slum town


In my never ending quest to add more towns to the land of Skyrim, my buddy @heikotheimperial directed me to this mod about a month ago. I finally got around to installing it. Pirates of the North:

Im not fully done testing this mod, cause iv spent about 2 hours or so in just one of em, but I can tell that if it doesnt conflict with any of my other town mods, im keeping it. This mod adds small towns/slums dedicated to pirates and sailors. They use armors from Immersive Armors and what seems like Common Clothes, or textures mash ups like Common Clothes. This town has custom textures (like new store signs), custom meshes and alot more. Like custom drinks, Black Eye Ale, Cider, etc. It has custom weapons used by the town guards that are remeshed variants of vanilla weapons.

This first town iv found is perfeclty cluttered, with a Meadry, Inn, a few shops (one dedicated to just mead/ale) and even a small trading post that reminds me of a small flea market. I actually havent fully explored this town yet, cause im having fun taking screenshots. If this doesnt conflict with my other town mods this will definatly go on my recommended town guide.

Ermalda (red head in last pic) belongs to @bravemustaine

While visiting one of the slums of Cape Town, South Africa, I was fascinated by the gentleness of this lady in such a rough environment.

Since almost 30 years ago, she is selling meat every day, in exactly the same place.

When you want a tattoo in Orzammar, you go to Dust Town.

The artisans won’t touch the craft. But Dust Town dwarves will. No, their methods aren’t always the cleanest, or the prettiest, but when you step out of that duster’s shop, you’re walking away with the best ink job in all of Orzammar. 

Plenty of practice to be had. Casteless dwarves want to frame their brand, surround it by fresh dark ink to flaunt it in Orzammar’s face that they’re still there, still surviving, even when the rest of Orzammar turns its back to Dust Town. So tattoo artists get creative, they get elaborate, their marks bold and impossible to miss.

And over the years, it’s not just casteless dwarves boasting the marks, it’s warriors and nobles and more, all taking the chance of slumming it in Dust Town to walk away with that fine needlework, their purse a little lighter. 

Go to Dust Town for your tattoos.