Why hello :v

Wow just reached 900 followers so I guess I’ll reintroduce myself to new ones. I’m Jim but people also call me Ben or Dean. Atm I’m attending academy of fine arts in Zagreb, department animation and new media. While in free time I’m working on personal comic projects: Slugman (monster themed comic with 70s Yugoslavia nostalgia) and Spitting Fire (ww2 aviation comedy drama). I hope that one day I’ll be able to publish them so I’d really appreciate some support.

Other facts:

I drink more black tea than any human should, love my ocs yet enjoy to torture them as well, I can’t tan, comic fanatic, member of special Scorpio drawing club, Slavic memes make me happy, has collection of teeth and fanboy about Edward Munch way too much.


Today’s Throwback Thursday clip is a promo for everyone’s favorite demon slugman Piccolo