2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT F1 Safety Car

Mercedes-Benz has upgraded its F1 Safety Car replacing the SLS AMG with the newer SLS AMG GT. The GT evolution of the gull-wing model made its first appearance in a race situation at this month’s 2012 Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix and will also be deployed at the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix.

The GT model comes with improved driving dynamics, better on-track performance, a 20Hp boost for a total of 583hp (591PS) from its 6.2-liter V8 and new design features such as the darkened headlamps and taillights and the grille finish.

The changes over the regular production model are kept to a minimum and include a specially developed and more sonorous rear silencer, F1 decals, safety lights on the rear window, bucket seats with six-point seat belts, two central screens that allow the driver and co-pilot to monitor the progress of the race and a radio system to communicate with the organizers.

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Could you call it the ultimate grand touring supercar? The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Coupe combines performance and comfort, whilst retaining the thrill and wow factor like no other. It’s fast, it’s loud, but can it do the driver proud?

The SLS AMG GT is a one-up from the regular-grade SLS AMG. Whilst the SLS AMG ‘only’ produces 563 hp from its high-revving, naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V-8, the SLS AMG GT produces 583 hp. Both variants give you one hell of a rush whilst accelerating but the SLS AMG GT just delivers the power that bit better. Even though it’s only at a 20 hp advantage, the SLS AMG GT has been finely tweaked and fettled with, to make your driving experience that bit more exciting.

Compared to the regular SLS AMG, the SLS AMG GT feels tauter and a lot more focussed on the road. The suspension has been slightly more stiffened and you, as the driver, can feel the torque that little bit more than the SLS AMG. This doesn’t mean to say that the SLS AMG GT has been turned into a track-munching car that shatters your spine on the road, the folks at AMG have made it work perfectly.

With the suspension being stiffened, it must mean that handling has been improved, and it has. The SLS GT holds on to corners and grips like a frightened cat falling off a cliff. Also, the incredible 50/50 balance adds to the driving pleasure as you can feel everything that’s happening right beneath your bottom, it’s an amazing feeling. In real life conditions, the SLS AMG GT feels subtle over potholes and other imperfections in the road, this is what gives the SLS GT an edge over most supercars available on the market today. Many supercars have the performance element but fail to deliver the comfort needed in a grand tourer.

The driving position is spot on which accentuates the driving pleasure. Looking at the long bonnet from the windscreen is something you done see these days, it feels like you’re sitting in a Dodge Viper, only more plush and refined. What I loved the most was the gear ratios. The first gear is a long ratio, while the rest of the 6 gears are short ratios. This essentially means that on an enthusiastic drive around twisty roads, the car is fun and intuitive to drive and almost gives you that raw Porsche sensation.

The most amazing thing about the SLS AMG is that it’s upon one of the few supercars which can easily be used as a daily driver. The SLS is easy to drive, easy to manoeuvre (despite its long bonnet) and surprisingly easy to park. It turns heads no matter where you go, and turns even more heads as soon as you step out and open those wonderful gullwing doors. Some say it’s for show-off’s, I think it’s what makes the SLS AMG so unique.

Outside, it’s typical SLS AMG, but there are a few things which separates the GT to the regular SLS. For one, the SLS GT features a ‘GT’ emblem beside the AMG logo. One of the most obvious differences would be the distinctive matte-brown paint job which is further contrasted by black 19″ AMG wheels and yellow brake callipers. Inside, the GT features quilted leather seats (found in the Final Edition and 65 AMG Models) and the AMG insignia embedded into the headrests. The centre console has been finished in carbon-fibre.

The SLS AMG GT is for the person who looks for more in the SLS AMG. It’s for the more driving inspired individual who’ll spend half of their time on the road and the rest on the track. I am so sad to see it and its wonderful heart, the 6.2 n/a V8, go. The SLS AMG GT has definitely made its mark in automotive history.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Coupe Review Could you call it the ultimate grand touring supercar? The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Coupe combines performance and comfort, whilst retaining the thrill and wow factor like no other.

I’m more of Porsche guy, but kudos to Mercedes must be given.

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SLS>AMG GTS (at ZeroCelsius Wealth Studio)

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