ytaz asked:

✌: share 5 things that you really want ♡: share 5 favourite songs

things i really want

  1. for next friday to come!
  2. to get to england already
  3. to get to finland already
  4. download
  5. pizza

5 favourite songs

off the top of my head

  1. porcupine tree - trains
  2. porcupine tree - Lazarus
  3. opeth -  Death Whispered A Lullaby
  4. tool - Lateralus
  5. dream theater - Wait for Sleep

thanks for asking!

sludgie replied to your post: So our final grade in College comes from a group project. We have to create a magazine, including all the written content. The two groups are being merged now, which means our group (Who have people who like rock music; not necessarily metal, but rock all the same) will have pretty much no say in what’s being put into it. That being said, the group of us writing the music section have all agreed to write horrible scathing reviews and features about pop music, because they want us to write about it.I’ll try and be fair, but I’m not going to make it out to be the best thing ever. They never specified it had to be positive. This means I’m having to download a load of pop albums. Any suggestions on who we should destroy? :L

Carly. Rae. Jepsen. She is the cancer of music

Oh dear god yes. I don’t think I could possibly agree with you any more than I do right now. :L


I’m not going to lie I have no idea how Acid Mothers Temple isn’t more well-known in J-rock/noise circles. 

There has never been a band more sludgy, stonery, impenetrable and obscure than AMT. They are absolutely the collision between hard rock, heavy metal, jazz and sort of traditional j-drone. 

Fucking get into it.

Savage Sludge from SadhuS!

Album art for the self-titled full-length by Sadhus (The Smoking Community), based in Athens. Just who are these guys? Here’s what I’ve been able to find out through my sources:

“In the year 1980,a green massive comet falls down to earth.Inside it a huge hairball, rotten,begins to inhale music,just perfect to its ears.Three mushrooms forced it in the psychedelic form of music and a Baba helped it in his gnosis. All five after a lot of intergalactic wanderings, decided to stay in earth as the embodiment of five earthly figures, keeping their genuine unearthly music alive.”

All I know for sure is this: goddamn, this is some good doom! With sludgy vocals? And a smoking community, on top of all that. Just one question remains: how do I join?

One of the best releases so far, in this Goate’s humble opinion. Limited edition black vinyl (300) available now.

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Dirt Merchant - Devil’s Orders

Heavy rockers Dirt Merchant released a new album recently called Devil’s Orders, and it shocks and awes with its stoner sludginess.  Recorded by Pedro Aida at Audio Verite (”I hear the truth” in Latin but that’s prob not what he means), the album rips through five tracks of evil debauchery.  The three piece brings to mind Pantera or Rob Zombie, Nirvana (esp on “Rotting Dog” which reminds me of “Breed”) and other grunge-centric heavy hitters. Everything comes back to sounding nasty, from the guitar licks to the song titles (e.g., Rotting Dog").  

Guitarist/vocalist Jason Kusterer channels his innermost demons to sound like a mountain man from hell.  Check out his bluesy wails on “Home” which will simultaneously render your nightmares impotent and take the place as scariness personified. “Longpig” is a reference to cannibalism and now I’m remembering the 90s’ Longpigs a bit differently. 

Catch Dirt Merchant (I think) on 6/28 @ The Camel w/ Melt and other TBA. 

Sludgy and powerful, Music Blues is the solo project of Harvey Milk bassist Stephen Tanner. Having broken up with his girlfriend, Tanner found himself staying with fellow Harvey Milk member Creston Spiers, with whom he was supposed to be working on new material for the legendary art-sludge outfit. Instead, Tanner found himself working through his depression by indulging in booze and 90210 marathons and conceiving the project that would become Music Blues. The music he wrote during this time would go on to become his debut album, Things Haven’t Gone Well, which was released on Thrill Jockey in 2014. [source]

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Weedeater - “Bully”

NC stoner band Weedeater is coming back with a full-length release in a few weeks, their first since Jason the Dragon in 2011.  Their recently-dropped single “Bully” is extremely muddy and sludgy - a blend of noise that may turn even a lot of stoner fans sick.  A good kind of sick.  Look for their album Goliathan, releasing May 19 on Season of Mist.