I don’t know about you, but I love the tumblr side of the family. We’re not hung up on bugging them and trying to get a follow on twitter. At the end of the day, we dedicate our lives and our blogs to them.

After three years, we finally get to tell you that… WE HAVE AN ALBUM !!! you can preorder from midnight (local time!) weds 14th may !! everyone that does preorder it on iTunes will get to download a new track from the album straight away ;) and you’ll also get a bunch of other tracks to hear & own before the release!

We’ve been working on this so hard for you and it feels so good that we finally get to release it. We really hope you’ll like it. All the info you need is below… We love you! - Cal, Ash, Mikey & Luke x #FinallyA5sosAlbum

‘5 Seconds of Summer’ Album Preorder Links & Release Dates
iTunes (standard version):
iTunes (deluxe version):
June 27: Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden
June 30: Everywhere else!!!
July 16: Japan
July 22: USA, Canada, Mexico

why don’t we talk about shirtless Ashton more

just look at him


Whoever took that picture with ashton wins at life 

I dont even know whats happening in this photo but ABS


Oh My Gosh

Look at them working out together

There is a nice mirror image that will kill you

In conclusion this needs to be talked about more