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Cute! The Jorunna parva is a species of slug (pictured) dubbed ‘sea bunny’ because of its resemblance to baby rabbits. Footage  captured the 2cm-long, fluffy-looking underwater creatures off the coast of Japan
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Unlike Above, Much Less Below

The teleporter sounded like someone was shaking a canister of Bone Mend while undocking from a rocket port. Unlike the rocket, however, the teleporter occupant was not headed to some distant pleasure world or an interplanetary adventure. Instead, the woman wearing hand-spun cloth and a fine layer of dirt was headed down to the surface.

“Did you see the look she gave you right before heading down?” Todd asked Lucy.

Lucy clapped her hand to remove some of the dust she gathered in from shaking the woman’s hand. “It was a little unnerving, for sure. Our cousins are normally a little uppity but she was different.”

“Almost as if you were the… wait, what’s the word for it? Bog man? No… Body man? That doesn’t seem right…”

“Boogeyman,” Lucy said as she opened the door from the facility and walked out with Todd close behind her.

“That’s it!” he picked up the pace. It was about eight hours since his last meal, and he already felt the grumblings starting to build up in the back of his head. “Could you imagine if we had to fear something like that? How primitive!”

“Eh, they have wolves, and other things to contest with for food and space down there so it’s perfectly rational that they would begin to give their fears a name like boogeyman.” The dining hall was a short walk away, and the line was short at this odd hour, much to Lucy and Todd’s delight.

“Well good thing we moved beyond that. Thank the slug for elevating us to the skies and beyond,” Todd said.

“Thank the slug,” the eight or so people in the room said simultaneously with unblinking eyes before returning to their meals.

“You think they’ll come around soon and join the rest of civilization? We have plenty of space for them,” Todd asked Lucy before plugging a food spout into the back of his neck so his slug could get at it.

“Maybe if we keep lasering their crops and calling it lighting,” Lucy said with a chuckle.

Lucy took another food spout and plugged in. She might have wished that she was eating real food instead of a nutrient slush, but she did not know any better. The slugs had been in her family for the last hundred years since they first came to Earth; she had been born with one.

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anon-omis asked:

Summoning Slugette - Yvad Trevelyan appreciation week plans, a pallette challenge, Yvadorian fanfiction (I'm still working on the name merge ;) ), a Yennefer plushie and pug pajamas.

LMAO at Yvad Trevelyan appreciation week plans.. it would look like this:

Oh and, Yennefer: change that to Geralt, and consider Slug at your service!

Five things to put in a pentagram to summon slug

I need a fic where little itty bitty pre serum steve is getting his last rites for like the 12th time and bucky is like freaking the fuck out and pretty much pours his heart out at his bedside once the priest leaves (and almost kind of asks him to marry him) because he thinks this is the last time he’ll have steve in his life and he’s fucking scared and ‘steve we gotta get married before it’s too late’ so he’s about to do some A Walk to Remember shit right there but then steve gets better a few days later and he’s going up to bucky and slugging him in the shoulder, telling his best guy ‘that was a fucking terrible proposal, pal’ but he’s smiling so wide that bucky just presses kisses all over his face because wow they’re getting married secretly of course

looking for a man to cum inside me so i can pipe my goopy ass across my kitchen floor and pretend i am a slug