slum like it not

Okay but tony telling the rest of the Avengers he literally can’t fly commercial and needs to take his private jet and they’re all “what, rich boy doesn’t like slumming it with the masses” and he just takes off his shirt to show the arc reactor like “you wanna try getting this baby through TSA be my guest”


>Observer_  (Bloober Team  2017)

On August 15th, the developers behind Layers of Fear will release their new game, >Observer_. Set in a dystopian cyberpunk world, you play as Dan Lazarski, a neural detective known as an Observer. With your augmentations, you can hack into peoples minds to solve crimes all while reliving some of their biggest fears and nightmares. One rainy night you get a call from your estranged son, seemingly in danger and asking for help. Once you trace that call to a decrepit apartment complex in the slums of Krakow, your investigation begins.

This game hit me just like Soma did. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but the environment immediately grabbed my attention and before long, i was immersed completely in the world and its characters. With a mix of Blade Runner, Midgar from Final Fantasy 7, the movie Brazil and the developers own unique touch, the gritty look, feel and atmosphere of Observer are pretty much perfect. We’re talking Rapture/Arkham Asylum/Tallon IV (Metroid Prime), level of detail and quality here. While most of the game takes place in and around a single apartment complex, its size and labyrinth like layout are deceiving. I was often reminded of how Stanley Kubrick purposely built the hotel in The Shining to be confusing and off-putting. You constantly feel a sense of unease at the multitude of tight hallways with rooms that are so close, or at such odd places, they couldn’t possibly fit inside the building. While the observing (hacking minds) parts are interesting, thrilling and a nice change of pace, the true star of the show in my opinion is the incredibly realized “real world” aspect of the game. Whether you’re going door to door learning about the residents, or finding rooms that are open/unlockable and searching them for clues, or simply just exploring this steamy, crumbling, wire-strewn slum, each aspect is immensely enjoyable and rewarding.

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anonymous asked:

Is architecture basically just finding inspiration in something and constructing a building based on that inspiration?

Nothing is further from the truth. 

Architecture is…

1. “Architecture is definitely a political act.” - Peter Eisenman in Haaretz

2. “Architecture is unnecessarily difficult. It’s very tough.” - Zaha Hadid in The Guardian

3. “Architecture is by definition a very collaborative process.” - Joshua Prince-Ramus in Fast Company

4. “Architecture is a way of seeing, thinking and questioning our world and our place in it.” - Thom Maynein his Prtizker Prize Acceptance Speech

5. “Architecture is the art and science of making sure that our cities and buildings actually fit with the way we want to live our lives: the process of manifesting our society into our physical world. - Bjarke Ingels in AD Interviews

6. “Architecture is merciless: it is what it is, it works or doesn’t, and you can clearly see the difference.” - Jacques Herzog in a lecture at Columbia University

7. “Architecture is always related to power and related to large interests, whether financial or political.“ - Bernard Tschumi in The New York Times

8. “Architecture is a good example of the complex dynamic of giving.” - Jeffrey Inaba in World of Giving

9. “Architecture is too complex for just one person to do it, and I love collaboration.” - Richard Rogers in The Guardian

10. “Architecture is the most powerful deed that a man can imagine.” - Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bosin Volume

11. “Architecture is an act of optimism.” - Nicolai Ouroussoff in The LA Times

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***so today I saw the most beautiful picture of lili in this pink princess gown and I had to write a bughead fanfic about princess Betty!****

“she’s beautiful, I saw her with my own eyes. you wouldn’t believe how gorgeous she was.” Lady Veronica Lodge, gushed excitedly as she fanned herself and struggled to sit down in her tightly corseted dress.

Kevin Keller nodded dreamily, he was the executioners son but he could not be more different from his sadistic father
“The blue gown she was wearing looked like it was made of the softest silk I’ve ever seen! And her hair, she most definitely is the most stunning princess we’ve ever had grace Riverdale.”

“Yes but did you hear of the trouble she has caused in her kingdom, the people of Pembrooke love her dearly but she has caused a stir by refusing to be married off, she won’t settle for an arranged marriage and with the deaths of her parents she is soon to be queen, the decision is solely hers.” Josie McCoy stated ,the towns troubadour, she sang at nearly all of the pubs and royal events.

Jugheads interest was peaked, he had never heard of anyone refusing arrangement, especially royalty. Being of the lowest class he never paid attention to petty gossip in regards to the court, he was just grateful he would not be married off, no one wanted his hand, he had nothing to offer and the women of Riverdale knew that. He was a builder just like his father, he lived in the slums and took whatever jobs he could gain, he went hungry more often than not. fortunately for Jughead, Lady Veronica always managed to have endless supplies of odd foods. The friendship between Kevin, Veronica, Josie and Jughead was quite different. They all came from separate social classes but came together over broken families and responsibility, they had met in day school years ago and had forged a bond that had remained true.

“Well I think it’s Romantic. She’s waiting for love! Although Prince Archie is quite the catch, he’s the most handsome boy in all of the surrounding lands.” Veronica swooned, her chin in her palm as she stared longingly at the water in the distance.

There was a commotion arising from their left as the four teens turned to see what was causing all the noise.

The most beautiful creature Jughead had ever seen in his entire life was headed their way, golden hair the color of sunshine was pinned neatly above her head, whisps falling into her face, her lips were perfectly pink and her skin looked soft enough to sleep on, his eyes drew down her body and he took in her cinched waist, she was draped in varying shades of green fabric that made her meadow eyes appear to glimmers. She walked almost as if she were floating, every move she made was delicate and graceful, her fingers fluttering by her side.

“That’s her. That’s the princess!” Kevin exclaimed, hopping to his feet and smoothing out his hair, he held a hand out to Veronica and she adjusted herself as well. Jughead was frozen in his spot, she wasn’t looking their way but he could feel her presence burning his skin, she was almost to them when a young boy hobbled to her side, scrambling out of his mothers arms

“Princess Elizabeth! Princess Elizabeth!” He shouted, causing the beautiful blonde to turn towards the tiny voice, her guards stepping aside carelessly, it appeared that this was a common thing.

The little boy waddled towards her and reached a hand out to the shiny silk of her skirt, his dirty fingers grabbing for it. The entire line of people gasped, holding their breath to see what happened next. There were rules, a peddler had accidentally gotten dirt on the last princess who came through and he was sent away, after a particularly nasty snarl and slew of unladylike words the man was hurled into the back of a buggy and never seen again.

But not Princess Elizabeth, she bent down quickly, her heels digging into the dirt

“Well hello love.” She grinned, holding out the hem of her skirt so the little boy could have a closer look. “It’s green, just like your eyes.” She gently tapped the toddler on his nose and he giggled, before stepping back. The mother came forward quickly

“My sincerest apologies princess, he knows no better.” The woman’s eyes were frantic as she stepped in front of her son.

sparkling green eyes stared in gentle confusion as the young royalty smiled so softly it set the entire town at ease.

“You needn’t apologize for your child, curious minds will build our new nation.” Elizabeth bent down and spoke to the shaky toddler “never fear asking questions love, your mind will shape this kingdom.” Pressing a kiss to his cheek she stood carefully and waved, heading back to her guards and ignoring the quiet murmurs of shock.

Jugheads heart was pounding in his chest, she was exceptional, she was kind and caring and beautiful, compassionate and wise.
“Wow.” He mumbled.

And then almost as in a movie, she was standing before the group, her eyes locking in on his stormy ones intently.

“Hello.” She smiled, scanning the faces of the teens.

“Your Highness.” Veronica curtsied

“Princess Elizabeth, it is an honor.” Kevin gaped.

Josie nodded excitedly
“Your Highness.” She echoed Veronica.

“Oh no, I feel as though we may be the same age, are we not? You mustn’t call me anything other than Betty, I would love greatly to know your names.” Her eyes lingered on Jughead, he opened his mouth to speak but was quickly cut off.

“I am Veronica Lodge. I am so incredibly excited to meet you. Your gown is beautiful.” She beamed, her leg bouncing.

Kevin went quickly after
“Kevin Keller, I second the notion on the gown you are a vision Princess.”

“I’m Josie McCoy, always an honor.” She smiled softly.

It was Jugheads turn and he wasn’t even sure he could speak.

“Forsythe Jones” he mumbled out, his hands fidgeting.

“Forsythe.” Betty spoke his name out loud and he winced

“Actually, people call me Jughead.” He wanted so desperately to hear his name of choice come from her pretty lips.

“Jughead.” She nodded finally, dimples poking free. “I like that very much.”

Jughead felt the heat of his blush rising as he ran a hand through his mop of dark raven hair.

“Princess, I’m sorry to interrupt but we must go.
You’ve a meeting with the liege of this kingdom.”
A man looked over Betty with a welcoming smile.

The princess seemed slightly taken aback
“Oh yes, of course. I simply lost of track of time, Thankyou Pops.” She placed a hand on the mans arm and he headed back slowly, Betty turned back to the group

“You must come to the ball that is being thrown tonight! I fear it will be filled with stuffy royalty.” She giggled behind her hand as all of the teens stared at her with wide eyes “I can say that because I am indeed one of them. I will get your names on the list. I beg of you please, I feel as though I would like to be your friend.” Her eyes settled on his and he swallowed, nodding slowly.

“Of course, it is an honor to attend the queens ball.” Veronica was nearly crying in excitement, Kevin had grabbed her fan and was fanning himself.
“We will be in attendance” Josie grinned smoothly.

“Princess Elizabeth.” The man called Pops spoke again.

“I really must go. I hope to see you there.” Her smile was breathtaking as she walked back to the buggy.

He watched as the cart drove off, there was no way he was missing this ball… the main question of course was…

What on earth was he going to wear?

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Allura’s best moment - Mastering the blue lion

Shiro would ditch a tracker

Show is specifically described as a space opera

Theme is duality

The joy of serialization for the writers is the ability to do longer stories, as per Jouaquim.

Clip played of Pidge searching for her brother. The Slum kinda looks like the one from Rogue One. After getting the info, she leaves in the lion. No one else is there besides Pidge.

Shiro is forced to adjust to his support role, but Keaton says the role “needs to happen”.

Keith is channeling his inner Shinji Ikari in a clip where Shiro says he needs to be the leader. Keith wants to continue his training with the Blade of Mamora and default to Shiro.

Josh says if Shiro goes on vacation, he’s go to a planet to retire. For a bit.

Joaquin said Lance is his favorite. Hunk is specifically noted as being a diplomat, via his cooking skill.

Kaltenecker lives. And they got the game console working. Allura and Coran are terrified of the milking and it is hilarious.

So, I started reading the novelized version of the first AOS movie by Alan Dean Foster yesterday and so far I’ve learned things and confirmed* headcanons about characters.

One, Jim was borderline suicidal. When he was about to drive his dad’s corvette into the quarry, it’s stated:

“No vehicle and no driver could survive such a plunge. And easy way and a convenient place for a distraught child to put an end to anger, confusion, uncertainty, and disparity. All Kirk had to do was keep going and gravity would do the rest. Keep going and…

“At the last possible instant he jammed his right foot down on the brake.” (p. 38)

I dunno about you, but stating that it would be an easy place to put an end to things sounds pretty damn suicidal to me. And I don’t think it’s ever explicitly stated how old he is then, but he’s young.

Two, before Spock meets with the Vulcan High Counsel regarding his acceptance to the Vulcan Science Academy, he was in the bathroom vomiting. As Amanda is trying to reassure him that he’ll do fine, he walks out of the bathroom giving “no indication that he had just spent several minutes violently upchucking his most recent meal.” (p. 42)

Three, Jim’s cocky demeanor is very much an act. When he meets with Chris Pike and is asked “’do you feel like you might be meant for something better. That maybe you’re supposed to do something special?’“ it’s stated that it hit a nerve. Then it’s stated that “Whenever [Jim] was uncomfortable he covered it with bravado…” (p. 52) So, sure, Jim’s cocky attitude is partially just his personality, but it’s also a defense mechanism. (This is the one that fulfills the “confirming a headcanon of mine” statement.)

Four, Jim can and/or does have a pretty shitty self-esteem. This kind of plays into the “his cocky demeanor is an act.” When he’s looking at the Enterprise being constructed, considering actually joining Starfleet, this is his internal dialogue.

What the hell do you think you’re doing? he asked himself. You sleep on a starship, not with it. Why are you wasting your time here? What makes you think they’d accept an overage delinquent like yourself? Because one slumming Starfleet captain said so? You haven’t even completed filling out the necessary forms, let alone making formal application. Get away, get going, get gone.” (p. 56)

That sounds like pretty shitty self-esteem to me.

*I don’t know how much of this book that is not explicitly also stated in the movie is considered canon. But I’m at least going to pretend it is if it isn’t considered canon.

Ok, and moment of humor because a lot of that was pretty intense. Foster describes one of the older students that bullies Spock at the Learning Center in the most fantastic and hilarious way. He’s described as “the second lump of insensitive bipedal protein” and I just think it awesome. (p. 30)

(I may have more thoughts on what I’ve read so far later, or thoughts on what I read later in the book, so stay tuned.)


Request: Imagine where Y/N’s entire family are pure-blood Gryffindors, but she gets sorted into Slytherin whilst her twin brother gets sorted into Gryffindor and Draco makes fun of her but when he sees that she’s annoyed/upset, he comforts her and offers her friendship?


If you are still taking requests, I’d like one about a Slytherin girl who is cunning and clever and people call her the Slytherin Princess. ()

⇢  A Draco x Reader work inspired by the word “prejudice.” 

Hogwarts is said to be the safest place in the world. However, during the moment of your sorting, you feel anything but. Not that you feel threatened, per se, but as you walk over to the cheering crowd shrouded in green, you can’t help but notice the looks of disdain from the other houses.

Yet, what hurts the most is scouring through the sea of scarlet to meet your twin brother’s appalled eyes, only to watch him look away without so much as a smile.

You blink. He must have been looking at someone else.

All too soon, it comes time for the Start-of-Term Feast. Robes drape the once empty seats, but you stand to the side, alone. Instinctively, you search the room for your brother. Your heart grows heavy when you see him laughing in a crowd of red. Did he look around the Great Hall to see you too?

No. He is too busy basking in the Gryffindor camaraderie. You should have been there. You grew up surrounded by Gryffindors. You were taught their ideals. It’s where you belong.

Or so you thought. By a simple shout from a hat, your reality was shattered. But the hat did say he knows the parts of you that you refused to admit to even yourself. Hopefully, the judgement of a rhyming hat is credible.


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I wish there was more dialogue with poor Amethyne if you were a Cousland especially if you slept with Iona. Like maybe getting her a a job or something with Arl Eamon’s estate or something. Anything other than just leaving her in the slums alone. Like one of my Couslands is a cliche nobleman who slept around who changes his ways and starts a family. But he still blames himself for Iona’s death and there is no way he would let her daughter rot like that.            

Dumb Western Bluebird
Guess what color this dumb bluebird bird is! Yeah. Now that we’ve covered identification, let’s talk about the real story here, which is this bird is a loser. They are what’s called a “cavity nester”, which means they live in holes, but these schmucks can’t even dig out their own holes because their beaks are too weak. This means they have to squat in abandoned woodpecker nests or whatever other hole they can find. Failing that, they move into man-made nest boxes, which are basically bird slums where they’re attacked by competing freeloaders like starlings and house sparrows. Then there are the raccoons, cats, possums and various hawks who can’t wait to fuck up a bluebird, or make off with an egg. Oh, and ants, bees, wasps and earwigs all love to get into a bluebird-hole and cause problems for the young. Two words: born loser.

Father Figures: Western bluebirds appear to form monogamous pairs each year, but in genetic studies, 45% of nests had young that were not fathered by the male partner. Son of a bitch can’t catch a break.

Him - Chapter Two

Originally posted by averagecandycorn

Oh how unfortunate it should be to love an older man. Unless, he was to love you back. 

Prologue / Chapter One

“Why can’t you just use a typewriter to write all that down?” Michael questioned as he placed the nimble cup on the table beside Rose, steaming with freshly brewed tea. She lifted her eyes from her journal momentarily with a glare before continuing to write, Michael lifting his hands up to her defensively without another word.

“Well I’m obviously not very good at using one am I Michael? Or else I would have passed my exam.” Michael spluttered back his tea in between laughter while Rose stared at him in disbelief, stifling a sarcastic laugh herself, not finding her failure at all amusing. “Besides, I prefer to write in pen, it’s more personal. The words come to me and I can put them straight onto the paper.”

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The boy is mine?

Pairing : Sam x Reader, Dean
Word count : 1,290
Author : Mel
A/N : Idk what radio station my kid is listening to, but when I went to shower, it was playing “The boy is mine” by Brandy and Monica (that was a kick in the childhood). I wrote this as a result.

You checked yourself out in the mirror before getting out of your car. This was so not like you. But he was hot, and sweet, and you were very, very interested. His name, was Sam. A guy like him could walk into any room, anywhere, and have his pick. But for some reason, he was slumming it online with the likes of you. And you were not about to complain about that. You had been chatting with him for months, and he messaged you tonight letting you know he was finally in the area. Sure it was an hour away from you, but you didn’t mind the drive. Gave you time to calm your nerves at finally meeting him face to face.

You took a deep breath before opening the hotel lobby door. It wasn’t a fancy place, probably two maybe three stars at best, but you didn’t care too much. You heard someone coming up behind you, and held the door for her.

“Thanks.” She gave you a smile as she strolled past, her high heels clicking, and hips swaying in her tight skirt. She must have a hell of a hot date tonight.

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“Stop ignoring me…” - Damian Wayne


“Stop ignoring me…” He mumbles but he knew you wouldn’t give up that easy, he knew better to believe you would let it go that simply. You were on the other side of the couch, carefully watching the tv with a sudden interest in what was on. He rolled his eyes at how childish you were being, but he wouldn’t tell you that and risk you ignoring him for even longer than you had currently.

“(Y/N)… I’m, sorry.” The apology does nothing to subside your disappointment with him, which causes the bubble of frustration within him to pop. “Tt, I’m sorry! What more do you want from me?” He angrily questions, standing up in the process. You finally look over to him, sadness displayed on your face, which makes Damian feel a pang of guilt in his heart.

“I just wanted to go out with my boyfriend, without any interruptions, just us. I excused all of the countless times you have rushed out on our dates but I can’t anymore…” You pause, collecting your thoughts. Damian, however, couldn’t help the breath that had escaped him as his heart begins to pound rapidly against his chest. “I understand you save people’s lives every night and I admire you for it but, my love, all I ask is for one date a week whenever you’re free.” You let a cry out involuntary and this causes Damian’s heart to twist in pain, he never liked seeing you upset and yet your sadness was because of him.  

Damian couldn’t find anything in him that could force him to lie to you, so he just stands before your form breathing heavily. He opens his mouth to say something, anything to get you to stop looking at him like that but soon after closes it. You slum against the couch in response, just when Damian had gained enough nerve to respond to you Tim strolls through the living room munching on potato chips when he stops mid-bite. He registers your bloodshot eyes and Damian’s poor posture and realizes he’s interrupted a moment. He quickly escapes the room, Damian deflates in defeat.

You didn’t need this, you didn’t need him. All he did was make you upset. The thoughts seemed to continue to get progressively worse until you break his train of thoughts. You stand up and take his hand into your own, this alone fills Damian with comfort and guilt. Despite him being the one to be treating you horribly, here you were providing him with solace.

His voice cracks when he finally speaks. “I-I’m sorry (Y/N), beloved, I love you. I promise to make more time for you, for us.” He mumbles as you bring him into an embrace, him having to hunch to rest his head in the crook of your shoulder. You sigh, the thought of what he says pulling your heart strings but you knew it wouldn’t last and in a few months time you would be right back here. “I love you too my love, but don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

The Schuyler Sisters translated into Russian and back to English

so, I took inspiration from @stupidships3335 and decided to use russian instead of French. be prepared for laughter.

Nothing rich is no longer loved
Than going to the center and slums this with the poor
They pull in their cars and yawners
Students in general
Just watch as they say
Take Philip Schuyler: the man is loaded
Oh, but how little does he know that
His daughters Peggy, Angelica, Eliza
Make your way to the city to see all the guys

Work work!


Work work!


And Peggy!

Work work!

Sisters Schuyler!





Dad said that he was at home by the sunset

Dad does not need to know

Dad said not to go to the city center

As I said, you can go

But … look around, look around
The revolution takes place in New York

New York


Bad that the pope wants to go to war

People scream in the square

It’s bad that there will be violence on our coast

New ideas in the air

Look around, look around

Angelica, remind me what we’re looking for …

She’s looking at me!

Eliza, I’m looking for a mind for work (work, work!)
I’m looking for the mind to work! (Work work!)
I’m looking for the mind to work! (Work work!)


Ugh! There’s nothing but summer in town
Someone in a hurry next to someone looks beautiful
Excuse me, miss, I know it’s not funny.
But your smells smell like your dad’s money
Why are you a slum in the city, in your fantastic heels
Are you looking for a hedgehog that can give you ideals?

Burr, you disgust me

Oh, so you discussed me
Baby, I trust you, you can trust me!

Thomas Payne reads common sense
So people say I’m strong or I’m crazy
Do you want a revolution? I want a revelation
So listen to my statement:

“We believe that these truths are taken for granted
That all people are created equal ”

And when I meet with Thomas Jefferson


I’m forcing him to include women in the sequel!


Look around, look how
Fortunately, we must be alive right now!

Look around, look how
Fortunately, we must be alive right now!

The story takes place in Manhattan, and we just ended up
In the greatest city in the world!

In the greatest city in the world!

Because I read Thomas Payne’s Common Sense (Look around, look around) {Hey! Hello! Hello! Hi!}
So people say I’m strong or I’m crazy (The revolution is going on) {Hey! Hello! Hello! Hi!}

Do you want a revolution? I want revelations (New York, New York!) {Look around, look around for the ongoing revolution}
So listen to my statement:

We consider these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal (look around, look around)
Ugh! (How lucky we are that we are now living)

Look around, see how lucky we are that we live right now!
The story takes place in Manhattan, and we just ended up

In the greatest city in the world

In the largest city

In the greatest city in the world!

Work work!


Work work!


And Peggy!

Work work!

Sisters Schuyler!

Work work!