So I wrote about this band on the old UU blog but that has been lost sooo here you go my dearies, the new review on Slugage. Local band from Miami with a pretty cool sound. These guys look so awesome because from what I can tell, wearing suits is like their thing. And I find that quite hilarious, my friends. Like I said, I really like the sound of the music but for my life I cannot understand the words being said in the songs! Now I’m a big fan of the garage-y sound recordings but it’s just actually impossible to understand the lyrics which is a damn shame because from what I can hear I like them a lot. I did read the lyrics on the bandcamp though and damn boys you write some good shit! I particularly like “Nobody fights, nobody tries, the wounds are invisible if everyone is blind. But we’re all in love with those lies, that were planted in our heads, that they tell us when they’re mad.” Very poetic, and very well-written. I missed the April 6 show but I hope I get to see them play soon, Slugage seems like a band that would have awesome energy and put on a kick-ass show.