I recorded myself holding the slug bro and my landlord and I talk about slugs <3


hey did you know sea cucumbers. or like, slugs. theyre

thr stylish af

I mean look:

look at this. look at this sense of fashion

that feel for color

JUST LOOK AT THAT MOUSTACHE. you WISH you were this lit




the ocean is so fucking cool i wish i was a sea lump like those bros


womenwhofarm This is amazing. From @shutterjet - There was a large BC slug consuming a dandelion in my backyard and I decided to do a time lapse video of it eating. This is potentially the best thing I’ve ever filmed. ©2017 shutterjet/R Jeanette Martin

squimble-the-slug-witch  asked:

I love the art style of your Valentina piece; you said you were "looking at a lot of 50s lifestyle art with graphic black". I love that art style too! Do you have some artist names I could look up? I never know who does all that gorgeous advert art other than Rockwell and Leyendecker--especially with that use of black, that's my favourite.

oh yeah, absolutely! Leyendecker and Rockwell are absolute masters, but there are a ton of illustrators to look at for later, more graphic mid-century work. A couple favourites of mine include Al Parker:

Jon Whitcomb:

Coby Whitmore:

Earl Oliver Hurst:

Pete Hawley:

…and not entirely of the same school, but Mead Scheaffer is killer at large swaths of black and value grouping throughout a composition:

…ditto that for Tom Lovell:

….and a million other artists that I’m sure I’m forgetting. But hopefully this is a good starting point! And here are some great compendium books to check out as well:

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-$lug Chri$t

  • scientist 1: so we found these cool new creatures at the bottom of the ocean what should we call them
  • scientist 2: idk man they look like techinicolor sausages with guy fiery hair
  • scientist 2: ...sea....cucumber
  • scientist 1: nah we gotta make it sound Scientific™
  • scientist 1: ...nudibranch
  • scientist 2: why tho
  • scientist 1: ᵗʰᵉʸ ⁿᵃᵏᵉʸ