I don’t really know nothin’, I don’t even know what the fuck I’m talkin’ about. But the one thing I do know, and I’m sorry if this sounds like a bumper sticker, but I’m gonna start trying to make every single day feel like it’s the best day ever.
—  Sean Micheal Daley / Sluggles

Here are some new aliens that I’ve added to the list:

Mentacules, gorgon aliens that live on planet Mythan. Their gender ratio is 60% females and 40% males. They have the ability to turn those into stone, which the effect lasts for about 20 minutes. They can do that with their hands or eyes. They also work in Arcturus, basically Hell. They make sure souls don’t escape from there.

Sluggles, sea snail aliens that are animals on planet Aquamarine. They have two subgroups, Epi and Smooth. Epis have spiked shells and Smooths are self-explanatory. Smooth shells. Their name is from slug + huggle, because they like giving hugs.

Isogins are sea anemone aliens that live on planet Aquamarine. They’re shorties, their height range being 2-4 feet tall. It’s rare if they’re taller than that. They csn reproduce asexually or with anyone of their species.

Atmosphere- Brief Description

Within the movement
Fact checkin’
Tryin’ to completely avoid
all channels of backsteppin’
From the lines of painted concrete
That reside on Franklin Ave
To the dead bird on the elevator
To that short in your crossfader
I never got lost later
For efforts to pester
Just throw your hands up
in the air like a leper
I’ve been to that not-so-fresh phase
And to that not-quite-that-serious state
Metamorph and manifestate


Atmosphere- 1597

Debut of Atmosphere. 

pun apprentice

so we have several of those cloth bags of grain that you stick in the microwave and they heat up and become hot…bags.  Heating pads, you know? They’ve got barley in there, or millet or something, and they are warm and comforting and smell vaguely of porridge.

Two of our grain bags are shaped like large plump slugs, one yellow, one black, complete with little eyestalks. It makes me feel somewhat wrong inside to pop them in the microwave, but they don’t seem to mind.  

The point is: Mini-spawn has decided that their names are “Banana” and “Slug,” respectively, and asked me whether he can sluggle them this evening.