slug slime

so i have a theory?

warning: this post will contain stranger things season one spoilers, so i advise you to stop reading now if you haven’t seen it. if you haven’t, go watch it bc what are you doing?

anyways. this may be a little far fetched and could already be discussed somewhere on the internet, but i just have some questions.

so you know at the end of episode 8 where will is in the bathroom, throwing up that slime/slug and flashing between the upside down and the real world? my main question is what if he can see and communicate with el in the upside down? and how long can he stay there for? and do the boys know that he is having these flashes?

i know that season 2 is going to take place a year after the first season, so i’m sure will has been having these flashes for a full year (assuming) and he probably hasn’t told anyone. anyways, back to my main question. can he see/communicate with eleven? and is there a way that he could bring her back into the real world? (IF that’s where she went. i’m just assuming because of hopper leaving the food and eggo in that box near the end of episode eight, but who knows.) (hopper knows, that’s who.)

what are you guys’ thoughts on this? sorry if this was somewhat all over the place. i was up thinking about this at like 5am. 

I’m getting used
to this new head

I meninx, pia
mater boni consilii

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isolation, jessamine
a black cold room of frenzy
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voice/vice -vs

belly of dumbness

film music film film
tv series happiness film flu

herpes simplex
life simpler

my cup of tea sucks
what were you thinking of?
slug slime drawn diagram

poetry is in the details
artificial boner
deviant art

a wood of
the Manichaeans the
left balls, the right balls


Banana Slugs: Secret of the Slime | Deep Look

YOU’VE BEEN SLIMED. Beneath the towering redwoods lives one of the most peculiar creatures in California: the banana slug. They’re coated with a liquid crystal ooze that solves many problems slugs face in the forest – and maybe some of our own. Watch our new “Deep Look” video:

slug christ interview

my mother was the messiah of the olde 3rd dimension & my father was a Arch-Slugdemon. they were realitycrossed lovers who bent time to fuck. i was birthed thru a tear in spacetime killing my mother instantly causing the olde world to cease 2 exist. in a desperate attempt to save me my father used every last ounce of dark slime to splatter this plane onto a canvas and died a dry death. i grew up alone in a grey tasteless fog where i became self aware the 1st time i cried. i then thought of everything thats here right now. i slugged from the heaven i built to the hell i built for thousands of eons. i entered the gates of hell where a choir of dragons heralded of slug christ’s foretold arrival.
have u heard a dragon sing? its beautiful…..
i slowly slugged and slimed my self thru the slippery sloped sold souls and unsold souls. there i met lucifer for the first time and i thought she was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. i thought i fell in love but the love left as the moon went down and she turned around to reveal her other half, jesus h. christ. he told me “JESUS H. CHRIST AND THE H IS FOR HOKAYHOKAYHOKAY” i learnt much from that man & i cried from happiness almost everytime we spoke. then evening came, that weird part of the cycle, the threshold….. that tv show twilight zone? the purple sky came and reveal much to me. it was sideways now….i could see lucifer and jesus together as one for the first time in my life. i could see IT for what IT was. i then realized i had been talking into a mirror, my own reflection….. i hated myself…. felt disgusted i swear to god i was scared. i didnt know this right then, but the nanosecond after, that it was a two-way mirror and i was on the other side studying myself. u must understand how confused i was… i thot it was my reflection but he seemed to kno so much more than me yet did everything identically. you dont know how scary it is to know that the only person youve ever learnt from was you, i shook w anxiety.. i also hadnt eaten all day. i ate 3 xanax and felt much better. with my new found relief i broke the mirror and climbed thru the broken glass that stretched for miles. my emotional softbodied slug carcass was was sliced and sliced and sliced and sliced and sliced every inch i slimed. i smiled. at the end of the glass was a desert where atomic bombs had been planted i guess thats where this glass came from… that or that mirror? anyways,,, the desert was actually just a really big beach and i laid bleeding out in the sand and gazing at the ocean…. fuck… im seeing myself again…. out in the water… a reflection yeah… but something more than just optical identical illusion. i cried again hahaha i couldnt even tell what emotion i was crying from anymore. all i know is that i felt and that was enough for me. i sat with my head in my hands no longer able to gaze out into the ocean because we all know when you stare into the void it stares back….. like a mother fucking mirror haha…. i snorted something off that mirror and quit crying. to my sudden surprise i had noticed thousands… millions of ppl around me! maaaaan was i embarrassed! my sobbing must have drowned them out! and it was crazy cuz they was so loud! i didnt kno i was crying that loud. they were all shouting at me bruh like they had such a better grasp on everything than me, this was the first time i knew others rly existed.
they were so fucking annoying
my god they were annoying
they were shouting allll thhheeeee fuuckin tiiiime!
at me!
i looked out into the salty salty salty ocean again. i wondered if that was me then why was i so detrimental to myself? my mother said she was the salt of the earth…. why did she birth a slug? i thought about why i was there, i knew it was because of no reason really… just some crazy shit randomly happened and there i was. i dont know why i thought about it…. i already knew the answer from the start…. im stupid! at that point i felt myself squirm toward the ocean. i wasnt in control of my body, but it was what i wanted to do. i was very confused. i started to walk out on the water… walking over wave after wave after wave until it was unerringly still. not a soul was around me. i could finally breathe again. my body was slowly soaking up salt and i was drying out… “its now or never” i thought and i fell through– where ive been lost ever since


Day 2 in Dublin
- went hiking the local hills up to the Hellfire club, host to many a local spooky legend
- was once a hunting lodge in the 1700s, built on the site of a 5000 year old Neolithic burial site (a circle of stones is still there around the sunken mound) now it’s just some ruins
- and the walls ooze green slime! (Also, slugs fall from the ceiling)
- we saw a rainbow on our way back! (From the top part of a double decker bus)
- saw the book of Kells in Trinity college that afternoon; really beautiful illumination and a really cool old library- no pics allowed though
- tooled around temple bar in the evening; picked up a book of Irish ghost stories from a flea market :).
- There were a lot of cool books though! One was published in 1816!
- read the post below for our interesting evening experience…

@rufiozuko, what is your favorite Rufio insult to Peter? Mine is “fart factory, slug-slimed, sack of rat guts in cat vomit, cheesy, scab-picked, pimple-squeezing finger bandage”