sludge bomb

Pokemon Asks: TMs (ORAS)

TM01:Hone Claws - What is one sure fire way to pick a fight with you?
TM02:Dragon Claw - What kind of mythical beast would you want to be?
TM03:Psyshock - Share one thing you enjoyed that you didn’t expect to.
TM04:Calm Mind - What relaxes you?
TM05:Roar - Name something that scares you.
TM06:Toxic - How does someone get on your bad side?
TM07:Hail - What bad habits do you have?
TM08:Bulk Up - What would you like to be able to improve about yourself?
TM09:Venoshock - Talk about what can ruin your day.
TM10:Hidden Power - Share some hidden talents.
TM11:Sunny Day - What improves you day?
TM12:Taunt - Share some trash talk/pick a fight with someone.
TM13:Ice Beam - Name something that makes you cry.
TM14:Blizzard - How do you react to being angry?
TM15:Hyper Beam - What is something you’ve gone overboard with?
TM16:Light Screen - What do you want to protect?
TM17:Protect - Share what you’d give your life for.
TM18:Rain Dance - Do you believe in luck?
TM19:Roost - Where do you feel safe?
TM20:Safeguard - Are you superstitious? 
TM21:Frustration - How do you process or work through your emotions?
TM22:Solar Beam - Do you have any aggressive traits?
TM23:Smack Down - Are you quick to anger?
TM24:Thunderbolt - What do you think is unavoidable in your life?
TM25:Thunder - Share something shocking that happened to you.
TM26:Earthquake - Talk about a very emotional experience you’ve had.
TM27:Return - What bad habits do you have?
TM28:Dig - Do you tend to avoid responsibility?
TM29:Psychic - Do you believe in fate?
TM30:Shadow Ball - List some things you consider scary.
TM31:Brick Break - How do you think you’ve improved?
TM32:Double Team - What do you think are some of your good points?
TM33:Reflect - Do you treat others how they treat you?
TM34:Sludge Wave - Do you suffer from any physical ailments?
TM35:Flamethrower - How do you exact your revenge?
TM36:Sludge Bomb - What insults do you use when pushed too far?
TM37:Sandstorm - Name some pet peeves.
TM38:Fire Blast - What is something others do that bothers you?
TM39:Rock Tomb - What do you do when someone backs you into a corner?
TM40:Aerial Ace - What kind of skills do you have?
TM41:Torment - Do you ever feel guilty about your choices?
TM42:Facade - Have you ever pretended to be something you are not?
TM43:Flame Charge - Are you prone to being reckless?
TM44:Rest - Can you sleep easy at night?
TM45:Attract - How can someone get your attention?
TM46:Thief - What do you envy of others?
TM47:Low Sweep - Are you willing to use underhanded tactics?
TM48:Round - How do you handle betrayal?
TM49:Echoed Voice - Do you talk to yourself?
TM50:Overheat - What does it take to get you flustered?
TM51:Steel Wing - What do you do to express your gratitude?
TM52:Focus Blast - How well do you focus on tasks?
TM53:Energy Ball - What gets you pumped up?
TM54:False Swipe - Share some moments when you were merciful.
TM55:Scald - Name an instance you were burned by someone.
TM56:Fling - What are you careless about?
TM57:Charge Beam - Are you tactical or impulsive?
TM58:Sky Drop - When have you let someone down?
TM59:Incinerate - What have you done in anger that you regret?
TM60:Quash - What sort of goals do you have?
TM61:Will-O-Wisp - Who seems out of your reach?
TM62:Acrobatics - Do you have trouble saying no to others?
TM63:Embargo - What can you not go without in your life?
TM64:Explosion - Do you have a temper?
TM65:Shadow Claw - Do you tell lies?
TM66:Payback - Is there anything someone might take revenge on you for?
TM67:Retaliate - Can you forgive and forget?
TM68:Giga Impact - Share something that changed your outlook on life.
TM69:Rock Polish - What do you like to do in quiet moments?
TM70:Flash - What do you find disorienting?
TM71:Stone Edge - Would you be willing to surrender?
TM72:Volt Switch - Do you have any advice to share?
TM73:Thunder Wave - When have you been unable to act out of fear?
TM74:Gyro Ball - How do you handle failure?
TM75:Swords Dance - When you gain the upper hand do you gloat?
TM76:Struggle Bug - Are you inclined to avoid hard work?
TM77:Psych Up - Name a popular trend you fell into.
TM78:Bulldoze - Do you have social grace?
TM79:Frost Breath - What do you do when you give the cold shoulder?
TM80:Rock Slide - Share an accident you had that had consequences.
TM81:X-Scissor - How do you handle success?
TM82:Dragon Tail - Name something you thought you’d lost that you hadn’t?
TM83:Infestation - List some things that frustrate you.
TM84:Poison Jab - What do you do when slighted? 
TM85:Dream Eater - What fears do you worry will become reality?
TM86:Grass Knot - Share some obstacles you’ve overcome.
TM87:Swagger - What do you do when your pride is wounded?
TM88:Sleep Talk - What do you dream about?
TM89:U-Turn - How do you get out things you don’t want to do?
TM90:Substitute - What bores you?
TM91:Flash Cannon - What fantastic things you believe in?
TM92:Trick Room - Are you a gambler?
TM93:Wild Charge - Do you consider the consequences before acting?
TM94:Secret Power - What do others look for from you?
TM95: Snarl - What do you hate to be told?
TM96:Nature Power - Which weaknesses do you hate?
TM97:Dark Pulse - Name some childhood fears.
TM98:Power-Up Punch - What do you fight for?
TM99:Dazzling Gleam - What amazes you?
TM100:Confide - Who do you trust?

048-SMOKROACH [Smoke-Cockroach]
- The Roach pokemon
-Ability: Stench/Filter- Liquid Ooze(HA)
-“This pokemon lives on places filled with garbage and waste, laying very close to the floor. If by accident you step on a hidden SMOKROACH, it will expel a noxious cloud of gas that can knock you out”
    -Bug Bite
    -Poison Gas
    -Acid Spray

049-KEMIKROACH [Chemical-Cockroach]
- The Toxic Gas pokemon
-Ability: Stench/Filter- Liquid Ooze(HA)
-“This mysterious pokemon live in places too toxic for humans to enter without proper protection, among the waste. In its back it has developed a tank-like bladder where it creates toxic gases and liquids that can be expelled at will”
    -Sludge Bomb
    -Clear Smog

Pokecharacter Giveaway! CLOSED

Originally posted by 0mnic

We’re here with part two of the pokecharacter giveaway! 

Tonight we are giving out three of the ‘antagonists’ of Sun and Moon!

All Pokemon are ***SHINY*** and, for the most part, have the same moves the characters have on their respective Pokemon.

Guzma the Golisopod:

level: 100


Moves: Sucker Punch, Swords Dance, First Impression, Waterfall

Plumeria the Salazzle:

level: 33


Moves: Protect, Sludge Bomb, Flamethrower, Toxic

Gladion the Type: Null:

level: 40

no gender

Moves: Crush Claw, Scary Face, X-Scissor, Take Down

Everyone may have one of each. The giveaway will run until we are all out of Pokemon, so it will be first come first serve! There is a box of each of them, but there should be enough for everyone! c: (We can also make more if need be)

Deposit Pokemon: MALE Spearow

Please name Alchemy

Please feel free to message us with any questions or concerns! We’d love to see your pokemon in their new home as well! So tag us if you post pictures <3

ALSO, as this was such an issue for our last two giveaways - if you do not recieve your pokemon within five to ten minutes of depositing, please message us! There have been a LOT of issues with the GTS lately and we want to make sure everyone is getting their mons!

Have at ‘em! 

Giveaway 4/2/17: X Nuzlocke

I had a great time on vacation, and managed to get in a run through of pokemon X during my down time. These arent the exact mons that I used, due to a tragic save data backup incident (PKSM shows no mercy), though they have the same nicknames, if that counts for anything ? (f*ck it, im a terrible trainer)

Enough of my sob story. Heres the lineup-

Genji the Greninja
Male lv 70

Nature: Modest
Ability: Torrent
        ~Ice Beam

Held Item: Mystic Water
Ball: Poke Ball

Scarab the Pinsir
Male lv 50

Nature: Adamant
Ability: Hyper Cutter
       ~Swords Dance
       ~Stone Edge

Held Item: None
Ball: Poke Ball

Nala the Pyroar
Female lv 50

Nature: Modest
Ability: Moxie (HA)
       ~Dark Pulse
       ~Hyper Voice

Held Item: None
Ball: Timer Ball

Bufo the Swalot
Female lv 50

Nature: Bold
Ability: Liquid Ooze
       ~Giga Drain
       ~Sludge Bomb

Held Item: None
Ball: Dream Ball

Rex the Tyrantrum
Male lv 50

Nature: Adamant
Ability: Rock Head (HA)
       ~Dragon Claw
       ~Dragon Dance
       ~Head Smash

Held Item: Big Pearl
Ball: Heal Ball

Bitsy the Swoobat
Female lv 50

Nature: Timid
Ability: Simple
       ~Charge Beam
       ~Calm Mind
       ~Air Slash

Held Item: None
Ball: Great Ball

Note: All pokemon have 6 perfect IVs, and randomized EVs, which favor their strongest attacking stat. So kinda like BR, but more realistic.


~~~ Deposit pokemon is a male Salandit, any level.

~~~ Nickname your Salandit NJSKGA

~~~ Please level and gender lock your deposits to prevent sniping !

~~~ No double dipping, you can have one of each pokemon.

~~~ If you must inquire about your deposit, only do so after you have double checked your locks and deposit mon info ! Please do not inquire unless your deposit has been in the gts for over 45 minutes.

~~~ Giveaway will end at around 8:30 central, though may go later.

If you want to keep up to date on giveaway posts, announcements, and polls, track the tag #kueen giveaways !

That’s it ! Have fun !

Taking a break from all those breeding and finally got the time to finish off Battle Tree. I’m taking days off work for New Year too! Yay!

Happy Holidays to everyone! :D
I know it’s a bit late but… oh, well!

I’m done with Super Singles for now. I’m gonna continue to Double and Multi after New Year.

Oh, my Dragonite destroyed Red’s whole team solo, twice, on normal and super single. I’m a bit disappointed tbh.

It’s still amusing tho how silent Red can be.

I also love how he just stand there waiting for us after his defeat, and then shoved all those Mega stones to our face without saying a word… Like, I imagine his face totally saying “Don’t say anything, I know you want it”.

And I just encountered Guzma, ma boi!
He’s levelled up to the title Pokemon Trainer. I’m so proud of him.

You can also scout Guzma and take him as your partner in Multi. I’m totally taking him when it’s time to face Red & Green.
(Still hoping to encounter him with his Golisopod tho)

If only our character can squat like him too!

I’ve also scouted Grimsley, Anabel, Colress, Mallow, and Cynthia along the way. I’m playing Moon, and I heard Sun has slightly different characters that you can scout… Is that true? Well, I haven’t seen Kiawe and Plumeria so far, even tho I’m sure I saw someone encountered them in Battle Tree.

I’m still trying to beat Wally! His Magnezone… it destroyed my team and broke my chain twice yo wtf

Sturdy + Magnet Rise + Bright Powder literally NOTHING hits it. That’s just dirty. Totally unfair.


For anyone wondering/needing help. Here’s my Battle Tree team for Singles:
(level them to at least 50 because it’s the cap for BT)

Adamant Dragonite @Choice Band + Outrage
(this set generally solo OHKOs everything that isn’t a wall or doesn’t resist it, only problem is Dragonite is pretty slow and weak to ice)

Timid Tapu Koko @Life Orb + Thunderbolt
(backs up when Dragonite is down)

Timid Gengar @Gengarite/PoisoniumZ + Sludge Bomb & Shadow Ball
(fairy killer and speed backup if Outrage fails)

**Mentioned moves are mandatory, the rest is your call. All mons preferably have perfect IVs/Hyper Trained & fully EV trained.

These are based on urchins and mines, specifically a land mine (albeit submerged) evolving into a naval mine, where their evolution is similar to that of Magneton and Metang where two units merge into one. I did consider making them part Water type, but seeing how there are mons that thrive in water environments without sharing that typing (Stunfisk is even weak to it), I felt justified to pick the other typing that fit well: Poison! Definitely had troubles with deciding how their eye(s) looked like and balancing both the references of both urchins and mines, and I hope I did both parts justice.

Names comes from Lurk/Lurch + Urchin and Armed/Armor + Mine.

Notable moves: Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Gyro Ball, Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Thunder Wave, Magic Rise, Volt Switch, Surf, Explosion, Pain Split

Team Skull and Plumeria stuff

Huh. That’s interesting. Although none of Team Skull seem old enough to have been a part of that, since they never really talk about them.

Oh. Well. That explains a lot. Tapu Bulu has some anger issues it seems.

You don’t say. Explains why Nanu acts like the whole kahuna business was an offer he can’t refuse.

Sounds like a cruddy system sometimes though. Can see why people would complain.

Oh. Yeah. For those wondering. Yes, that is Plumeria. She lives in the trailer park on Ula’Ula Island after Team Skull is disbanded. (In other words, this is post-game stuff)

You know, kind of funny. Plumeria’s home, and presumably family includes exposition on Team Skull’s origins and shows a sort of dislike for the whole kahuna and Tapu stuff. Wonder if there’s a connection. Like Plumeria’s dad or grandad was the kahuna who got uppity with Tapu Bulu, got smacked down/fell out of favor, and Nanu ended up as his replacement. (I’m just saying, there’s no dude in this trailer at all and I can’t tell how old the woman is.)

Wait a minute.

>Tapu Bulu is the Guardian of Ula’Ula Island

>Is Grass/Fairy type

>Plumeria is a Poison type specialist

>Poison attacks hit Tapu Bulu for 4x damage (I would know. I accidentally knocked it out with a Gengar Sludge Bomb. Thank God for soft-resetting)

>Plumeria’s ace/signature Pokemon is Salazzle, who is Posion/Fire, so both of its STAB attack possibilities hit Tapu Bulu for super effective damage

>We know people have tried to gone up against Tapu Bulu in the past

Perhaps Plumeria and her family actually do have a grudge against the local Tapu, or vice versa.

So, Guzma may have been beaten by his dad and has a massive inferiority complex/need for recognition as a result, Gladion was abused, ran away from home, and spent years being homeless trying to take care of Type: Null, Plumeria grew up in a trailer park and is hated by the local Guardian Deity or has a feud with it to the point where she helped restart an organization opposing it and has a team prepared if it comes after the people around Tapu Village again, and the Grunts are all people who can’t make a legitimate living through training because they aren’t good enough to get through the Island Challenge.

Team Skull had a hard life.

clearinz  asked:

If you could give any of Ash's OG Pokémon a bigger role in the film, who would you choose?

I’d give anything to see Kingler again, in a modern quality fight no less. Muk would be more interesting though since its battle style would surely be more than just “cover the opponent or spam Sludge Bomb” whereas Kingler would probably just be the same with better animation.

In terms of Mons that are more likely to get time in the film and that I’d still love to see, Butterfree is confirmed to appear and as Ash’s first capture and evolved Mon I could see them giving it a great moment, I hope so at least (action wise that is, emotionally the original series needs no improvements whatsoever when it comes to Butterfree).

I’d also settle for some OG #bird hype,

guys i made a zoroark moveset (for RU tier) all by myself!! it’s, um, darkinium-z with night daze, nasty plot, sludge bomb, and substitute with 252 speed EVs, 252 sp. Atk EVs and i think 4 hp EVs? with a speed-boosting nature. so the way it works out is, i disguise it as a chesnaught (but it could be any fighting or poison type) and set up a sub while they switch to their psychic type. then, while they fail to psychic me, i set up a nasty plot, then i night daze the shit out of the entire team, using the z move if necessary. i made this moveset up all by myself and i’m really proud that it works!!

Been having so many second thoughts about this design, but I’ve now tinkered with it to the point that I can only release it and watch whether or not it’ll float. Based on electric clampers, lamps, and rattle snakes. Might make some sort of physical electric move based on wrapping or clamping the opponent, but for now I’ll stick to the official stuff.

Clamba : Clamp + Mamba
Wirelent : Wire + Virulent

Notable moves: Gunk Shot, Sludge Bomb, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Wild Charge, Power Whip, Overheat, Coil, Tail Glow

Oh shit, I lied.  I posted the Grass/Fire Mega Sunflora idea yesterday, but not the Grass/Fire Mega Bellossom idea!

Mega Bellossom
Ability: Serene Grace
HP: 75
Attack: 60 (-20)
Defense: 145 (+50)
Sp. Atk: 110 (+20)
Sp. Def: 130 (+30)
Speed: 70 (+20)
Notable moves: Fiery Dance

I didn’t want to go too overboard, but I think I may have.  You know how Quiver Dance users always seem to be at their best when they’re fast and geared toward power?  What if their best stat was defense, and they didn’t use attack?  Then you would have a Pokemon whose EVs are pumped into HP and Defense, with a boosting move that boosts everything else!  And it gets auto-recovery from STAB Giga Drain!  And a 60% Poison rate from Sludge Bomb!  And further boosts guaranteed from Fiery Dance!  Someone get me GameFreak, I need my grass-type children to flourish.

Synthera(Normal) - The Splice Pokemon

Ability: Adaptability

Unera(Normal) - The Splice Pokemon

Ability: Adaptability

Mergera(Normal/???)- The Splice Pokemon

Ability: Augment:   Adds a secondary Type based on the move used.

For example: If Flamethrower is used, it becomes Normal/Fire.

Stat spread idea: 80/84/100/109/105/100

Movepool idea: Flamethrower,Fire Punch, Scald, Waterfall, Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Fly, Sludge Bomb, Poison Jab, Rock Slide, Dazzling Gleam, Psychic, Aura Sphere, Power-up Punch, Drain Punch, Shadow Claw.   No priority moves or other stat boosting moves.

Mod note: We’re sorry, but this entry will not be accepted. Not only do these Pokemon look like the Gen I starters were mashed up together, they look way too much like Bulbasaur.

Mode Note 2: Based on community feedback, we will allow this design after all since the contest is simply “anything goes”.

“You did wonderfully Hakuryu! I knew you could do it!” Orchid said as they hugged their Shiny Dragonair. They quickly shook their head when they heard a certain cry escape him. “No you still did a great job even if that Weezing got ya with it’s Sludge Bomb, you did a wonderful job” They retorted before getting a nuzzle from Hakuryu causing them to laugh quite a bit.

Goomy, Sliggoo and Goodra

If there’s one thing Game Freak are good at, it’s thwarting English-speaking fans’ expectations of what a ‘dragon’ is (odd, considering that the Japanese name for the Dragon type in Pokémon is a transliteration of the English word ‘dragon’).  If I had a dollar for every time I’d ever heard someone complain about how cutesy Dragonite is a Dragon Pokémon but badass, firebreathing Charizard isn’t, I would have… like, eight, maybe nine dollars, easy.  Then of course there’s fluffy Altaria, the Eon Twins, Shelgon, Mega Ampharos (who owes her existence to a Japanese pun – Ampharos’ Japanese name, Denryu, can be taken to mean either “electric current” or “electric dragon”), and now Charizard actually is a Dragon (sort of), but we also have these adorable things: Goomy and Sliggoo, two blind swamp-dwelling molluscs whose most remarkable feature is their ability to constantly secrete disgusting slime.  One might be forgiven for thinking ‘Dragon’ now really just means ‘weird $#!t.’

…so, wouldn’t it be fun if I told you there are not one but two snail dragons this thing could be based on, one from Japanese folklore and one from southwestern France?

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