slug gun

There’s a line between innovation and gimmick in the world. Some things are improvements that solve a problem while others just look flashy. For example you have bullets. Hollow point ammunition is the commonly accepted bullet style for self defense. On impact they expand making a bigger hole and slowing the bullet down. It makes them deadlier to the target while making it safer to bystanders by reducing over penetration.

One problem with hollow points is that they can get clogged when hitting thick clothing or a hard barrier preventing them from expanding so it acts like an FMJ. Hornady’s critical defense/duty line came up with an innovative solution. They pre plug the cavity with a rubbery polymer. On impact it expands and forces the cavity open. This actually works and is helpful.

On the other hand we have the gimmick. G2s infamous RIP round is known because it sends spikes flying through the body. Extensive testing has shown that the spikes are too light and retain too little energy to do anything. Meanwhile the base loses so much energy from the spikes breaking off that it is less effective. The majority of the gun community knows it’s trash but once in a while you’ll see a newbie praise it. Really the most I see of it anymore is when an anti gun media outlet discovers it and buys into the hype. Their fear mongering reports actually make the rip look cooler than it is.

Well G2 is back at it again. They’ve made a RIP 12 gauge slug. At a suggested price of $10 a shell they’ve only got an effective range of about 10 yards before becoming unstable and inaccurate. 10 yards is really all you need for home defense but it doesn’t necessarily lose it’s energy beyond that so have fun with the same over penetration issues a normal deer slug brings you. At least a deer slug can intentionally penetrate hard cover and be accurate to 100 yards or further if you are a good shot all for $1 a shell.