slum like it not


***so today I saw the most beautiful picture of lili in this pink princess gown and I had to write a bughead fanfic about princess Betty!****

“she’s beautiful, I saw her with my own eyes. you wouldn’t believe how gorgeous she was.” Lady Veronica Lodge, gushed excitedly as she fanned herself and struggled to sit down in her tightly corseted dress.

Kevin Keller nodded dreamily, he was the executioners son but he could not be more different from his sadistic father
“The blue gown she was wearing looked like it was made of the softest silk I’ve ever seen! And her hair, she most definitely is the most stunning princess we’ve ever had grace Riverdale.”

“Yes but did you hear of the trouble she has caused in her kingdom, the people of Pembrooke love her dearly but she has caused a stir by refusing to be married off, she won’t settle for an arranged marriage and with the deaths of her parents she is soon to be queen, the decision is solely hers.” Josie McCoy stated ,the towns troubadour, she sang at nearly all of the pubs and royal events.

Jugheads interest was peaked, he had never heard of anyone refusing arrangement, especially royalty. Being of the lowest class he never paid attention to petty gossip in regards to the court, he was just grateful he would not be married off, no one wanted his hand, he had nothing to offer and the women of Riverdale knew that. He was a builder just like his father, he lived in the slums and took whatever jobs he could gain, he went hungry more often than not. fortunately for Jughead, Lady Veronica always managed to have endless supplies of odd foods. The friendship between Kevin, Veronica, Josie and Jughead was quite different. They all came from separate social classes but came together over broken families and responsibility, they had met in day school years ago and had forged a bond that had remained true.

“Well I think it’s Romantic. She’s waiting for love! Although Prince Archie is quite the catch, he’s the most handsome boy in all of the surrounding lands.” Veronica swooned, her chin in her palm as she stared longingly at the water in the distance.

There was a commotion arising from their left as the four teens turned to see what was causing all the noise.

The most beautiful creature Jughead had ever seen in his entire life was headed their way, golden hair the color of sunshine was pinned neatly above her head, whisps falling into her face, her lips were perfectly pink and her skin looked soft enough to sleep on, his eyes drew down her body and he took in her cinched waist, she was draped in varying shades of green fabric that made her meadow eyes appear to glimmers. She walked almost as if she were floating, every move she made was delicate and graceful, her fingers fluttering by her side.

“That’s her. That’s the princess!” Kevin exclaimed, hopping to his feet and smoothing out his hair, he held a hand out to Veronica and she adjusted herself as well. Jughead was frozen in his spot, she wasn’t looking their way but he could feel her presence burning his skin, she was almost to them when a young boy hobbled to her side, scrambling out of his mothers arms

“Princess Elizabeth! Princess Elizabeth!” He shouted, causing the beautiful blonde to turn towards the tiny voice, her guards stepping aside carelessly, it appeared that this was a common thing.

The little boy waddled towards her and reached a hand out to the shiny silk of her skirt, his dirty fingers grabbing for it. The entire line of people gasped, holding their breath to see what happened next. There were rules, a peddler had accidentally gotten dirt on the last princess who came through and he was sent away, after a particularly nasty snarl and slew of unladylike words the man was hurled into the back of a buggy and never seen again.

But not Princess Elizabeth, she bent down quickly, her heels digging into the dirt

“Well hello love.” She grinned, holding out the hem of her skirt so the little boy could have a closer look. “It’s green, just like your eyes.” She gently tapped the toddler on his nose and he giggled, before stepping back. The mother came forward quickly

“My sincerest apologies princess, he knows no better.” The woman’s eyes were frantic as she stepped in front of her son.

sparkling green eyes stared in gentle confusion as the young royalty smiled so softly it set the entire town at ease.

“You needn’t apologize for your child, curious minds will build our new nation.” Elizabeth bent down and spoke to the shaky toddler “never fear asking questions love, your mind will shape this kingdom.” Pressing a kiss to his cheek she stood carefully and waved, heading back to her guards and ignoring the quiet murmurs of shock.

Jugheads heart was pounding in his chest, she was exceptional, she was kind and caring and beautiful, compassionate and wise.
“Wow.” He mumbled.

And then almost as in a movie, she was standing before the group, her eyes locking in on his stormy ones intently.

“Hello.” She smiled, scanning the faces of the teens.

“Your Highness.” Veronica curtsied

“Princess Elizabeth, it is an honor.” Kevin gaped.

Josie nodded excitedly
“Your Highness.” She echoed Veronica.

“Oh no, I feel as though we may be the same age, are we not? You mustn’t call me anything other than Betty, I would love greatly to know your names.” Her eyes lingered on Jughead, he opened his mouth to speak but was quickly cut off.

“I am Veronica Lodge. I am so incredibly excited to meet you. Your gown is beautiful.” She beamed, her leg bouncing.

Kevin went quickly after
“Kevin Keller, I second the notion on the gown you are a vision Princess.”

“I’m Josie McCoy, always an honor.” She smiled softly.

It was Jugheads turn and he wasn’t even sure he could speak.

“Forsythe Jones” he mumbled out, his hands fidgeting.

“Forsythe.” Betty spoke his name out loud and he winced

“Actually, people call me Jughead.” He wanted so desperately to hear his name of choice come from her pretty lips.

“Jughead.” She nodded finally, dimples poking free. “I like that very much.”

Jughead felt the heat of his blush rising as he ran a hand through his mop of dark raven hair.

“Princess, I’m sorry to interrupt but we must go.
You’ve a meeting with the liege of this kingdom.”
A man looked over Betty with a welcoming smile.

The princess seemed slightly taken aback
“Oh yes, of course. I simply lost of track of time, Thankyou Pops.” She placed a hand on the mans arm and he headed back slowly, Betty turned back to the group

“You must come to the ball that is being thrown tonight! I fear it will be filled with stuffy royalty.” She giggled behind her hand as all of the teens stared at her with wide eyes “I can say that because I am indeed one of them. I will get your names on the list. I beg of you please, I feel as though I would like to be your friend.” Her eyes settled on his and he swallowed, nodding slowly.

“Of course, it is an honor to attend the queens ball.” Veronica was nearly crying in excitement, Kevin had grabbed her fan and was fanning himself.
“We will be in attendance” Josie grinned smoothly.

“Princess Elizabeth.” The man called Pops spoke again.

“I really must go. I hope to see you there.” Her smile was breathtaking as she walked back to the buggy.

He watched as the cart drove off, there was no way he was missing this ball… the main question of course was…

What on earth was he going to wear?


|Pt1|Pt2 - Final part|


So the truth is out but things don’t go as you thought and life takes an unexpected turn.

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Possibly mild angst depending how you look at it

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of hybrid mistreatment, smut, heat, Jungkook has a breeding kink

Word Count: 9640

Helpful vocab: Buck = Male Rabbit, Doe = Female Rabbit, Kitten(s) = Baby Rabbit(s)

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Okay but tony telling the rest of the Avengers he literally can’t fly commercial and needs to take his private jet and they’re all “what, rich boy doesn’t like slumming it with the masses” and he just takes off his shirt to show the arc reactor like “you wanna try getting this baby through TSA be my guest”

Dumb Western Bluebird
Guess what color this dumb bluebird bird is! Yeah. Now that we’ve covered identification, let’s talk about the real story here, which is this bird is a loser. They are what’s called a “cavity nester”, which means they live in holes, but these schmucks can’t even dig out their own holes because their beaks are too weak. This means they have to squat in abandoned woodpecker nests or whatever other hole they can find. Failing that, they move into man-made nest boxes, which are basically bird slums where they’re attacked by competing freeloaders like starlings and house sparrows. Then there are the raccoons, cats, possums and various hawks who can’t wait to fuck up a bluebird, or make off with an egg. Oh, and ants, bees, wasps and earwigs all love to get into a bluebird-hole and cause problems for the young. Two words: born loser.

Father Figures: Western bluebirds appear to form monogamous pairs each year, but in genetic studies, 45% of nests had young that were not fathered by the male partner. Son of a bitch can’t catch a break.

The boy is mine?

Pairing : Sam x Reader, Dean
Word count : 1,290
Author : Mel
A/N : Idk what radio station my kid is listening to, but when I went to shower, it was playing “The boy is mine” by Brandy and Monica (that was a kick in the childhood). I wrote this as a result.

You checked yourself out in the mirror before getting out of your car. This was so not like you. But he was hot, and sweet, and you were very, very interested. His name, was Sam. A guy like him could walk into any room, anywhere, and have his pick. But for some reason, he was slumming it online with the likes of you. And you were not about to complain about that. You had been chatting with him for months, and he messaged you tonight letting you know he was finally in the area. Sure it was an hour away from you, but you didn’t mind the drive. Gave you time to calm your nerves at finally meeting him face to face.

You took a deep breath before opening the hotel lobby door. It wasn’t a fancy place, probably two maybe three stars at best, but you didn’t care too much. You heard someone coming up behind you, and held the door for her.

“Thanks.” She gave you a smile as she strolled past, her high heels clicking, and hips swaying in her tight skirt. She must have a hell of a hot date tonight.

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anonymous asked:

but do murder brain and Bucky switch at points? does tony actually get to see his bf or is he stuck with the weirdo?? and for how long? (also faintly imagining rhodey finding him,,,,"wow honeybunches you're fat")

Murder Brain (aka the Winter Soldier) sometimes finds himself comfortable enough that he slips. Bucky wrests control from him (if by wrest I mean ‘cautiously takes’ which I fucking do) and Tony knows when this happens because Bucky gives him kisses. The Winter Soldier never gives him kisses because he doesn’t see the point and Bucky doesn’t actually try to convince him to kiss Tony because Tony is his mate. Bucky whispers apologies against his lips for keeping him trapped here and he’s trying, okay, he’s trying to gain more control but whatever words they used on him, the conditioning keeps pulling him under just when he thinks he has it. Tony whispers back that he understands, he gets it, okay, and this is–it isn’t okay, but the Winter Soldier hasn’t hurt him and seems to care about the baby, so it’s acceptable for now. Bucky has time. “Oof! But not a whole lot of time,” Tony finally admits, hand going to his stomach where the baby had just kicked him. “Pretty sure this little rugrat takes after you because that hurt.” “Be nice to your mommy,” Bucky scolds the baby, then leans down and presses a kiss to the exposed skin of his stomach, because Tony has outgrown the shirt he’d been wearing and now he can’t button it past the curve of his stomach.

“How long until your due date?” he asks after a moment. “Three months. He’s had me here for two, Bucky,” Tony says, and there’s the slightest quiver of fear in his voice. The Winter Soldier had provided him with prenatal vitamins (where he got them or how he doesn’t know, but he’s pretty sure that Bucky convincing him was the why) and the Winter Soldier has been very good about seeing to his cravings but… there’s a nursery at home that they still haven’t picked a color for. A crib Tony hasn’t finished altering for maximum safety. Clothes to buy, diapers to stock up on, a baby shower that Pepper was going to throw for him. He hasn’t been to the doctor since a week before he was kidnapped and he’s so frightened because everything seems to feel alright but he still worries that something might have happened to the baby.

The Winter Soldier takes Tony to a clinic, one hand on a knife the entire time, and Tony isn’t sure if it’s a threat to keep him from crying for help or to protect him and the baby from some of the unsavory characters they’d had to pass to get there. “Looks healthy to me,” the doctor tells them happily, but he’s mostly addressing the Winter Soldier because apparently a lot of the people in these slums consider omegas less. “Would you like a copy of the ultrasound?” Tony looks up at the Winter Soldier pleadingly because he’s not sure how aware Bucky is of things and he wants Bucky to see it. “Yes,” the Winter Soldier says after a pause, and Tony’s shoulders sag with relief. He clutches the ultrasound to his chest and doesn’t let anything bring him down, even the catcalls he gets as they walk back to the safe house about how sexy he looks and how they can be his new alpha. (These catcallers are found maimed over the next few days.)

“They’re beautiful,” Bucky whispers, fingers trailing over the ultrasound. “Is it–a boy? A girl? I wasn’t–I was listening to their heart, I couldn’t pay attention to the doctor too–” Tony tells him that he doesn’t know. The Winter Soldier didn’t ask and Tony had been too relieved that the baby was okay to even think to ask. “We’ll find out together then,” Bucky says, smiling softly, and presses a kiss to Tony’s belly, thumb stroking over a few stretch marks soothingly. Tony tries not to cry but he’s so overwhelmed with all that’s happening and he doesn’t know how long he’ll have Bucky before the Winter Soldier comes out again. He needs to make these moments count.

It’s a month closer to Tony’s due date when Bucky panics, and that’s probably the only reason he breaks through the Winter Soldier’s control long enough to tell Tony to go, run, find help, and then he bashes his head into a wall and screams because he can feel the Winter Soldier trying to take control back from him. Tony doesn’t need to be told twice, but he does pause to grab one of the Winter Soldier’s guns, because this is not a great place to be a lone omega.

The Avengers find him before he can find a phone, but that’s okay. He falls into Rhodey’s arms, clutching at him despite the cold armor, sobbing, and someone takes the gun from his hands but he doesn’t care because he’s finally safe. “Are you okay, Tony?” Steve asks quickly, moving to pat him down because even if Steve doesn’t agree with the accords, Tony is still a pregnant omega in distress. He doesn’t even get to lay a finger on him before there’s a bone-chilling snarl, and then the Winter Soldier bashes into Steve and takes him to the ground. He doesn’t even bother to make sure Steve’s down for the count before he turns, teeth bared, and moves to leap on Rhodey, but T’Challa and Natasha tackle him before he can reach them. The Winter Soldier snarls and spits, wild-eyed, and there’s a crack of bone breaking but the three alphas are all growling and snarling at each other so it’s hard to tell who’s limb was just snapped.

Rhodey scoops Tony up quickly and flies him to a hospital, away from what was clearly about to become an all out brawl by the way Steve was growling when he stood. “You’re… in surprisingly good condition,” the doctor tells him, honestly baffled. Usually pregnant omegas held against their wills had some form of malnutrition or dehydration, even bruises from the alpha getting overprotective. Tony doesn’t have any of those markings despite having been missing, quite publicly, for three months. “I’d like to say we need to keep you overnight but overall, you and the baby are healthy.” Tony puts his hands over his stomach and lets out a sigh he hadn’t realized he’d been holding in for the past three months.

“Wait, so he’s supposed to be as big as beach ball now?” Rhodey asks, and then is horrified, because oh no. Tony starts to cry a little because he hadn’t realized he’d gotten so big, he’d only had the one shirt plus another that the Winter Soldier had given him, and the one he’d been kidnapped in had barely looked good. The doctor gives Rhodey a long, stony stare. “I–I’m sorry, Tones, I’ll buy you a box of blueberries on the way home, how ‘bout that?” “I want strawberries too,” Tony says tearfully, wiping his eyes. “That–that’s fine, just–I’m sorry, Tony, it’s just been so long–” “Pepper’s going to be so mad that I missed the baby shower,” Tony adds, more tears welling up. “She had a surprise for me and everything.” “She still has it,” Rhodey hurries to say. “Pepper’s a queen. She’ll have your baby shower rescheduled before you know it.” “Really?” Tony asks, even though logically, he knows. Rhodey curls an arm around his shoulders as he leads him out of the exam room. “Of course.”

The Schuyler Sisters translated into Russian and back to English

so, I took inspiration from @stupidships3335 and decided to use russian instead of French. be prepared for laughter.

Nothing rich is no longer loved
Than going to the center and slums this with the poor
They pull in their cars and yawners
Students in general
Just watch as they say
Take Philip Schuyler: the man is loaded
Oh, but how little does he know that
His daughters Peggy, Angelica, Eliza
Make your way to the city to see all the guys

Work work!


Work work!


And Peggy!

Work work!

Sisters Schuyler!





Dad said that he was at home by the sunset

Dad does not need to know

Dad said not to go to the city center

As I said, you can go

But … look around, look around
The revolution takes place in New York

New York


Bad that the pope wants to go to war

People scream in the square

It’s bad that there will be violence on our coast

New ideas in the air

Look around, look around

Angelica, remind me what we’re looking for …

She’s looking at me!

Eliza, I’m looking for a mind for work (work, work!)
I’m looking for the mind to work! (Work work!)
I’m looking for the mind to work! (Work work!)


Ugh! There’s nothing but summer in town
Someone in a hurry next to someone looks beautiful
Excuse me, miss, I know it’s not funny.
But your smells smell like your dad’s money
Why are you a slum in the city, in your fantastic heels
Are you looking for a hedgehog that can give you ideals?

Burr, you disgust me

Oh, so you discussed me
Baby, I trust you, you can trust me!

Thomas Payne reads common sense
So people say I’m strong or I’m crazy
Do you want a revolution? I want a revelation
So listen to my statement:

“We believe that these truths are taken for granted
That all people are created equal ”

And when I meet with Thomas Jefferson


I’m forcing him to include women in the sequel!


Look around, look how
Fortunately, we must be alive right now!

Look around, look how
Fortunately, we must be alive right now!

The story takes place in Manhattan, and we just ended up
In the greatest city in the world!

In the greatest city in the world!

Because I read Thomas Payne’s Common Sense (Look around, look around) {Hey! Hello! Hello! Hi!}
So people say I’m strong or I’m crazy (The revolution is going on) {Hey! Hello! Hello! Hi!}

Do you want a revolution? I want revelations (New York, New York!) {Look around, look around for the ongoing revolution}
So listen to my statement:

We consider these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal (look around, look around)
Ugh! (How lucky we are that we are now living)

Look around, see how lucky we are that we live right now!
The story takes place in Manhattan, and we just ended up

In the greatest city in the world

In the largest city

In the greatest city in the world!

Work work!


Work work!


And Peggy!

Work work!

Sisters Schuyler!

Work work!

Jimin Scenario: Just This Time.

Request:Fluff/angst Mafia AU with Jimin please!! Jimin is a college student who falls in love with mafia member Y/N after meeting her by chance (you can choose how!) He doesn’t know she’s in the mafia at first. Clueless jimin attracts disasters/always wanders into the middle of dangerous situations, and Y/N has to keep saving his ass. Y/N is kinda cold, she’s had a hard past so she doesn’t believe in love or getting close to people. But jimin starts to change everything :)

Genre: Fluff

Jimin should have known that something was odd, but of course he didn’t notice that he had taken the wrong bus until it was too late. It always happened to him, missing the stop or just taking the wrong line all together, he was so tired after finishing a research at the library and it was already so late, he was sleepy and definitely needed a shower but that wasn’t happening anytime soon because the bus dropped him at some unknown neighborhood that looked all kinds of shady.

- I even chose the wrong neighborhood- he muttered to himself as he stared around, he had thought that maybe getting off the bus he could find his way easier, but the place was isolated and he doubted he could find any help around there.

Jimi looked both ways trying to find someone who could guide him, or maybe a cab, that would be much easier given the circumstances, but he found none, so he just decided to walk to his right and see how he could manage to get home.

Why was the place so alone? He hadn’t seen which part of the town this way, but it didn’t look good, he had walked about two blocks and he had yet to see the first person, or at least someone he could talk to, the few people he had seen had hidden away as soon as they saw someone was coming.

Jimin kept walking hoping to see some information about the neighborhood, then a guy about a block ahead of him appeared whistling to himself but staring Jimin’s way. He was a bit surprised by it, but then they guy was only whistling, maybe he was just happy, he saw his chance to ask how to get out of there, but he heard a second whistle coming from the direction from which he had come. so Jimin stopped frozen on the sidewalk, he had to admit that was a little weird; a little. He looked over his shoulder but saw no one which honestly freaked him out just a little. That couldn’t be good. He adjusted the straps of his backpack holding onto them for some courage and when he looked ahead again the whistling guy wasn’t there anymore.

He cursed, remembering his phone was out of battery and he couldn’t even call anyone, there were no commerces in which he could get in on the meanwhile, nothing, just the sidewalk and the buildings, the streets and two guys who were probably out to rob him.

Jimin thought about going back on his steps but then the other was there just seconds ago, ahead he had seen one, but if he kept walking maybe he could find a way out, so he rushed his pace and went forward, he was almost trotting and he could feel his heart racing at the possibility of getting robbed. He thought about his phone and all that it had costed him to get it.

-Why always me?- he lamented as his eyes looked around just in case he saw the guys again. He looked back and this time he did see not two, but three guys coming his way. -Oh shit- he walked even faster, not realizing that someone was getting out of a building, colliding with the person in just an instant.
There were a couple of curses thrown to the air, Jimin saw the person who had bumped with him was a girl accompanied by two guys who looked as much as thugs as the three that were coming after him.
He had made it worse.

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The Warm Up (Lucifer/Reader)

Imagine getting captured by Crowley. His weird sense of justice throwing you in the same room as our favorite fallen angel, former king, the one and only…Lucifer…

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“Nyah!” You landed hard against the wall. You turned quickly running back for the door kicking it as it shut, “Crowley!”

“Stay in your kennel kitten.” He smirked looking at you the hole in the door, “Try to play nice with the puppy.”

You yelled hitting the door with your palm as shut the slider of the hole, “Oo you’re a feisty one.”

You froze turning your head slowly looking over at the man sitting in a chair chained. He smiled and waved at you, “Hey roomie.”

“Lucifer…” You swallowed taking a step backward.

“Ah, you know me…but I don’t know you.” He smirked looking you over, “You have me at a disadvantage Ms…”

You crossed your arms looking away. You needed to get out of here.

“Aw come on cutie…don’t leave a gentleman hanging.” Your eyes fell back on him briefly as you scanned the room for any weaknesses.

You made a disgusted noise, “I wouldn’t call you a gentleman…”

“I’m hurt. I’ve been told I’m quite a catch.” He smirked still as you started feeling the walls, “Honey, there’s no getting out of here except through that door.”

“I’ve gotten out of worse situations.” You whispered your stomach fluttering as you got closer to him.

“Oh…really, please do tell, Ms…” he tilted his head again waiting for an answer.

“Y/N…” You looked at him, “Winchester…”

His eyes blinked surprised, “I…did not the there was a female Winchester…”

You rolled your eyes, “It’s a long story…”

“You certainly are prettier then your brothers.” He pried more as you stopped feeling the walls.

“Not…my brothers…” You looked at him leaning against the wall. 

“If not brothers…” His eyes narrowed on you confused.

You sighed staring into his eyes. They didn’t look scary or evil, just curious. 

“Married!” You blinked as his declaration, “The only explanation.”

Your face scrunched up disgusted, “No…gross.”

“Gross? Seriously? Have you seen them?” He threw out his arm, “You know Sam was my vessel at one point.”

“I know. I’ve heard the story.” You looked down at your coat picking something off the sleeve.

“So if they’re not your brothers…and you’re not married to one of them…”

“Dean’s my dad.” You finally said making him shut up, “Okay…and Sam’s my uncle.” 

He made a face as you pushed off the wall walking across the room, “How? You’re… Dean would’ve been like…10…”

You sighed, “Time travel…and a long story I don’t want to get into.”

“…right…” He sat back in the chair staring at you. 

You glanced over at him chewing on his thumb, “What?”

“It’s just, knowing who you are makes you even desirable then before.” He winked at you.

You made another disgusted noise, “Go to hell.”

“Wish I could.” He smiled a little as you sighed finally sitting down against the wall, “Giving up already?”

“Well…” You clenched your jaw, “You …are correct…”

“Excuse me? Did a Winchester just say I was right?” He leaned forward making the chains clank.

“…you know … how are you here? You’re supposed to be locked up…elsewhere…” You dodged his question with your own.

The flicker of irritation didn’t go unnoticed before he smirked, “I’ll tell you for a kiss.”

“Tch…” You looked away from him, “Desperate to slum it with the humans.”

“For a pretty one like you, I’d slum all day long.” He purred at you.

You rolled your eyes but couldn’t help but smile a little, “Oh such a charmer.”

“I’m just warming up.” He winked at you, “And I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other.”

It’s been a while since I did a full color Jaxter piece! 

Had an idea for something set very early in Jak 2, after Dax springs Jak from Prison… While Jak is still pretty *intense* about everything. Including *feelings*

Anyway, I just always enjoy the idea of them backing each other up in some alleyway for affections.

Actually pretty pleased with the background on this. Made it look like the slums! :D

some gems from cloud strife.
  • "Give me something hard."
  • "I'm not hard up enough to take money from guys like you. But
  • I'll rap with you for a while."
  • "You look great, just like a man."
  • "You're the slum drunk."
  • "This is SOME underwear.... I'm supposed to wear this...?"
  • "I ain't INTERESTED in a buncha scrubs like you!"
  • "Whatever YOU want, daddy."
  • "Because I'm gonna have to use that mouth of yours to give me
  • some information!!"
  • "Ahhh.... You look like a bear wearing a marshmallow."

Request: Imagine where Y/N’s entire family are pure-blood Gryffindors, but she gets sorted into Slytherin whilst her twin brother gets sorted into Gryffindor and Draco makes fun of her but when he sees that she’s annoyed/upset, he comforts her and offers her friendship?


If you are still taking requests, I’d like one about a Slytherin girl who is cunning and clever and people call her the Slytherin Princess. ()

⇢  A Draco x Reader work inspired by the word “prejudice.” 

Hogwarts is said to be the safest place in the world. However, during the moment of your sorting, you feel anything but. Not that you feel threatened, per se, but as you walk over to the cheering crowd shrouded in green, you can’t help but notice the looks of disdain from the other houses.

Yet, what hurts the most is scouring through the sea of scarlet to meet your twin brother’s appalled eyes, only to watch him look away without so much as a smile.

You blink. He must have been looking at someone else.

All too soon, it comes time for the Start-of-Term Feast. Robes drape the once empty seats, but you stand to the side, alone. Instinctively, you search the room for your brother. Your heart grows heavy when you see him laughing in a crowd of red. Did he look around the Great Hall to see you too?

No. He is too busy basking in the Gryffindor camaraderie. You should have been there. You grew up surrounded by Gryffindors. You were taught their ideals. It’s where you belong.

Or so you thought. By a simple shout from a hat, your reality was shattered. But the hat did say he knows the parts of you that you refused to admit to even yourself. Hopefully, the judgement of a rhyming hat is credible.


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Harry Styles hasn’t set foot on English soil since One Direction went on hiatus nearly two years ago. He has over 3,000 contacts in his phone, more than half of whom he can barely remember meeting. With the constant barrage of people coming into his life, he never thought he could feel so lonely in a crowded room.

Maude de Saram is a certified genius whose short-term goals include getting high and making rent. She’s lazy and unmotivated to a fault, but she knows exactly who she is and where she stands. She never thought a rich twat like Harry Styles would be begging to slum it with her and her friends in Brixton.

A story about mad scientists, working class woes, and what it means to call London home

with the new crowd by @likeamisfit