Hello. Here is a video of my Psychic Force/Thunder Force IV arrangement running in VGM MM, if maybe you wanted to see how I did anything, or my sloppy programming.

I made some changes from the original version I posted several months ago. The entire song has been transposed up a semitone, which helped to make it a lot less sludgy-sounding, and I turned up the bass and crash cymbal a little. You wouldn’t know it from YouTube’s shitty audio quality, but I think it sounds much improved. Not that anyone was wondering, but I never put this up on my Soundcloud because they stream 128kpbs MP3 (in the year of our lord two thousand and sixteen), which absolutely annihilates the gritty rhythm guitar. YouTube’s 192kbps AAC is slightly kinder, although it still sounds gross and papery. Alas.

I apologize, too, for the low volume. That’s as good as it’s gonna get, because I just do not have the patience to re-record this. Also, 30FPS is all my brave little toaster can handle. You get the idea!

Questions and comments are welcome and appreciated, as always.

E: You can download the new version of the song in high quality, if you’d like. I don’t have any play or download stats for the first one, so I dunno if anyone actually cares.


◎ the GazettE DOGMATIC -ANOTHER FATE- Sendai PIT 2016/07/10 ◎ 

Live Report 

< Set list >

  1. NIHIL
  2. DOGMA
  3. DAWN
  8. DEUX
  12. UGLY

Encore 1 

  3. LEECH

Encore 2

  1. 関東土下座 KANTOU DOGEZA 


The set list was just so satisfying! Lots of songs that I personally liked. That aside, I was there pretty early to queue for the goods and that day was just so freaking hot!!! The sun was shining down so strongly and there were hardly any clouds -_- Thanks to that I got a tan…and well, the goods XD;

So, we were supposed to get the tickets from the counter around 1 hour before doors open. But apparently that was not the case for Sendai PIT. They had some guy bring a tiny table to sit by one of the opened doors - like 15 mins before doors opened (wtf?) to give us our tickets, but the whole doors opening timing seemed to be pushed back. And we didn’t get that bad a number so I was chill with that. 

We didn’t want to get into the mosh pit so we stood at the elevated block near the second half of the hall, but was at the second row so the view wasn’t that bad. :3 

There were some cute moments when they came out for the first encore: 

  • Reita came out wearing the BIG T-shirt (with the crossed out religious print) and the sleeves were rolled up. He actually went to flex his arm muscles!!!! *_* But after that, he rolled it down and went back to this original position. 
  • Aoi walked over to Reita’s spot and kept showing him how sweaty his arms were before wiping his sweat away with the towel XD; 
  • Ruki didn’t seem to know what to say - he kept repeating himself. Like ah, it’s really hot in here….well it’s summer isn’t it. 
  • Kai shouted かかってこい without the mike again - my, this is really satisfying. *_*
  • Uruha’s hair was really fluffy during the whole live HAHAHA

Pentagram - Evil Seed

Day of Reckoning is Pentagram at their most doom. Relentless was very doom, and this record is quite similar, but it takes it to the next level. It’s slower, it’s more depressive than ever, and it has some of their best songwriting.

Like Relentless, you can hear Day of Reckoning’s influence resonating in almost every doom metal band that came after. In some ways, I would consider Pentagram to be almost more influential to the doom metal scene than Black Sabbath themselves. The ideas all come from Sabbath, but they were refined through Pentagram.

That is one thing. It’s very hard to deny the Black Sabbath influence. You can even hear Bobby parroting some Ozzyisms with the occaisonal “all right now” and “won’t you listen” peppered throughout. That being said, Pentagram is no Sabbath ripoff band. Sabbath rarely chose to maintain this type of sludgy heaviness for any extended periods of time.

If you wanted to hear what was arguably the peak of one of the most influential bands in doom metal, look no further.

How is my life at home seriously real…. it just keeps getting worse and it sounds like some kind of movie or something that you would read in a book….

My father literally told my mom he would “kill [him]self if she left for her s#$%ty little job that’s apparently more important than [him] so she cant reap in [his] life insurance benefits…..”

I cannot believe this, I cannot handle this.

I’ve learned a lot this summer, lots of really cool and exciting scientific things, but if I had to pick one thing as the main lesson that I have learned this summer above all else, it is that place is more toxic than Chernobyl or Fukushima, and I will be damned if I go back to living in that house. 

I need a job, I need an exit plan. I cannot handle living in his sludgy atmosphere any longer, this summer has taught me how pure life CAN be, where my biggest stressors are school (like it should be) or fearing if I mess up my second language when making an order. If only I had gotten accepted into a far off PhD program, this would be so much easier…

Chaos Ritual - Chaos Ritual

Artwork by Naco Raiva

Get your ears and body ready for the Dopesmoking Heavy Stoner of Chaos Ritual! Coming from the productive town of Barcelos in Portugal, Chaos Ritual are a raw 5-piece that likes to play heavy destructive riffs, creating a nasty Sludgy Stoner Metal, indicated for any Dopethrone or Eyehategod fan. Released days ago, their self-titled EP, offers you a saturated experience of distortion, filled with filthy down-tuned riffs and cutting shouting vocals. Just try for yourself and inhale the unholy smoke of Chaos Ritual:

These Rock And Roll Jerks Will Make You Never Want To Go To A Concert Again.

These Rock And Roll Jerks Will Make You Never Want To Go To A Concert Again.

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Heavy rock and metal are genres that embrace the primal urges of mankind. They are the only music genres where “brutal” and “sludgy” are phrases of compliment when describing the sound of the musicians’ instruments. Sometimes, the rock stars buy a little too far into their fans pagan worship of themselves and forget their manners. Here are a few of rocks most “brutal” lapses in social etiquette.…

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