the slumber party, and just stay up and talk to each other about everything from earth to memes
  • when they do sleep, it’s comfortable and they’re all at ease and they wake up feeling safe and rested
  • oh also the castle has an unnecessarily loud alarm clock that Coran will use if no one wakes the fuck up

i love my children ok

anonymous asked:

What if word gets around that if you show up to sam's house he'll patch you up and make breakfast

Apparently, searching for the Winter Soldier means moving to New York and hell no is Sam Wilson moving to Brooklyn.

“Nah, man,” he explained. “I love you like whoa, but hell no. Harlem or bust.”

Steve didn’t get it, but whatever. He offered to let Sam have his floor in Stark’s godawful tower, but again: hell to the no.

“I know people in Harlem,” he explained further.

He should have known that sentence would put a cloud over Steve, but at least the argument held water for him. That was what Brooklyn was about, anyway. He was going to where he used to have people.

So Sam moved back to Harlem.


At three AM on a Thursday night, the buzzer for the front door of his apartment went off.

“If you’re here to kill me, come back in at least five hours,” he told whoever it was through the intercom.

“Sorry, Sam,” came Natasha’s voice. “We need a place to lie low.”

Fucking whatever. He buzzed her up.

She had a different buff, blonde superhero with her this time. He introduced himself as Clint and shook Sam’s hand. Then he winced and shook out his hand which Sam could now see was turning no-good-very-bad colors.

Natasha shrugged. “You should see the other guy,” she said.

“Other guys,” Clint corrected. “So many other guys. At least twenty.”

Sam raised an eyebrow.

"Fifty,” Clint continued. “Probably fifty.”

Sam repeated internally: fucking whatever.

“I left my straightener in DC,” he told Natasha. “Bad for your hair anyway.”

“Please,” she scoffed. “Straight hair is so last year.”


Two months later, Clint showed up with Bruce Banner. A lot of people in Harlem knew about Bruce Banner.

Sam put on the Enya CD he always told people he only had because an ex left it in his apartment. (This was a lie.)

Clint gave him a look.

“Look, Harlem thanks the dude for stopping the other dinosaur dude and everything,” Sam explained. “But he is not allowed to break my apartment. I don’t have the funds to build a new one from scratch.”

Bruce looked…not green, not in the bad way, but green like sea-sick sort of green. Like a hangover or something. His head was lolling and Clint was basically holding him upright.


Bruce Banner showed up in the daylight hours two days later with Tony Stark. Tony made fun of Sam’s CD collection. Bruce Banner fixed his leaky shower.

Sam thought to himself, OK, this is my life now.

Tony had to help with the shower. It went off and soaked them both and they left wearing all of Sam’s clean jogging clothes.


Steve came by with the Winter Soldier—“he’s Bucky“—in the middle of the night a couple weeks later.

Sam kept the place stocked with first aid kits and poptarts these days.

About an hour after they arrived, Natasha and Thor arrived. Then ten minutes later, Clint and Tony. Then Bruce.

"Everybody gets poptarts and beer,” Sam announced as he ushered Bruce in. “It’s all I have on hand.”

The Winter Soldier—Bucky—looked so fucking stunned at the suggestion that Sam made a bag of microwave popcorn just to fill the sudden depth of “feed this boy” feelings that had swelled up. It was something he inherited from his mom, no doubt. She was always feeding people who looked like that.

Yeah. This was his life now.

There were superheroes having a slumber party in his living room.

let’s start with something simple

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.

Sonnet 116, William Shakespeare

1. Let’s start with something simple—direct words, and not-so-direct words. The typical exchanges of the day. Typical words. As of now, merely shells composed of letters. Faceless conversations. “I love you.” “Good morning.” “Have you had lunch yet?” “Good luck with the investigation.” “I’m coming home earlier than usual.” “I’ve cleaned up your closet this morning.” “Congratulations. You did a splendid job today in court.” “Your grades are improving, Trucy. That’s great.” “Good night.” “I want you now.” “I love you too.”

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Okay picture this:

- All four Houses getting together for slumber parties. Kind of like in Deathly Hallows when the students are hiding from the Carrows but except this time, purely for fun. .

- The muggle-borns start it. At first, it’s a small group of friends getting together to have slumber parties on the weekends in the Room of Requirement. But soon more and more people find out about it and start showing up.

- The House Elves always preparing a feast for the occasion .

- The students just getting together to act like normal teenagers, talking, telling stories, making jokes, playing games .

- The muggle-borns bringing muggle games to this party and teaching the bewildered pure/half bloods how to play Monopoly, Scrabble, Sorry, Boggle, Snakes and Ladders, etc. .

- Sometimes the muggleborns also bring muggle junk food. Everyone loves it. “George, have you tasted this thing called Doritos? Bloody fantastic.” .

- The entire school and all the professors know about the weekend parties but everyone still pretends it’s a secret. .

- Draco Malfoy refusing to go at first, but as he refuses to feel left out, he decided to grace everyone with his presence. He pretends to hate it, but secretly loves it. . 

- No House barriers. Everyone forgets they’re in different Houses and just have a good time.

- “Hey Malfoy, wanna play Monopoly?” .

- Draco grudgingly sitting down to play a game of Monopoly and even though he still pretends to hate it, he becomes obsessed with the game. .

- Draco pissing everyone off and becoming an unbeatable Monopoly champion. Everyone suspects he’s cheating but nobody says anything because they’ve never seen Draco Malfoy quite so at ease and happy.

-The muggleborns sometimes teach everyone popular muggle songs and dances. At one point they reenact all the songs from Grease. .

- The muggleborns bringing superhero comic books. . Friendly arguments over DC and Marvel . “What do you mean you like Marvel better, Weasley? DC is much more superior.” .

- No pain. No death. No Slytherin vs. Gryffindor drama. Just everyone playing around and having fun.

A Slow Descent: Chapter Nine

Summary: Falling in love with your best friend is a secret usually best left untold. Phil Lester, however, has never been good at keeping secrets.

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Chapter Nine: Swear To Shake It Up (If You Swear To Listen)

Word Count: 1782

Genre: Fluff+Angst

Warnings: None (I think)

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Starling: Chapter Six

One of Roy’s many subjects of worry, which had been compartmentalized with the advent of Elliott Blue, came back with a vengeance right on the heels of the whole public speaking debacle. With the year drawing to a close, upperclassmen were beginning to buzz about their end-of-semester rite of passage. 

At Astris, it wasn’t the dance. People didn’t care about the dance, not like they did this. As soon as it came up in class, everybody bit off their side conversations right away to stare at Coach Filipova.

“Yeah, I thought so. This’ll cure your cabin fever,” she joked, queueing up a vid.

A Walk in the Park, it said, set to a horrible jingle: EVA Safety is Easy and Fun.

Their rapt eyes only glazed over slightly in the face of an old-timey cartoon astronaut with a shrieky voice: “SPACE. Just look at it, would you? Imagine being out there without the walls of a ship or the weight of a centrifuge to hold you back. Can you think of anything more incredible?” He gazed, literally starry-eyed, at an old photo of Andromeda or somewhere, then whipped out a ruler and brandished it sharply. “But before we do any extra-vehicular activity, we have to learn how to do it safely! So I have some phrases for all you space explorers to remember: S.E.A.L., C.L.I.P., and R.E.S.P.I.R.A.T.E.” He paused to let out a grating sort of giggle. “Let’s start with the first one. S stands for Siiiize! You’ll want to make sure you’re equipped with a suit that fits you!”

Roy lost the thread of the vid right away, but it wasn’t like Astris wasn’t going to have the suits perfectly tailored. He had to focus on his worrying for a minute.

Roy had inherited an athlete’s body, and sure, he was great at lifting heavy objects in specific ways, but the idea of doing a spacewalk made his organs constrict. As had become his habit, he glanced over to see how their exchange student was reacting to this latest human strangeness, and saw that Elliott was also looking distinctly green around the gills. Not that he had gills. Necessarily. He was just stiller than usual. Eyes narrower.

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