slug slime


Name: Aeolidia Papillosa
Aka: Shaggy mouse slug

My personal name: Hair extension slug

Location: Atlantic coast of Europe and North America, the Pacific coast of North America, west and east coasts of South America

Size: 2-12 cm (depending on the location)

Diet: Sea anemomies!! Not the tentacles, just the stalk (Poor Nemo is gonna lose his home anyway)

No escape: It has been observed that sea anemones try to escape being eaten, so to avoid losing their food, A. papillosa will use its oral tentacles to grab onto the anemone and hold it in place!

Popular babies: A. papillosa is actually a really popular species, and has been studied extensively by many researchers

Eggs: Unlike most sea slugs, which lay an egg ribbon, A. papillosa lays an egg mass (lazy babies, can’t even lay properly aesthetic eggs [heh, eggsthetic]). The egg mass holds possibly millions of eggs, with what is assumed to be 19-20 eggs in each tube thing (since the egg masses kinda look like white sausages squished together). Laying the eggs, since there’s so many, takes quite a bit of time, usually 16-18 hours of egg laying!

Color: Colors vary, ranging from white to a dark brown color. The color of the slug depends on which type of anemone it eats. Also, although typically covered in adults, all A. papillosa have a white V on their heads (perhaps they are cheering on a favorite sports team?). Their coloring also is a way A. papillosa camouflages itself

Vicious: Don’t let their tiny size fool you, A. papillosa’s radula (mouth) has 23 rows of pectinate teeth!

I don’t know much about the biochemistry of slug slime, but many species have been used medicinally all over the world for centuries. Banana slugs supposedly have a compound in their mucus that acts as an anesthetic, which causes your tongue to go numb and may act as a deterrent to predators.

So…. for science.

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I'd like to request Zen with an MC whose mom and sister talk shit about her right in front of her all the time. My family does this to me and it seriously sucks... I need some comfort fluff pls ;-;

aw, anon :(( I’m sorry they do that, that’s terrible! you’re a great person and are wonderful and I love you❤ 

here’s some comfort fluff for you ^^ zen loves you too and he’s about to prove it watch this

Zen wanted to meet her family. MC knew it was bound to happen eventually, but she was really hoping it would be later rather than sooner. But Zen thought family was important━and even though his family didn’t give him a chance yet, he thought he could at least try with hers. MC managed to set up dinner plans with her family. Zen was ecstatic, he was going to meet her parents and her sister. MC, on the other hand, was worried. She knew they were going to like him, that wasn’t the problem, she was worried about what they would say about her. Her mom and sister had the tendency to talk about her in a way that reminded MC of high school bullies, and right in front of her too! Their words belittled and hurt her, and she was afraid they were going to convince Zen that she wasn’t enough for him. But he would never think that…right?

The night came and MC’s palms started sweating just on the car ride there. Zen noticed when she didn’t want to hold his hand. “MC? What’s wrong, babe?” She put on a smile and shook her head, trying to reassure him, “Just a little nervous…I haven’t seen them in a few months, they’re probably going to ask a bunch of questions, haha..” Zen nodded, leaving it at that, but he still felt a little bit off. They pulled up to the restaurant before he could figure out how to ask, though.

MC’s parents and sister were there already, so Zen and MC took a seat. There were introductions and the usual “how did you guys meet?” and “what do you do for a career?” type questions. MC thought this might actually go well. They were asking more questions about Zen than talking about MC…maybe she could actually do this. Then, her sister brought up the question, “So, why are you with MC in the first place?” MC could feel her heart sink. Here it comes… Zen looked surprised, and took a second to answer. “Well, because she makes me happy. She supports me and my dreams and trusts me…and I want to do the same for her.” Normally, his answer would make MC blush, but right now she was too worried about their response that all she could do was pick at her food. “That’s sweet. But I do have a question about that,” Her mother started, “How does she make you happy? A man of your talent and looks alone couldn’t possibly be happy to be seen with her. I mean, I love her of course, but do you know how clumsy she is?” Her sister interjected, “She’s also gullible. Once, we were at the park and some kid convinced her slugs had healing slime, so she put one on her cut.” And it pretty much all went downhill from there.

They brought up all kinds of stories from MC’s past, making each other laugh. Her father didn’t say much, except offer a few details from those stories and tell them to stop for a second when the waiter asked for refills. MC went from picking on her food and eating a bite every now and then to playing with the napkin on her lap. Zen didn’t say a word. Finally, they brought her to a breaking point. “And tell me you didn’t say ‘I love you’ yet, MC is kind of impulsive with those words, she’s doesn’t really take them seriously.” Her mother said. “She probably did, mom, she brought him to meet us. But this isn’t the first time…who knows, this might end up like last time.” Her sister said. “Oh, what happened last time, again? I forgot..” Her father spoke again to answer her mother, “They broke up the next day. And a week later, the boy started dating this one.” He pointed to MC’s sister. And that’s when MC stood up and excused herself to the bathroom.

She couldn’t handle it anymore. And Zen hadn’t even said anything. Maybe he was planning to do the same thing. Maybe they convinced him she wasn’t enough for him. Because, though their words hurt, they were right about one thing━how was she enough for him? Why did he ever like her? She was nowhere near the kind of person he should like, and all she ever did was encourage him. But he had encouragement from everyone, why did he need her? She spent about five minutes in the bathroom, her thoughts making her start crying somewhere in the middle, before there was a knock on the door. “Sorry!” She called out, thinking someone needed to actually use the bathroom, “I’ll be out in a minute.” MC was going to get a couple napkins for her tears, when, “Princess?” Zen’s voice called from the other side of the door. She stopped what she was doing and went back to the door. “Oh…I’ll still be out in a minute, Zen, sorry. I mean, unless you want to just end things right here, that’s fine with me too.” The tears started coming back, but she was forcing herself to speak clearly. “This night was a waste, I’m sorry, haha-” “Babe, come out here.” He said. MC frowned, and took a second before she opened the door.

Immediately, she was pulled into a hug. Zen had brought her purse and wrapped his jacket around her. “Come on, let’s go.” MC was confused. “What do you mean?” “I paid for our bit of dinner already. I also, uh…kind of told your family off. I don’t think they like me anymore.” Now MC was surprised. “You what?” “Well, I told them that they were ridiculous. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything sooner, but I was just shocked at how they were belittling you! And they just kept going! It wasn’t even like how Seven makes fun of Yoosung, they’re being stupid! Questioning why I like you? God, you’ve made me the happiest I’ve been since I can remember. You make me want to be a better person and make me feel like I can actually achieve my dreams. And then they say all this crap about you? You’re an amazing person! I don’t see how half of their stories even make you out to be what they say. Clumsy? Who cares? I broke my ankle and several other bones on a dance move I’ve done for years. Gullible? You were six! Any six year old would fall for that. And that one ex of yours is a joke, I want to punch him. What kind of asshole-” “Zen..” MC cut him off, “ really mean all that?” He looked down at her, surprised, but he nodded. “Of course, Angel. You’re everything to me. And if your family can’t see that, well…I guess we’ll only ever visit on important holidays. And I’ll be ready to put them in their place again.” Now MC was blushing. “Thank you…can we go back home?” Zen smiled and leaned down to kiss her forehead, “I thought you’d never ask.”

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your dan and phil x harry potter art was amazing! you're very talented!! i wish that was a real game i would play the heck out of it

Aw, thank you! I drew it as a creative challenge, to see how I could merge those three fandoms, but now that I think about it (and at the risk of sounding narcissistic) I’d play the heck out of it, too.

The banes of nursery work:

-Powdery Mildew.

- Botrytis + annuals.

-Spiders. Spiders everywhere.

- You will never have clean fingernails again.

-Plants that throw tantrums and drop half their leaves because you moved them ten feet (I’m looking at you, ficus.)

- The way vines always want to hold tendrils with one another and you have to constantly pull them apart. Ugh. Go get a private garden!

- Those spontaneous gnat clouds that engulf you when you water stuff on a hot day.

- Kinks in hoses.

- Multiple kinks in hoses. “Still no water?! But I just untangled–oh, for the love of–”

- Wet socks.

- Japanese beetles coalescing in biblical-plague proportions, then making a feast of and having giant orgies on those roses you’ve worked so hard to maintain. And all you can do is sit and watch them be devoured while you wait days for the IPM guy to show up, because everybody else is having the same problem.

*deep breath*

- Evergreen sap, slug slime, and other assorted substances you can’t seem to wash off your hands even though you’ve been scrubbing at the sink for five minutes.

- New cuts and bruises on a daily basis.

-Tagging roses and barberries. (see above)

-Constantly fighting the urge to repot plants that are rootbound because it would affect the price.

- Having to throw away plants that you still see potential in.

- Worst of all: Rude customers. It only takes one to ruin a day. I’ll take anything listed above over a mean customer.

Today’s Walking Photo: I followed a different route today that includes a nice section of nature trail, and look who I spotted!


Anyhoo, behold the mighty banana slug. You’d think it might be our state animal, but nope, that’s the beaver. Not that I begrudge the beaver its success. (Crack PR team, no doubt.)


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so i have a theory?

warning: this post will contain stranger things season one spoilers, so i advise you to stop reading now if you haven’t seen it. if you haven’t, go watch it bc what are you doing?

anyways. this may be a little far fetched and could already be discussed somewhere on the internet, but i just have some questions.

so you know at the end of episode 8 where will is in the bathroom, throwing up that slime/slug and flashing between the upside down and the real world? my main question is what if he can see and communicate with el in the upside down? and how long can he stay there for? and do the boys know that he is having these flashes?

i know that season 2 is going to take place a year after the first season, so i’m sure will has been having these flashes for a full year (assuming) and he probably hasn’t told anyone. anyways, back to my main question. can he see/communicate with eleven? and is there a way that he could bring her back into the real world? (IF that’s where she went. i’m just assuming because of hopper leaving the food and eggo in that box near the end of episode eight, but who knows.) (hopper knows, that’s who.)

what are you guys’ thoughts on this? sorry if this was somewhat all over the place. i was up thinking about this at like 5am. 

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When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send it to the last 10 people in your notifications

aww thanks for sending me this! 

things that make me happy

-new books

-fresh coffee

-all my friends and mutuals 


-dan and phil, dodie and so many other youtubers :)

instead of sending this to people i am just gonna tag them (whoops sorry i am lazy) @killermess @intertwned @blushinlester @andromehdas @heckdan @slug-overlord-slime @phandyfloss @phanaticaddict @sociallyawkwardsunshine 

you guys dont have to do this…only if you want to :)