slumber party

Basically in ACOWAR...

All the high lords had a giant slumber party. You’re welcome.


If I ever meet them by walking in to these episodes. These are my feedback 😶….just releasing the pain in my Starco heart 😢😢😢

der Abend (Abende) - evening
das Bett (Betten) - bed
die Decke (Decken) - blanket
das Geheimnis (Geheimnisse) - secret
das Kissen - pillow/cushion
die Kissenschlacht (Kissenschlachten) - pillow fight
das Kopfkissen - pillow
das Laken - sheet
die Lampe (Lampen) - lamp
das Licht (Lichter) - light
die Lichterkette (Lichterketten) - [string of] fairy lights
die Luftmatratze (Luftmatratzen) - air mattress
die Matratze (Matratzen) - mattress
der Mitternachtssnack (Mitternachtssnack) - midnight snack
die Nacht (Nächte) - night
die Pizza (Pizzas) - pizza
das Popcorn - popcorn
die Pyjama-Party (Pyjama-Partys) - pyjama party/sleepover
der Schlafanzug (Schlafanzüge) - pyjamas
der Schlafsack (Schlafsäcke) - sleeping bag
das Schlafzimmer - bedroom
die Socke (Socken) - sock
die Übernachtung (Übernachtungen) - overnight stay

bei jemandem übernachten - to stay the night at someone’s place
das Licht ausmachen - to turn off the light
dunkel werden - to get dark [sky]
eine Kissenschlacht machen - to have a pillow fight
eine Luftmatratze aufblasen - to blow up an air mattress
einen Film gucken - to watch a movie
einen Schwarm haben - to have a crush
einschlafen - to fall asleep
es sich (+dat) bequem machen - to get comfortable
Flaschendrehen spielen - to play spin the bottle
flüstern - to whisper
in jemanden verknallt sein - to have a crush on someone
kotzen - to vomit
Pizza bestellen - to order pizza
schlafen gehen - to go to sleep
sich (+akk) besaufen - to get drunk
sich (+akk) betrinken - to get drunk
sich (+akk) zum Schlafen umziehen - to get changed for bed
wach bleiben - to stay awake
Wahrheit oder Pflicht spielen - to play truth or dare


9x04 “Slumber Party”
Lock and Key - Part II

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

Look at that Dean Winchester, later in the season taking on the mark, becoming lock and key, being the one here too to possess the key that could make all the difference in the world…

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Top five writers (in your opinion) on tumblr ?! X

@bovaria - Tesla’s fics are and her personality is out of this world amazing. 
I recommend reading: “Best Friends”  & “By Royal Decree” 

@fvckingavengers - Laur is an amazing human who is hilarious, hella relatable, and immensely talented at writing pure smutty goodness.
I recommend reading: “Criminal” 

@avengersandchill - Addie is amazing and so is her writing. She’s one of the first people on the website that really talked to me and enjoyed what I wrote, and I love her for that. 
I recommend reading: “Roommate Agreement” & “We Can’t”

@just-call-me-mrs-captain - Guys, Kris’ writing is so amazing I can’t even put it into words. Everything I read of her’s always leaves my mouth wide open.
I recommend reading: “Screwed”

@yourbuddyyourpalyourbucky - Roo is my love and she’s the queen of my life. Her writing is amazing just like she is.
I recommend reading: “Where Do You Stand?” & “Of Monsters And Men”

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(Limiting this to five was really hard, so maybe part two is in store.)

Slumber Party